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Roleplay Log

SpinDizzy Airport - Runway (S2 W5)(#265RL)

Kasimir leans on Azalyn, just watching. o.o
India drops Hammer 14 Delta.
An announcer is heard over PA and FM 88.9, a cheerful young male voice.  "Good evening everyone!  The Spindizzy Airshow will be getting started soon.  Bear with us a few minutes.  Believe me, you'll know when it starts.  Meanwhile, there is the Wing Show and Concessions."

Room: SpinDizzy Airport - Runway (S2 W5)
      >INL3               N/A         Battle Drone                      |Lepus
 IC   Crimson             Male        Wolf                                    
 IC   >Azalyn             Female      Tiger                          |Morticon
      >Arya               Female      Tiger                          |Morticon
 IC   Mako[2m idle]       Female      Red Panda                               
 OOC  >India              female      Seya                           |Aldrinor
      >Kyizl              Male        Amur Leopard                   |Morticon
 IC   Moriar[2m idle]     Neuter      Husky-Crow Gryphon                      
 EXC  Patashu             neuter      Hi-Tech Mechanical Dragon               
      Morticon            Male        Wallaby                                 
      Skai                Male        Nusauan Phoenix                         
      Vahno               Male        Gaerian                                 
 IC   >Blaine             Male        Human                            |Static
      Kasimir             Male        Nybrin                                  
      Monika[3m idle]     female      cartoon mongoose                        
      >Skita              Male        Toon Dracoferret                 |Verada
      J.P.                male        Winged Eastern Grey Squirrel w/bunnyears
 IC   Amy                 female      Lynx canadensis                         
 IC   Sora                Female      Black Fox                               
      Lepus               Masculine   Corporate Personhood (Rabbit Avatar)    
      >Bardell            male        Fruitbat                         |Kinsor
 IC   Gwen[2m idle]       female      gremlin                                 
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Moriar peers around at the mention of Wing Show, fanning their wings as if to offer for inspection.
Arya grins, "We're sure to win!"
Azalyn runs over and snugs Kas from behind.
J.P. pets Moriar's wings, flaps his own.
Sora, meanwhile, spread her wings and allows for a rare look.  A moment in still life.
Vahno says, "Well, don't count on it just yet."
Skai will show off his wings, but he's just here to observe, being idly.
India grins at Arya, "We'll do it right!" the winged fox spreads her wings nice and wide, as if for inspection?
Sora wanders over to Skita, her wings still out.  "Hello, sir.  You and Cloudburst still together?"
Skita settles back on his haunches and spreads his wings. They're colored like an inverted sunset and span over one hundred and fifty feet. He doesn't seem to be showing off; he's just a goofball.
Patashu ooh, mercury fountains. :9
Vahno says, "Foxes and tigers and more, oh my."
Skita grins at Sora, "We are indeed! She's quite an amazing woman."
Mako grins and gettles in to watch the show. Popcorn is a given.
Crimson spreads his own wings too.
Sora nods, "She is.  And no magic, either, yet she does a lot."
Lepus bows slightly to the dragon. "Not, I'm afraid, available for concessions, Mister Patashu."
Azalyn nuzzles Kas, "So what should I be doing?"
Kinsor zooms in and screetches to a halt. Street luging.
Kinsor has arrived.
Vahno looks around. "Now if I could get a lift up..."
Skita grins, "Oh she must have some as she is quite charming!
India moves over to Arya, and nods at her. "Let's get the craft prepared some. Just had it refueled at the hangers". The Seya moving to remove the thermoplastic sheathe off the refueling boom and double checking the guns have been stowed and have not shifted in the short hop over. Usually the guns are only stowed for storage, but tonight, it's about speed! The little winged fox looking all around - so many who are gifted with flight.
J.P. waves to India.
Sora nods, "She does that have.  It is unusual for a Seya."
Patashu is definitely still eyeing the fuontains, as though eager to shlurp.
Arya doublechecks as well, "This thing weighs practically nothing now!"
Vahno says, "Pata! You're a dragon! Can you fly me up?"
Gwen, meanwhile, has added a little pirate flag to the Jane's top turret. :)
Patashu rumbles, "Huh? Oh, sure."
Patashu ambles over to Vahno, lowering his head for a ride.
Kasimir drops NIM Hyouka.
Kyizl looks all nervous.  Geez.. can he even do this?!  Well, it'll be fun to try!
Blaine gets a spot where he can see, and even if he tries to go unnoticed, his borrowed Seyae uniform may stand out.
Vahno climbs onto Patashu! "Thank you!"
Kasimir grins over to Aza, and then swishes his tail just a moment.
Skita folds his wings back up a bit and lays down, stretching out and leaving himself available as a place for others to sit upon.
Azalyn looks up at our ship.  Beautiful!
Bardell stays by the Tinken Toe, Mudville FD is providing the craft for the evening, but it's for emergency use this evening.
Sora admits, "I can see why she likes you, Skita.  You have many good qualities, as I understand it."
Patashu flaps wings, and takes to the air on a blaze of purple flames! Allows Vahno to steer by grabbing hold of things and tugging/leaning.
Skita smiles, "Well, at least she knows for sure that I'll come when she needs me even if it is a trap. Especially if it is a trap1
Vahno grins! He'll take Patashu up nice and high.
Patashu shoots higher and higher above the airfield, a dragon silhouette in the sky, looking back down.
India nods at Arya! "Would have physically removed the rotary cannons - but the techs ... well, they weren't too keen on doing it on short notice, so" she shrugs, and manages a subtle smile. "Have you seen the other craft? They look pretty good as well. Even some exotic ones" she nudges her Arya navigator to look at Gwen's ship.
Crimson watches Patashu with interest.
Sora nods, "That's very important, Skita.  Clearly you are part dragon."
Sora circles Patashu, admiring the mechanical wings.
Skita nods, "About half and half I suppose. I am quite lucky to have Cloudburst, and the family even enjoyed her visit." He blushes as he recalls a few things about that trip.
Vahno wavewaves to Sora!
Arya nods, "Yeah, but ours is better.  We've cut all the fat out."
Patashu poses for Sora.
Patashu rumbles, "I'll be getting out my VTOL after the wing show is over. Just dragoning out until then!"
Sora gives Skita a subtle knowing grin.
Kasimir gently rubs his paw on one of the Hyouka's legs and just looks up at it.
Patashu is taking the time to examine the Hyouka and Delta, as well. Is that a magical ship?!
J.P. perches on Patashu.
Crimson oohs.
Arya pats the ship, "This thing is really gonna fly!  And you're one of the best pilots in the SED!"
Mako says, "I'm gonna have to take some notes on how people get around. See if I can't use any tricks in my own flying. ... assuming I don't need machiens for it. @.@"
Azalyn rubs Kas's shoulder.  "At least we'll know if this thing is adventure ready!"
Gwen looks around. "Wow, some real hot-rods at this show..."
Sora looks at Mako, "How do you float like that?"
Monika grins at Mako, "It's like floating, only faster!"
Kinsor skriters, "What does the designation NIM stand for?"
Arya looks up at her combat aircraft, which has almost every bit of excess weight removed... perhaps a different engine....
Mako says, "I do it naturally. :P"
Sora hmms at Mako. "That's a nice thing to have."
Kyizl check his little drones!  Ready to go!
India stares at Arya, now she's gotta prove that in front of a crowd! "That's right!" she does find herself eyeing the sleek lines of the Hyouka, then at the Voidskiff, as well as the tinkertoe.
Arya hugs India, "We'll show 'em what the SED can do!"
Sora does admire all the different wings tonight.  No two the same.
Mako says, "It has its benefits."
Vahno hrmms.... He carefully stands up, takes aim...and jumps towards Sora! ...It very much falls short, and considering how high up he took Patashu...
Blaine pads out towards Sora nervously, "Do you by chance know if Mira will be flying today?"
Patashu blink blinks. Dives to try and catch Vahno!
Vahno wavewaves to Patashu!
Patashu rumbles, "You scared me! -w-;"
Vahno shrugs and angles out to fall a bit faster.
Sora shakes her head, "Afraid not.  I'm not sure what she has been up to lately under Kamare."
Kinsor skriters, "The music is short because the tape self destructs after the first time around."
Blaine ohs, "Well, umm...thanks anyhow?"
Crimson blinks, follows after Patashu for now.
Sora looks Blaine over, "Those are very nice wings."
Sora says, "I shall remind her to come see you soon."
Arya thbbts at Azalyn and Kas!
Blaine blushes, "Um...thank you. Mira helped and they just kind of came out this way."
Sora says, "Interesting that they are feathered, then."
Kasimir slowly sways in place.
Monika starts digging a hole in the ground and disappears into it.
Monika has left.
Blaine says, "Yeah, it just happened. I think maybe because I knew bird wings better, maybe?"
Patashu swoops down, to land before India, bowing gracefully. "Hello!"
Sora nods, "I personally prefer having feathers, even if they are more work."
Arya eyes Patashu.
Patashu eyes back, tilting head.
Arya grins, "Competition!"
India just made the mistake of looking at Patashu, the Seya was supposed to to polish a spot on the engine cowl, but now she's just distracted the staring at the dragon. So much to look at, so much detail! Also, is he flying - as his own craft? She stands straight as Patashu lands before her! "Hello Patashu" she eyes the dragon back some, "Are you flying in the race too?"
Azalyn pokes at Kas, "I can't believe it.. my cousin just stuck her tongue out at us!"
Patashu rumbles, "Hello! Yes, I am! I've got a vehicle ready for it, though - not going to fly as a dragon in an Air Show. I'm sticking to the theme, here!"
Patashu rumbles, "I'll bring it out soon. Just making the rounds and saying hi to everyone first."
Kasimir snrks and pokes back, "Yeah, we'll just have to show them what our ship can do - we've put a lot of work getting it ship-shape again."
Blaine says, "I wish the wings came with the skills too, but I have been learning. "
Crimson lands on the ground, deciding to watch with Skai for now.
Sora says, "Do you need more lessons, Blaine?  I will see to it you get some, with Mira if I can."
Azalyn grins proudly, "This ship is even faster than it looks!"
Kyizl picks up the music as the time nears!
Skita says, "It couldn't hurt. I can take off, land, and handle thermals, but I don't know how well I could handle harder maneuvers or bad weather."
Blaine says, "It couldn't hurt. I can take off, land, and handle thermals, but I don't know how well I could handle harder maneuvers or bad weather."
Kyizl drives his DJ software crazy with almost all classical-style tonight.
NBC flies into the Park and lands.
NBC has arrived.
Sora nods, "We will get that taken care of, Blaine.  It will become second nature."
India eyes NBC, with Patashu being in between her view of Peacock, it's not easy to see the multicolored bird. "Well, it'll be fun to fly alongside, and against you then, Mayor Patashu"
Vahno says, "Best of luck!"
Arya asks, "Do you suppose being the mayor gives him an advantage?"
Kinsor flaps his wings as he sees NBC, "A rare occurrence--we should talk about sealing wax and things, sometime!"
India looks to Arya, "He's not one of my commanders - so no". she replies to the striped soldier.
Blaine nods to Sora, "Thank you. I look forward to it." He looks about, not sure where to head now.
NBC cocks his head at Kinsor, but unfurls his train and chimes G, E, C.
Patashu gives India a thumbs up! "Likewise! Very looking forward to it." Headtilts. "I don't know if being the mayor will give me an advantage..."
Patashu anyways. Goes off to get his VTOLself taxied in...
Patashu brings out the A-VSP109 'Azimuth' VTOL Aircraft!
Azalyn stares.  "Patashu isn't flying as himself?"
Patashu projects a holographic dragon avatar, who waves a foreclaw. "Nope! Got this custom made for the event."
Arya giggles at India. "Good."
Azalyn looks impressed.  "This is gonna be a tough race."
Lepus stands next to his drone with a polite, undirected curiosity, seeming to notice everyone without staring at any too long. "I should imagine that is up to the judges, Lord Mayor. Much like voting, the heart of the matter isn't in the act but in the counting."
Sora sits down, offering a spot next to her to Blaine if desired.
India waves to Azalyn, giving her a wing salute - since she's a bit too far to yell at.
Mako says, "No matter how this shakes down, gonna be a fun show..."
Azalyn gives a friendly wave back!
Blaine does settles next to Sora. He's nervous with so many new people around.
Patashu vocalizes, "Oh, that's some pretty good wisdom. I guess I'll have to actually win before I can consider myself having won! I think?"
Sora pats Blaine's shoulder, "It will be fine."
Azalyn snrks.
Crimson grins at Patashu.
Blaine nods. At least he somewhat fits in with the seyae out here. 
