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Contents: Communication Cabinet(#21323) Contents: Communication Cabinet

Logging Started: 1-02-2011 9:42:26 AM

MEETME: Request sent.


Azure has arrived.

Azure bows, "Hello, Dr. Fruitbat.'

You skrit, "Pardon?"

Azure waves cheerfully to the security officers.

Azure points at Kinsor, "Hello!"

[Azure just looked in your direction! (Male Vulpes Caeruleus Sapiens)]

Azure yips, "Well...err...you ...never mind."

You skrit, "I'm afraid you must have me confused with someone else."

Fruitbat Security take no notice, other than to ping you with sonar. It's pretty dark in here.

Azure smiles, "Of course, sir."

Azure yips, "Well, good morning!"

You skrit, "Such as it is."

You skrit, "You'll have to excuse our choosing this method of your travel here, a small bit of time may have passed when you return above."

Azure tilts his head, "Oh, that's fine."

Azure yips, "I have all the time in the world. Would you like some?"

You skrit, "You are very generous; however I wouldn't care to accept something like that without knowing the price."

Azure nods, "Quite, sir." He smiles and folds his hands behind his back, "So, then, you have a rock?"

"We do," the Riftsbat crackles a bit blue and indicates a shadowy object in the near distance from which a bit of a glow and some music seems to emanate. "The darkness conditions are due to the experiment in progress at the moment, however it is our expectation you should be able to enter at this time."

Azure lifts his ears, "What kind of experiment?" He sniffs at the air and lifts one ear, moving instinctively to follow the music.

Kinsor scrabbles closer to the rock, "We've been in communication with the occupant, however at this time we're unable to progress in our negotiations. We're hoping an outside vector, such as yourself, might be the next step in securing his cooperation."

Azure smiles, "I can do my best! The occupant doesn't want to come out?"

Azure pads over, walking right up to the rock and scratching his head. He flicks his ears, tilting his head and listening.

Azure pokes his nose into the hole, lifting his ears

The large boulder here is composed of a solid mass of stone, laced with veins of a light metal. About three times the size of a bus, it looks like an attempt to camouflage the lozenge shape has been made. A round hole has been made at one narrow end, breaking into a hollow interior. Electrical cables have been fed into the hole and secured with yellow and black safety warning marks. [InRock] to enter.

"At this time, we would prefer that he did not as we are studying the operations of the machinery as well." The Riftsbat points towards the narrow end of the asteroid and mentions, "The correct entrance is at this point."

Azure walks over to the narrow end, looking inside. He bows to the riftsbat, "May, I?" and stands poised to walk on in.

Kinsor taps at a few spaces and an aperture opens, revealing a narrow wooden door. "In this case we cannot fully welcome you as it is not our part to do so, however be our guest."

Azure pokes his head through the door and sniffs curiously, then he walks inside

Azure enters the space rock.

Azure has left.

You enter the space rock.

Fruitbat Security> Kinsor has left.

1st Chamber

The first room inside the asteroid resembles a narrow apartment, with tall sliding doors and a high ceiling. The floor is carpeted in a soft woven rug which shows a few scuff marks about the entrance.

In one corner there is a carved cabinet depicting floral scenes sitting upon four short legs. Adjacent to this, a large frosted glass decanter and four glasses sits upon a silver tray on a round bird-footed table constructed of the same dark polished wood. Across from the cabinet is a brown and cream-colored settee fronted by a polished coffee table and flanked by two end tables from which the room has been lit by the orange glow from a pair of helmet-shaded lamps.

The far wall is obscured by a sliding fern patterned lattice, which has been moved aside to reveal a bed and writing desk as well as a second door leading further in to the asteroid.

Obvious Exits:

  • [In] Pass through the bedroom and further into the ship. [Out] Exit through the front doorway.

Contents: Azure, and Communication Cabinet

Azure looks around, scratching his head, "This is awfully nice."

Azure looks into the camera, then looks over the screen, trying to read the message rolls without touching them.

The riftsbat follows as you enter and stands next to the cabinet, wings furled. The occupant of the rock paces back and forth by the far wall: A small possum dressed in a dark jumpsuit and wearing one of those bat-eared hats.

Azure straightens up and pads over to the possum. He takes his hat off and bows pi/4 radians, straightening up again before long, "Good morning, sir.'

The possum stands in thought muttering to himself, "Must think... must think... must..." His eyes dart over to the visitors, glancing over the riftsbat but jumping back in surprise as Azure steps forwards. "S-st? Stowaway, what? How did you get in here?"

