The second mission into Chevesh's Tesseract was Corsa (as Personed Transport), Voksa, Niny'ah, Kobalt, Patashu, Mako, Vahno, Amy, Thea, Kon-Iro Kitsune/Azure, with Chevesh using a Telepresence Drone.

(Note for editors, when trimming OOC, check for contextual relevancy.)

Log begins while still in Patshu Industries, perspective Niny'ah:

Chevesh Expedition 2 LOG

( At some point during the investigation, digging deeper past where the computers were, Kobalt will discover a receiver for collecting remote-broadcast power. It doesn't seem like the sort of thing that would keep the robot powered continuously, but it would receive a trickle of power over a long period of time to charge the battery banks. )
Amy will bring her stuff to the apocalypse-o-matic!
Amy leaves for Primary Factory Complex.
Amy has left.
Kobalt blinks and tilts his head as he finds the receiver. "Hey, Voksa? Think you could help me check what this is?"
Mako blink. "um."
Voksa perks up! "Sure. Has some pretty serious power cables on it."
[OOC] Voksa says, "I think Amy wants to do the weapon tests somewhere else? I'm not sure."
[OOC] Chevesh has to go to the AoM temporarily. You got this though, I'm not micromanagey. Assumptions welcome.
[OOC] Chevesh says, "Yeah, Amy wants to do the gun tests on Mako's cacti somewhere safe."
Kobalt says, "I think it's for remote-broadcast power... Like, wireless charging long range."
Voksa says, "Yeah. Looks like a microwave antenna, maybe! Not super high-powered though. I think we could practically exhaust the robots."
Mako has left.
Emma has teleported in.
Emma has arrived.
Capricious Proxy arrives from Primary Factory Complex.
Capricious Proxy has arrived.
Azure waves
Capricious-Proxy says, "Oops, wrong door."
Chevesh has left.
Capricious Proxy leaves for Primary Factory Complex.
Capricious Proxy has left.
Voksa says, "Hi Emma!"
Emma says, "Hi..."
Kobalt checks the voltage of a single cell, seeming to find it's still not dropped below the minimum discharge voltage, and decides to put it back in place to connect them up again. He then wires up the way the computer was connected to them again. "Now... hmm..." He scratches his head. "Azure, would you be able to send power to this receiver for us?"
Azure yips, "Sure! How much do you want?"
Azure doesn't even touch it, just commanding current to flow through the wires, however much is desired.
Kobalt does make sure to disconnect the computer from the weapons, sensors, and communcations systens to be extra safe that they don't power on and allow a warbot itself to go running off by mistake. "Considering these robots have a lot of cells in them, I'm unsure of how quickly they'll discharge completely." He says, to Voksa. He then looks at Azure, "I believe it was meant for just providing a trickle of power over a long period of time to charge up the battery banks." He holds up the microwave antenna used as a receiver.
Kobalt also makes sure that the computer doesn't have power sent back to it from the batteries and that it only sends it to them, to avoid that trying to start up on them.
Emma says, "...what is going on here...?"
Azure yips, "Warbot dissecting."
Emma blinks.  "--where did we get warbots?  Other than from Patashu."
Kobalt says, "...Inside Chevesh's tesseract."
Emma blinks again, pausing.  "... I missed something."
Relee says, "I think I'm going to do something else for a while. Good luck stemming the tide of certain annihilation!"
Azure yips, "We aren't anywhere near certain annihilation."
Relee sticks his tongue out, "I was only kidding. But still, good luck." he says. Then he heads off!
Relee is picked up by a large hand and carried away...
Relee has left.
Azure yips, "We're a type IV-minus civilization at least, it takes a lot to annihilate us."
Kobalt's got a multimeter in place to monitor the power going to the battery banks, thinking for a minute as he watches what happens. "It seems this is literally just a trickle charger, too. Surely it's not the main way of charging them... unless, huh... remote-broadcast power would probably be received even if they're not in the tesseract anymore, considering how Chevesh seems to work?"
Patashu has connected.
Raindrop wakes up.
Patashu click-emerges from a slot.
Kobalt waves to Patashu. He's playing dissect the warbot and learn how the computer and power source works.
Patashu nice
Kobalt says, "...They use very large battery banks of lithium iron phosphate batteries. Like... Massive banks."
Patashu hmm!
Kobalt says, "And has no proper way to charge other than over a long period of time from a trickle of power being received via remote-broadcast power. At least that I can find so far. But... now I'm kinda curious..."
Patashu rumbles, "Hmm, wireless power..."
Vahno has teleported in.
Vahno has arrived.
Vahno waves.
Patashu rar
Azure scoops Patashu up one hand, nuzzling him into their palm.
Azure yips, "Hello, little dragon."
Patashu cuddles in and nuzzles, closing eyes and prrrring.
Patashu rumbles, "Hey, Azure!"
Kobalt reaches into the shell and undoes the wiring from one of the bricks, very carefully removing it. He doesn't ask Azure to stop providing the receiver with power since he can handle electricity coming into contact with him just fine. He inspects the battery and scratches his head. "Patashu, quick question."
Patashu leans forward and looks down, "Shoot?"
Kobalt says, "Does PI have any chargers compatible with lithium iron phosphate batteries? Preferably a quick charger, for that matter?"
Patashu rumbles, "Yeah, we can do that. Curious about something?"
Kobalt says, "I am wanting to get the computer to power up while it can't communicate with anything else since it's been disconnected from everything. Safest way to not fry it is to power it the way it was intended to be powered."
Patashu rumbles, "Makes sense!"