( There is an echoing, scratching noise from the West as the sky bulges with a fast, teardrop-shaped fireball!  This continues for half a minute, streaking brighter and closer, until the fireball bursts open with a rolling rumble and a spectacular flower of diverging meteor trails!  Only the center core lasts, looking angular, artificial, shooting over the airport in a metallic red-and-silver flash.  Lights blink and sails deploy with a SNAP, rapidly slowing.  http://burningsmell.org/images/sd/bolide-4.png )
Bolide arrives from S2 W6.
Bolide has arrived.
NBC looks sharply up at the sky. Slowly, a shape comes into view . . . 
Austin steps off of the floating disk that carried him up.
Austin has arrived.
( The announcer clicks on, "That is the Bolide, an airship entry from Amy Lynx of St Marin!  The Bolide will land shortly for public viewing.  With that, the Spindizzy Airshow is open!  Stay tuned for our next spectacle, with the original NBC Blimp and formation fliers by Kyizl of St Marin!" )
Arya tilts her head, "It looks like a gun!"
Kasimir idly sneaks inside the belly of his ship a moment, and initiates the lifting crystal's slow build up to ready. Then, he slinks back out and sits next to Azalyn! When Amy's ship arrives, he claps!
Patashu whoos!
India looks up and woahs at the entrance. "It does! So many flying around it in formation too" she squints, "Pretty sure those are drones, from the G forces they're pulling"
Patashu vocalizes, "What a great entrnace!"
Austin chirrips, he hopes not too distractingly.
Bardell blinks and ducks inside the Tinken Toe.
Bardell enters the Fruitbat Tinken Toe.
Bardell has left.
BunnyHugger comes hopping in from somewhere.
BunnyHugger has arrived.
Chitter has arrived.
BunnyHugger enters, with a nonanthro Eastern gray squirrel (Chitter) [Chitter(#5713XZ)] walking along next to her. 
Gwen climbs into the main hatch to board the Calamity Jane.
Gwen has left.
Austin says, "Darling!  Chitter!"
Austin grabs hold of his dear.
Crimson waves!
Lepus nods at the Bolide and comments to the mayor, "Quite. I've rarely seen the brutalism aesthetic transferred quite so well to aerial design."
Arya clenches her paws, "It doesn't matter.  We're faster."
BunnyHugger hops in to sit by Austin.  She hands him some earplugs in case he needs them, evidently already having some stuck in her own oversized lugs.
Patashu vocalizes, "Right? It's groundbreaking! Quite literally, if it's the result of a meteor impact given flight."
Austin smiles.
Kyizl swaps genres briefly... in preparation for NBC!  Lights! Cameras!  Action!
Amy lands the Bolide in a roped-off area with a slow thump, and charges straight under the rope barrier, legging it for an out of the way control tent.
## You have gone In Character.
NBC looks up into the sky as something comes into closer view . . . 
Kyizl pokes at his drones... like... kicks them.  The things rise silently up into the sky... unusually shiny and colorful, like some sort of weird multicolored flying tinfoil.
NBC_Blimp arrives from Sky over the Eternal Elite's Utopia (S3 W6 U1).
NBC holds his head high from where he perches in the audience and spreads his wings, screaming loudly.
Gwen emerges from the Calamity Jane through the bridge's small emergency hatch.
Gwen has arrived.
NBC says, "Aaaaahooooooh!  Aaaah!  Aaaah!  Oooaaaaoooah!"
Kyizl's drones hover high overhead in formation, easily able to catch just about any light, even in broad daylight.  Like jewels in the sky.
Crimson oohs, watching Kyizl's drones.
Patashu gives them a watch, tail flicking!
NBC_Blimp glides closer, looking like an enormous balloon - both ponderous and graceful.
Kyizl's drones hover around the blimp, letting any lasers or other lights shining from it get reflected and made all glittery!  They add just a touch of magic to the blimp's arrival.
India noses at Arya's cheek, "Gonna start her up'. the winged fox hops aboard her Hammer by way of the boarding ramp in the rear, each step punctuated by a clink of her boots. The Seya slips herself into her seat, reaching up to start the 'auxillary power unit' and batteries, as well as the mass array of fuses before she properly straps in. The sound of the APU a distant high shriek, a wail of the damned from afar, before the main intakes spool and overtake the sound by way of a loud thrumming. Pulsing once to a roar, before they settle into a quiet, resonating idle.
Arya heads in soon after her bestest friend, getting the map up, checking sensors, and such.
Kinsor flaps his wings, does he dare let this blimp go by without chasing it?
Patashu ooohs, and lifts his head at the sweet sound of electronic equipment.
NBC_Blimp passes close by the crowd, showing its starboard side. Its LEDs are off and dark, then suddenly they turn on with an extremely bright white image of the classic NBC peacock with feathers furled. Then the white peacock opens its feathers in an explosion of rainbow color!
NBC chimes in reply as though talking to his image.
Kyizl's drones circle around the image, adding that extra bright color to the mix!
Gwen smirks.
Crimson grins at the sounds he hears, tail swishing a bit.
Lepus says, "As we are beginning the events soon--" He snaps his fingers loudly, probably just for dramatic effect.
Kasimir watches the show for a time, and then looks to Azalyn, "I think it's time to get things started - I'm going to go bring the other powerplants online." He turns and scrambles up into the ship! A short time later, the various engines and directional thrusters all shimmer to life as quiet power moves through the ship's veins. Preflight checks start and a low growl leaks out of the rear engines . . .
( The mercury pools in the corner of the field start pulsating like water bouncing on a speaker. A pattern of hexagons briefly and brightly flashes across the sky, followed by the words 'LEPUS LLC Wide-Area Combat Training Holographic Array / Software Version 77.013.9823 - Cedar Class / ONLINE' in one corner of heavens. There's a brief flash of diagnostics too fast for organic eyes to catch before everything looks normal again. )
Azalyn watches the spectacle for just a moment, then darts in after Kas, tail swishing!
Patashu gapes! So that's what they're for!
NBC_Blimp's peacock animation changes its static rainbow color to something designed to get oohs and aahs. It shows off that the LEDs can shift colors. Suddenly the rainbow peacock has the look almost of vibrating as all the LEDs cycle through the rainbow.
NBC screeches.
Kyizl's drones vibrate and spin, like little discoballs.
Crimson oohs.
NBC_Blimp steers around, making a wide arc and back again so the crowd can see its port side. At first it also shows the rainbow peacock animation, but then it changes to numerous images of fireworks that seem to shoot up along the side of the blimp and then shimmer and fall again, dripping down the light grid.
Patashu brings the Azimuth online! There's a rrrrrrreevv-rumble-thrummmmmm of engines as lights flicker in waves, a steady squealing of air rushing through.
NBC raises a wing toward his blimp, pointing or saluting or signaling or ?
Kyizl's drones act like fireworks as well... sort of rising up, then freefalling in unison, big sparkles in the air amidst the televised fireworks.
Kyizl switches back to.... dramatic!  Since it's about to start!
Hammer 14 Delta continues it's start up routine. The APU shriek dying down now that the engines are online, followed by lights and the cockpit itself lighting up. A Seya and Arya within completing a checklist, the ailerons are next. The mains wings ailerons going up, then down, then asymmetrically extending as the craft 'banks left' then 'banks right'. The tail wings also manipulating, those are some large control surfaces! The hydraulics quiet for the most part, except the air brakes that whine and groan as they deploy. The resistive hydraulics hard to drive, but it makes them resistant to closing and folding when slowing down from sub or supersonic speeds.
Niny'ah steps off of the floating disk that carried her up.
Niny'ah has arrived.
NBC_Blimp wheels around again, making a sweeping rainbow pattern not representing anything other than its ability to show off, before beginning to glide away from the area again, evidently not landing.
NBC bobs his head.
Kasimir works through the last pre-flight checks with Azzie, and then slowly pulls the Hyouka up, watching the engine's convergence carefully. Once things stabilize, he'll slowly pull up and signals to Azzie to pull up the docking gear. All systems go!
Azalyn pulls the lever, having to struggle a bit....  "Needs adjustment."  She grunts, and finally... the gear is up!
Kinsor peers after the NBC blimp, to make sure it doesn't get away unspotted.
NBC_Blimp takes off on the runway.
NBC_Blimp has left.
Kasimir nods his head, "Work never ends...!" He'll adjust the main lifting channel and brings main engines up to the point where he can taxi the Hyouka out of her assigned berth.
Sora looks to Blaine, "This should be very exciting.  I've never seen such different ships race against each other before."
NBC's gem flashes and his announcer voice states: "The preceding program was brought to you in living color on NBC!"
Niny'ah says, "so what's going on?"
Patashu vocalizes, "We're getting ready for the race!"
Patashu, currently a VTOL with a holographic projection dragon speaking.
( With the conclusion of the lightshow, the announcer clicks back on, "And now for the main event!  We hope to make history with the first ever Spindizzy Air Race.  Our contestants are all flying Vertical Takeoff and Landing craft, which we will test to the limit.  They are:  The mysterious magitech airship Hyouka from St Marin flown by the Nybrin Kasimir."  A huge wireframe diagram of the delta-shaped Hyouka spins in the air.  "A heavily customized Hammer dropship from the Society of Elite Defenders, flown by Auriga Nautas India."  A gigantic wireframe diagram of https://bit.ly/2nzPFQE spins in the air, ecto-green.  "And a completely custom tiltrotor from Patashu Heavy Instries, the Azimuth."  Patashu's wireframe is sharp and aggressive with its fast rotors and angled wings. )
Austin grins.
Patashu gets ready for takeoff! Taxing forward as the rotors angle and spin up to a blur.
Niny'ah puts in some earplugs
Niny'ah's been deafened enough for one lifetime, thanks
Kasimir guides the ship forward and up, while his copilot will need to ensure we rotate to match the frame's exact position. "Steady as she goes..." Despite the ship's size, it seems to be agile!
Skita grins broadly. This ought to be fun. 
Azalyn's gotten decent at that, making the fine adjustments, eyes glued to the windows.
BunnyHugger says to Austin, "I think more amusement parks should have blimps.  ...Maybe Edgeworld should rent that one out for special events."  She pokes at her ear, adjusting her earplugs.
Patashu is soon lifting up into the air, rotors spinning for a vertical takeoff, before easing forward, rolling and angling a bit to get into the wireframe target.
Hammer 14 Delta closes it's rear hatch, doors opening and closing on it's upper weapon mounts. Arrays and rows of lasers are set on the hardpoints from the light peek the craft gives! A surprise for later on? India, the seya inside the cockpit, beside her Arya gunner (Navigator for this race) put on their 'flight lights' that put the cockpit in darkness aside from the instrument panels. The engines spooling up to begin liftoff, dust flying out from under the nacelles, the turbines letting out a bestial roar of authority as the heavy gunship rises from the ground. Jets of flame licking the shock collar tip at the end from unburnt fuel. The ship lifts, leaning back, and getting some good reverse speed going before it spins on it's axis of movement. India modulating the ailerons and rear engines as the craft steadies up to the wireframe target indicated.
( The wireframes slowly shrink, pulsing in the sky like cursors.  For a moment ground control is accidentally heard over the PA, delivering coordinates and altitudes.  As each craft reaches its cursor, they blink out and disappear.  Stretching out away, three identical racecources are traced in the sky, safe distances apart, one for each craft.  They are red vector-diagram tunnels of difficult twisty shapes, beginning with an upwards straightaway at a 30 degree climb, at the end of which is a golden, rotating star waypoint, fifty feet across.  Then comes a sharp plummet towards an empty airfield, where another star awaits, this one green.  Go too fast and you'll risk overshoot!  After touchdown, the course resumes in a bending corkscrew, upwards to horizontal, with three rather smaller red stars within.  Finally, a subtly curved track returns to the point of origin, requiring a careful balance between steering and speed.  Numbers count in the air.  10!  9!  8!  7!  6!  5!  4!  3!  2!  1! )
Patashu takes off, once the countdown finishes! The rotors tilt to get the perfect balance between forward velocity and climbing, the aircraft angling upwards with a screaming of air rushing past as it accelerates towards the first checkpoint!
Kasimir, on 1, will start the ship upward! He kicks up the amount of lift and turns the engines to ascent mode, syncing with Azalyn to make sure we stay stable! He'll try to ascend fast enough to keep up with the pack but doesn't want to overshoot, since descent will be easier. "Azzie, once we hit the peak, I'm going to cut lift and let the crystal stabilize low to the ground. Make sure you're belted in."
