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<Optional Tag If This is a Historical Document that has functionality that has been superceded by another program> This page describes the functionality for the Built-In  <COMMAND>  command. For more information on how the extended page functionality works, look at the global page command.

Command Information




 BuiltIn | Global 














To describe syntax functionality of a program:

To describe more than one syntax:





Example 1

If an editor wanted to describe an example of a command, they would type the following:

They would explain what the user output was for the user executing the command, if any:

Then explain what other users might see, if anything:

Example N

If an editor wanted to continue writing examples, they could write as many as they wanted, following the general format above:

And keep writing user example output:

And More Output:


Caveats for the command being written about should be placed here. These can be things like restrictions, special operations for wizards, &c.

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