The smoking, dented wreckage of a Dragonite (pear dragon pokemon) unit is being wheeled in a cart by two kobolds towards the Junkyard.
Kobalt says, "So, I need a charger to charge um.. well, this."
Azure yips, "I can just charge the battery for you if you want."
[OOC] Kobalt will provide the spoof from Chevesh stating the size of the batteries all stacked up on top of each other just for reference.
( The bricks are fairly large, and extremely heavy. Roughly 2'x2'x6", and many of them stacked and wired together. )
Kobalt says, "Hmm."
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "back"
Kobalt says, "Perhaps we can work together, Azure."
[OOC] Ping returns from food-idle.
Ping waves to folks who've shown up.
You say, "Oh, iron batteries? just shove a lead-acid charger at it"
Azure grins and sits up straight, "Sure."
You say, "The voltages are close-enough on a 4s and the chemistry is extremely forgiving"
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "you have activated my Infodump Card!"
Kobalt holds up a paw and lets blue arcs of electricity move around on it for a second, then looks at Niny'ah. "Hm. I suppose if we wanted to group them into 4s, we could do that, or just do it this way."
You say, "eyyyyy Patashu. you got any battery charge balance- controllers for Iron [LiFePO4] cells?"
Patashu thumbs up! Sends a kobold over to take Niny'ah's order
Azure offers Patashu a glass, "Would you like some fuming carbonic acid?"
Patashu sniff sniff. "Why thank you!"
Niny'ah directs the kobold to deliver the wiring harness and charger packs to Kobalt
Emma is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.
Emma has left.
Ping curls up, yawns.
( It looks like a big mess of Gator Clamps and wires, but the charge-box lists exactlly how to hook it up, anywhere from SSingle Cell to 16s (48v) )
Kobalt perks and accepts the wiring harness and charger packs, reading over the list for a moment before starting to wire it all up inside the bot properly, making sure nothing is going to short from things touching or anything like that. He goes with 16s, and the bot has... a *lot* of groups of 16 cells inside it. He then connects the charger packs to the base's power grid once it's all good.
( Fortunately, the kobold brought several of the packs, but somewhere in the base, a gnoll looks up at a monitoring panel as the power grid recieves the inrush-load from the large amount of battery chargers. )
Kobalt has permission from Patashu to do it, so... it'll be fine.
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "oh, no alarms were thrown, but you generally notice when Big Things Turn On"
[OOC] Kobalt says, "Yeah, I figured that was the case after I hit enter."
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "like, my house, we have three window A/C units. you can Tell when any of them cycle the compressor on becauise the lights in the whole house fractionally dim momentarily"
Azure lies down on their side, entailing themself.
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "the startup-inrush power draw for a motor is somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-8x the continuous-run draw, because it's starting from a Dead Stall"
Azure hands to Voksa for some reason.
Kobalt says, "So, about the computer itself though..."
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "incandescent lights are Even Worse, at 9-10x startup surge, but they're generally a lot smaller power draw than the kind of motors this becoems evident on"
Voksa says, "Woah! I didn't realize ferret-based computing had become so advanced..."
Azure grins
Niny'ah . o O ( it's a series of tubes! )
[OOC] Ping huhs. "I knew inrush current is a thing, but I wasn't aware it's *that* huge."
Kobalt says, "The actual main computer itself is... nothing surprising. The only surprising thing about it is that it's nothing surprising."
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "damn near fell out of my chair when I learned that during my electrician course"
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "like, EXCUSE ME??"
[OOC] Ping says, "I've read about the importance of having appropriate diodes in place to handle that sort of thing, when it comes to small circuits."
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "those are backlash diodes"
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "or 'snubber' diodes"
[OOC] Ping says, "That was the name, yeah."
Kobalt says, "Solid state memory, and run on electricity. The configuration of the parts is the only odd thing with the computers that sorta throws you off at first."
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "they're used on DC circuits to dump the 'rebound' from the field-collapse of the motor coil"
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "on Small DC circuits, you use a tank/smoothing capacitor to deal with motor inrush"
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "inrush and snubbing are different problems"
Kobalt looks at Patashu, "So, I think they could also probably be reprogrammed fairly easily as a result, but that's just me making a guess, since it's unclear without actually being able to power it on, but... hmm..."
Patashu rumbles, "If they are, that'd be great."
Azure pets-a-shu, closing their eyes.
Patashu rumbles, "Doing well, Azure?"
Azure yips, "Oh, I think so."
Patashu rumbles, "I slept in! So I'm that kidn of 'catching up on sleep debt' tired."
Azure chuckles
Azure offers Patashu a Caffalgorithm.
Patashu shlurp.
Patashu's player is unaffected by caffiene, funnily enough. (It's genetic.)
Azure yips, "Iiinteresting."
Kobalt says, "Huh, that is interesting."
Azure did, in their younger days, experiment with making ephedrinated chocolate-mint flavored soda. Mostly to cover up the godawful flavor of ephedrine.
Voksa says, "Oh! Does anyone still need acid-proofing before the excursion?"
Somewhere on the muck, Peril has connected.
Patashu, since it's on his mind now, asks Azure, "Do you happen to know anything about why paradoxial reactions are a thing?"
Voksa says, "...Ideally on spacesuits, it would take some extensive alterations to acidproof flesh and I'm no alchemist."
Kobalt blinks. "Uhh... I'm not sure." He says, to Voksa.
Kobalt does pause and digistruct his spacesuit. "I guess having this acid-proofed would be a good idea. Just to be extra safe."