Azalyn's talking to Kas frequently, just short words.. indicating what she's about to do, or what he needs to do...  They've practiced a lot, and work as one today!  "Already done, Kas!" She giggles.
Hammer 14 Delta noses forward as it's turbines spin up at an aggressive pace. A wave of distorition going into the top intakes, followed by the heat distortion from the engines themselves as the Hammer powers itself up the first heavy climb up to the first of the checkpoints. She can be heard over the radio, "Arya, strap in, this descent is gonna be bumpy - the Hammer's a bit too heavy to be doing this". The gunship rising, tilting upwards so it can engage it's main rear engines that power to life with healthy amount of shockcones trailing behind.
Patashu, upon reaching the first checkpoint, takes note of the drop, and decides to have fun with the descent - the aircraft actually starts flipping *backwards*, turning upsidedown to accelerate towards the ground! As the flip finishes, the rotors are pulling upwards to bleed off the excess speed, tugging hard to slow to a halt instead of uncerimoniously crashing.
Arya giggles, "Sounds like our last flight!"  She's ready!  "See if you can keep ahead of Patashu there, so the air doesn't mess us up."
PatchO'Black zooms in and screetches to a halt. Street luging.
PatchO'Black has arrived.
Kasimir, once they're at the peak, will push the main engines through the star! He then cuts the lifting crystal's power by half and then half again, and angles the ship in to do a hard break ... as the altimeter drops, he gets ready to kick the lifter in to bounce back to stable at the end. This part ... feels more familiar to him. 
PatchO'Black waves.
( More cursors appear in each racetrack, marking the positions of other craft without risking collision.  Despite the disparate craft, they are neck-and-neck for a moment before the Hammer pulls ahead.  Its dedicated lift and thrust engines a decided advantage on the straightaway.  Next is the Azimuth, almost neck and neck.  The Hyouka is trailing behind, but it's far from over yet. )
Kyizl makes it even more dramatic!
Azalyn gets it pointing straight ahead, no wobbling...  "Punch it!  We gotta really move to catch up!"
Kasimir grins, "The second we hit the green bar I'm going to hit the main engines hard - we'll blast forward, and just make sure we stick to the course."
India's grip on the throttles tightens, keeping them steady, but no where near maxing out the vertical turbines or the rear jet engines. The craft vibrating and groaning from the quick ascent, "Noted" she replies to Arya, the Seya retarding the top, cutting their forward speed by quite a bit, but the momentum of the climb with the turbines lets them have a rather shallow approach to the first checkpoint. "That dragon's craft is large!" the airframe shaking as it the turbine engines detest the negative pressure being applied up the thrust nozzles from the momentum manipulation. "Here we go, ready for the drop?"
Azalyn grins right back, toothily.  "I'm ready!  Let's see how good those repairs are!"
( The cursor bounces as the Hammer reaches it first, followed by Azimuth and Hyouka!  It shatters and disappears, and the green star on the prepared landing pads pulses a little larger. )
Arya sees an adjustment she can make!  One of the hatches didn't fully close.  She does a quick open/close to click it back into pace, and shouts, "Yeah!  Do it!"
Kasimir starts the drop! (as above, he cuts the lift crystal etc.!) and braces for the bottom, letting Azzie line us up so we can rocket off the bounce!
Featherwing zooms in and screetches to a halt. Street luging.
Featherwing has arrived.
Patashu's avatar sweatdrops a bit. "Man, I do something cool and unnecessarily dangerous, and not even a wink! I'll have to find something even more unnecessarily dangerous to do later." He smirks. The VTOL is already pulling hard upwards as it comes in for a landing, tiltrotors screaming, so he can convert it right away into lifting off, leaning back to shoot forwards once more!
Featherwing glides in and skids to a halt next to the crowd.
Crimson waves to FW! He continues to watch the race, paying close attention.
Azalyn's gripping the controls tightly, laser focused on the path ahead.  She's relying on Kas to shoot us forward, while she feels out what's going on.  Making minute adjustments to handle turbulance, angling it just slightly to slice through the air as fast as it can....... and when the speed really kicks in... she's all grins, pushed back in her seat!
Kasimir, as they approach the ground, waits ... waits ... and then he slams the lifting crystal to the ship's current level and watches the Hyouka hopefully skip through the checkpoint like a stone along the lake - aided by him kicking the four main engines on with a roar! That moment makes him go wheeee!
India pose angles the craft down, a dizzying angle to look at. Especially over the high cockpit of the Hammer affording only the briefest of glances at the airfield they're meant to head towards - the leg cutouts give a view of the airshow stadium itself, but it's no help here. It's meant to help in landing, and that's far from what she's about to do. The hammer's engines suddenly over-revving, <NEGATIVE INTAKE, NEGATIVE INTAKE> the computers are screaming as the verticle turbines demand air and pressure to work, however the Hammer's got itself in a turbine vortex. It's descend fast enough that it's exhaust is shocking any air over the leading wing and thus starving the intakes following. <NEGATIVE IN-STALL STALL STALL> "HOLD ON" she angles the craft higher as she gets the rear engines going, the craft shaking, the wings themselves juttering form the forces as the craft sinks at a steep descent they were never designed to handle. "Arya, get the landing gear" the Seya attempting to power out of her stall before they reach the checkpoint-or slam into the ground.
Patashu gapes as the Hyouka goes blazing off ahead! Okay, now that's impressive.
( The hyouka plunges like a stone, lift cut, ground plunging upwards!  The Azimuth grabs the curve and **holds** without flinching like its on rails.  Ping!  Ping!  The Hyouka has made up lost time with that brave cut-and-catch manuever, only beaten to the ground a few hundred milliseconds by the Azimuth's sextuple props.  The hammer's screaming engines scatter dust and catch barely at the last safe moment, literally bouncing on its gear.  The poitn disappears and the corkscrew illuminates brighter!  Fates have reversed that quickly, and the race remains extremely close! )
NBC leaps into the air noisily and glides a short distance around, as though imitating the action.
Arya reaches out for the landing gear controls...  pulling it almost franctically, yet giddy from all the excitement.  The gear starts its slow appearance, perhaps able to help salvage at least part of the craft if it crashes.  "We won't need it!  I hope!!!"
Kasimir will keep the Hyouka's engines screaming and carefully tries to moderate the lift crystal's power while Azalyn takes us into the corkscrews, trying to not lose too much in the way of speed as we rotate. He'll have to slowly ratchet up the lift while we rotate, but he thinks we can thread that needle's eye ..."All in your paws, Azzie!"
Arya pulls it right back when once we're back in the air... "That was so F*in close!  We've lost inches!"
Patashu ooookays, here we go! The props lean back to build up speed as he approaches the corkscrew. Angling the rotors back to start climbing and bank upwards, as he enters the corkscrew, he tilts the rotors in differing directions, building up a spin while continuing to launch upwards!
PatchO'Black goes over by NBC.
India jams her foot into the pedals. Slamming right, then left, the hammer and it's chassis resisting the strain by way of complaints - more and more warnings lights popping up from the hydraulics being overloaded on the ailerons and control surfaces. The hammer slams hard on the ground, but the two inside are alive! "Gotta make up lost time" she shakes her head, "You okay, Arya?" she asks, shaking a little in her seat from that. The jet engines, all 5 of them fire up to make lost time, you can count the shock rings from each jet engine as it speeds along. "Close the gear again, or...what remains of the landing gear. She modulates the verticle turbines to get some lift away from the ground, getting more and more fresh air to the main jets as she angles towards the corkscrews.
Azalyn's not as good at the corkscrews yet... but she's gonna give it her all!  At  first she's overly careful, perhaps too much as she enters the first one... but after that loop.. she yells, "Give it more!  I've got it!"  Easing it into the corkscrew more, she relaxes... letting all that practice take over.  Right on target, but not too stiff... just how she should fly this thing.
Kasimir will lean into the throttle and tries to push the engine a bit, getting a little more roar out of the ship as it turns, delicate as a thing its size can be!
Sora puts an arm around Blaine's shoulders when the craft seem like they're getting too close to the ground.  "It will be fine.  They are all experienced pilots."  She thinks!
Patashu, somewhat experienced. Mostly relying on KAS to give last-minute assistance. <w> These tricks aren't easy!
Arya calls out, "I'm fine!  Lemme redirect some hydralics.  I'll get the spare pump online too!"  The gear sort of retracts... well, not really.  It's mangled enough that it won't go in all the way.  Slight drag.   She works on cutting off all nonessential hydralicly activated stuff, and adds just a little more pressure.  THis thing is gonna need an overhaul when they get home. :)  "There!  That's all I can get you!"
Blaine watches and looks to Sora, "I'm still getting used to this. We only had maybe four cars in the whole town I grew up in let alone flying machines."
Mako has disconnected.
Sora tilts her head, "This must be a big change."
India looks to Arya, "Keep an eye on the hydraulics for me, I also need a vector path for the last corkscrew to maximize speed on this". She enters the first corkscrew, bringing the thrust down on the jets as she maxes out and pulses thrust on her vertical turbines. The seya banks the craft into the initial curve, and pulls up using a high angle of attack, not too far off from their actual combat mission manouvers a few days ago. Airbrakes deploy on a shallow angle, the decrease in speed pulling the gunship in tight, The hammer begins to shake again from the lack of speed at the crest, which is India's cue to reintroduce thrust to power out and towards the second corkscrew.
( The extremely manueverable Azimuth enters the corkscrew with the smooth precision of a plotting machine, keeping close to the center.  The Hammer flies a wider course, trading power for precision but making up for lost time, though there's a heartstopping moment - and a few lost moments when it has to haul to right to clip the waypoint with a wing.  The larger Hyouka has a distinct advantage hitting the little waypoints, though this means the tube is a tighter squeeze!  At the end of the spiral, the Hammer is a moment ahead, followed by the Hyouka, then the Azimuth. )
( There is nothing left but the curve track.  Time to cut loose! )
Patashu applies a slow change of angle, flattening out as the corkscrew demands it, until it's making the last few spins horizontally, wobbling a bit as it steadies itself out in an upright position, tiltrotors forward for full speed ahead! Next up is the return to the finish line - he'll take it straight on, trying to slam through it at full speed with just the slighest angle changes needed and no overshooting! Shouldn't bleed much speed at all if he's smooth about it!
Kasimir tries to push the ship as hard as he can as it comes out of the corkscrew. He'll angle and attempts to use the lift crystal to build up speed on the final arc. He'll look over to Azzie and encourages her to try to keep us on the narrow edge ... of course, braking will be fun! ... but we don't need to brake until we're over the finish line!
Azalyn is keeping a real close eye on the other ships, though she may accidentally 'bump' up against one.  Just a nudge.  "Sorry!"  She calls out to the windshield.  Gritting her teeth, she gently inches it away, keeping more in her path.  THis is the hardest part... any little movement could spell losing the race or worse!
[OOC] Amy says, "The other ships aren't real :)  You're on separate racetracks."
[OOC] Morticon says, "So? :)"
[OOC] Patashu says, "Apologizing to a hologram! How quaint!"
[OOC] Lepus says, "Considerate, but fret not: You can't hurt my feelings."
Arya's keeping an eye on the hydralics... nothing bad yet!  There's a leak, but we have enough in reserve.  THis thing will barely last for the race.  Glancing at a screen, she types in a few coordinates.... calling out numbers to India, who should know what they mean!  "That's your best angle!"
Azalyn keeps it slow and steady.. just gentle motions...keeping on track... or trying to!  A bit of turbulance...
