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This article has just been started and is only skeletal at the moment, requiring filling in.

[This will eventually be the hub organizing all OOC documentation for SpinDizzy. It needs filling in.

When doing so, please keep the following perspective in mind: Our first goal is not to education players as to all the different ways to do something, but to point them to the single best way to do it.

Obviously the right way is subjective. But the opinion of several expert users working it out on a wiki is better than no opinion at all. Comprehensive documentation is useful too and the myraid ways of doing things can live in extended documentation: But we should prominently surface a recommended approach first. It's 2017 and many users will learning how to build on a MUCK for the first time. Others may be longtime users who are still doing things the way they learned 10 years because they don't know how to pick among newer options.

In particular, let's point people to recommended tools for the following, in an objective oriented manner:

I think we have powerful hammers for many of these that will make it easier for people to do them while keeping the MUCK cleaner. Let's point people to those.] -- Lepus 2017-09-08 00:01:11

Mink Manual

Based on the manual currently maintained at https://fuzzball-muck.github.io/muckman/ Ping has created single-page HTML and PDF versions for easier searching and reading, as attachments to this page:

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Beginning information and Tutorials

Comprehensive Info

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