Azure perks, "Yes! Sort of!"
Azure yips, "in that I know that nobody actually knows why but this is very likely because there's no general cause and each paradoxical reaction happens for different reasons."
Patashu rumbles, "tl;dr 'fucking biology'?"
Azure yips, "I know caffeine can make some people tired who seem to skip the 'alertness' effect but  get the 'rebound'."
Azure yips, "Opiate paradox effects seem to be in some cases caused by differences in liver metabolism."
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "I'm in this picture and I don't like it"
Vahno says, "I wonder if you could upgrade my hazmat suit."
Azure yips, "Antidepressant paradox effects, at least the DNRI ones, seem to come about because they tamp down the aboulia and general inability to act before they m ake you not completely miserable."
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "@ Azure's caffeine comment"
Kobalt also listens to what Azure curiously, out of character anyway.
Azure yips, "Fb crbcyr raq hc noyr gb npg, cyna, naq qb guvatf orsber gurl fgbc srryvat fhvpvqny. (CW: Self harm.)"
Patashu hmm!
Patashu also, that's a clever way to have spoiler tags in text-only
Voksa says, "What's your hazmat suit like, Vahno?"
Voksa inspects Kobalt's gear!
Kobalt's still curious about what it says.
Ping squeaks, "Lots of things that have psychiatric effects have *very* nonlinear effects at different dosages."
[OOC] Azure says, "Run it through rot13"
Vahno says, "Wearing it right now, cause It's fun sometimes."
Kobalt has a fairly heavy-duty EV suit, rated to protect against a lot of things, but probably not flourine gas and perhaps a few other things, but it mostly looks like a spacesuit made to fit a kitsune.
Vahno holds his arms out and spins around to show it off to Voksa!
Azure grins
Patashu rumbles, "Vahno can wear full hazmat, as a treat."
Azure grins at Patashu, "But to answer your question, TL;DR GRRR! BIOLOGY! GRRR!
Azure yips, "Yes."
Mako has teleported in.
Mako has arrived.
Mako poit
Amy has teleported in.
Amy has arrived.
Chevesh has teleported in.
Chevesh has arrived.
Kobalt also nods to Ping. "That's very true."
[OOC] Ping says, "Manages to implement rot13 clumsily in under a minute, and nods to Azure."
Ping ers.
[OOC] Kobalt also nods to Azure regarding what they said.
Ping waves to Mako, Amy, and Chevesh. "Heya."
[OOC] Voksa says, "Is it like, a rigid suit, Kobalt?"
Azure curls up and hugs Ping, too.
Kobalt waves to Chevesh. "So... Uh, we had an idea.
Ping hugs Azure, and sighs a bit.
Vahno gently bops Pata.
Chevesh pads back into the quarters, turning to examine the robot dubiously as she walks past its now-opened shell. She waves to Ping with a fond smile, then pauses and perks her ears at Kobalt as she stands up. "Oh?"
Amy is standing atop a moving hover-sled driven by and aswarm with kobolds.  Even on the move they're assembling some sort of spider mech.
Somewhere on the muck, Rakasti has connected.
Patashu bleps, and settles into the cushions to half-burrow.
[OOC] Kobalt says, "Oh, take a look at me real quick Voksa. I swapped descriptions real fast."
Mako returns from her test, in full god-mode. "... now I need to go get my normal clothes back. o.o"
Patashu rumbles, "How'd you do?"
Chevesh glances to Mako. "Do you want to borrow mine?" She rumbles. "I can just switch forms to use a different outfit."
[OOC] Kobalt says, "That will give a better idea of what it looks like. Although, I'd say it's not completely rigid? I'm not actually sure what to consider it."
Voksa says, "Hrm. I can put a coating on hard plates and such, but flexible parts are tricky. I'd have to replace those with diamond polymer."
Mako mm... "I'm good, just gotta work out what to wear."
Kobalt gestures to where he's charging up the batteries of the bot with everything else disconnected. "I think if we power up the computer for it, we can find out how easy it would be to reprogram the warbots into something else." He tells Chevesh.
Amy says, "What's the computer look like?  How sophisticated is it?  These things are all over the place in tech level"
Chevesh stands up to lean over the computer, sniffing at it quizzically. "Not quite what I was expecting either." She rumbles. "Do you need a lot of extra power? Or are you good on that?" She inquires, turning her head back to Kobalt.
Kobalt has disconnected any weapons or dangerous things for the bot from the computer. "It's... nothing special, honestly. Just computers with solid state memory, running on electricity and connecting to each other in ways that you don't normally see so it takes a minute to realize what you're looking at." He says to Amy, then to Chevesh, "I think we have what we need to run it."
Amy says, "Are you telling me that we're gonna get shot up by an army of raspberry pi's?  Eff Eff Ess.  Chev...  maybe shield yourself while this thing is on?  Uh.  Do we have a portable faraday cage?"
Thea arrives from elsewhere in the base.
Thea has arrived.
Kobalt checks to make sure the banks have finished charging before reconnecting them together again, properly. He also says to Voksa, "It's fine if you need to change it like that by the way, I have more of them."
Thea hurries in, clankclankclank!
Patashu rumbles, "Hey Thea!"