India deploys the airbrakes earlier as she ascends into the second corkscrew, the afterburner from the jets trickling away, the vertical thrust motors pulsing, the same for the third...followed by the straight away. The drag from her injured craft having her constantly bank slightly left to keep the craft from rotating the way it wants. The hammer isn't slowed down TOO much by it, almost all the weapon systems have been removed from the craft from the flight, trying to lighten the airframe beforehand. The engines blare out once more, a mighty hurrah as they're allowed to sing and get those thrust vectoring plates covered with heat ablative plating nice and red. The brute force of the hammer's engines powering it into the arc and vectors fed from Arya to keep the craft at the highest speed possible as it arcs back into the origin. The funny thing about supersonic craft, is at somepoint, they can go even faster - a shock cone from the leading edge of the Hammer's nose curving around the craft, it's injured landing gear no longer an issue - the aircraft continues to pick up speed. Those hydraulic temperatures rising, pressure leaking...
Sora says to Blaine, "Those two SED soldiers may get in trouble when they return for totalling a Hammer.  That craft looks bad even from here."  She murmurs, "But I'll take care of that problem."
Gwen flits up to the top of the Jane for a better view. "Yowza..."
Blaine says, "I can't even imagine trying to fly that fast. I'm just glad Mira never took pictures of me crashing. At least I think she didn't."
Kasimir will push as hard as he can on the main engines, and will have to stabilize the lower two at least twice during the burn, but the ship holds out - for now, at least! He's grinning like a wildman by the time they're hurtling towards the end ... fast as the Hyouka can manage!
Treiss zooms in and screetches to a halt. Street luging.
Treiss has arrived.
Treiss waves?
Crimson eeps as he watches the Hammer a bit.
PatchO'Black waves to Treiss.
( The Azimuth's icon flickers and splinters for a moment as the real Hammer passes through it, and back, the two entries jockeying for position.  Little holo lines fall like sparks.  Surprisingly, the big but agile Hyouka is pulling ahead by a hair!  Three entrants scream in on the landing marker, which pings...  Twice.  FIRST PLACE!  AZIMUTH!  Words marquee-scroll in the sky, and gold line-vector fireworks burst.  SECOND PLACE!  HAMMER!  Bronze swirls rise upwards.  Kasimir has been too confident, and flown straight past. )
Gwen also waves, from up atop her airship.
Treiss says, "Oh look. It's Morticon."
Treiss fuzzles Morticon!
Crimson waves too! He also claps as he sees the places everyone got.
Arya calls out, "We're still leaking...  we don't have much time left before something's gonna suffer!  I'm gonna lower the pressure a little to try and reduce how much we're losing!"  Indeed, observers can see a pinking liquid dripping onto the ground far below at times.  She activates a fire extinquisher to put out a burning component as a warning light illuminates.
NBC flaps his wings and screams.
FBC Tinken Toe rises up off the ground and hovers, the craft rising up in order to oversee the landings.
Kasimir mehs and will throttle off the Hyouka, bringing it around to stable!
Patashu comes in for a full-speed landing! Landing gear wheels screeching as they shoot across the runway, tiltrotors blowing backwards to brake faster. The dragon avatar peers out to check the standings, gaping!
Blaine gets a bit tense as he senses a risk of fire.
Azalyn's so focused she doesn't notice it either at first.... until.... "Hey!  Where' the path?  It's gone!!  Did we go off course?!"
India eases up on the throttles, and let's the Hammer take a looooooooong wide banking turn to slow itself down, lining up to land, "I don't think I've ever pushed the Hammer this hard before - it's barely holding on..." she eases the craft down as we get closer and closer to the stadium. "Gears down..." she reaches over for the handle. The extinguisher's put out internal fires from hot hydraulic liquid touching red hot parts, there's smoke rising from the left-aft section. The gunship pulls in view for Sora, touching down, rather gracefully, before it's vertical engines cut out lift and the gunship lopsidedly settles with one missing rear gear. There's burn marks all along the turbines vectoring exhaust shrouds, and the jets are still red hot. Hydraulic fluid dripping onto the ground, she makes eye contact with Sora, and freezes.
Patashu looks over to Sora as well. Uh oh.
Treiss snugs Morticon!
India also glances down at Morticon, but her eyes snap back at Sora.
Crimson uh ohs.
Arya shouts, "Watch out!  The gear isn't intact!  IT's gonna.. "  ::CRUNCH!::  It's not really on landing gear any long.  Practically on its belly at this point!  She... laughs!  "We did it!"
Arya unstraps once we've landed and hugs her bestie amidst the warning lights and sizzling sounds!  "I wonder how we did!"
Kasimir will end up guiding the Hyouka in for a landing and arrests the forward momentum a bit as they lock down. Once Aza's got the landing gear open, he'll gently touch the ship down!
NBC hops from one foot to the other.
Azalyn tugs that landing gear lever once more... though it seems to work better going down.  She asks, "How'd we do?  It looked like we were ahead for.. most of it?"  She seems unsure.  "Either way, we won no matter what... casue we know it can handle our adventures up ahead!"
PatchO'Black offers NBC a bowl of assorted seeds.
India gulps and undoes her straps, and returns the hug some. She breaks free of the frozen stare, "I wanna know how trashed my Hammer is..." she lowers the rear hatch, though she mentions, "Mind your head" from the way it can't fully open due to the aircraft's half bellied state. She takes a long, slow walk around the aircraft, wings drooping some.
( THIRD PLACE!  HYOUKA!  Flashes the heartbreaking text, with accompanying green vector-fireworks.  "Congratulations to Patashu and Patashu Heavy Industries for their prizewinning entry the Azimuth, and the brave hearstopping flying of India of the Society of Elite Defenders!  And the Hyouka which held its own amazingly well except for a very last-moment mistake!  Better luck next year.  We ask the audience please stay off the airfield and enjoy the static exhibits." )
Sora stands up.  "Excuse me, Blaine.  I need to go see my soldiers."  Uh oh.  She marches right over to their mess of a Hammer.
Kasimir looks a little frustrated with himself, and then reaches over to hug Azzie! "Yea, though I think I expected more from myself."
Azalyn gets a brief kiss in.  "Kas...  the fact we could get this far at all is incredible!  At least for me, it is.  Next year we'll know what to expect... and will have this thing in even better shape.  We'll be better pilots, too!"
PatchO'Black applauds the various teams.
Patashu gives a bow to Indie and Arya and their Hammer! "That was an amazing display you two! Taking a craft that big and unwieldy and keeping neck and neck with a performance built aircraft until the very end takes some REAL skill and knowho..." cuts off. Blinking. Maybe this isn't the time. Ahem. Turns towrds Kasimir and Azalyn. "And your Hyouka is a VERY interesting piece of equipment. Seeing that thing in action, I just wanna know all about how it moves and how it works! Very nice!"
Blaine nods, "Oh, of course." He stays where he is, hands in his lap as he watches.
Kinsor flaps his wings!
Arya carefully gets out, though it's more challenging for her bulky frame.  "Crap... it's... they're not gonna like this!"
India thinks if they had at least had gotten first, it wouldn't be SO BAD. The soldier manages a shy smile at Patashu, "Thank you" she grins, "You, and Kasimir'n'Azalyn did pretty amazing with that drop..." She turns, and salutes at Sora, taking a deep breathe and sighing. Wings drooped still as she looks at one of her commanding officers.
FBC Tinken Toe tilts as the red bug craft moves over to assist the hammer craft, they're loaded for fire-fighting but should have a bit of spare lift to act as a sky-hook with their winch.
Patashu sweatdrops, gives India a 'good luck' gesture.
Sora looks very stoic, as usual, as she approaches the pair of soldiers.  Waiting for a salute, expectantly.
India does admit a SED Talon would have been a far more appropriate craft.
Amy bursts out of the tent.  "WAIT!  It's not over!"  Carrying three statuettes, stylized quadcopters on green-veined white marble bases.  One is gold (plated silver), one is bronze, one is emerald green glass.
Vahno says, "Someone's in trouble..."
Crimson oohs.
Patashu oooohs! and turns, in preparation to covet treasure.
Gwen smirks. Dragons gonna dragon.
Arya salutes!  Looking... scared!
You hand Spindizzy Air Race 2019 - 1st Place to Patashu.
Kasimir gently reciprocates Azzie's kiss, and then nods his head, "Yeah, I know - heheh. It's been ... I think I used to be a slightly better pilot. Guess I need more practice."
Crimson agrees with Gwen.
PatchO'Black sneezes.
Sora nods to the pair.  "you two did well.  The aircraft was the limitation, not your skill.  It shows potential points of improvement for future designs."
BunnyHugger applauds.
Vahno says, "So, they're not in trouble?"
Crimson huhs.
Crimson also applauds.
Kinsor skriters, "Well, maybe if they won third place it would have gone somewhat worse for them."
Sora adds, "But ... I can't just let you off.  You know the rules."
Patashu takes it, as quad roboself. Beams! "Thank you Amy." Bows!
( The hammer, once lifted and made level isn't in too rough of a shape. Aside from the burn marks, the broken gear, and one sagging aileron. But it's been trashed through flying it was never meant to do. )
Patashu grins over to Sora. "And yes, I feel in agreement, there - the only thing keeping that 2nd place from being a 1st place was the asymmetry in equipment. You two moved that thing SO fast, it's unbelievable."
I don't see that here.
Sky_min zooms in and screetches to a halt. Street luging.
Sky_min has arrived.
Patashu waves!
Sora decides, "Just one night in the brig.  Separate or together, it doesn't matter."
Crimson waves!
Niny'ah looks at Sora, and 'loudly' raises an eyebrow
Sora says, "Zxarr is going to have a field day on this."
You hand Spindizzy Air Race 2019 - 2nd Place to India.
NBC says, "Ooooaaaah!"
India nods at Sora some, "Yes, commander" she glances at Arya some from the compliments Sora is giving, and then back at Sora, she takes a deep breathe, and nods, knowing full well that she did trash the Hammer thoroughly. The reprimand is interrupted by the handing of the medals, and she eyes at it, and then back at Sora. "I guess it won't be so bad..." she mentions to Arya.
Crimson is glad Patashu doesn't have a brig to put people in now...
PatchO'Black pets NBC, if he is allowed.
NBC bobs his head.
Niny'ah sidles towards India and Arya
Amy chatters on a little radio, clearing it with the air crew, and now that nothing's on fire or leaking, sets off more fireworks, big multicolored shells.
Vahno says, "Hey, that's not fair..."
NBC folds his train up.
Patashu whoos! Fireworks!
PatchO'Black mews, "It is nice seeing you again, NBC."
Niny'ah says, "Sora, you said yourself that it was not their fault, and there is a point"
Niny'ah folds her arms, "Where the rules are wrong and must be broken."
NBC's gem flashes and the announcer voice states, "We now conclude our broadcasting day."
PatchO'Black mews, "Aww. Good night, NBC."
Crimson whoo, fireworks are pretty!
Arya nods, "Just one night.... we'd be asleep anyway!"  She murmurs in her bestie's ear, "Not even a slap on the wrist.  And now we got this awesome medal to show off!"
NBC nods sharply and chimes G, E, C.
Patashu giggles! "That's the spirit."
Sora nods, "Good.  See you both there tonight...... after you celebrate."  She quirks a grin and walks back to Blaine.
Niny'ah says, in a somewhat louder-than-necessary tone, "So you are punishing them for nothing?"
PatchO'Black sighs.
NBC flaps noisily and takes off.
Niny'ah asides to the two, "I know it's about as token as it gets, but it's the principle of the thing."
NBC takes off on the runway.
NBC has left.
Vahno nudges Niny away. "Absolutely not. She's giving them a private room."
Blaine says, "I'm just glad they didn't break up or really end up on fire. Its not supposed to leak like that, right?"
Arya looks to Niny'ah... "What do you think SHOULD happen? We trashed a really expensive piece of equipment!"
Niny'ah opens her mouth, then closes it, and her ears go PINK
Skita goes home.
Skita has left.
Sora shakes her head, "We're going to have to get a crew way out here to tow it home.  It's going to be an ordeal."
Crimson snicker.
India does look up at the fireworks. Distracted. "I know, right?' she whispers to Arya, and then to Niny'ah, "I mean, we did trash a Hammer." she sighs, to Arya, "That's not gonna buff out - we've got a lot of work with Zxarr tomorrow" she does grin, and shows the medal to Arya, making sure she gets a turn holding it, "Isn't it pretty? "
Amy staggers in to join the crowd properly, heading straight for the barbecue, snapping up and vanishing 3 hotdogs, then paying for them, in that order.  x.o  She's been busy.
Patashu vocalizes, "I mean, it would have been more of a spectacle if it REALLY caught on fire! But that aside, probably not advisable??"
Arya holds it... hugs it... "Totally worth it!"  Giggles.  On cloud 9!
Niny'ah chews her lip a moment. "Bit too big to hoist with the Speers, even with upgraded lifters. it'd rip the landing skids right off."
PatchO'Black waves to Austin and Bunnyhugger and Chitter.
Arya doesn't notice the little wisps of smoke starting to rise from some crack in the Hammer...
