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>>=>>"Federation Military Craft, Ransala, declaring emergency. We ar-re eng-ga-ged in com-mb-bat with a Listorian Empire craft" The video itself looks like it's been super imposed on top of itself a few pixels to the right to create a fuzzy, if disjoined image. "R-r-r-questing re-rec-cov-very efforts. Multiple ad-dit---al un-unk-unkown enti-t---s on bo-oa-ar-rd" the video hard cuts, and repeats after itself, the coordinates provided.<<=<<

Karyisha's ship, the Serafiina responded to an SOS signal from a nearby system. The FDN Ransala, a FDN military vessel was responding to a prior SOS signal, and it too called for SOS shortly after. With SpinDizzy passing the site within a few hundred lightyears, she was the closest FDN vessel able to respond.

With two wars, the Federation was unable to send any other response fleet, and with her ship on a skeleton crew, she enlisted the help of several spindizzians in the rescue attempt.

Early survey attempts showed two craft docked at the asteroid, hard to make out. With the FDN Ransala docked with the asteroid, and another in an odd position.


Patashu Industries


Patashu Industries


Society of Elite Defenders


Trade & Commerce Authority


FDN Serafiina Chief Security Officer


FDN Serafiina Captain

Main Objectives: Obtain and Retrieve Blackbox of the FDN Ransala Save Ransala Crew Save members of the scientific facility

Secondary Objectives: Find out what happened

The team decided to take the Malarkey to dock on one of the auxillary ports meant far smaller craft, rather than the one meant for sub capital sized ships.

The emergency message was very broken with feedback and echo interference. Upon approaching the system and the research facility, they were told that the facility itself tried to change it's SOS message to redirect all responding craft away from the system.

>>=>>"Dis-re-re-re-...-regard previous me-...-ge. FDN Ran-s-AAA- repo-...ng ~=/~fe s...-ation. Crafts approaching for distress call. T-... BACK" the damaged comm-systems on the Ransala, with it's entire upper half missing or totally destroyed, explains the bad comms, "Dis-re-re-re-...-regard previous me-...-ge. FDN Ran-s-AAA- repo-...ng ~=/~fe s...-ation. Crafts approaching for distress call. T-... BACK"<<=<<

A listorian Empite ship had a semi successful attempt to manually dock with both the station and the Ransala. The Ransala was cut in half, with the stations docking port taking heavy damage.

Inside the station, of the 300 some crew that maned the scientific facility, the 225 or so soldiers from the Ransala, and the 150 or so Empire soldiers, only about 75 remained in total on the station.

The station was overrun with an long thought extinct variation of the Paldrus Swarm in the form of giant chilopods (Giant centipedes). Featuring fanged mandibles, long oversized lanced oviposters, and hardened chitin armor. The adolescents were 12 feet in length. The babies were usually 1 feet in length and would eat their way out of their hosts, which are marked by growing cordycep fungi from the injection site, and the hosts major organ locations once matured enough. Fully grown adults have an unknown length at this time. One known effect of the Chilopods is that they're able to hijack their hosts into glorified cordycep shambling zombies.

There was a Vandoren relic kept in the center of the asteroid that gave off readings that were the sole purpose of the research exphedition. On the station, an ancient variation of the Paldrus swarm (Ancient Space Bugs) was present. They awoke in time after the relic had been removed, and a time duality was created.

One duality had the world where the bugs were active, the power was out in the facility and the bugs were able to mulitply extremely fast. Lancing potential hosts and planting eggs within their host bodies that later grew into fungi, then matured into the hatchlings.

The second was where the power was on, the bugs were still present, but frozen in place. The eggs no longer active, turned into stone like marbles that were inert. No trace of fungi either, and no blood anywhere. All bodily fluids were not present.

The party was able to make contact with the survivors, led by a scientists named Annabelle along with a few survivors of the FDN Ransala crew. Karyisha and her crew were able to also grab some Empire soldiers.

Upon questioning:

The Empire soldiers were sent out to liberate the relic from the site, held in regard as holy and needing to be sent back to the their space. They took the marbles with them, thinking them to be sacred. The Empire left 75% of it's manpower on the station to keep control of it.

The FDN Ransala responded to an urgent request because of the Empire's hostile take over of the facility. The Ransala arrived in force and began fighting with the Empire soldiers stationed there to regain control of the facility and retrieve the scientists and crew who were being held captive.

The Empire craft, upon leaving the station and warping out of the system, the relic without it's power source was able to awaken the Chilopods in statis. They ravaged the crew of the Listorian craft, attemping to save itself, it warped back into RG46423-1 attempted to gain support of the soldiers it had left behind at the station. The now graveyard craft lost control as it approached to dock and rammed the now docked Ransala and the station itself.

The Empire soldier and FDN soldiers are now fighting in a station with intermittent power, chilopods, and survival as another distress signal is sent out to come save them.

Karyisha and her crew were able to seal one of the two main shafs leading down into the heart of the asteroid. The shafts were elevator platforms that ran some 2559 meters in depth, (8395 feet) to the rough center of the asteroid.

They were then able to go back to the Ransala, and seal themselves inside the ship while they retrieved the data required, while the Malarkey positioned itself to dock to one of the functioning docking bays in the Ransala.

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