Room: Patashu's Personal Quarters
      >Thea               female      mecha-manticritter                |Myril
 IC   Chevesh             Female      Melanistic Leopardess                   
 IC   Amy                 female      Lynx canadensis                         
 IC   Mako[8m idle]       Female      Kami Nekomata                           
      Vahno[9m idle]      Male        Hazmat Kangaroo                         
 e^-  Azure                           Terrifying Giant Fox Monster            
 ic   Ping                female      mouse                                   
      Voksa               none        Spaceship-Dragon                        
 IC   Niny'ah             female      Winged Unicorn Anthro (Synth Suited)    
 IC   >'Kamare[asleep]    Herm        Dragon                   |Kamare[asleep]
 IC   >Kobalt             Male        Kitsune                         |Crimson
 EXC  Patashu             male        Anthro Dragon Synth                     
      >Raindrop           female      Anthro Sylveon Synth            |Patashu
---[ Found 13 characters. ( 9 Awake / 4 Zombies ) ]---------------------------
Kobalt connects each group he split into 48 volt battery banks back up to each other, then runs that to the computer directly and lets it start up to see what they get.
Thea, with special backpack containing teflon suit. "Hello!" She'd start putting it on if it looks like we're prepping to go.
Voksa says, "Oh! Good. I can fix it up, then."
Amy is part of the crew hastily assembling some sort of spider mech.  Kobalt's talking countermeasures.  Go time is very soon.
Capricious Proxy arrives from Primary Factory Complex.
Capricious Proxy has arrived.
Thea in that case, puts on her rapid-fit! It has a special removable tailcover, which she keeps in her backpack for now. The mask is kind of like a gas mask, only without any way to breathe.
Voksa takes Kobalt's suit and scurries off!
Voksa leaves for Primary Factory Complex.
Voksa has left.
Chevesh perks up, and bounds over to pounce Thea, rumbling and getting in the way a bit of the attempt to put on the suit just in nosing and nipping at her for a bit.
Patashu mumbles, "Suppose I should get ready too - want me to bring the factory body or the battle body or just something small? Not sure what we need more of this trip."
Vahno says, "Hrm..."
Kobalt's design specifications likely list him as being safe inside Chevesh's tesseract without a suit, but he also prefers to be safe. He watches Voksa run off, then looks at the computer again.
Mako says, "Might want to know what we found out while fiddling with that gun."
Thea says, "I'd vote battle body. In case the warbots call us sus."
Capricious-Proxy says, "Vahno, I can't coat your suit, but I can make something identical with diamond-polymer. It'll feel sort of like rubber! But cold and shiny."
Patashu nods, "Good opinion -" And runs off for a moment.
Patashu transforms into a mighty armoured fortress dragon!
Patashu stomp stomp stomp
[OOC] Chevesh is sorely tempted to have the computer boot up with a Windows 3.5 loading screen. She's not gonna, but it would be funny.
[OOC] Capricious Proxy says, "ppfff"
[OOC] Patashu says, "Windows 3.14159"
'Kamare wakes up.
[OOC] Kobalt snerks.
[OOC] Amy says, "it's evil.  Microsoft Bob."
[OOC] Kobalt says, "That would be pretty funny."
Patashu roars, "Hey Kam!"
Patashu roars, "We're Tesseracting, you in?"
Somewhere on the muck, Kamare has connected.
'Kamare rrs, "Yeah!"
[OOC] Thea says, "Windows Pi. The true form of neverending updates."
( The computer comes to life, once powered, and lights on it that would normally be hidden beneath the casing start to blink. There's very little it does past that point, other than sitting there. If being monitored, it starts going through quick status check of its body, and doesn't apparently like what it finds. The machine is not even remotely intelligent, has no personality, and settles into a period in which it tries to connect to its broadcast equipment, and broadcast a damage report... but that equipment is unhooked, as well. So it sits there, eventually, on standby. )
Thea waves to Kamare, in a very plain and functional teflon suit. Tail-tip uncovered, for now.
Patashu roars, "Aha - it needs orders to want to do anything."
Azure changes shape, slightly, and pads along after the others.
Chevesh nods to Mako. "It's true... Mako and Amy discovered something a little weird about the warbot gun."
Thea says, "Let's hear it?"
Vahno says, "Eh, I think it'll be fine."
Amy puts on her ordinary spacesuit first, then dives into her mech for some tests!  Legs are go.  Hover-mode is go.  
Voksa arrives from Primary Factory Complex.
Voksa has arrived.
Azure hmms.
Azure says, "If everyone's suiting up, maybe I should recruit a partner..."
Vahno says, "One of your siblings? "
Azure says, "Nope!"
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! has teleported in.
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! has arrived.
'Kamare is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.
'Kamare has left.
Somewhere on the muck, Kamare has disconnected.
Kobalt is very much monitoring it, then perks and has an idea. "Ooh, this makes things especially easy, then... We just need a way to send it to another destination instead of where it's expecting."
Kobalt blinks.
Patashu grins, waves to the robosune
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! bows their head
Mako says, "For lack of a better description, That thing is breaking the rules. It's like it's deliberately falisfying divine power. It's not divine, it just pretends it is. So it's going to confuse the HELL out of defenses.""
Voksa scurries in, quite warm, and carrying the modified suit for Kobalt! The hard plates gleam in a strange way, like they've been left out in freezing rain and took on a frozen coating. The flexible fabric-ey parts have all been replaced entirely, and don't look quite as nice- A medium gray with that same crystalline luster.
Voksa says, "Oh! Hello Kitsune."
Thea ponders where she's heard of false divinity before. "Literally..."
Mako says, "I noticed it when Amy was test firing it. It zots like divine judgement.""
You say, "The hell out of---"
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! says, "Summoned, I come. To hunt and explore."
Patashu roars, "A HOLY weapon? Interesting."
You say, "Wait. you're saying it's emulating Hallowforce energy?"