Niny'ah... sniff? sniffsniff?
Niny'ah says, "FUCK!"
Vahno says, "...Huh?"
Kasimir turns the engine off on the Hyouka, and stesp outside with Azzie.
Niny'ah kicks a hatch under the side of her little ship, and slaps Arya on the shoulder, pushing a fire extinguisher into her arms
Azalyn leans against Kas, an arm around his middle.  She's clearly quite happy either way!
Amy will have to include a clause that vehicle damage is a disqualification, next time. 
Crimson points towards the smoke.
FBC Tinken Toe's sirens go 'woop woop!' as the on-board heat sensors direct the water canon to fire at the Hammer below.  The Toe wobbles as the pilot swings aside to get a better view!
Arya huhs??!  She blinks at the extinquisher, then the Hammer... "Shit!"  She starts to run over... but the FBC TT has it covered!  The craft is not only burned, but waterlogged... at least it's not on fire!
Vahno blinkblinks. "Oh jeez!"
Patashu freezes - not having time to spring into action. Everyone here is way better prepared!
Gwen peers over at the scene. "Ouch."
India sighs, and hugs her medal some as she watches her craft get sprayed down with water too. Worth it.
Sora's ears flatten.  "I know what I'm doing about this next time.  We'll give them a soon to be decommisioned ship."
FBC Tinken Toe is firing the foamy stuff--there is little need to spray water at vehicle fires!
Vahno says, "...Well, I'd say the cost of repairs just went up..."
Blaine looks to Sora, "I should probably get back to my camp site. I still need to make something for dinner. NIce to see you here."
Sora nods, "I'll make sure Mira comes to see you soon."
Amy rubs her muzzle as ...  Stuff happens.  c.c  She asides to Sora, "If I'm in charge again next time, vehicle damage will disqualify."  Hands the last statuette to Kasimir!  "Well done!  You were neck and neck to the end."
You hand Spindizzy Air Race 2019 - 3rd Place to Kasimir.
India thinks we've just burned (quite literally) the entire PR budget with replacing the Hammer after this. She walks on over to Azalyn and Kasimir since they've just stepped out of their ship. Eyeing up the sleek dagger.
Vahno says, "...Suddenly tempted to..."
Kasimir smiles quietly to Amy and bows his head, "Thanks!" He looks up at the ship, "At least she held together well. That's better than she might've done, so that's good. Azzie is a pretty good copilot, too - couldn't've even done half of it without her."
Vahno whispers to Niny. "Do you think they'd be willing to sell it to me?"
India grins at Azalyn, "Is this yours, or his? Or both?" she asks.
Niny'ah . o O ( compare the Speers to the competing ships )
Azalyn blushes.  Getting her turn to hold it too!
Arya looks over at Az and Kas's ship, "That thing looks really fast..."
Amy next visits Patashu.  "That might be the fastest tiltrotor made to date!"
India . o O ( Sell my Hammer? NO! It can be repaired! By hand if need be... )
Azalyn says, "It's ours, yes."
Patashu gives Amy a thumbs up. "Very nicely organized event, by the way! Hell of a turnout, and tons of spectacle and action. You have my commendation!" And grins, wagging happily. "Well, I had the opportunity to make something totally custom, and I wanted to impress! Why make something people have already seen?"
PatchO'Black mews, "Guess I'll call it a night. I need to get my rest. Got a bit of a cold."
Patashu waves to Patchy!
Kasimir will make sure Azzie gets to hold the trophy too, yes! He's trying to not be too hard on himself, but the piloting mistake will frustrate him for a bit. He used to be the ship's pilot, after all! "Havne't had it aloft in a long time."
Kyizl grins.. last song... as a sort of joke....
India says, "I mean, you did get your craft back in one piece, so there's that. I think your piloting was pretty good - how did you do that skip at the bottom? You just...exploded forward."
PatchO'Black waves too Patashu.
PatchO'Black is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.
PatchO'Black has left.
Patashu vocalizes, "Oh, yeah, I was wondering about that too. Some kind of magic thing?"
Sky_min street luges away...
Sky_min has left.
Azalyn giggles, "That took the two of us!  I steered...  Kas gave it throttle at just the right time!
Arya stares up at Patashu.  That's a nice looking craft!
Patashu, in the robodragon bod, gives Arya a wave and a bow!
Vahno says, "Hrm... Hey Patashu. Do you think you could help those fellow racers fix their craft back up?"
Kasimir nods his head, "There's a lift field generated by the aft-most crystal - essentially, I created a bubble beneath the craft that helped us.. bounce at the bottom of that descent."
Patashu vocalizes, "If I'm asked for it, sure!"
Patashu vocalizes, "I helped fix the Speers earlier this year."
Patashu aahs at Kasimir! "Way cool!"
FBC Tinken Toe is going to be filling out paperwork and circling the field all evening, though it looks like with that last bit of work the Hammer appears to have settled down for the moment.
Arya grins up at Patashu, "You make stuff ,right?"
Patashu vocalizes, "That is not inaccurate, yes. *grin* Why?"
Arya hmmms... "I wonder..."  She looks to India... "What if we bought an engine from him?"
Kyizl flops on the ground.
Patashu vocalizes, "Oooh! Are we getting an engine custom made? What colour do you want for the flames? I can get you covered in red, purple, orange, yellow, white..."
Arya is all starry eyed at that!  "We can pick the COLOUR?!"
Niny'ah must sleeeep
Niny'ah climbs up the flight of stairs into the Speers Errand.
Niny'ah has left.
Amy notices someone flop.  Someone familiar.  Kyizl?  Eep!  She checks up on the fallen.  o_o
Patashu uh-huhs! And lifts his jaws to belch a plume of purple flame into the sky as a dramatic flair.
Kasimir smiles softly, "Thank you." He then leans against the side of his ship's landing gear for a moment, looking up at it.
India hrmmms at Arya, "An engine? I mean..." she glances at the Hammer, "We'll have to talk to Sora to get that approved - but it would be an interesting proposition..."
Vahno says, "Hey Sora! Are you ok with them getting custom parts for the Hammer?"
Patashu vocalizes, "We'll have to be careful on the thrust, too - pick something TOO powerful, and it'll rip itself free from the chassis, then you'll have JUST an engine. :D"
Kyizl twitches!  :)
Crimson pats Kyizl.
Patashu vocalizes, "Someone get Kyizl a bucket of cold water! *grins*"
Arya nodnods!  "I mean, if we can get the budget to enter something designed for the race... with our skills we're sure to win!"
FBC Tinken Toe does have one of those handy!
Kyizl sits up!  "Not on the equipment!"  Seems he's OK now. ;)
Crimson snickers.
Crimson says, "That got his attention."
Morticon does get a drink though.
Patashu laughs!
Patashu vocalizes, "Oh, yes! I'm thrilled at the prospect of being beaten. ;>"
Patashu vocalizes, "It'll only be even more exciting!"
India says, "I mean, the way the Hammer is designed - as long as it's reliable...you see, it's never really meant to free fall and power itself out from a steep descent like that"
[OOC] India says, "This is what Makes the OSPREY VTOL and even Helicopters dangerous!"
[OOC] Amy says, "The ground?"
[OOC] India says, "At least in an osprey you can tilt and power out, in a helicopter, vortex state is - UNRECOVERABLE. There's only 1 helicopter so far able to do it..."
Kyizl does get a drink though.  He hopes the soundtrack was appreciated.  Probably spent more time assembling possible songs than he should have, and everything was picked one at a time as the RP progressed.  But now he has a Dramatic Song List for other uses.
Vahno says, "...Tempted to see about having something custom made now..."
Arya grins at Patashu, "That's the spirit!  We'll kick your ass with your own engine!"
Patashu cheers! "Yeah!"
Arya says, "... and you'll like it!"
Kasimir enjoyed the soundtrack, yes!
Patashu cheers, again! "YEah!"
Amy will get that drink for Kyizl, and mingle with the crowd until it disperses.  Too keyed up to quit now.
India goes over to get some food and celebrate.
BunnyHugger says, "I'd better head to bed.  Thanks for the excitement.  I'm realizing I should have brought my hoverpack!  I'll have to get that out again someday, if I can get the nerve back up to use it."
Vahno puts a hand on Arya's and India's shoulders. "Girls, can I talk to you?"
Patashu vocalizes, "Rest well, BH!"
Crimson goes to get a bit of food and drink.
Arya blinks?  "Uh, sure?"
Lepus doesn't do the snap this time. The black spheres of the holo-emitters simply cease spinning (probably at least; it's hard to see with vantablack) and sink into the silver pools halfway.
Vahno says, "How well do you two know about making ships? Like, space-worthy ones?"
Skai goes home.
Skai has left.
Sora takes to the sky and flies off.  She has paperwork to fill out, and to make sure the brig is prepared. ;)
Sora leaves for S3 W5 ([S]outh).
Sora has left.
Patashu ohs, and gives Lepus a wave. "Cool tech, I guess you do event co-ordination? I don't think we've gotten a chance to meet, before." He offers a claw, to shake! "Patashu, CEO of Patashu Industries."
BunnyHugger says, "Goodnight all."
Chitter says, "Later."
Amy waves.
Crimson waves!
Arya says, "Making?  We don't make anything... she's a pilot and I'm a gunner!"
BunnyHugger hugs Austin!  Maybe it's a beautiful princess who has been turned into a butterfly by a wicked gnome ... maybe she wants me to follow her, and when we reach the enchanted castle, we both will be turned into human beings ... Forget it!
India hrmmms? at Vahno? "I just fly, and she shoots, yea" she nods at Vahno.
Amy overhears, "I've been trying to make a ship for a long time...  The bolide isn't quite a spaceship, yet.  But might be someday.
BunnyHugger hops off in a hurry.
BunnyHugger has left.
Chitter has left.
BunnyHugger leaves, with a nonanthro Eastern gray squirrel (Chitter) [Chitter(#5713XZ)] walking along with her. 
Arya runs over to Patashu!  "Do you have a business card?"
Vahno says, "Oh."
Vahno shrugs... "Nevermind then."
INL3 flows forward silently, edges indistinct to shake Patashu's proferred claw with a spread array of its own.
Amy settles beside Kasimir and leans back against something.
Kasimir fuzzles Amy's head, "Think Azzie and I are going to zip back Marin-wards."
Kyizl packs up audio gear and the strange little drones.
Lepus bows. "The Lepus Corporation. I know you. But we haven't directly interfaced, no. And I'm simply providing a hardware rental for this venue."
Amy nodnods.  "Goodnight, and thanks for coming."
Kasimir nods his head, "Thank you for organizing it, Amy!"
Lepus says, "Design, operation, and programming were the work of Miss Amy. Who has, I must observed, conduct an impressive event given the circumstances."
Vahno says, "Well, I hope you two had fun."
Featherwing is carried away when a runaway sputnik rams into him.
Featherwing has left.
Patashu ohs, and shakes INL3's claw, nodding happily! While that's happening, a kobold approaches Arya, handing over a business card! It's a dark black, emblazoned prominently with the draconic Patashu Industries logo and co-ordinates/contact information for the base.
Patashu vocalizes, "And yes, quite agreed! I was very impressed too."
Kasimir offers to carry Azalyn with him. 
Arya smiles, "Great!  I hope I can convince Sora to buy that engine!"
Azalyn scrambles up on Kasimir. 
Kasimir is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.
Kasimir has left.
Azalyn has left.
Kasimir takes a mint-haired tigress (Azalyn) with him. 
Vahno says, "Arya!"
Vahno reaches into his bag and pulls out... a smaller bag. "Would this help? I kinda wanna see what you two could do."
Arya puts an arm around India, "So. ... what should we do before we head to the brig?"
Morticon huhs?  "What's that?"
Room: SpinDizzy Airport - Runway (S2 W5)
      >Arya               Female      Tiger                          |Morticon
 OOC  >India              female      Seya                           |Aldrinor
 IC   Gwen[28m idle]      female      gremlin                                 
 Ph.D.Austin              male        Magic 'A' Coati                         
      >Bolide             -unknown-   -unknown-                           |Amy
 IC   Kinsor[12m idle]    male        Fruitbat                                
      >INL3               N/A         Battle Drone                      |Lepus
 IC   Crimson[8m idle]    Male        Wolf                                    
 IC   Mako[asleep]        Female      Red Panda                               
      >Kyizl              Male        Amur Leopard                   |Morticon
 EXC  Patashu             neuter      VTOL Dragon Aircraft                    
      Morticon            Male        Wallaby                                 
      Vahno               Male        Gaerian                                 
      J.P.[asleep]        male        Winged Eastern Grey Squirrel w/bunnyears
 IC   Amy                 female      Lynx canadensis                         
      Lepus[4m idle]      Masculine   Corporate Personhood (Rabbit Avatar)    
---[ Found 16 characters. ( 9 Awake / 2 Asleep / 5 Zombies ) ]----------------
India mmms at Arya, "We'll see!" she grins, "Maybe try to show off our medal some, and definitely celebrate - Sora did give us orders to CELEBRATE" she grins and throws her wings up.
[OOC] Amy says, "Wait."
[OOC] Amy says, "since when is Mako a red panda!?"
[OOC] Kyizl says, "Since a week or two ago"
