Tinyplots Run By Moriar

1. Patashu Industries Distress Call

Rumors abound regarding the futures foretold, and the Patashu Industries Oracle Matrix has foreseen! This coming Wednesday, 03FEB21, at 6:30pm Server Time, there is going to be a distress call transmitted from the Patashu Industries Cold Storage Facility. Being that this distress call comes from one of the remaining Lethal Combat Frames, currently in Phase 2 of decommissioning, this distress call is being regarded as reasonably urgent. If you wish to assist with the investigation and potential resolution of the concern, please meet up at the Patashu Industries Cold Storage Facility at 6:30pm Server Time on 03FEB21. OOC Note: This is going to be a full dive into virtual reality, into the nightmare of a combat frame. Nothing graphic, though there is some amount of combat and dubiously constructed puzzlery to sort out. Pending Patashu's approval, plan is to @dig out a Cold Storage Facility that will be accessible from 'luge n10 w2; gocold' Backstory: Flundra is, outwardly, a zombie robot gryphon. She was returned to Patashu Industries after her body was found during a construction dig on a far away planet that Admiral Femashu had at one time attacked; she turned out to not be nearly so dead as believed, and now functions. However, her primary mission parameter is to kill whoever she's told to. This being no longer compatible with Patashu Industries' goals, she has been declined access to comprehensive repair facilities until she agrees to be assigned a non-lethal duty. She has opted to wait for Patashu to encounter someone in need of killing, and has been put into cold storage until such time. As a compromise, she was gifted a module to induce dreaming. It is the hope of Patashu that she will find some new non-lethal passion and mission through these dreams. It is from within one of these dreams that she will begin to emit a distress call.

DM Notes afterwards: This was the first plot I'd run in my attempt to run them weekly, and was based on a though I'd been rattling around for a long while. Worked out well enough. It was discovered that the problem was that Flundra was operating with a binary failure/success outcome reckoning, and making mistakes while dreaming of carving statues was maximally failure. Her previous job as a killbot had much more clear victory conditions.

2. The Mayor's Lost His Head!

Someone's infiltrated the Patashu Industries base, and made off with the boss-dragon's head. The top gnolls report that the brigands almost knew what they were doing, and scrambled up the backup spools and watchdog circuits. It'll be months before Patashu can be recompiled from the latest backups, and the election is right around the corner! Volunteers, hark! Arrangements have been made for a fast ship, and a foretold heading. We're pretty sure that we can catch up, but we need bodies to help. Violence is possible.

OOC Notes: It's intended to be a 'Saturday morning cartoon' level of seriousness, so slapstick violence in the manner of the old GI Joe cartoon. Serious injury won't be possible, the most dire consequence will be a character getting taken out of action for a scene. (This includes if you use what should be lethal weapons, though PI will be providing laser rifles and sidearms to any who will take them.) Bring rope to tie up pirates! Please contact Moriar with any questions.

Time: 6:30pm Server Time, Wednesday 10FEB21

Location: Luge N10 W2, Stage

DM Notes afterwards: This is when I created the Stage location, and was something of a fun. Folks really likely the Atari 2600 inspired ship that had a robot kobold's brainbox piloting it. The blind pug on the bridge, who was largely apathetic, got roughed up. Patashu's head was located in the Captain's quarters, trying to assist with a video game that required a team of players to be completed. (Kobolds having created the game, and never considered the use-case of a solitary person playing it. Because kobolds teamwork.)

3. My Traps are for Naught!

The ghostly gryphon Ranarp, being a voracious consumer of virtual reality novels, has been gifted an anthology of short stories. However, she's come upon one that she can't seem to bring to resolution. In the role of a coyote off in a remote stretch of roadway in the sprawling desert, the purple and blue bird keeps eluding her grasp. She's put out a call for volunteers to help her complete this chapter of the virtual reality series, having run out of ideas herself.

OOC Note: This is intended to be a Toon RP. Have a toon form is not required, but the physics inside the VR will be toon physics. Being Moriar's first attempt at running a toon rp, please excuse the lack of experience with this genre. Please contact Moriar with any questions.

