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SpinDizzy, a text-based multi-user world running Fuzzball MUCK server, is a continent-sized, flat chunk of planetoid flying through space with a multitude of varied lands. The themes of its inhabitants vary by inclination and aesthetics, from village and forest dwellers, to fantasy and magic, and even post-scarcity, high-tech metropolitans, among many others. Its inhabitants play with and against each other in all manner of imaginative role plays and also have fun socializing.

Among the many types of people you’ll encounter are humans of various sorts, animals of anthropomorphic or zoomorphic shape, machines, living cartoons, walking balloons, and all manner of other configurations, limited only by whimsy and imagination. You could think of SpinDizzy as a friendly, fun place where all sorts of imaginations come together!

Additionally, SpinDizzy offers regular public events and role plays, a friendly staff, a newspaper, and much more! If this all sounds like fun to you, why not give us a try?

Getting Started

To visit SpinDizzy, you can use the SpinDizzy webclient. Alternatively if you already have a MuckClient, we're located at muck.spindizzy.org port 7073 for SSL connections.

Log-in as a guest with connect guest guest and read the instructions in Newcomer's Island to get started. You may also find GettingStarted helpful if you're new to MUCKs.

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See my meatling perform music badly!


Tonight I'll be performing at the Rigby Pub in Madison, WI as part of
Song Fight Live. I'd love it if folks decided to tune in to the stream
I've set up, at http://twitch.tv/fluffycritter

Just as a note, there are other bands playing tonight as well and I
don't know exactly when I'll be going on. So just watch everyone! The
show starts at around 8:00 CDT (6:30 PM server time).

Contents Under Pressure (Event)


Anyone feel like a salvage run? Well, I'll admit I always do, but there's something in particular I'm after: metallic hydrogen, and the equipment needed to work with it. Hydrogen only really does the 'metallic' thing when it's under pressures similar to those in a planetary core, so working with it can be a bit of a pain. Making the tools needed for it would also be a huge pain, so I'm planning to do what I usually do when I need something I can't easily hammer together: go find a civilization that uses lots of it, then visit their facilities after they're done using them.
I found the perfect place: a bunch of derelict refueling aerostats that used to host spacecraft and provide metallic hydrogen as propellant. They source it the same way most important resources are: find a natural deposit and suck it up. It's available on any planet with enough hydrogen... namely planets that are mostly made of hydrogen. They've got a whole sky of it! Or sea of it? Not really much of a difference at that point I guess.
There'll probably be plenty of other things laying around for those interested in some trash mining. The civilization that built these things liked mechanical and hydraulic machines and had some ridiculously good materials to build them with, so there's good odds of finding still-working goodies. I'll provide a staging area with basic equipment to get around, though if you want to bring your own, I'd suggest a jetpack or equivalent if you can't fly, a rebreather if you need to breathe something other than hydrogen or helium, and if you plan on going for a proper 'swim', appropriate thermal and pressure protection. Otherwise you'll probably end up overcooked, vaguely spherical, and rather upset. All the same, if you want to join in, feel free to teleport to the staging area (t #30496) on wednesday standard 1900, the last day of the month.

Costumes for DJ Tantari show "Moonshot"


It is suggested, but definitely not required, to have a space or moon themed costume for the Moonshot performance this Saturday. Feel free to dress up like an astronaut (real or imagined), wear a crew uniform for a spaceship, or make up something related (like a stylish outfit that abstractly resembles a spacesuit).
Again, dressing up in costume is NOT required, but I thought it'd be fun if people did so. If dressing up is not your thing, just come as you are and enjoy!

DJ Tantari LIVE on Saturday, July 27th, 6:30pm-9pm (Moonshot!)


,-. / `. _.-+ _.-. ,-.
+ `--' `----'' `---'' `---' \
+- Club Pandemonium presents... `----..
| ,
++ (
,-++ Appearing live on Saturday, July 27th! :
( 6:30pm - 9pm (server time) +
\+ Come early and stay late! +
+ `.
\ \
/ - Moonshot - \
,-+ :
; Be there! No cover charge! +
+ Experience themed music at its best! `.
: )
`----. [Directions: 'luge S9 W6', 'en'] ,-. /
\+----. _.--. _.---. _.--. / `---'
`-'' `---'' `----'' `-'
* Moonshot is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo's moon landing! As usual, it meets or exceeds Tantari's super high standards, so it's going to be a blast to hang out with everyone and listen to her newest mix!

DJ Tantari returns for another night of fun, streaming music, and dancing! Come for some or all of it, or even just listen wherever you happen to be (even if offline). A streaming option will be offered via Twitch. Additional video will be available there showing how the mixing process works, for those curious. The ShoutCast stream will continue to operate as usual.

You can find mixes by DJ Tantari at https://www.mixcloud.com/DJTantari/ .

If you are on SecondLife, they are often found playing at these times:
Sunday, 9-11 AM at the Ark -- and -- Monday, 4-6 PM at the Ark

Any Musicians?


My next DJ set will feature only SpinDizzy residents for the music. If I have not already contacted you about this and you make music that you would like to potentially share, please let me know and I'll see about including you. :)

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