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   . - "Finished" for all intents and purposes. Just needs to be peer reviewed.


To-Do List Assignments


  • [ ] Make a Getting Started homepage that explains the other related pages
    • [ ] Write a 'Your first day on SpinDizzy' tutorial perhaps? Connecting as a guest. Getting a character. meeting people, etc. (Assigned: Alkani)

    • [ ] Write a General Command block, with the following minimum information: Command Keyword, Built-In/Global, Arguments, Usage Syntax.
    • [ ] Develop standardized Command article layout. Include General Command Block, a blurb about the command, when it would generally be used, when it shouldn't (maybe? are there cases like that?), syntax definitions (tabular), examples, alternate commands. (Planning on referencing something akin to Linux Manual Pages or the IBM InfoCenter-style examples for commands. (Assigned: Alkani)

    • [ ] Commands Quick Sheet/Cheat Sheet for the most commonly-used commands (will probably be done as part of a "A Player's First Day"/Getting Started Doc (Alkani)
    • [ ] Work on the Puppet Documentation (Alkani)
    • [ ] Transfer Xor's getting started pages and tutorials
    • [ ] Global commands list

In Progress

  • [ ] Commands LZ as starting point for documentation. LZ should be peer reviewed/edited appropriately.
    • - "Finished" for all intents and purposes. Just needs to be peer reviewed.


  • Generic Page Structure
    • Commands (Commands/)
      • List: Commands (Commands/CmdList)
      • List: Built-In Commands (Commands/BuiltIn)
      • List: Global Commands (Commands/Globals)
        • + Individual command pages Has its own page
          • ++ Built-Ins (Commands/BuiltIn/<COMMAND-NAME>)

          • ++ Globals (Commands/Globals/<COMMAND-NAME>)

    • Building
    • Programming
    • Glossary


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