[OOC] Amy says, "All this time!  eesh!"
Arya looks at Vahno, "What's that?"
Vahno says, "Gems. I have a bunch from an adventure and they're kinda just taking up space."
Arya gets distracted by India !  "yeah!  We're not getting home until late!  Gotta do our victory lap!"
Arya ooos.  SHe's take that!  "Thanks!  I bet we can put them to good use!"   Or something!  Why turn down gems?!  
Patashu blinks! "You just GIVE those out?" Now he's standing in front of Vahno, expectant.
[OOC] Gwen shrugs. "I hadn't noticed either."
India says, "Don't dissapoint the mayor, Vahno!"
Crimson giggles at Patashu.
India also, "Thank you" she eyes the gems some
[OOC] Austin says, "I noticed.  Red panda is one of the best gateways into the procyonid family, despite the taxonomy issues."
You whisper, "Oh yeah, Patashu's still the mayor isn't he!" to Patashu.
Vahno stares at Patashu. "You've got a shiny trophy already, Patashu."
Patashu whispers, "Patashu  hehs! "Yep, til next April."" to you.
Patashu hugs it. "And I love it so very much." ^w^
Patashu vocalizes, "You're right. I should be PROPORTIONATELY greedy. Thanks for the lesson, Vahno!"
Arya then heads home with India.
Patashu waves!
Vahno says, "Bye!"
Kyizl goes home to flop in the bed at Mako's temple...
Kyizl leaves for S3 W5 ([S]outh).
Kyizl has left.
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Elandra           Gwen              Kamare            Kasimir           
Kinsor            Kiree             Lepus             Maynard           
Morticon          Mote              Patashu           
Arya just realized something... "Our ride is destroyed.  Uhh.. lemme find out if someone can pick us up."  She looks embarassed.
Arya makes some calls!  We'll get where we want to go, somehow!
Amy hehs.  "I can arrange a lift."
Patashu laughs!
Arya earperks, "Really?"
You say, "It'll take a few weeks chargng before the Bolide can do burst-mode flying again, but it can manage a more respectable pace still."
Vahno sneaks a bag onto India's belt.
Arya will let Amy take us home, or somewhere to celebrate, at least.  But for now, player must flop!
Gwen says, "It was a good race."
Arya is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.
Arya has left.
Morticon has disconnected.
Amy agrees, though in retrospect, competitive landing is a white-knuckle sport.  
Patashu giggles. "That was the most fun part of the whole race!"
Patashu vocalizes, "Imagine Landing And Taking Off x20 as a race. Oh my god."
You say, "We can still do it!  Just ....  maybe a few hundred feet up.  :p  Instead of ...  at the brink of firey death."
Kinsor skriters, "You could argue that landing does not always mean touching the ground!"
Patashu grins!
India stares at Patashu
India says, "I'm bringing a Talon instead. A proper, close to fighterjet model."
India says, "Only one pilot and one crew, unlike...the Hammer. 5 crew total, with space for 12-14 soldiers in the back."
Patashu grins and nod nods. "Yesss. I look forward to seeing that race."
Vahno says, "Might've won with that!"
India makes a face, "Though I'm specialized with the Hammer" she shrugs, "Maybe I should show this medal to Li'aria and Bo..." those two can fly a Talon like a fiddle...
Vahno says, "Hrm... Gotta practice with the Talon then?"
India says, "There's a lot involved with retraining - I'd rather not."
Patashu vocalizes, "In that case, I look forward to making their acquaintance!"
Amy wonders, "Would a Talon be as zippy at landing?  They tend to be pretty zippy in the forward direction..."
Patashu vocalizes, "Hey, landing is just moving forwards downwards if you do it right!"
Patashu, wise dragon.
India shrugs, "I love my heavy beast. It's MY heavy beast" she grins, "Besides, the Talon is equipped with twin machine guns and a rack of rockets" she goes over and hugs the nose of her broken aircraft, "Not two 25mm rotary cannons, 6 wing mounted machine guns, twin 40mm chassis mounted bofors, rocket pods, missiles and an assortment of undercarriage weapons that can attatched..." she hugs it more.
Patashu giggles. Now that's some ship lovin' he can get behind. :D
Patashu vocalizes, "Maybe you'll have to lobby Amy to make the next event have a firefight instead. ;>"
Vahno says, "Not exactly a racing vehicle, but... Who knows."
India says, "Nothing beats doing a strafing run."
India says, "I think I did well today simply because the Hammer could brute force itself around."
Patashu vocalizes, "Then I'd have to bring out ANOTHER new craft. Would work for me!"
Amy stares.  "Holy heck, I had no idea it was that heavily armed."
Patashu . o O ( Amy's insurance premiums suddenly go up. )
fluffy zooms in and screetches to a halt. Street luging.
fluffy has arrived.
India nods at Amy, "We're a heavy gunship. We clear out entire plateau's, and then land to drop off troops, then fly around providing CAS"
Patashu waves!
Austin says, "Evening, fluffy."
You say, "I don't think they'd be willing to host that at the airport Patashu, you might have to ;p"
Vahno says, "I kinda wanna see it in action now."
[OOC] India says, "I think Thurisaz is more impressive in a fight though"
fluffy says, "Meowdy."
[OOC] India says, "Dragon breathing fire, tail flailing, while twin GAU19s fire their 50 cals into a crowd of enemies."
[OOC] Amy says, "is that the A10's gun?"
[OOC] India says, "A10s guns are the 30mm GAU"
[OOC] India says, "a bullet that is thicker than a tube of D cell battery"
Patashu laughs!
[OOC] India says, "The 50 cal's are the size of ... a C cell battery"
Crimson says, "Careful Amy, or he actually will."
India nods to Fluffy
You say, "I know my limits, I'd steer clear."
Patashu grins. "Well, I'm not going to take over anything unless you ask me to. Give me a call if you want to partner, or don't if you want to keep running it yourself. Will participate either way!"
You say, "I'm still kind of ...  shell-shocked that I somehow ended up in charge of this in the first place.  How in the heck."
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Mote              Patashu           
Patashu laughs!
Patashu vocalizes, "Hey, don't sweat it! You did *great*."
Gwen says, "Well. If all the racing and crashing is done, I /did/ bring a barbecue grill."
India finds herself in front of Gwen.
Gwen says, "I'd call that a positive response. :)"
Kinsor has been waiting for some barbequed pineapple!
Patashu grins at the line forming.
Lepus says, "Good thinking that. The Hammer fire was extinguished before anything could go beyond medium rare."
Austin says, "I should get to the nest.  Good night, folks.  Please take care."
Austin says, "Amy, thank you for organizing teh show."
Kinsor waves a wing!
Patashu laughs!
Patashu vocalizes, "Okay, GN!"
Gwen will grill up whatever folks bring around. As for what she's got on hand herself, just some basics. Burgers and hot dogs, some wrstfrgl sausage, some ears of corn...
India . o O ( What is a ... wrstfrgl )
Kinsor whispers, "Kinsor thinks he's glad he decided to show up!  He figured the last time he'd been in an air show here, people were firing the guns, and a fire response team might be needed. :}" to you.
Amy grins at Patashu.  "Thanks.  I had a *hell* of a lot of luck, too, finding so many entrants to bring."
You whisper, "Hee!  I was glad you were here.  In general, and the fire thing." to Kinsor.
Patashu vocalizes, "Yeah, it was like it was just waiting to be organized. Very nice."
Gwen says, "Classic gremlin spicy bird-sausage. Non-toxic to other life forms as well."
Amy huhs.  "Sounds interesting.  I'll try it!  Please."
Austin says, "Good.  Night, now."
Amy waves.
Austin leaves for S2 W6 ([W]est).
Austin has left.
Gwen offers up some wrstfrgl for Amy, with some sauce and flatbread. It's spicy, with a taste somewhere between poultry and seafood. Not too surprising seeing as seagull is a major ingredient.
India blinks at Gwen, "I'll have one of those"
Patashu . o O ( Hmm. That explains the ancient gremlin/seagull rivalry. )
Kinsor frets, "Indeed! I'm worried that stuff is going to get on my pineapple."
Gwen grills up another helping for India. "It's not ancient, the little jerks keeps stealing my lunch, so I made 'em into dinner." She grills up some pineapple over by the corn, so no fishy over there.
Patashu vocalizes, "I'm embelishing it for the kids."
India waits for her sausage.
Amy takes her time to taste ths one.  Not bad.  Different spices than her usual choices.
Gwen offers up a serving to India. "Enjoy!"
India takes her sausage and brings it back to nibble and try.
[OOC] Amy says, "I believe the swooping seagulls in the park are a reference to a previous player, Boku :)"
[OOC] India says, "I remember I smacked a seagull going for my burger once"
[OOC] India says, "It wasn't happy and kept squawking at me on the ground."
[OOC] India says, "It is illegal to punch a seagull or goose here in Canada. But it is NOT illegal to slap one."
[OOC] India says, ">.>"
[OOC] Gwen says, "Gwen got fed up with them stealing her fish skewers, so she and borris started catchin' and cookin' em. The wrstfrgl thing came later, started as a joke over something Mako muttered. Became an item of gremlin cuisine, and what else would feature in gremlin cuisine but food from the sky? :)"
[OOC] India says, "gotta go sleep"
[OOC] India says, "nini"
India falls asleep.
Crimson ohs and looks to Gwen, "I'll take some wrstfrgl, if you don't mind."
Gwen nodnods, and cooks up some more for Crimson. And gives Kinsor some pineapple.
Kinsor wiggles his fingerclaws and chomp chomps on the pineapple!
Kinsor skriters, "I don't like to say this much--but I think pineapples are right up there as a close second to bananas!"
Amy hmms.  "There's something odd about pineapple though.  I think it's one of those things only certain people taste, but they have this ... resinous quality.  Like sweet pickles.
Gwen says, "So they're a second banana to bananas?"
Kinsor nods and frets, "There are some pretty good roasted pineapples in Heck...though you've got to do some rather questionable stuff to end up there."
Lepus bows.
Patashu waves to Lepus!
Lepus flickers and vanishes before his drone makes its exit.
Lepus has left.
Patashu boggles at Amy. "Wait, is THAT why there's the whole pineapple-on-pizza thing? I had no clue!"
Kinsor skriters, "Indeed--that's one of the more misunderstood ingredients."
You say, "I ended up in heck by accident for a while.  Didn't see any pineapples, but didn't really look for anything but an exit"
Kinsor skriters, "They couldn't have run out! Did you check the department stores?"
You say, "in heck?"
Kinsor folds his wings, "We bats might be denizens of heck--on occasion, but we're not savages."
You say, "You're confusing me.  @_o"
Patashu vocalizes, "You know, bat out of heck?"
Amy tugs a ruff, "...Oh."
Crimson snickers at Patashu as he waits.
Kinsor scratches his chin, "Ah?  We have a rather brutal economy in heck.  And say, where did you think those lava bats come from?"
Amy finds a spot to sit.  "What's a lava bat?  That's new to me."
You say, "...Oh.  In heck.  OK."
Kinsor shows off his left ankle where he's taken to wearing an anklet, "I usually travel there via this nifty anklet I was gifted some years ago, that's how I got a hankering for heck pineapple."
Amy huhs.  "It's easier to find.  Straight below the rose garden"
Crimson says, "Actually that's limbo, then it's Heck below that."
Kinsor scratches his chin, "Well sure, but that's the way to Limbo."
Kinsor nods.
Kinsor skriters, "Lath Fruitbat the Limbologist is someone you should probably talk with if you want to know more about Limbo. He's a recognized expert on the subject."
Patashu vocalizes, "Yeah! I've poked all around heck and... What was the other one? Heckn't? With all the clouds and stuff. Fun places!"
Patashu vocalizes, "Oh? What's his record?"
Gwen says, "Huh."
Kinsor skriters, "Exactly! He knows all the paperwork, and as a bat you learn to hang from the poles in Limbo and you'll never hit your head on them."
[OOC] Gwen says, "Interesting find at the discount grocery today. Japanese koala cookies with chocolate-banana filling."
Kinsor is interested in that, sure!
Amy is enjoying the chat, but her brain's not tracking, and the poor SED race team probably wants to get home eventually.  I should turn in.
Gwen says, "I should think about headin' in, too."
***End of List***
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Room: SpinDizzy Airport - Runway (S2 W5)
 std::fluffy[55m idle]    femmy       purple-striped semi-rubber critter      
 OOC  >India              female      Seya                   |Aldrinor[asleep]
 IC   Gwen                female      gremlin                                 
      >Bolide             -unknown-   -unknown-                           |Amy
 IC   Kinsor[8m idle]     male        Fruitbat                                
 IC   Crimson[11m idle]   Male        Wolf                                    
 IC   Mako[asleep]        Female      Red Panda                               
 EXC  Patashu[10m idle]   neuter      VTOL Dragon Aircraft                    
      Morticon[asleep]    Male        Wallaby                                 
      Vahno               Male        Gaerian                                 
      J.P.[asleep]        male        Winged Eastern Grey Squirrel w/bunnyears
 IC   Amy                 female      Lynx canadensis                         
---[ Found 12 characters. ( 7 Awake / 3 Asleep / 2 Zombies ) ]----------------

