The centaur of attention!


Well, okay, technically Kefanon Blackhoof, but no one who knows him ever calls him that. It's only really there because some paperwork insists everyone has a first name and a last name. His full name is just Kefanon, and that's only used in formal circumstances. He's just plain Kefan, or Keff to really close friends.

Basic Info

Species: Centaur
Gender: Male
Age: Who knows?
Eyes: Dark brown
Voice: Fairly deep
Height: Eight foot something
Build: Like a runner
Aliases/Nicknames: Sir Kefan of the Pointed Remark


Obviously, a centaur. It's hard to pin down an age, but he's probably in his twenties. Brown equine ears poke up through his long brown hair, which spills all the way down to his withers. He tries to keep it under control with a simple leather strip, but it seems there's always a stray lock falling over his right eye, no matter what he does.
He's not what one would call striking, but he has an open, friendly face and his dark brown eyes twinkle with some unspoken amusement, and he never seems to stop smiling. His human half is unclothed and unadorned, lightly tanned, and evenly muscled.
His equine half is a dark bay, with the lines of a runner, a Standardbred perhaps, but the full black tail and feathering look Friesian. His hooves are black and highly polished.
Slung around the join of his human and equine halves is a leather satchel.
He has an inquisitive and friendly nature. Good luck with that.


Twice vice-mayor of Spindizzy—once by appointment to Jaxen and once by vote to Aldrinor—and occasionally the Board of Elections. Official park furniture by self-acclamation, so it might not be officially official. Unofficial mintmaster of SpinDizzy, often responsible for the medals of the SpinDizzy Olympics, summer and winter both.


Kefan is playful, friendly, and likes few things more than to sprawl out in the Rose Garden and be a couch. Just be warned that he's an appalling punster when the moment strikes.

Likes: Puns, coffee
Dislikes: Decaffeinated coffee
Phobias: Heights

Notable Relationships

Kefan gets along with most everyone.


Bad puns? Check. Attention deficit disor—ooo, shiny! Check.

Secrets (will not be known IC; expressing knowledge of these may be metagaming)

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RP Notes

Always up for a little rampaging silliness.

Medal Designs

Spindizzy 2018 Winter Olympics 2018 SDWO.jpg

Spindizzy 2016 Summer Olympics SD Summer Olympics 2016 Obverse GSB.png


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