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[[Commands/Flags|Flags]] - Object Flags


This page describes the functionality for the Built-In  page  command. For more information on how the extended page functionality works, look at the global page command.

Command Information











 page <player> 

 page <player>=<message> 


Requests that a player meet you or sends a private message to a player anywhere on the MUCK.


To inform a player that you are looking for them and would like to meet them at your location:

  •  page <player> 

To send a private message to a user:

  •  page <player>=<message> 



  • The name of the player you would like to send a request or message to.


  • The message you would like to send the player. This message can be sent to a player regardless of their location.


Example 1

If a player named Jaxen wanted to ask a player named Morticon to meet them at her location, "The Old Decrepit Building", she would type the following:

  •  page Morticon 

Jaxen would see the following:

  •  You sent your summons to Morticon. 

Morticon would see the following:

  •  You sense that Jaxen is looking for you in The Old Decrepit Building. 

Example 2

If a player named Lepus wanted to ask Alkani about the status of the generator while he was in the same room as him, he would type the following:

  •  page Alkani=Do you know what the status of the generator is? 

Lepus would see the following:

  • You page, "Do you know what the status of the generator is?" to Alkani.

Alkani would see the following:

  • Lepus pages, "Do you know what the status of the generator is?" to you.

Example 3

If Alkani wanted to reply to Lepus about the generator status, but Alkani is no longer in the same room as Lepus, he would type the following:

  •  page Lepus=The generator is currently turned off. 

Alkani would see the following:

  • You page, "The generator is currently turned off." to Lepus.

Lepus would see the following:

  • Alkani pages, "The generator is currently turned off." to you.


Players who have set the Haven (H) flag on themselves cannot receive pages. You will be notified that they cannot receive pages and will receive a message stating:  That player does not wish to be disturbed. 

Most MUCKs install a replacement page package. The replacement package has this fundamental functionality described along with additional functions that make page much more flexible. SpinDizzy MUCK has a replacement page command installed.

Say - Send a message to the room

Pose - Send an action to the room

Whisper - Send a private message or action to a person in the same room

Page++ - An extended-function version of the built-in implementation of the page command

Flags - Object Flags

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List of SpinDizzy MUCK System Built-In and Local Commands

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