Azure has left.
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!'s eyes shift from pure silver, to a whirling mix of silver with blue.
Thea waves to the konkon.
Voksa says, "Woah. Pretty."
Amy leans out of her spider.  "It sure is.  Mako got the same signature when I made a recording of it"
Kobalt looks at where Kamare was, then looks at Voksa and the suit. "Woah! Cool!"
Amy leans out of her spider.  "It sure is.  Mako got the same signature when I made a recording of her, rather
Chevesh pads over, and sniffs at where Kamare was, confused.
[OOC] Mako says, "Mako made the analogy that it's kinda like how star trek phasers had to modulate to work on the borg. It's wibbling to break things."
[OOC] Amy says, "Ah, I get it.  And you're the thing being broken c.c"
Thea says, "I've only heard of such things being made by Angels and Demons. Capital A and D, the eldrich abomination looking ones."
Vahno says, "I still imagine fake holy would cause real pain."
Amy says, "Mako qualifies, ask her mom."
Mako says, "I'm just sayin', it's probably going to do a real number on defenses. :/"
Chevesh sighs. "Well, I guess Kamare isn't coming." She rumbles. "What is the plan for PI expedition number 2?"
Vahno says, "Keep it away from me."
Patashu roars, "Finishing what the last folks started, and making the Tesseract safe to walk around in freely."
You say, "IF we can find, comprehend, and alter to our desires the Maintnance Planner"
Thea hrms. "Yeah. Judgment is something I know well to avoid. ... Thinking of it though, I wonder if Sufficiently Advanced Magic courtesy a civilization could cut it?"
Amy says, "This stuff doesn't seem that advanced, especially their implementation of the judgement-ray.  They took a recording of it.  They stole fire, basically."
Chevesh purrs, "Are you going inside in person this time? Either way, I'll need Corsa's help to send everybody through."
Niny'ah facepalms.
You say, "Wait"
You say, "something just connected"
Patashu roars, "Yeah, in person this time."
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! asks, "The Judgment Ray?"
Chevesh tilts her head at Niny, with a quizzical purr.
The pattering of many kobold feet can be heard as a change in shift causes them to be re-allocated elsewhere en masse.
You say, "Ad-hoc Judgement Ray using, if I understand Amy right, VERY crude Thracography templates, then what would it be taking the Thracogram of? A Divine being's weapon, right?"
Vahno says, "Gotta need a real thing to make a fake..."
Thea says, "I suppose so..."
Kobalt says, "Apparently so, yeah."
Voksa scurries off for more Rapid Assembly. Then comes back, dragging a suit for Amy! It looks approximately like a fabric bodysuit, from a distance... But the material is half an inch thick, made of shining diamond scales connected by an elastic membrane of the same finish. The helmet sort of resembles an old pulp scifi bubble-helm, made of elastic diamondoid, with ample space for ears and muzzles and headwear underneath!
You say, "so this is making a whooole lot of leaps of logic, but my spitball guess is that whoever set up the Warbots was tyring to use Chev as a Sleeper Agent in a war against a Divine Force"
Amy says, "Yeah.  That has implications.  That somewhere in this factory, they're dipping these things into divine fire or something to make them"
Voksa says, "I made those conduit gloves. They might be a little more fragile than the rest of the suit, stay safe."
Amy says, "Or have discovered something I haven't - how to mas copy these things"
Chevesh folds an ear back, looking at Niny. "The divine claws made me explode." She replies simply.
Patashu *hmmm*
Vahno says, "Maybe because they're Real Divinity."
Thea says, "Though, that's assuming the copy was made of a hostile firing. What if they were aiding their god, and said god let them copy the holy weapon for the sake of reinforcements?"
You say, "I'm using Divine and Infernal here to describe the dimensional or planar forces, not 'good and evil'"
Amy tumbles out of her spider!  "Thank you Voksa!  Just in time!"  Hopping out of her old spacesuit (probably needs a bit of help) to quickly don the thing.
Mako says, "Given what divine stuff did, it feels more like this is just an emulation at best. I don't know what to make of it. It feels Wrong."
Vahno says, "...Also, now I'm wondering if I should REALLY go on this trip."
Niny'ah grimaces. "Given you're a Lesser Infernal, it... might be better not to.
You say, "want to run a drone though?"
Amy nods to Mako, "Sounds like whatever did this is *really* hostile to divine things."
Thea sways her tail. "I'm hoping to get my hands on one of those things myself if at all possible. And if Chevesh permits, of course."
Vahno says, "Hrm... No..."
Amy says, "Define 'those things'"
Thea says, "Holy fire thracogram."
Patashu roars, "Not sure what practical uses it could have besides as weaponry, but it certainly sounds interesting to reverse engineer"
Chevesh glances around. She sends out a wireless ping to search for Corsa on the network, signaling a request to meet for the expedition.
Ping yawns a bit. She thinks she's gonna go curl up and doze.
Corsa has teleported in.
Corsa has arrived.
Ping squeaks, "Have fun, you all."
Patashu roars, "Rest well, Ping!"
[OOC] Chevesh says, "PING, no, I was sending you out wirelessly!"
You say, "gnight"
Patashu roars, "Ah, our ride's here."
[OOC] Chevesh says, "Goodnight!"
Ping grins.
Ping crawls off to bed.
Amy says, "Well...  Every CNC bot has a couple."
Mako says, "I don't much want my shields to be tested against that stuff, at any rate."
Corsa appears as a colorful specter, gradually fading to normal vividness with a low roar!
Ping is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.
Ping has left.