Character Descriptions

If you want your desc added, pmail Amy.


This is an anthro Lynx, rather short as anthros go, only four feet and change, but she seems unwilling to let that hold her back, meeting the world with upright ears, bright amber eyes, and on rare occasions a toothy, challenging grin. Her coloration is mostly silver with black tufts on her ears and ruffs. She's prone to scamper and climb around without warning. She wears a black T-shirt, grey cargo shorts, and a motorcycle vest with lots of pockets. Like many furs, she doesn't seem to care for shoes at all.


Standing at about 6'3", the tigress has a sturdy build yet retains her feminine curves, bringing to mind a soldier or fighter. Limbs are strong yet nicely formed, capable without being bulky. Except for the creamy white of her front torso and a little along the legs, her fur is a grayish color with black stripes. Spikey-ish dark blue hair tops her head, and poking through it are ears that have a noticeable hint of fox to them.

The tough tigress sports a striped tiger tail colored the same as her body, and slightly oversized plantigrade feet keep her on the ground. Small, firm breasts go well with her decidedly athletic frame. Her muzzle is feline, though a little narrower than usual for a tiger. Cheekruffs are almost nonexistent, giving her a slightly more generic feline look. Eyes are a green color.

Arya is currently wearing her SED Soldier uniform. Most of the tigress is covered in a one-piece bodysuit zipped up in front along a very thin seam. The suit is made of a matte black fiber; it is thick enough to stretch like a diving suit yet retains flexibility. On top of the fiber base, there's dozens of armor plates that look like rubberized scales set over key vital areas, often in pairs and overlaid with treebark camo fabric. Thicker plates are present on her forearms and shins, along with integrated special pads on her, knees, elbows, and shoulders.

A pair of black well-fit military combat boots and lightly armored fingerless gloves compliment the armor, and a black sleeve covers the entire tail. Her head is covered by a specialized black balaclava; only the eyes are visible, with much of the head and neck appearing lightly armored with flexible scales for additional protection. Topping it off is a matching helmet made special for the feline; twin triangles with multiple thin slots on their surface allow her to safely hear and a protective plexiglas-type material serves as a visor over her eyes.

Layered on top of the uniform are a variety of useful items: a utility belt, a battle harness with plenty of pockets and hooks, a detachable backpack, and of course her weaponry (varies based on task, but can include knives, explosives, and one or more firearms). Her ID, rank, unit, and nickname (if any) are woven into a patch on each shoulder.


A young female tiger stands before you with a height of 5'9". She has mint colored, shoulder length hair that frames her face and part of her cheeks, smoothly covering her head. When doing a lot of physical activity, it's typically done up in a ponytail. The feline's ears are triangle-shaped, more fox than feline as they peek out through her hair. Both ears are large and pointed as they scan around for sound. Azalyn's eyes are a dark blue and have a look of both experience and wonder. Her face also has a bit of fox in it: she has a white, feline-shaped muzzle with vulpine markings, but her cheekruffs are more subtle and tiger-striped. The tigress's overall fur color is orange with white trim and black tiger stripes, though her neck, chest, tummy, and part of her thighs are creamy white. She appears to be very athletic; she has a nicely toned body and appears to work out regularly. She wears what looks like a piece of a pendent around her neck; a thin vertical strip with a hole on the top and bottom. The middle is almost pinkish while the top and bottom are a dark purple. In her hair is a copper band with small white stones embedded in it. Today, Azalyn is wearing a black tank top and some loose, dark green cargo pants with a hole for her tail. The tank top fits snugly against her small chest, showing off her shoulders, arms, and an inch of white tummyfur. She wears a simple pair of black cross training shoes.


Bardell has the semblance of a large fruit bat, with a stern and calculating stare. Although by and large light brown in color, his body is only just starting to turn gray from age, mostly apparent as a lightening around his muzzle and the tips on his wing claws. Closely trimmed head fur accentuates the size of his gray-tipped ears. The lines on his face have emerged though years of hard work, making it seem more a carved mask than flesh. His blood red eyes look about, making a quick assessment of everything they come across. His wings are closely tucked to his sides, and show a great deal of white scar lines and when wrapped around his body. Bardell is dressed in a workman's suit of rough clothing, which seems more like a form-fitting sack on this creature, with holes for his head and feet, and long slits for his wings. A long gray sash of cloth is worn around his neck, pervading the air with a sweet banana smell.


It's true! Gwendetta Gloriosa Fitzgremlin is actually here! Let the rejoicing begin! Standing about three and a half feet tall, her athletic gremlinish form has cool gray skin with a tousled mop of blue-black hair atop her head. Large pointed ears stick out sideways from her head, and a dusting of freckles runs across her wide button nose. Her large eyes have luminous electric blue irises floating in a sea of black. When her wide mouth forms into mischievous grin, she displays rows of sharp, white, sharklike teeth. Sprouting from her back are a pair of gray batlike wings, which look too small for actual flight. Dark, clawlike nails adorn her fingertips.

Today, this dynamic young she-gremlin is dressed for.. ADVENTURE! She wears a weathered brown aviator jacket over a dark green tank top, both cut to accomodate her wings. Tinted goggles are pushed up onto her forehead. Close-fitting khaki shorts cover her hips, and a sturdy leather belt is adorned with pouches and loops for tools, including a sturdy-looking monkey wrench. At the center of her back, nestled between her wings, she wears a small rocket-pack of some sort, crafted from a shiny brass-like metal. The controls for the pack can be seen at her wrists, poking from her jacket sleeves. Her feet are covered in dirt-mottled light athletic shoes of the sort a climber might wear.

( Many thanks to artist Osato-Kun for the lovely sketch! https://photos.app.goo.gl/ddLHZKWM1sSD7WbP6 )


A sleek and lean vixen, uniformly grey, is purpose built for her task. She's upright at 5' 8", or 6' if you let her cheat and use her ears. A pair of blue-grey eyes are framed by her short cut brunette hair. With a modest chest, matched with curvy hips, and an athletic form help compliment her remaining feminine figure. Behind her, are a pair of large black wings, a cross between a dragons and a bats, that fold away neatly, and have little digits at the ends. Behind her spreads a fan-like membrane where her tail should be, it compliments her wings and acts as a good rudder for flight.

She's got her partial flight jumpsuit on today, a green material that hugs her body tightly. Slots cut out for her tail and wings. She's got aviators tucked into her collar, and a hip belt for flight and slight tactical value is secured around her middle. A clear patch is sown into her jumpsuit's shoulders, with #2221 slotted into it.


A black drone, non-humanoid. Superficially its profile resembles that of a cheetah or a hare (lanky limbs, thin body, what look like two long ears), although it's larger than either, about the size of a mastiff, and its tail is long and thick. When they can be made out the claws of the feet seem articulated, capable of folding into different configurations for loping, running, climbing, or clawing.

The profile of the thing is hard to discern, contours and angles indiscernible within the black silhouette, but the outline is generally hunched and when not actively moving, the drone is quiet, still, silent. Until violence is required.

It has no eyes.


At first glance, Kasimir looks like an odd wolf or some other canine. The profile of his jaw, muzzle, and lips looks wolf-like, although his ears are more fennec fox or maned wolf than timberwolf or coyote. His six foot-plus frame has a slender, athletic build that reflects a lifetime of activity, and his gait is a little springy and fluid. The sable-hued fur that covers most of his form is set off by two soft amber eyes, and a silken mantle of chocolate-brown hair that has been tied up in a ponytail; the ponytail hangs down to just belong his shoulders, and is woven from three intertwined cords. The critter's tail is a long and snake-like limb that stretches nearly as far back as he is tall, and is capped with a slight poof. Kasimir is wearing a wine tshirt that fits loosely over his frame, and a pair of baggy khaki cargo pants that fall at just the right length along his very long legs. Dozens of pockets adorn the pants, and the heavy cloth belt supports a clip with his keys. As to footwear, Kasimir is wearing simple heavy waterproofed leather climbing boots that manage to look snug around his feet and tie up with sturdy cord laces. Aside from his clothing, the critter is carrying a messenger-style backpack cut from a heavy canvas-like cloth that can be slung from one's shoulder on a broad shoulder-strap, and is fastened shut with heavy bronze fasteners.


Kyizl stands about 5'11", the young Amur Leopard looking to be around 23 years old. His build suggests he spends a lot of time outdoors; trim, fit, strong, agile... all these are good descriptions of his form. Short black hair tops his head a little messily; feline ears poke through and manage to stay above it all. His fur has markings typical for his species.

