Editplayer is the command that can be used to adjust many properties of a player ( or zombie, when ran using the zombie's command action.) It is a way to bring all the various settings to one place for easier editing, while providing examples so you can see how your formatting looks.

This program starts with the following menus:

Player Hammer V1.4 (C) 1994-1998 by Triggur

Your name is _____
2. Your MPI description is:
3. Your sex is _____
4. Your species is _____
5. You can throw items.
6. Your home is _____
7. You can hand/be handed items.
8. You can fly.
9. Your smell message is '_____'.
10. When you speak you see 'You _____ [...]'.
11. When you speak others see '[Name] _____ [...]'.
12. Edit sweep messages.

A sub-menu (12) allows you to edit the messages displayed when you send sleeping players home, or you yourself are sent home using the 'sweep' command.

1. When you sweep a player, the normal message is displayed.
2. When you sweep several players, the normal message is displayed.
3. When you get swept, the normal message is displayed.
4. Return to main menu.

2: Your MPI description

The MPI coding language allows you to create interactive and scripted descriptions that can be displayed differently depending upon who looks at you. By choosing this option you will be taken to a list editor that will edit the description on your character. Use .end to return to the Editplayer, or .abort if you wish not to save your changes.

3: Your sex

This sets the property 'sex' on your character, which can be used in other programs to correctly format text for display.

4: Your species

Here you would set the 'species' property on the character.

5: You can/can't throw items.

This is a toggle that you can set on your character. If they are configured to throw items they can use 'throw [object] to [name]' to send an item from their inventory to a remote player. Both the thrower and receiver have to be set to use the throw program for this to succeed.

6: Your home is ____

Here you are able to edit the location your character calls home. This location is where they will return to when you use the 'home' command. The editplayer program is one of several ways to set this value, another would be to type '@link me=here' in the room you would like to use. There are permissions that need to be checked before you can set just any room as your home, see 'Help Abode' for the information about the flag, and 'Help Home' and 'Help Homes' for more information on what the command does itself.

7: You can/can't be handed items.

Much like the throw setting above, this toggle setting allows you to give and accept items from people who are in the same room as you are.

8: You can/can't fly.

Some exits on the map may be restricted to characters who can fly. This toggles the property that will allow them to pass the check when using those exits.

9: Your smell message is '______'

On the muck, your smell is a configurable property that you can adjust via this option.

10/11: Speak messages

If you want to personalize the way you speak on Spindizzy, you can set the two say settings to reflect your personal tone. The first personalizes your character's voice, as it would be relayed to you, while the second personalizes your character's voice as everyone else in the room might see it.

12: Sweep Messages

A sub-menu allows you to personalize the messages sent when you sweep players, or your character is swept from an area. Sweeping is the act of sending a (usually) sleeping character home so most messages usually reflect the character's reaction to being sent home, or plays out the action of sending them there.

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