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Regan slips the sample container away. "If they are infected... I like Kacey's idea. And the idea of using it as an opportunity to help 'em. But I'm no doctor and I'm not sure I'd know how to cure someone of fungus *or* eggs without killing them. Are we still going to help Anabelle, Boss?" She waits to see what Karyisha wants to do, giving her a somewhat expectant look. The hyena's ready to go try to help those people - infected or not - but she's also eyeing that core shaft.....

Cypher nods for Kary, and clicks a switch on his electro rifle to activate a light on the tip, illuminating every which way he points. "Yeah - shit's weird right now. I think curing people's a bit out of scope, but we should do our best to clean up this mess otherwise." Hopefully we can get spat out into our own home reality and not trapped in the other one, too...

Kacey yeps. "I've got a torch on my suit, on my rifle, and one I can whip out as a separate tool. Does somebody else need a glowstick or a tool?" She'll turn her chestlight on to full bodycam-illuminating glory. Heh. Then, she lights up her rifle. "Time to get in front, yep..." she'll go to join Sabina, and will be ready to move out when everyone else is ready. "It's time to go and figure out what to do next." She'll help Annabelle, she'll do what she can to lower the body count, and ... this'll be a stressful one to explain to Sophie.

Sabina nods. "I've got lights." She flicks on a couple, to show them off--they're positioned on the upper sections of the exoskeleton, near her head, where they can shine onto whatever she's looking at. Intense, but not the most wide-angle. Shaking her head out, she murmurs, "We don't have much time. Kacey, let's take point again. Good job, just there."

Isaak fiddles with his claimed SMG, and twists at the handguard a bit.. a light popping on as he swoops it around a bit towards a nearby walls to check the brightness. "I got some. I can also pull my hardlight blade out, if needed. That'll shed some light, too." He peers over towards the others, and slips over to form up behind Kacey. Still staying as far from the polyps as he can.

Karyisha takes a deep breathe, "We could get two birds with one stone." she looks to Regan, <Annabelle, meet us at the core lift nearest to the docks.> she gulps and shudders, "We can also check who's been lanced or not once we meet up with them and cut losses. But I'd rather not set that precedent, because then that's our go to answer if one of US get lanced too. Maybe if we treat it right away?" she asks Regan, and nods at others as their lights come on.

(The radio crackles alive with gunshots that can also be heard farther away, distant, travelling through the venting system and maintenance tunnels. <We're on our way> the sound of a grenade going off causes this side of the facility to shudder - especially since it's come from above.)

There's more sound of shooting coming up ahead. We're currently still in the start of the docking area. With a maintenance hatch at the farend of the football sized area, the corridor heading further in to your left, though it's 2/3 of the way in through said football field.)

(The corridor continues on for a good mile and a half. Barely illuminated by emergency lights, some stained with viscera or shot out entirely that make it difficult to see. Flashes of bright fire pulsing as a small group of coordinated survivors fight, the pulses dying out as they slip into a side room along said corridor)

Regan half lowers her rifle but she stays crouched behind her rock and dead guy. "We're here responding to a distress call not to fight you nutjobs," she growls. "Most of us aren't even Federation. Just here to get some folks out and stop whatever bug-rock zombifications we can. Why don't you tell us what the hell is going on here?"

Cypher snorts and nods in concurrence with Regan. He tilts his head, walking up to the papers and pulling them off, studying them. "Hey, these are familiar. What's with the drawing of these pebbles? S'this the kind of thing people have been studying here? Wonder if this is some kind of 'oops, we accidentally caused our own problems' kind of thing."

Kacey laughs at Regan's answer. She likes it. She'll ... keep a defensive position until we're ready to resume moving past the blockage, at which point she'll scurry up to join Sabina near the head of the line. For the moment, she's otherwise on the lookout for things. Once she's near enough to peek, they can see her in TCA armor, which ... well, there it is.

Sabina stands with her free arm on her hip; the one with the gatling laser can't really do much except remain at her side. She glares across at the Empire soldiers, her ears pinned, but she knows better than to open her mouth, at the moment. She's careful to keep her weapon pointed at the ground, but the lashing of her tail and the pinning of her ears speaks volumes.

Isaak huffs, but nods towards Regan. "We're here to rescue, not blow heads off. Unless it's the bugs. Keep blowin' those mandibles clean off." He snorts, and turns his attention to what Cypher's found, moving over to take a look at the paper a bit closer. "Wait, you found the pebbles on the papers, huh? Could be. Bio-weapon was suggested earlier, ya know."