Today he's wearing gray cargo shorts that come down to just above his knees and a snug, black t-shirt with the word "Meow?" on it in medium-sized, white letters.


A short, white rabbit in a sharply cut summer suit with a two-peak pocket square. He'd look pretty unremarkable were it not for the absence of color: The figure's body and dress maintain a monochromatacy akin to old wet-plate photography, all silvery greys and pale shadows. Neither the bright lights of a room nor the golden glow of sunlight seem to touch him correctly. The only exception is his eyes which are tinted just ever-so- slightly red.

With that odd appearance, it doesn't feel like he's quite _here_ in the same sense of the rest of you, but there's no obvious source to explain his presence.

He has a friendly smile in a professional, confident demeanor and he speaks with the archaic mid-Atlantic accent of old newsreels and radio.


This is a peacock, with a long, graceful neck and thin, delicate legs. His size and shape more or less correspond with an ordinary peacock's; his colors are another matter. His body is snowy white, and his train (the massive fan often mistaken for a tail) is made of vividly-colored feathers in alternating shades of the rainbow.

He carries himself with the pride expected of his species, strutting as he walks with his head bobbing forward and back. His long train is usually folded up, trailing behind him, but when he spreads it out, he can put on a show: the colors of his fan can swirl, shift, or even show pictures.

Around his neck is a small, golden choker with a smooth, purple gem in the front. Sometimes noises, music, or speech seem to come from the gem in his necklace, but when he opens his beak only ordinary peacock sounds come out.


https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C--pOF8U0AAl759.jpg , or read the following text description: -0- Standing before you is a hi-tech feral robotic dragon, some 25ft long and 8ft to the shoulder. Layered with angular, geometric plates all over that gleam a polished silver, the dragon's aesthetic design conjures an elegant and personable appearance, managing to move fluidly and gracefully with a high level of articulation. Interestingly, it is safe to pet and stroke anywhere - the metal is soft to the touch and nothing is sharp enough to hurt or pinch if not engaged in a combat situation. -1- Starting with the head that cranes down to inspect you, a familiar beaked axehead shape that flattens on the left and right, and has the upper arch up then jaw jut down with a sharp tip to overtake the lower jaw, has a flattened top with two horizontal bands mimicing the scales an organic dragon might have there. Purple camera optics glowing purple gaze at you behind translucent screens that flicker with a golden HUD, shifting and focusing. Two horns with a spiraling indent run straight back, curving downwards before straightening out and tapering to sharp points. Earfins made of smooth metal struts and sails are highly articulated and used to convey emotion, while three 'spines' that travel down the back of the dragon's head fan downwards towards the neck, but can flare out to show surprise or tension. When the jaw gapes open, a hint of a breath weapon cannon can be seen. -2- Traveling downwards, the dragon's neck is segmented with overlapping sections that have similar cross-sections - boxy and metal, yet aesthetically stylized to appear elegant and 'organic' as much as the rigid confines of the stylization can manage. The front of each segment is pushed out to form a 90 degree angle, with a small square 'outcrop' that overlaps the segment below it (closer to the dragon's tail end). Similarly, the back of each segment is slanted backwards on each side, coming together at a point overlapping the segment below it. This pattern continues all the way to the dragon's tail, the armour above and below framing the articulated segments underneath. -3- The dragon's shoulders are layered in geometric 'frames' of armour, that expose the omni-directional spherical joints on the sides, glowing purple as they shift and orient. Framed from above and below by more artistically geometric plates are the dragon's forearms, ending in enlongated talons that carry a surprisingly high degree of dexterity and can be used for fine manipulation despite their apparent bulkiness overall. In comparison, the hip segments are far more bulky and boxy, consisting of single segments with the purple Patashu Industries ( https://i.imgur.com/kAPgEhg.png ) logo on them, exposing the omnijoint at the base as they lead into the bulky hindlegs that end in sturdy, arched eggshell talonned footclaws that are stable enough to stand and skid upon.


The young, winged female in front of you stands with a normally calm, emotionless expression. With a height of about 5' 10" and a slender build, the female dragon-fox's most noticeable attribute are her large wings. While the wings are dragon style, they are completely feathered in blacks, metallic dark purples and blues, and hints of silver. The edges of her wings tend to be silver, while the innermost sections are purples and blues, and everything in between is jet black. The wings fold up relatively compactly and form a feathered cloak, but when spread each is quite large and longer than she is tall.

Besides the wings, Sora's form is a clear combination of dragon and black fox. Poking up from her silver hair are a pair of black streamlined horns, easily several inches long, and near the outside of those are her fox ears. Headhair flows to shoulder length, but cut to keep out of her orange colored eyes, irises clearly dragon rather than fox. She regards the world pointedly, taking in every detail. Beyond those details, her dark-furred face looks like any other black vixen, though well groomed.

Lower down, her form is trim but athletic, with slim, toned muscle bound to a body that seems surprisingly sturdy considering it can go airborne easily. Where present, Sora's foxfur is primarily black, with hints of gray along the front of her torso. Where the typical 'socks' might be found on a fox is instead covered in black dragonscale, including her hands and feet.

Rather than the usual tail, this hybrid sports matching tailfeathers! Resembling a bird's, the long tailfeathers can raise, lower, and spread to help control her movements in flight.

Currently she is wearing a snug, grey t-shirt and lightweight combat pants. The t-shirt gives you a good look at her slender form, showing off the wiry muscles on her arms and flat stomach. While she looks strong for her size, she's not extraordinary. The back of the t-shirt is especially designed for her wings; twin hemmed openings with zippers going to the bottom give plenty of room for her wings and make for easy removal, the feathery appendages hiding any fur exposed. Grey, black, and white urban camo combat pants cover her legs, revealing just a little little of their curves and providing a clasped hole for her tailfeathers. Her plantigrade footpaws are covered by matte black combat boots, and her head is uncovered.

Vehicle Descriptions


You see a VTOL Aircraft produced by Patashu Industries, decorated in lavish purples and golds, a compact showpiece built for speed and performance rather than transportation. It has a 10.5m length, 6.3m wingspan and 11.41ft rotors mounts on the edge of long, straight wings, the fuselage narrow and the tail split off into two tall fins forming a V shape. The propellers at the ends of the wings are have three rotors each and whirrr noisily when in operation - able to tilt upwards to produce vertical flight and even hover in place, or forwards to climb and cruise, having a full range of motion to direct flight in any direction, able to mimic the flight profile of a helicopter or fighter jet as needed. -0- With a paint job that touches on every surface, the aircraft is a sight to see. The cockpit and nose have been decorated as though a draconic muzzle - with fiery golden eyes, maw showing a hint of fang, nostrils pluming painted golden smoke backwards, and horns and ridges swirling and painted on. The stems of the landing gear are gold and the underbelly has been patterned stylistically to hint at the idea of legs and claws lined up with a draconic profile. The wings take on something more stylized - swirling wind and cloud lines sweeping backwards, and a pattern of streaming flames streaking along the bases of the rotors. The sides of the tailfins bear the Patashu Industries ( https://i.imgur.com/kAPgEhg.png ) logo in gold, and the flanks of the fuselage bear the markings A-VSP109 and the cursive title 'Azimuth'. -1- Several decorative elements have been installed for special effects - smokescreens and cloudwriting equipment on the back to paint in purple and gold, and a pyrotechnic dragon's breath to light up the sky in front with flares and jets. The painted eyes of the dragon muzzle can also be backlit and shine like spotlights. The aircraft can also project a holographic avatar of its piloting AI (probably Patashu but could be someone else!) internally or externally.


This chunky, slab-sided, floating stone structure might be a small piece of architecture or a large piece of modern art. From the front it is a sloped wall of shiny brown-red stone 45 feet tall and half as wide, with a large round metal-and-glass window top center, like the hole of a keyhole. From the side it is 'r' shaped in profile, 100 feet long, its stony surface interrupted by more jewel-and-metallic splashes, as if they were natural inclusions in the material.

Calamity Jane

Before you is the Gremlin Guild Skyship 'Calamity Jane', the first gremlin-built airship on Spindizzy! Nearly 100 meters long from nose to tail, this vessel stands ready to soar through the skies over Spindizzy's landscape. Differing from a more familiar blimp or zeppelin design in many respects, the Jane sports certain prominent features that give it a birdlike appearance, with the rounded front cockpit area being mounted forward of the ship at the end of an enclosed gangway 'neck', tipped with a beaklike spiky sensor array. To the sides are wings with engine pods and large propellers mounted at the ends, capable of tilting upwards for extra lift or forwards for speed. An additional row of propellers are at the back, mounted on an axle between the main body of the ship and the vertical tail rudder. Much of the surface is plated with silvery-blue metal, with the top surface of the gas envelope in a darker color providing both countershading camoflage and mounting area for solar collector panels. Just in front of the rudder, a small observation turret extends upwards. The smoothly curved cabin and cargo area is below, with wide windows providing visibility. (coming aboard? <board_skyship>)

Hammer 14 Delta

The Hammer is a large, heavy, yet sleek wedged aircraft. A slanted wide cockpit, gives a commanding view, a multitude of plexiglass covered pockets hold the sensors. Vertically mounted large turbine based engine pods start at the midway point down the craft. Two pairs of jets straddle behind the turbines. A thrust vectoring engine is placed on the end, above the loading ramp to the Hammer craft. Small stubby, sweepable wings allow the craft to switch between regular flight, super sonic flight, or VTOL modes. Weapon bays adorn the top of the craft, guided missiles and smaller unguided rockets are stowed here on hardpoints. The bay is hidden away, flush with the fuselage. Two undermounted hexa-barrel railgun-rotary cannons are mounted underneath each cheek, with a pair of grenade launchers sharing each turret. A refueling boom is tucked off to the side on its right cheek. A molded thermoplastic sheath is fitted over the refueling boom, stretched rubber covers are stretched over the dual rotary cannons.


The sleek outline of the NIM Hyouka is roughly dagger-shaped, with a point up front and main engines in back. She's several hundred feet long, and less than a hundred at her widest, giving her a long profile only a couple of slender stories tall. She's perched on four woven wood-and-metal claw feet, forward and back. The Hyouka's elongated diamond profile is broken a quarter of the way down the blade by a notch framing what looks like engines: mingled inner rings of crystal and steel supported by fin-like vanes of a dull gray metal. A quartet of similar engines frame the rear of the diamond, with the pairs offset in height and angle. A groove is cut into the underside of the ship from the rear point into the space behind the engines, and its profile is filled with a dull white crystalline spur that looks like frozen, spun cloudstuff braced with heavy steel ribs. The rest of the ship's profile is dark, smooth wood and carefully built metal plates that form a sturdy hull, ventral and dorsal steering fins webbed with white cloth, and a couple of open forward decks. Between the decks, a slender rib of light blue crystal rises up from the ship's profile, forming a subtle ridge that glints in the light. A trio of white crystal domes are set along the centerline of the back half of the ship, framed by the dorsal steering fins. Finally, a trio of grooved tubes cut into the forward hull ( two above, one under ) suggest torpedo tubes.

NBC Blimp

It is a small blimp, around 100 ft in length, with a cute and friendly profile. It is close to oval but a bit wider on the nose end. The tail end has four fins painted with a vibrant livery of rainbow stripes. The skin of the blimp is white, with an NBC rainbow peacock logo in the center which can be seen by day. It is obscured at night, though, by the grid of color-shifting LEDs that covers both sides of the blimp and allows animations or just sweeps of color to dazzle onlookers. There is a small cabin that holds the pilot and a few lucky passengers.

Tinken Toe

The Fruitbat & Co. Tinken Toe is a bright red bug-shaped flying craft, powered by two wing-mounted helicopter propellers which can be adjusted to change pitch and direction. The hump backed body of the craft is wide and the underside has been mounted with a small water canon along with supply bucket and winch. A large symbol of a hanging fruit bat carrying a hose has been painted on the side. The control area is located in the front of the craft, behind a segmented windshield. To enter the craft, you step through either of the large passenger doors. [intoe]


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