Azure points backward toward the door, "I came in through the door, there. I'm not a stowaway, sir, merely an invader." He smiles, folding his hands behind his back and looking up at the opossum, "What must you think about?"

"Don't shock him too unnecessarily," cautions the riftsbat as the possum steps past, over to the cabinet and points at the blank screens. Turning back the possum says with alarm, "But we're in deep space!" He blinks a few times.

Most likely looking up at something (possibly you) is a small (three

inches from sole to crown) and vibrant (the dominant colour of his fur

is a bright, saturated blue) fox. His eyes are a shining amber-gold,

common in wild carnivores, with vertical pupils. His ground-state,

habitual expression is one of a mild, inward amusement as if he's just

been told some delightful anecdote or had a minor but pleasant epiphany.

His glossy fur is clean, but a bit mussed, as if he puts hygiene at a

higher priority than grooming. He wears a labcoat, hanging perfectly,

showing no sign of whatever he might have in the pockets. The garment

is, if possible, even flashier than the fox, bearing a brightly

coloured fractal pattern (a Newton fractal) with one broad braided

spiral flowing down his back and a narrower one on each arm. It comes

down to his knees, but is open in the front, showing his silver belly

fur. The garment has a slit in the back to let his tail express

itself without interference. Watching him for more than a moment will

reveal that the colours of the coat cycle in a slow, entrancing way,

the vibrant palette working out all its permutations.

On one lapel is a worked iron pin, showing a differential gear assembly.

The alchemical symbols for Venus, Mercury, the sun, the moon, Mars, Jupiter

and Saturn are placed on orbits above it.

Atop his head he wears a glossy black silk top-hat, made of the finest

material imagination could conceive or paint could compose. The band

just above the brim is a full spectrum (red on top), and the way light

reflects reveals a Sierpinski Carpet fractal going all the way around.

A fine silver border (in the pattern of very fine semicircles) runs

along the edges.

The fox has a tiny sword made of a light springy metal (actually

springsteel) in a tiny scabbard on a belt around his hips. Part of the

tang (the part of the blade fastening into the handle) extends right to

the surface, pressing against his palm when he takes the hilt in hand.

Carrying: Semi-Automatic Coronation Rifle, Metal tube, Universal 'Toon Locator, Plato's Pencil, A half-disc made of plastic, covered in blinking lights, and Silver Medal for Figure Skating

Azure scratches his head, looking up at the riftsbat, then back to the possum, "Oh, well...." He brushes his fur down with the palm of his hand, "I'm from a flat world that floats through deep space. It's very nice.'

You page, "Ah, did that dead world have a name, was it decided yet?" to Kelketek.

Kelketek pages, "It was not decided" to you.

You page, "I'll attempt not to mention it, otherwise I'll let you know what they said. :}" to Kelketek.

Kelketek pages, "A'ight" to you.

The possum's expression clears up as the ears on his hat droop, "Oh, yes. It was a near thing we both got away when we did. It crashed into the suns not soon after." He shakes his head, "Still, we're safe for now."

Azure tilts his head, looking over his shoulder to the riftsbat, "We both?"

The riftsbat wraps its wings close and observes silently. "Yes," mentions the possum, "I suppose I have been brooding on it quite heavily these last few days. Honestly, when I think about the disaster and how I could have rescued someone else... but then, you're here, aren't you?"

Azure nods his head quickly, "I am here!" He folds his hands, flicking his tail, "Tell me all about the disaster, please?" He smiles, leaning back and looking up at the possum.

"It wasn't my responsibility!" the possum says exasperatedly, "But, er, I suppose the public wouldn't have known much about what happened. You remember the collapse of communications, don't you?"

Azure shakes his head, "No, I'm sorry. I've always been kind of out of it.'

Azure smiles, "Y'know, impossible to pry away from my chalkboards 'n so on. My mother always told me I wouldn't notice the world ending until a piece of it fell on me.'

"Yes, indeed..." The possum moves casually over to the round table and turns his back to pour a drink into one of the glasses, setting the decanter down with a loud tap. "Be careful as to this line of questioning," the riftsbat mentions, "there was a weapon in the table. We have removed it."

Azure turns to face the possum, easy and casual. He folds his hands behind his back and sits down on the floor, looking up, "So, there was a collapse of communications?"

