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 help <subject-or-index> 


Get help for built-in commands.


To see the available help subjects and display usage:

To view help on a particular subject or to retrieve a command or categorical index:




Example 1

If Alkani wanted to remind himself what indices were available in the built-in help system, he would type:

Alkani would see:

Example 2

If Lepus wanted to get an alphabetical list of all the commands, they would type:

Lepus would see:

Example 3

If Jaxen wanted to refresh her memory on which command categories were available, she would type:

Jaxen would see:

Example 4

If Morticon wanted to get a list of all the Wizard commands, they would type:

Morticon would see:

Example 5

If Alkani needed help for the  drop  command, he would type:

Alkani would then see the built-in help entry for the  drop  command.


The built-in help system includes not just commands, but other topics of interest such as object flag information and concepts.

Some built-in commands have been replaced by external software product packages. To verify whether or not a built-in command has been replaced with an external software product package, check the global command list on the wiki or in-game by leveraging the global command listing facility with the list parameter,  globals #list .

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