This page contains some useful instructions and commands for players who may be connecting to SpinDizzy for their very first time. The goal of this page is to provide the easiest to consume amount of information necessary to log in, begin interacting effectively with other players, and finding help if you get stuck.


The easiest way to connect is with the SpinDizzy webclient. Log-in by typing connect guest guest and hit enter.

Starting Out

SpinDizzy is a text-based, multi-user world where players take on all sorts of imaginative roles to talk, interact, and role-play with one another.

When you first connect as a Guest on SpinDizzy you will find yourself on Newcomer's Island in the body of a randomized guest creature. It's likely that you'll be the only character in Newcomer's Island at the time. Don't worry though: We'll get you out and talking to other people soon.

Talking, moving, examining things, and everything else you can do on SpinDizzy is achieved by typing in a command and hitting enter. Here's a list of some basic commands that will be useful when you're just starting out.

There are many, many commands on SpinDizzy but these should be enough to get you started interacting with other people.


If you're having trouble the best thing to do is to ask someone else for help. This can be as easy as asking "How do I _____? in the Rose Garden or using page to ask someone privately.

If there's no one responding in the Rose Garden, you can try asking the wizards or helpstaff for help. Wizards are the administrators of SpinDizzy and helpstaff are volunteers willing to give you a hand. Type wizzes and helpstaff to see a list of them. Look for someone whose Status isn't '[Asleep]' and page them. For example:

Getting A Character

After you've explored SpinDizzy for a while and met some residents, if you've decided you'd like to join us, you can request a character. To do so, find a wizards with the wizzes command and page them. They'll have some questions before making your character. If there are no wizards currently awake, you can also send an email with the name you want and some information about your character to and wait for a wizard to get back to you.

Once you have a character, log-in with them and go to character setup from Newcomer's Island.

Next Steps

If you find yourself logging into SpinDizzy frequently, you may want to download a more feature rich client. We maintain a list of MuckClients for various platforms. We also host an advanced webclient written by Kandra, which provides logging, file uploads, ease of use for puppets, and many other useful features.

There are lots more commands than the ones listed above. There's a list of UsefulCommands to get you started.

For more in-character lore of the MUCK, check the CategoryRolePlaying hub.

And most of all, don't be afraid to ask in-game about things you're curious about.

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