The possum turns about and grudgingly offers the glass over to you, "Well yes, there was." He motions to the cabinet, "But I have my own set you see. Quite expensive. When the news channels went silent, I was able to listen to what was left."

Azure leans over and sniffs curiously at the glass, then he dips his finger in it and licks it, "Thank you, sir." He looks up, smiling, "So, after the communications failure, what happened? What were they keeping from us, sir?"

The possum pours himself a second glass and moves over to the settee, "The machinery itself was breaking down. Not just one place, but everyplace." Taking a drink he continues, "Some sort of attack it was."

Azure perks his ears up, "Really?" He sits down and crosses his legs, curling his tail around his knees, "And what kind of attack might this be?"

The possum sets his drink down and looks at the cabinet, "Reports of strange dog creatures and reports of damaged machines." He shakes his head and the ears on his hat swivel to point at the door. "Something too ghastly to tell on an empty stomach. I feel like I haven't had a good meal in quite some time. I suppose you feel the same, eh? Let's take care of that."

Azure nods his head, scratching his head, "I see, sir." He sits up straighter, "I do, thank you." He jumps up and flicks his tail, "Anything I can do to help you put things together?"

The possum tilts his head towards the door at the back of the room and says with surprise, "You wish to help? Come along then... it's quite a mystery." The door at the front of the asteroid clunks as it starts to open.

Azure jumps up, smiling, "I always wish to help, sir." He skips along after you, wagging his tail quickly, trying to peer through the door as it opens.

Several riftsbats are on the other side of the front entrance door as the possum moves through to the back. It appears that they are delivering catering. One of them follows along as you exit and closes the obscuring lattice behind you.

You step past the sliding panel and pass through the door.

Drive Chamber

The second chamber inside the asteroid is where the propellant machinery is located. Overlooked from a short wooden railed control balcony you survey the workings of what appears to be a spindizzy motor, miniaturized in such a fashion to fit within this space. Aside the motor are two large tanks labeled in a strange language, pipework running from them into the walls. Currently the motor has been stalled and the control panel is dark.

A small door slides open from here leading to the showers and bathroom, while a flight of steps curves down and away from the balcony to a small kitchen, the appliances supplied with cold and heat directly from the motor itself. There is a large pantry at the end of the passage which has been emptied.

A small hole has been bored in the hull here, with electrical cables being fed in from outside.

Obvious Exits:

  • [Out] Exit to the front of the asteroid.

Azure enters from the front room.

Azure has arrived.

Azure looks around at the riftsbats curiously, then he glances back over his shoulder then up at the possum.

Azure whispers to Kinsor, "Can he see you?"

Kinsor mentions, "Perhaps, when he has been troubled enough to look."

The possum has stopped over by the control panel and is shoving buttons and making adjustments. "You'll have to speak up. It's a bit noisy in here."

Azure pads over to the possum, trying to look up at the machine, "What are you doing? And, what shall I do to aid you?"

The possum turns back and warns, "Stay away from this! It's far too technical for you. You'll break something and we'll both regret it!" He curls about one of the levers with his tail and pulls it, "I don't like the sound of that whine, so I'm going to work on things a bit." He points down the flight of stairs and says, "Our supplies are over there. I suppose you know by now how everything works."

Kinsor observes the control motions and mentions, "It will be a few moments while we are ready for his return. Feel free to watch."

Azure nods his head, taking a few steps back, "Far too technical for me?" He smiles, "Quite possibly." He looks down the stairs, then starts edging down them, looking back up again.

The possum turns back and presses some more buttons. As most of this area has been shut down, the noise of the adjustments is easily the loudest thing in the space. The areas below are lit, however they appear to have been unused for a week or two and everything edible has been removed. "We found that with the power gone most of the food would have perished, so it was removed soon after landing," the riftsbat mentions.

Azure sidles back around the possum, looking up, "What are you doing, if I may ask? What does that device control?" He scratches his head, then slips back over to the riftsbat, whispering, "What exactly is your experiment?"

"This controls the motor that keeps us from falling into the sun ourselves," the possum explains, "See how foolish it would be to touch anything?" "It is a remarkably small motor," the riftsbat explains, "as we've already discovered that he's unwilling to share the operating information with us, we'll keep him here until he is ready to travel."

Azure scratches his head, "I see." He scratches his head, "But would it not be preferable to not hang over the edge of doom for an unbounded time, sir?"

Azure asks Kinsor, "What do you mean, so you can watch him fire it up and see how it works?"