Corsa says, "Hello."
Chevesh turns and goes to meet Corsa with a welcoming purr. "Hey." She rumbles. "I think folks are suiting up and getting ready to go back in."
Amy returns to her spider and runs further tests!
Niny'ah signals to some kobolds, who wheel in a streamlined 'backpack' module for the Alicorn suit, as well as dismounting the feather-wings in favor of Gundam-Square foldable jetwings.
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! sits on their haunches, bowing to Corsa.
Corsa bows their head down to Chevesh and Kitsune. "I heard. May I have the robot's computer?"
Chevesh glances over her shoulder toward Kobalt. "It's over there... I think Kobalt is doing something with it."
[OOC] Niny'ah says, " boom!"
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "the opening segment of this song makes a very good Gearing Up backbeat"
Patashu waves a few kobolds onboard to settle in the top-indent. Never know when you need a spare kobold!
Corsa lifts their head a little to look at Kobalt!
Voksa sneaks up with the kobolds to ride Patashu.
Patashu, not quite that big, but a Proxy could slip in.
Voksa awkwardly hangs across Patashu's back! Just another kobold, nothing to see here.
Patashu snort
Chevesh glances up to Patashu, and frowns. "Awwwww! I wish I could go now. I want to ride that."
Patashu roars, "I recommend against trying to be inside yourself."
Vahno says, "That'd probably cause Fun Problems."
Chevesh shrugs. "I can curl up pretty well. But I probably couldn't fold in on myself quite far enough to disappear."
Thea says, "Would it necessarily? ... Though, probably best to hold off on experimenting until all the other problems are fixed."
Chevesh bounds over toward the computer assembly, and points it out for Corsa.
Vahno hugs on Thea.
Kobalt hms? "Oh, yes."
Kobalt says, "You may have it. Um... Just don't short out the batteries or something, please. No telling how old those are, or if they're already damaged from the past."
Chevesh glances to Thea, and folds an ear aside. "That is actually a question I can answer." She rumbles. "Unfourtunately. This body is my anchor in this space, connecting the two. It really does suck when I lose connection to it. I can't really reach these dimensions anymore at all when that happens. Nothing to aim deliveries at. Nothing to connect to. It gets lonely."
You say, "Iron batteries are surprisingly robust"
You say, "oh!"
You say, "Chev!"
Amy says, "So, uh, how does this work?  Is there a teleport pad?"
Niny'ah holds up the VR harness she was using yesterday. "THe flying drone is still inside if you want to telepresence in."
Chevesh perks up at Niny, and walks over to her with an inquisitive purr. Then tilts her head, and reaches out to take the harness and look it over. "OH! I can be there! Thank you very much, Niny!"
Thea ohs. "Hrm. Wonder if you can get a second body for that, Chevesh? If not, at least there's always piloting a drone into yourself. But-" Hugged! She- ah, mask gets in the way of grinning. Still! She squeeze-hugs Vahno back.
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "picture a generation or two newer than 'modern' VR rigs"
Vahno says, "Hey, why not make a full second body for Chev real quick so she can use a full body rig to actually be there sorta?"
Corsa waves Voksa over! Dragons convene, then gather around the computer.
Chevesh nods to Thea. "That was my Ferret... but I kind of used that trick when I used her seed to reconstruct my full presence."
Vahno nudges Pata. "How fast could you make a body here?"
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "stil a headset and Grips, but lots of weight reduction and the grips can 'park' in midair if you let go"
Amy says, "Use a kobold and it's zero seconds"
Patashu roars, "I can't make a body that'd feel Chev-like quickly, but you can use a kobold or something, yeah"
Vahno says, "...True enough, though I dunno if they're Rated for the environ."
You say, "That's for Round 3, I think."
Patashu roars, "Sounds good. No need to delay this even more"
You say, "We've got the Flying drone still inside"
Thea ohs, nods.
Chevesh nods. "I'm happy enough to have the drone for right now. But it's an idea that sounds good enough to revisit for next time."
Kobalt puts his suit on quickly so he'll be ready to go with everyone else, but watches Corsa and Voksa curiously.
Corsa says, "We don't have a telepad, exactly. I believe there was a request for a ship?"
Niny'ah cricks her neck two ways and aa pair of gnolls assisted by a swarm of kobolds gets her extended air supply and jetwings bolted in place using a rattlegun (impact wrench)
Patashu roars, "I believe the idea is... Chevesh can open a bridge, and we all ride Corsa in as our mode of transport."
Thea says, "I thought- yeah, we'd be using Corsa as transit. Since, it'd be a heck of a long walk otherwise."
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! grins
Chevesh purrs, "As soon as you all go inside, I'm going to sit in the Apocolypsotron. Just because, why not... just in case something I can't account for."
Chevesh drops Tesseract Portal.
Patashu roars, "We ready?"
[OOC] Voksa says, "I'm not sure how to portray Computer Things yet, at least not without a lot of figuring out, so that should wait for next time!"
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! climbs up onto Corsa
Thea nods, then looks to Corsa. "Um... though, how do we board you?"
Kobalt says, "I'm ready, yeah."
Niny'ah eye-gestures and a shimmering field of blue hexes manifests around her, close-fitted. "A good third of the space in this (the bolted-on backpack) is a chemical exclusion field projector styled after the Hangar Gate Fields used in bigger starships."
Chevesh nods to Corsa. "I'm ready when you are." She rumbles, taking a last glance at the door, before turning back.
Mako salutes. "Good luck."
Patashu roars, "I love it, Niny'ah. You're like a weapons platform"
Niny'ah grin.