Time: 6:30pm Server Time, Wednesday 17FEB21

Location: Luge N10 W2, Stage

DM Notes afterwards: This one was a hoot and a slog; it was fun all around, but coming up with novel outcomes on the spot for the actions the players attempted took a lot of energy.

4. Winter Harvest is Upon!

With all the snow and bustle, the pocket gryphons Moriar has been having outstanding sales of coffee at their shop. In order to keep up with this powerful demand, the gryphons need to harvest coffee beans from the upper reaches of the coffee plants; all of which are well beyond the gryphons' reach of beak from ground level.

The call is open for folks interested in a half day's wages are requested to arrive at 6:30pm Server Time on Wednesday the 24th of February. Offered wages are 25 grams of sterling silver per person, bonuses available for exemplary performance.

OOC Note: This is intended to be a calm, low key RP.

Time: 6:30pm Server Time, Wednesday 24FEB21

Location: Luge N10 W2

DM Notes afterwards: This one was calm and nice.

5. It's scary to go alone! (Open RP)

The time has come, and the extraplanar vendors of the beverages Well of Souls: The Black Drink, Glitterings Dreams Half Recalled, and Unfocused Echo have invited Patashu to the regional office to discuss further arrangements. At the appointed time, the entry to their realm will be presented, and negotiations to follow. The kobolds of the Patashu Industries facility have, knowing Patashu to have as much wisdom as courage, has invited any volunteers along to accompany their bossdragon to the quest. The notice of invitation reminded all who attend to bring writing instruments to the preference of the bearer.

Time: Wednesday, 03MAR21, 6:30pm Server Time

Location: Luge N10 W2, Stage

DM Notes afterwards: This one was a trip.

6. Interloping Invader of Draconic Mystery, Evading Detection! (Open RP)

On careful audit of the Patashu Industries logs, the kobolds have realized that there are occasional moments when the quantity of dragons are in excess of the known numbers of dragons. Who is this mysterious intruder into Patashu's territory who seems nigh invisible with stealth? They've evaded detection and the search of the kobolds thus far, who've now put out calls for volunteers to help track down this potential threat.

Location: Wednesday, 10MAR21

Time: 6:30pm, Server Time

OOC Notes: This is meant to be a light hearted mystery of following clues to the culprit. All are welcome, regardless of genre. Moriar seeks to continue practice at the skill of running tinyplots.

DM Notes afterwards: The mystery was eventually solved when the party went to the Gods, Guns, and Grease storage unit and found a gelatinous cube that someone had labelled "dragon" using a post-it note. None of the players acknowledged that the robot kobolds of the base were apparently collecting flickering spirits of that they think are deities in jars for research purposes. Maybe I was too subtle.

7. So, About That Time She Died...

Volunteers requested for greeting some unwelcomed guests! The Patashu Industries kobolds, ever busy behind the scenes and on matters left unreported, have failed in their most recent attempt to divert away the travel of the Derivationalist Paladins who've been trying to reach the ghostly hologram of a gryphon, Ranarp. The kobolds fear that the paladins, being worshipers of Death, are coming to take the gryphon into the next realm. To forestall this, they've been pulling various shenanigans to keep the paladins from stepping foot on Quodlibet; but this time it seems unavoidable.

Volunteers are requested to a remote and nigh abandoned starport to greet and repel these guests, before they can complete their business with Ranarp.

Relevant Background Information on Ranarp: Ranarp, the holographic gryphon, is known to have been aboard a patrolling warship called the Tennyson when it was sunk. She arrived back home to Patashu Industries, where she hung out in virtual space for about thirty years and was presumed dead by the fleet that she was an officer of. More recently, she's emerged into the meatspace and re-activated her commission. She doesn't quite remember what happened on the last hours of the Tennyson.