"Someone is bound to hear our distress signal," the possum says calmly, "it is only a matter of time." He sniffs as the smell of something baked fills the space and moves away from the controls. "You've burnt something, what is that smell?"

Azure follows the possum along, scratching the back of his head, "Oh, well, it's burnt in the nicest possible way. You know, with the maillard reaction and so on.'

Kinsor mentions, "The very thing, yes."

You leave the drive room.

1st Chamber

The first room inside the asteroid resembles a narrow apartment, with tall sliding doors and a high ceiling. The floor is carpeted in a soft woven rug which shows a few scuff marks about the entrance.

In one corner there is a carved cabinet depicting floral scenes sitting upon four short legs. Adjacent to this, a large frosted glass decanter and four glasses sits upon a silver tray on a round bird-footed table constructed of the same dark polished wood. Across from the cabinet is a brown and cream colored settee fronted by a polished coffee table and flanked by two end tables from which the room has been lit by the orange glow from a pair of helmet-shaded lamps.

The far wall is obscured by a sliding fern patterned lattice, which has been moved aside to reveal a bed and writing desk as well as a second door leading further in to the asteroid.

Obvious Exits:

  • [In] Pass through the bedroom and further into the ship. [Out] Exit through the front doorway.

Contents: Communication Cabinet

Azure enters from the back room.

Azure has arrived.

Azure asks, "If you told him that you heard his distress signal and rescued him, wouldn't he be more inclined to cooperate?"

The table has been set with a selection of fruits, salads, large tropical flowers and a section set aside of fried chicken, biscuits and corn. The riftsbat mentions, "Upon first arrival there were attempts made to inform him of the fact. These arrangements have been made upon this understanding." The possum stalks over and sniffs at the chicken once before remarking, "Something must have gone wrong with this stuff... whatever it is, it's spoiled."

Azure scratches his head, then climbs up onto the table, sniffing at the food, "It smells fine to me. What seems to be the problem with it?" He smiles and brushes his tail down with the palm of his hand, "But, now that we have a repaste, shall we continue?"

"Yes, certainly," the possum picks up one of the flowers and chews upon its edge, "We were talking the about radio broadcasts. I started hearing that things were happening on the channels that were left."

Azure nods his head, sitting down on the table, eating a bit of fruit, "Go on, sir? What did you end up hearing on the radio?"

"At first there were these reports that machinery was breaking down. Wearing out, everywhere." The possum looks over at Azure, "You didn't think it was strange that it could happen everywhere at once? When they started reporting dead bodies, I knew it was time to start collecting food and supplies. And why not?"

Azure nods, "I thought it would be very strange, though I would be more inclined to try and fix it, myself.'

Azure smiles, leaning back and folding his hands on his lap, "But continue?"

The possum picks up a pear and bites into it, "Fix it? When the town saw that I was collecting things they appointed me to fix the problem." He swallows and points the pear at Azure, "But oh, it didn't take a genius to know how things looked. I knew the situation was hopeless."

Azure nods his head, sitting up straighter, "What made you decide that it was 'hopeless' specifically?" He sits up and brushes crumbs from himself, "And what did you do after coming to this decision, when they put you in charge?"

The possum puts the pear down wrings his hands, "I had it all there in a plan. Names, places, the important people who I could rely upon to fix things." He glances over at Azure, "...not that I would have neglected the others as well but it gave me such a headache." Frowning the possum says, "And that's when suddenly thought to myself, 'Raycraft, forget them, it's yourself you should be saving.'"

Azure nods his head, "And what happened then, Mr. Raycraft?"

"Well, I closed the doors, of course." Raycraft takes a drink from his glass and says, "I let nobody in for some time. But the knocking and the communication chimes were making me ill. I couldn't stand it. Nobody could do anything, by that time the ground had started shaking and the weather was unpredictable."

Azure frowns, scratching his head, "I see." He leans back a little, looking up and lifting his ears, slowly wagging his tail, "And then?"

Raycraft mumbles, "I-I set the machinery in motion, that would take me from that place." He looks wide-eyed as the ears on his hat splay themselves, "Oh, but as I looked down from the air and saw how close our lands were to our doom, I was struck with a strong feeling of regret." He pauses and says with a glance at the dead screens, "I'm afraid I must have been quite insensible since that point." Raycraft begins to pace the room, glancing back occasionally.

Azure nods his head, then he looks hops off the table, padding over to the machines, looking up at the screen, "How would you read this, to find out where you are?"

