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[DIFF] 18:25 [INFO] Patashu
[DIFF] 11:12 [INFO] fluffy [1-8] #01 Clarify season number/name
#05 Describe the other msgmacs
#06 Fixed the script formatting, thanks crappy wiki markup
#07 More detailed information on overriding and debugging
#08 Reverse-engineered the weather stuff
[DIFF] 10:04 [INFO] fluffy
[DIFF] 14:42 [INFO] Voksa Changed third step of the instructions. It was previously "@set drawers=xforcible?:y es", which doesn't seem to actually make objects force-able.
[DIFF] 17:45 [INFO] Ping
[DIFF] 08:17 [INFO] Amy [1-2] #02 Adding part 1
[DIFF] 08:53 [INFO] Austin
[DIFF] 08:57 [INFO] Mako [1-2]


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