Background Information on Derivationalism: What is Derivationalism? It's a fictional religion named after Moriar looked to a Calculus textbook for a name that sounded philosophical and isn't already taken. The basic belief is that Death is an entity with plans for everyone, and it's best for these plans to be realized. For lay people, this means to eschew immortality. (In Ranarp's case, this is why backup copies of her program are not kept; if you destroy the computer she is running on, you have destroyed her for good.) The paladins of this religion spend most of their time wandering around finding organics stuck in statis pods and AI stuck in data spools, regarding such states as an undesirable limbo state. On finding such people who's path towards Death has been forestalled, they wake them up and bring them back to civilization that they may live out however many days Death has accounted for them. Most people do not know this, IC. Encounters with the paladins are rare; the were mentioned as having tried to steal Flundra while she was in shipping. (This having been a time when she was an offline, but repairable AI.)

Date: 17MAR21

Time: 6:30pm, Server Time

Place: Luge N10 W2, Stage

All are welcome! I have attempted to summarize the context leading into this story above; please feel free to contact Moriar with any further questions.

DM Notes afterwards: This story was intended to put the players into a moral dilemma; if guide the Paladins to the gryphon, they might kill her. But if she knew they were coming, she would go to them out of religious duty. Matters were resolved, and Ranarp found out that she's an unauthorized backup copy of a version of herself that died when her ship sank.

8. All are invited to an evening of refreshments, entertainments, and a short presentation. No charge! Bring your checkbook.

Some offworld folks have phoned ahead and reserved several hours at the abandoned community center out in the dilapidated grazing fields, and extend an invitation to any who wish for an evening of free refreshments, entertainment, and a short presentation.

OOC Note: This is a timeshare presentation from some space squids. Open to everyone, intended to be silly.

Date: Wednesday, 24MAR21

Time: 6:30pm, Server Time

Place: Luge N10 W2, Stage

9. Snacks and Greetings, Please!

Assistance and volunteers requested! The Ruination Automated Hospitality System's self-repair cycle has completed, and realized that the Diplomat of the Kingdom Sands has been waiting for refreshments and greetings for some time now. Unfortunately, the local snack vessels are empty, and beverages still in need to repair. Those who hear and wish to heed this call, please bring words and snacks to the Hospitality Ruins!

OOC Note: This meant to be a light, social tinyplot.

Date: Wednesday, 31MAR21

Time: 6:30pm, Server Time

Place: Luge N10 W2, Stage

10. All are invited to a birthday celebration at Wheezy The Pug's Pizza Panoramic Party Platform

The kobolds of Patashu Industries have discovered the whereabouts of Wheezy The Pug's Pizza Panoramic Party Platform, and have invited one and all to attend a birthday celebration! To any interested, please bring your appetite for affordably priced pizza, expectations of moderately technical entertainment, and the relevant equipment for some light combat in a retail dining atmosphere.

Date: Wednesday, 07APR21

Time: 6:30pm, Server Time

Place: Luge N10 W2, Stage

Moriar was sick this Wednesday. 14APR21

11. You've won a free boat! (Open RP)

It is totally true and not a trap, you've won a free boat! Come, pick up your free boat at this nondescript warehouse in the middle of the abandoned fields district of QuodLibet. It is possible that you have forgotten that you entered the sweepstakes, but that doesn't change the fact that a free boat is waiting for you!

OOC Note: It's totally a trap. Everyone got the same letter informing them of having won a boat.

Date: Wednesday, 21APR21

Time: 6:30pm, Server Time

Place: Luge N10 W2, Stage

12. Be of Utility to Femashu!

Femashu needs you! Uhuhu~ Yes, Come tell this crab that Villainy Insurance Financial is sending over to ask questions about that happening at the shipyard that I totally had my ship's turn signal on and the entire collision was the other guy's fault. Cookies to be provided to those who are helpful, Uhuhu~

Be there, at 6:30pm Server Time on 28APR21 at 'luge N10 W2; Stage', Uhuhu~

(This is a single session open RP, all are welcome. Please contact Moriar with any questions or concerns.)