The riftsbat cautions, "Take some care, you're presenting him with some confusion at this point." Raycraft stops by the lattice and glances about the bedding before coming back to the screens. "Well. Well, it's very complicated," he says, pointing a finger at one of screens, currently showing empty darkness. "This shows the sky in any direction you need to point it in." Another screen is tapped, "This one would show location and distance from where we were in relation to the capitol." Another screen, "This one is your standard distance communicator."

Azure nods his head, brushing a paw over the back of his head, "I see, and how long do you think your engine can hold out against the pull of the sun?"

Raycraft shakes his head, "The engine will run for quite some time now that we've moved between the suns. They balance us, see? We'll run out of food long before we need to worry about it losing power." He reaches out and pokes Azure.

Azure jumps, stumbling back a little at the poke, looking up at you, "Hmm? What's wrong?"

Azure yips, "And, what kinda' fuel does it run on that it can go that long?"

"I beg your pardon," Raycraft says, examining his finger, "I'm not sure what came over me." He chuckles uncertainly, "I can't help but think there's something not quite right... ah, but the answer to your question is that it is fueled from the decay of a vastly expensive manufactured element."

Azure lifts his ears, looking up and sniffing curiously at your finger, then he shrugs his shoulders, "NO trouble, sir. Though what kind of element is it? And where did it come from? And is this the only kind of thing it's used for or does it do other things?"

"A stable tridecimate. And no, we will be unable to replenish our supply unless we wished to follow the laboratory it was created into the sun." Raycraft paces over to the wall and taps on the paneling for a moment, sliding back a board to reveal a safe. "Interesting, another hidden panel," remarks the riftsbat, moving over to the communications cabinet to stand near Azure.

Azure pads along after Raycraft, looking up as he opens the safe. He keeps quiet for the moment, waiting to see if the possum opens the safe up.

Somewhere on the muck, Zeta has connected.

Raycraft turns the dials on the safe and pulls back the hinged lid, sliding a stack of papers about as he pulls out a small case. He turns around and looks at the communications station with worry for a moment before noticing Azure. Handing it down he says, "I do have some to spare." He glances back into the safe and mutters, "They were knocking on my doors for weeks..."

Azure looks to the case curiously, he then looks up at the Possum with a reassuring smile, "Nobody's knocking on the door now." He rubs the back of his head, "What're the papers all about?"

The case is small but quite heavy. It is about the size of two film canisters. "Yes, but I know I didn't let anyone in. But then how is it that you're here with all your questions?" Raycraft reaches up and winces for a moment, touching his forehead as the riftsbat moves close and reaches for the case. "This seems to be a source of worry for him," the bat mentions, "Let us take possession of the case for now, and then you can continue the questioning."

Azure nods, he steps back from the case, letting the riftsbat whisk it away. He looks up and says to the possum, "I am a stow-away, sir. I came in and hid before you locked the door. I am quite small, after all, and thus able to remain out of view for some time."

Raycraft shakes his head and nods, "Yes indeed, I suppose it would be impolite of me to leave you in silence." He pulls out some of the papers and hands them down, "Just money and letters of financial interest, I'm afraid." He pulls out a brown folio, "Ah.. and this. I thought I had burnt it."

Azure tilts his head, looking up at the folio, "What's that?" He pads forward, trying to get a bit of a closer look.

Raycraft sets the folio down on the small table and opens it, folding the first page out into a transportation map, the rest of the documents appear to be a list of names and time charts. Raycraft takes one glance and sits down in the settee, looking away, says hollowly. "My last big work."

Azure jumps up onto the table and looks over the time charts, turning a page and inspecting it, then he looks up at you, "Did you design the transportation systems?"

"Partly, four shares per fare went to my organization." Raycraft says, "These were the plans I was working on before...we left." He glances over at the currently open page, a list of figures that becomes increasingly small and sloped as it moves down the page and remarks, "My! The writing hardly looks like mine. I can't read half of this."

Azure follows the writing, scratching behind his whiskers on one side of his muzzle. Then he looks up, wagging his tail slowly, "What was your organisation?'

Somewhere on the muck, Mina has disconnected.

Raycraft taps the corner of the map, where the logo of the In-Ring Transit Authority is marked, "The ITA, who else?" He frowns as he turned the page to an even more jumbled set of figures. The next appears to have a plant and a water stain across its page obliterating the text and the rest of the folio is blank. "Perhaps the madness that was affecting everyone had gotten to me, too?"

