Emeritus Aldrinor, SED Commander, and Lazy-public Wuffle.


Known as Aldrinor Kieras Talnier, if you wish to address him formally. Or just Aldrinor for short.

Basic Info

Species: Tundra Wolf
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 5'11" / 176cm
Weight: 175lb / 79.37kg
Build: Athletic
Fur Color: Black, Blue, White.


Standing at 5 feet 11 inches, this wolf surveys the world around him with one brilliant dark blue eye, the other, a contrasting golden yellow. Between, a triangular black nose is tacked at the end of his muzzle. Black fur, coats the lupe, it is thick, soft, and healthy; from living in the tundra. Dark blue fur mixes with black; engulfing his tail, digitigrade feet, the marking on his arms, back, neck, and muzzle. White fur is visible in the gaps between his palm and sole paw pads. His paws are large, typical amonst wolves, although he carries himself with a certain litheness. His tail, long and well brushed, is set to hover just above the ground, it waves back and forth slowly. He appears to around 27 years old.

The wolf is wearing a tight, stretchable, and form fitting suit. There's several thin layers of rubberized matte armor that cover his vitals, and more articulated variations to cover his joints. There's a matching tail sleeve that covers all but the tip of his tail, while a set of equally matched gloves and boots are provided. An RRU logo is stamped onto the front and back of his armor, alongside the TALWAR symbol. There's a collar around his neck, mated to his comms and optical gear. Below that is a harness that allows him to carry extra equipment, and a duty belt that sits on his hips. Which carries several tech and gadgets, and his SED badge. Today he's donning his Primus cloak, matching his armor with a matte grey on the outside, with the talwar logo in the back, while the inside sports his squad colors.



Aldrinor has a family on SpinDizzy. Living on Wolfhaven Lake [S4 W2], once home to the WolfHaven Inn, now turned lakeside home for the Talnier's. The wolf has been married to Nimueh for 7 years now. Though separated for 3 of those years when Aldrinor landed, and crashed upon SpinDizzy.
The pair have now had 3 litters, consisting of:




Rank: Lord-Equites E6



Pre-SpinDizzy History

SpinDizzy History

Personality & OOC notes

Personality and attributes

OOC notes for Aldrinor's playstyle

Aldrinor is very much an extension of the player who plays him. His interest in the SED was mainly sparked with his Canadian Law-Enforcement Training, and extra courses in:

The character shows a lot of the player's hobbies in: Motorcycles, camping, photography, travel, exploration, cooking, reading, videogames.


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