13. Too Many Cookies! Baking was our hubris.

The kobolds of Patashu Industries are putting out another call for volunteers, as they've baked far too many cookies and consumption hasn't kept up with demand. Please come out to the abandoned tennis courts in the vacant lot district, to help the kobolds settle the matter of cookies to excess.

OOC Note: This is an open RP, please feel free to contact Moriar with any questions.

Time: 6:30pm Server Time, Wednesday 05MAY21

Location: Luge N10 W2, Stage

14. Transformation Sequence, Glitter and Song!

A fate of dire import has befallen the young student to whom Stereo, the Magical Girl Possum, has extended tutelage and guidance. Stereo seeks volunteers willing to join forces with her to engage this peril and resolve the conflict ahead. Those willing to heed this call should come to the Magical Girl Dressing Room in the vacant lots district, where the group will get dressed, equipped, and planned before using the Portal of Consequence to teleport to her ward's rescue. Equipment and costuming will be provided on site, that we may form a Magical Girl Team-up.

OOC Note: This is an open RP, please feel free to contact Moriar with any questions.

Time: 6:30pm Server Time, Wednesday 12MAY21

Location: Luge N10 W2, Stage

15. Open Auditions for the Band!

Following the oversight involving an experimentally bass guitar, the members of the boy band Moon's Shadow have all decided to depart the band and pursue independent projects elsewhere. This has left the band with no members, and producer Tropisk has put out an open call for auditions to join the now empty band. All are welcome! Come check things out at the ancient stage in the fallow fields district.

OOC Note: This meant to be a light, social tinyplot; all are welcome. Even women can be members of a boy band, Tropisk isn't bound by gender norms.

Date: Wednesday, 19MAY21

Time: 6:30pm, Server Time

Place: Luge N10 W2, Stage

16. What is this, tea party for gryphons? (Open RP)

With an open invitation to all, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend a gathering hosted by Moriar the pocket gryphons. A fresh shipment of ingredient has arrived, so free tea for everyone!

OOC Note: This meant to be a light, social tinyplot; all are welcome.

Date: Wednesday, 26MAY21

Time: 6:00pm, Server Time

Place: Luge N10 W2, Stage

17. Dude, where's my kobold friends? (Open RP)

Dude, where's my kobold friends? Kobolds have been vanishing from the deep dig mine operated by Patashu Industries located out in the vacant fields district. Volunteers have been requested to descend into the depths beneath and seek out the fate of the missing kobolds. Rewards offered for any successful rescue.

OOC Note: This meant to be an open tinyplot; all are welcome.

Date: Wednesday, 02JUN21

Time: 6:00pm, Server Time

Place: Luge N10 W2, Stage

18. Spring forth, Dragon! (Open RP)

Fear not, local residents of the realm. A mighty knight, being myself, has come upon the news that there is at least one dragon that has taken up livelihood in your lands. I do, therefore, challenge this dragon to present themselves to me in the abandoned windmills district that I may slay them promptly. For those who are not dragons, I welcome you to come and witness the glory of my victory over the machinations of this dragon I've yet to meet but shall surely slay. Refreshments and souvenirs will be available for purchase at bargain prices. OOC Note: This meant to be an open tinyplot; all are welcome. Nothing more than slapstick violence is planned. Bring money.

Date: Wednesday, 09JUN21

Time: 6:00pm, Server Time

Place: Luge N10 W2, Stage

Feathers and ears, an option for everyone! (Open RP)

Have you ever considered being, becoming, or having the physical nature of a gryphon? All are invited to attend a safe presentation where the risks, rewards, and costs of becoming a gryphon will be explained and offered. Not sure if you want to become a gryphon, or possibly even averse to becoming a gryphon, but love free pizza? Come along anyway, as there will be plenty of pizza compliments of Wheezy the Pug's Pizza Catering. OOC Note: This meant to be an open tinyplot; all are welcome. Please contact Moriar with any questions.

Date: Wednesday, 16JUN21

Time: 6:00pm, Server Time

Place: Luge N10 W2, Stage