Azure sits down, watching the pages turn, "it's quite possible, sir. I've seen the madness do all sorts of horrible things to people." He folds his hands, looking up at you intently, lifting his ears.

The riftsbat wraps his wings close and says, "I think our presence here is no longer a necessity, however in the interests of cooperation, feel free to ask as many questions as you like."

Raycraft folds up the map and replaces it in the folio before closing the cover. "It just seems regretful now. This is all old history now. Perhaps it will have some use to our rescuers, but I don't know."

Azure nods his head, standing up and folding his hands behind his back, "What will you do when you are rescued, Mr. Raycraft?"

"That depends." Raycraft wrings his hands, "Maybe come back here. See if there is anything left. Otherwise I could go back to work, there is always a place available for a good engineer. What about yourself? What are you going to do when we get rescued?"

Azure nods, "I think there's really not much left. Just a broken world, scoured clean by the meteorites..." He stands up, watching you and folding his hands behind his back, "Oh, I think I'm going to take a nice, relaxing job, building things, fixing stuff...y'know, just the usual."

Azure looks over his shoulder at the door, then back up at Raycraft, "I'm sure there's some place for a good engineer.'

Raycraft nods and moves back to the round table, picking up another flower and saying, "Yes, I could always mention that you were my assistant if the matter comes up."

Somewhere on the muck, Zeta has connected.

Azure smiles, "Why, thank you, sir." He scratches his head, looking hard at Raycraft, then he hops off the table, down to the floor, pacing back and forth and looking up at one of the riftsbats.

The riftsbat inquires, "Yes?"

Azure whispers, "Are you sure I can't try to convince him he's safe?"

"We've given you a great deal of leeway in your actions here, as so far as he has responded quite favorably, you are granted authority to do so," The riftsbat replies.

Azure smiles, "Thank you, sir.'

Raycraft looks up from his meal, "Yes?"

Azure pads over to the possum and sits down on the table, watching him, "Mr. Raycraft." He points at the screen identified as showing space, "What do you see on that monitor?"

Raycraft glances over at the screen and says, "Well, as you can see the figures are not changing, we're holding a steady position."

Azure nods his head, 'Read me the figures, please?"

Raycraft says grudgingly, "An odd request, but I can't see why not." The possum puts down the half-eaten flower and moves closer to the screen. Glancing at the greyness he frowns, the ears on his hat swiveling, "...um."

Azure hops down off the table and follows you along, standing at your side and folding his hands behind his back, looking up at the greyness.

"Uh...there must be a problem with the drive." Raycraft determines after a moment, "I'd better go check." The riftsbat by the cabinet motions to his head taps its ears.

Azure looks up at the riftsbat and sidles over, "Hmmm?"

Azure calls out, "Raycraft! Come back."

Raycraft reenters the room after a few moments, and moves over to look at the display again, "Ah ha? Something still doesn't seem right..."

Azure yips, "Mr. Raycraft, look at the other monitors, what do they say?"

"You'll want to remove the thinking hat which is affecting his memory," suggests the riftsbat. "It is likely only to cause confusion otherwise."

Azure yips, "Ah!"

Azure yips, "Thank you."

Azure clears his head looks up to Raycraft, "Say, look down at this..."

Azure points to something on the floor, "I think it might be related...'

Raycraft looks under the cabinet, "Of course, one of the connectors must have become dislodged!"

Azure jumps up and grabs one of the ears on the hat and tugs it off of Raycraft's head.

There is a slight tearing sensation and the hat once again becomes a shapeless mass of cloth. Raycraft pauses for a moment, staring at the floor and then straightens up, starting back in surprise, "Guh!" He bumps back into the table, knocking over one of the glasses. "One of them!"

Azure frowns, putting the hat down on the floor. He brushes his paws down over his front and pads a bit closer, "One of whom, Mr. Raycraft?"

Raycraft points a shaky finger at the riftsbat by the cabinet, "A-are you blind? There's no way that could have stowed away." He glances at the displays, "And we're switched off, what has happened?"

Azure looks to the riftsbat, "Do you know that gentleman, who he is?" He adds, "Since you say one OF them, I assume you have some previous experience?"

Azure looks back to Raycraft, "I can tell you what has happened, though haven't they told you before?"