Karyisha will take a step forward, moving the group and turning at the door, gun trained but not shooting, "We wish not to fight if you don't."

( There's a increase in pressure in the corridor, the room itself, and there's a sudden change in hue. The world rending before your eyes and very being. The corridor is once again well lit, bodies still line it, even more further up from the looks of things. Lights are back on, thankfully and full power seems to be running through the station once more. )

( The sound of firefights renew accross the station, defensive emplacements even, and the sound of many legged things renew their vigor accross the station, through the ventilation systems again. Blood, ichor and viscera are now notebly missing from the walls itself and all the bodies strewn about. )

( The gnoll stepping out into full view now, pistol trained, then raising to show noncombatance. He glances over at Kacey, eyeing the TCA armor, and looks confused at the size of the party, "You say you are responding to a distress call, but it seems you missed the seriousness of it, or perhaps our cousins had not made the danger clear enough if they had sent a distress signal" the gnoll mainly glances at the federation solders lining the corridor. "We were tasked to secure this facility, then prompty told to bring back a relic that was stationed here." )

The lights are back on as things have managed to switch over once more.

Cypher and Isaak? Mentioned about looking at some of the paperwork on the floor to see if they too change when the worlds switch/flip over

You're talking to a group of empire soldiers who seem to think this response team is rather underwhelming

And you're still tasked to meet Annabelle at the end of the this corridor.

Isaak grunts as he's yelled over, seeing the chilopod fall.. Onto Karyisha! And then the elevator doors just halt. "Oh. Great! AWESOME!" He spits out in an annoyed tone. "Help Kary out from under there! I'll try and get the damn elevator doors moving again." He rushes over towards the control panel to try and examine it with his visor.. But with power out there might not be anything he can do unless there's power to redirect.

Cypher looks around, alert and attentive, but it seems like there's finally a lull in the combat. ... Perfect time for a power outage. "Fuck. Did the power go out or did we shift again?" He flattens his ears, and then lets out a grunt at the federation officer. "Hey, maybe clam it while we try to figure out how to save our asses from the literal hellspawn we're dealing with?" He growls!

Kacey moves with the quiet hissing and what speed she can muster to get the damned monster off of Kary. She'll try to hoist the thing up and pushes it over to the side, using her legs and power-assist channels do to most of the lifting. The battlewolf has to put her shield down to accomplish some of this, and will scramble to re-attach it once Kary is freed, but not until. There's a quiet growl in her throat once fighting breaks out, too, and she snarls in frustration. "Alright, this is just great. At least the relic's back and something we can get at."

Sabina groans as she sees the ichor underfoot, and takes a long breath. "Fuck this shit." She removes the powerpack from her back and checks the level of it, scowling, before replacing it. "I'm low. It's gonna take a few minutes to recharge this damn thing, if we can find a suitable outlet..." She looks across the fallen, and tries to locate a spare rifle she can pick up for the time being. And then, as the power goes out, she takes a long, slow breath... and helpfully punches the hull. "Fucking--damn it! God, this keeps getting worse. Where are the people we're rescuing--are they with us? I got distracted by the... bug."

Regan nods to Sabina and towards the federation officer trying to get to the Empire gnoll past Cypher and Isaak. "We got 'em but they could use a voice defusing the situation." She holds up her bloody paw for Cypher. "I think it may be both. Blood is power, blood is life. And when the lights aren't on there's not enough of it." She unconsciously licks a finger as she eyes the lights and the corridor. "What if.... What if there's something running here? Maybe something downstairs. Past those hungry jaws. And it's reshaping all this blood and pain into some kind of life in those eggs. When the power in the place fails - or we move to the Echo without it on or something - it no longer holds itself together as monstrosities." Regan says, "Back to pebbles."

Karyisha let's out a quiet whine of pain as she's pinned under the giant chilopod, the sound of cooking ichor and centipede can be heard and smealth as the hot barrel of her weapon is pressed against the monster pinning her down. She's trying to scramble out and away to safety, cursing, "Help, please, this thing is very, very heavy." the furred dragon is getting ichor all over her, and she's not looking too happy, not a happy wolf at all! "If introductions are in order. I'm Captain Karyisha."