Vahno says, "...Do we have chemical decon stuff ready for when we get back?"
Corsa puts their hands together, then brings them apart with fingers and thumbs in a triangle! The space between them glows... Then shows a gleaming room, all clear and opaque glass. Looks like a portal to part of a warehouse! "All-- What do people say?" they ask, looking at Voksa. "All aboard!"
Vahno says, "At least hoses/showers?"
Niny'ah has the Neon Hero armor turned off but she's still 9 feet of Hoss
Thea says, "I was about to mention 'but if you run out of batteries'... but you're surrounded by teammates that can provide backup power, so. Anyhoo!"
Corsa says, "I brought decontamination equipment for the airlocks."
Chevesh tilts her head, rumbling "Corsa... we have a lot in common sometimes."
Patashu clambers on! Figures he's big but Corsa is Bigger
Thea wanders over to the portal, nods to Corsa. "Thanks by the way!" And in she goes!
Vahno says, "I think Azure's the biggest battery here. In terms of providing power."
Corsa says, "I can't cheat geometry nearly as much."
Vahno hops on in!
Niny'ah hops aboard. She has some weapons, mostly based on hardlight and projected forcefields. Dustgun-class
[OOC] Thea says, "Anyone carrying?"
Amy walks her mechwalker off of the hover-sled, a b it stiffly, but getting better
[OOC] Amy says, ""
[OOC] Corsa says, "Corsa does not have a modeled interior. Fractal layers of actual portals would be terribly confusing :B"
[OOC] Patashu says, "corsa wanna tank? err I mean, carry"
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! climbs up into the room, that is!
Kobalt follows along after them!
[OOC] Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! says, "Dustgun?"
Corsa offers to carry Thea with Corsa. 
Thea scrambles up on Corsa. 
Corsa offers to carry Amy with Corsa. 
Corsa offers to carry Mako with Corsa. 
Corsa offers to carry Vahno with Corsa. 
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! tries to scramble up on Corsa, but slips and falls off. 
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "dust-scale particles, accelerated to hypervelocity"
Vahno scrambles up on Corsa. 
Corsa offers to carry Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! with Corsa. 
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! scrambles up on Corsa. 
Corsa offers to carry Patashu with Corsa. 
Patashu scrambles up on Corsa. 
Corsa offers to carry you. "HOPON Corsa" to accept. 
You scramble up on Corsa. 
Corsa offers to carry Kobalt with Corsa. 
Mako is not coming icly, because prior indicatiosn of divine power would not be wise, but might spectate.
Corsa offers to carry Voksa with Corsa. 
Voksa scrambles up on Corsa. 
Kobalt scrambles up on Corsa. 
[OOC] Chevesh says, "Command, Corsa, is 'Enter Tesseract' when you're ready, as a reminder."
Mako scrambles up on Corsa. 
Thea for what it's worth, brought an old-fashioned bullpup, and also has her tail. Well, the last crew that fought the warbots used kinetics...
[OOC] Corsa says, "Wow, carrying almost the entire room!"
Amy scrambles up on Corsa. 
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "we can say Mako is watching through a Screen-clone with Chev's VR rig"
## Mako goes Out Of Character.
[OOC] Corsa says, "Is that everyone?"
[OOC] Chevesh says, "You think you're lucky, pretty soon they're all gonna be inside me."
Corsa alters the interior space- The airlock double-doors remain visible, but all the white walls show an exterior image. Indoors, it's like floating a few feet off the floor, a strange sensation.
[OOC] Chevesh says, "I am perfectly happy with Mako spectating."
[OOC] Voksa says, "Okay, I think everyone has boarded. Going in!"
Corsa approaches the field of warped light, and visibly deforms as they are pulled toward a distant point in space and vanish.
Corsa has left.
Thea has left.
Amy has left.
Mako has left.
Vahno has left.
Corsa takes Thea, Amy, Mako, and Vahno with Corsa. 
[OOC] Patashu says, "w-huh"
Kobalt blinks.
[OOC] Chevesh says, "For those of you who got left behind, 'Enter Tesseract.'"
[OOC] Kobalt says, "What the heck?"
[OOC] Voksa says, "Oops."
[OOC] Patashu says, "I've never seen hopon malfunction before, weird"
Kobalt approaches the field of warped light, and visibly deforms as they are pulled toward a distant point in space and vanish.
Kobalt has left.
Patashu approaches the field of warped light, and visibly deforms as they are pulled toward a distant point in space and vanish.
Patashu has left.
You approach the field of warped light, and experience the world around you bending outward and around you, receding into a warped, compressed distance before disappearing from sight. A new tableau arises from an infinitely distant point in space ahead of you, and bends forward to envelop your position.
[Chevesh's Tesseract] The Toxic Sky
     It would certainly be useful, right now, if you had no need to breath... or life-support equipment to compensate. Because the atmosphere you find yourself in is choked with toxic chemicals that blister skin and sear the lungs and throat, making suriviving in this awful place nigh-impossible for any unprepared organic being.
     Upon first arriving, you begin in the sky, far above the corpse of a large rocky moon. Many smaller chunks that used to be part of the whole drift nearby, and the moon itself seems to have been gutted, deep visible swaths of its interior volume scooped out and replaced with tiered floors that go on literally for kilometers square, like the levels of a warehouse or parking garage. Evenly-spaced geometric structures have manifested across almost every square foot of the surface area, erupting from one another like barnacles or mechanical fungii, layers built upon layers.
