SpinDizzy has fifteen regular muck holidays. Most of these were established through the Mayor's Office. Historically the Mayor has either run an event for these holidays or found someone to run the holiday. However, doing so is the Mayor's choice and they are not obligated to do so. The wizards keep the list of muck holidays, trying to keep the holidays and dates in line with the community's preferences.

Any member of the SpinDizzy community is welcome, and invited, to do something for any holiday. This can be as simple as setting a morph or wearing a costume. It can be holding an event, such as a party or talk or contest. Some holidays have seen characters organizing parades or talent shows. There is no unique right way to observe a holiday.

There is nothing about this list meant to suggest one cannot or should not create one's own holiday. If one wished to celebrate the Big Sea Day, they could do so by declaring that such a date will be the Big Sea Day and people are invited to splash around the Big Sea. There are people who have recurring events, some of them stretching over several days. These are their own events. While the whole muck may be welcome at them, they are not 'muck holidays' per se.

The regularly scheduled muck holidays are listed under the global holidays command, and are:



Next Occurrence


Iceberg Day

2nd Wednesday in January

10 January 2024

Ice, cold, and polar events

Hugging Day

9th of February

9 February 2024

Hugging and other friendly touches

Morality Day

4th Monday in February

26 February 2024

How we live and how we ought

Shiny Day

17th of March

17 March 2023

A day to reflect and sparkle

Passion Day

10th of April

10 April 2023

Sharing with others the things, places, people, and experiences one feels passionate about

Adventure Day

1st Monday in May

1 May 2023

Taking on new ventures

Day of Remembrance

30th of May

30 May 2023

Commemorating those no longer with us

Festival of Cuteness

3rd Tuesday of June

20 June 2023

Celebrating and becoming the adorable

Expanding Horizons Day

14th of July

14 July 2023

Growing oneself, physically or metaphorically

Jellicle Ball

1st of August

1 August 2023

Celebrating the Jellicle Cat in all of us, or that all of us know

Mecha Day

3rd Sunday in August

20 August 2023

Celebrating mechas, robots, and other mechanical bodies, outfits, accessories, and related delights

Founder's Day

28th of September

28 September 2023

The history and creation of the muck, and the ongoing sharing of our history and re-creation of SpinDizzy

Groovy Day

2nd Wednesday in October

11 October 2023

Getting in, enjoying, and sharing one's grooves

National Horizontal Day

3rd Thursday in November

16 November 2023

Being horizontal, or non-anthro, or flat, as one likes

E-Holiday (Everything Day)

8th of December

8 December 2023

Open-themed holiday, celebrating that one can share events with others


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