(Annabelle looks around, cursing vibrantly, "Every few minutes it keeps swapping over. It used to be hours, before -your- ship tried to return" she turns to Sabina, "We're it. Or what's left." any one here remember the life signs within the Ransaala on the way here? She looks to Regan, "Annabelle, there's something down there, we don't know what it is, but sealing the chamber should be more than enough to contain it for now. Sometimes, in some of these flipping planes, you can hear it roar, the entire station tries to crumble around you")

(The empire officer places a paw on his chest, "Cousin, it was not our intention to cause any of this. My brothers and sister's aboard my ship are all dead too." he crosses his arms)

(The federation officer spits onto the floor, "We wouldn't be in this damned mess if you didn't try to play pretend archeologist and let the real archeologist deal with it. They warned you not to remove it. Oh, oh, you wanna spit at me too gnoll? I'm sorry" he says to Cypher, "How about you talk to this fellow here. Who knows, turn around he'll shoot you in the back" he rips out the power cell on his laser rifle and slaps a new one in. "Over here" he calls to Sabina, "We've got powerpacks when we setup these guns. Or, well, whatever juice is left in them" they're all mostly dead, but with some wiring you could get them to empty out completely to fill more than half your current battery.)

(Isaak and Cypher may notice, adjacent to the half closed door is a service hatch of sorts. It's lit by emergency lights that look dangerously dim, or out of power. An empire soldier tries to open the latch, or find one or something - even if it's clearly marked to press here and pull - to get the massive elevator full of frozen chilopods shut out. The other things the emergency lights illuminate is the vent cover, directly above the two emplaced guns. Otherwise, all is silent.)

The empire took away a relic, and tried to return when all hell broke loose.

Annabelle mentioning now and again there's a station shaking roar coming from deeper below, but only rarely.

Karyisha is being helped off of a giant centipede

No power plug for Sabina, but she could string together other power packs to charge her one, or use the ones from the mounted guns (Though that takes out a mounted gun)

Manual closing mechanism for the door - also, vent directly overhead being pointed out

Captain's log: This is Captain Karyisha of the Federation Defense Fleet starship Serafiina. Year 754 A2C, 431st day, we have finally untethered ourselves from SpinDizzy, in short order, to respond to a distress call from the FDN Ransala in the system of RG46423-1, nicknamed KRS Rach, where they have docked with the Kilz Research Facilty-Scientific Rach installation. An archeology site that gained the Listorian Empires attention, it is unclear if the initial call for federation assistance happened before the empire's arrival or after. We have managed to find willing volunteers in leau of the constantly diminshing amount of crew on board, Cypher, Isaak, Kacey, and Regan from the planetoid of various organizations. Patashu Industries, and the Trade & Commerce Authority.

We're short on hands, and more, capable hands in a firefight. There will be no chances taken where a military craft has had to call out for distress. The identical solarsystems are dangerous enough to approach that the Serafiina will stay at a safe distance while we close in via the Malarkey. My trusted friend, and engineer Sabina made a good point. It's fine if she and I walk into our deaths, as much as the federation gives us trouble, we're sworn to it. These are just volunteers.

Those that will remain on board have been briefed are seem mostly content with the decision to respond to the distress signal while keeping risk to the Serafiina at a minimum. Oni Lampae has mentioned wanting to use the survey scanners for a majority of her senior primary grade students so they can use what they've learned in class in practice.

FDN Ransala The FDN Ransala has seen better days, surely. The military like layout as done it's job in saving half the craft from being completely being decommissioned by having the rear half of the ship destroyed, bulk heads have come down to stop widespread rapid decompression.

The doors along the corridor are labelled in classification of which story it's on, and which side of the ship, followed by what kind of room it is. There's a few rooms still operational on either side of the craft across all 3 levels, though most of 'functional' parts of the ship are concentrated around the core.

Systems/Areas Online: Helm, Command, Briefing area/open area for training, Ammo Stores, Vehicle Maintenance, Engineering fore section: life support and power backups (In this order from front to back along central corridor)

Life Support Monitoring: Comm-error

Aft-Engineering: Critical Damage/Depressurized

Starboard MAC Battery: Depressurized

Medical: Depressurized

Hanger 02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12: Depressurized

Bunkrooms: Critical error/Unavailable

S2-P1-Portside MAC Battery


S2-P2-Hanger 01

S1-P3-Bunkroom 105

S1-P4-Bunkroom 107

S1-P5-Bunkroom 109

S3-S1-Bunkroom 002

-She turns her head and let's the SOS call play. "There's two ships, locked together. One federation military and the other a Listorian Empire, or Listorian cult, military craft. Both seem disabled, but there's no clear image or scan available.

Above the Ransala is a more pointed craft, 600 feet in length; a marriage of brutalism and sleekness. Both craft are parked: The Ransala is docked with the 100 or so mile asteroid station directly by a bridgeway, and the sleek cult craft has made a semi successful attempt to manually dock with both the station and the Ransala; half lodged within the Ransala's upper half, canted to the side like a knife.


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