The riftsbat nods its head at Raycraft and says, "Hello, there. We again offer you your freedom from this craft." The riftsbat tilts its head and says to Azure, "During our prior meeting he was not as acquiescent, due to his inability to understand the destruction of his spindizzy was not his sole responsibility."

Azure smiles at the possum, "Mr. Raycraft, the madness was induced by a machine, and you told me yourself, the little dog-creatures, everything breaking down all over..."

"Yes, but...I live here." Raycraft looks about the room and wrings his tail in his hands, finally giving up and shaking his head. "I suppose I can start over again. As nice as this place is, it was much nicer when it had a countryside to look out upon."

Azure smiles, "Well, it's only two rooms...and as nice as these two rooms are, I bet we can find some really cool ones outside somewhere, if you like."

Azure yips, "After all, I bet someone out there could use a fine transportation engineer....in fact I've ever heard a rumour they're building a whole city soon."

Raycraft looks towards the exit door and mentions, "This was once only a part of a fine house, did you know?" He sniffs and says, "I think I am ready to leave. I'll see what my future will be." The riftsbat moves away from the cabinet and towards the exit door.

Azure shakes his head, following up at Raycraft's side, "I didn't, I imagined it was just some sort of standalone escape pod."

Azure smiles, "There's really nice fine houses around here, some of 'em.'

You exit the space rock.

Tower - Excavation Site

You stand in a large cavern or natural stone, the ceiling and walls covered in extruded formations of stalactites and flowstone. The ground, thick in pulverized white dust and gravel, has been machined down and leveled to provide parking space for two large tracked metal mining machines. The efforts of their construction are readily apparent, in the form of a tunnel that breaks through one cavern wall, spiraling further downward into the depths. Beside the tunnel stands a small alcove with a set of double doors, which appears to be an elevator.

Obvious Exits:

  • [E] The double doors of an elevator are nearby. [R] A wide excavation has been made into the far wall, spiraling downward.

Contents: Space Rock, Fruitbat Security, and FBCo. Machinery

Azure has arrived.

Azure trots outside.

The cavern is still pretty dark, outside of the rectangle of light shining out from the rock. "Welcome to both of you to the Sixes Confluence," the riftsbat says. "I would offer you a tour, however as it has not been authorized, I would not wish to cause any further disruption to security at this site."

Azure tilts his head, "The Sixes Confluence?"

Azure then bows pi/4 radians, "And, thank you for your hospitality so far, sir."

Raycraft's voice echoes as he says, "I thought I smelled a cavern, just now. The filtration system would have dealt with it otherwise."

Azure looks up, "Would have dealt with it?"

"That is the Fruitbat designation for this location," the riftsbat says, "according to the older style land registration charts."

Raycraft says, "The rock has a very sophisticated air flavoring system. It's a shame you couldn't get to experience it. Where do we go from here?"

Azure looks up between Raycraft and the Riftsbat, "Well, that's up to our host." He asks the bat, "Where do we go from here, sir?"

The riftsbat says, "You may exit the same way you came in, via the elevator." Wrapping its wings close the bat continues, "Our concern as to how Raycraft will get by on the surface will require us to maintain regular communication with him."

Azure perks his ears up, "Can't you give him a communicator of some sort?"

"Agreed, that would be more convenient than surveillance," the riftsbat says disappearing into the gloom for a moment before returning again and handing Raycraft a small radio.

"Er, thanks." Raycraft mutters.

Azure smiles, "Well, then, gentlemen." He asks the possum, "May I help you somehow?"

Azure asks the bats, "Or all y'all?

The riftsbat shakes its head, "You've been quite helpful, so far."

Raycraft says, "I, yes... if you're still looking for an assistant job, I'll definitely mention you when I am employed again."

Azure smiles, "Oh, no thanks, I'm actually already first-assistant-engineer somewhere."

"Ah yes? Alright then," Raycraft says.

[OOC] Kinsor says, "Other than this, I think you've finished everything I thought up for the event! Sorry it took so long to complete!"

Azure smiles, "Well, thank you again." He reaches into his pocket and gives Raycraft a business card (A. Varisha/Mad Scientist/"You've tried the rest, now try the one not bound by morality or sanity!"), "Fare well, sir. Look me up, sometime."

[OOC] Azure says, "Thank you! I rather liked that."

[OOC] Kinsor says, "Ah so! Feel free to look around the portion of the complex you're in if you'd like an OOC view."

[OOC] Azure looks around!

Azure has left.

Azure enters the elevator.

Azure has left.


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