     Across the northern hemisphere of the planet, the gasses that may be threatening to choke you now can be seen billowing slowly from a pair of smokestacks that erupt into the sky around the planet, seemingly impossibly long and thin, easy to snap under their own weight. But they are not alone. They erupt among a veritable forest of pipes and chimneys, all the rest of which issue no smoke forth, gone dead and silent now. Were this a normal moon in normal space, those chimneys would easily reach into a stable orbit.
     You fall beside a massive tower, slowly, the gravity here seeming almost nonexistent. It juts out of the center of the moon, in your direction, high into upper orbit. The top of it glows faintly, pulses of power rising up the impossible mast and disappearing at its point. Large toothed rails also extend up the length of this mast, following its sides, seeming designed to rotate like conveyor belts, to carry something... somewhere. Should you go and check, you will find the space at the tip of this tower completely normal and providing no exit back the way you came. At least, not now. Not for anything physical. It is good that the moon does not seem to move or rotate. It would be easy to imagine that the slightest shift in momentum would snap this tower free from the stellar body without any effort at all.
     The sky in which you and this planet float is dark and unlit from any exterior source. The only light in this dim place comes from the moon itself, the many bright lights that dot its surface projecting into a seemingly infinite whorling cloud of brown and yellow smoke, fogging your view of anything but the moon at any great distance. The... environment, here, feels strange in many other ways. It is difficult to put your finger on exactly why, but the effects of gravity on your body feel wrong somehow. Sound doesn't travel quite right. And, until you have taken time to adapt to it, distance and perspective feel off, the result of experiencing the world through three dimensions as normal... but asking your brain to process it through dimensions that do not exactly function as the ones you are used to, in ways it would be difficult to explain without an exterior perspective looking in. Your very frame of reference is subtly alien, after all.
     From here, gravity will pull you down to the moon's surface, eventually. Though very slowly. You can also grasp the tower nearby easily, and climb down under your own power.
Obvious Exits:
Contents: Patashu, Kobalt, Vahno, Mako, Amy, Thea, and Corsa
## There are possible hidden listeners here.
Patashu scrambles up on Corsa. 
You scramble up on Corsa. 
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "that was WEIRD"
Kobalt scrambles up on Corsa. 
[OOC] Patashu says, "corsa is breaking ride somehow?"
[OOC] Corsa says, "Well, hopefully that doesn't continue."
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "worry about it later unless it affects the scene"
OOCly, Chevesh explodes all the time, but it is best avoided.
Voksa has arrived.
Corsa offers to carry Voksa with Corsa. 
[OOC] Vahno says, "Anyone got an error message?"
Voksa scrambles up on Corsa. 
[OOC] Patashu says, "if it fails a second time we can all ride Amy who's riding Corsa"
[OOC] Kobalt says, "I didn't get one, no."
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "nope, no messages just silent-fail"
[OOC] Amy says, "Things seem to be working here"
[OOC] Corsa says, "The list of people I'm carrying is missing most of us."
[OOC] Thea says, "I bet I know what the problem is"
[OOC] Corsa says, "Oh?"
[OOC] Thea says, "The one on the list where it broke was the mecha-kon. It might be a problem with carrying a vehicle"
[OOC] Patashu says, "Mecha Kon also seems to be having trouble entering here"
[OOC] Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! is not a Real Person ;)
[OOC] Patashu says, "oh nevermind you are here"
[OOC] Thea says, "I didn't get the message for the mecha entering either"
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! goes back to being a zombie.
Patashu scrambles up on Corsa. 
Patashu scrambles up on Corsa. 
[OOC] Thea says, "Yeah, I think the vehicle status was causing the issue"
You scramble up on Corsa. 
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! scrambles up on Corsa. 
Kobalt scrambles up on Corsa. 
Vahno tries to scramble up on Corsa, but slips and falls off. 

[OOC] Corsa says, "Oh, the list is fixed now."
[OOC] Corsa says, "Vahno should already be on"
[OOC] Vahno was making sure
[OOC] Thea says, "Use 'cwho' and make sure"
[OOC] Corsa says, "Yep, I did"
[OOC] Thea nods, good!
RIDE: You carry: 
[OOC] Corsa says, "Okay, all fixed!"[OOC] Kobalt is glad to hear it!
Patashu roars, "Ok, everyone alive and accounted for? No one getting eaten alive by acid, suffocating?"
Patashu does a head count
Chevesh broadcasts to the group that she's in the Apocolypse-o-matic now, and setting up the telepresence gear.
Kobalt says, "I think we're all here and not getting eaten alive!"
Kobalt says, "...hopefully."
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "pretty sure we're in Corsa's holdspace ICly"
Thea sways her tail. "Man, this place is beautiful..."
[OOC] Patashu says, "yeah"
Corsa emerges in horrifying form, hyperspatial compartments all out in a train like some great leviathan. Ahem. They fold back up into their typical shape.
Vahno says, "It's really something."
Patashu roars, "Corsa - check that there's no warbots directly below us, then descend?"
Amy checks in, "Amy, checking in.  I'm OK."  After a few frantic moments she got her spider hovering.
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! watches Corsa refold with appreciation
Corsa surveys the ground, floating alongside the tower!
There will be no movement below the tower to be seen. (and once you get just a tad lower, telescopic sight will be able to hone in on where you saw them earlier, near the factories, since you know where to look. You have line-of-effect if your senses are strong enough. They remain where they were last. You can also get a view of the one to the east of the factory outskirts, near the damaged tower. It seems to be one of the big ones with the blade-legs and the sensor post.)
Patashu checks the readings, sharing with everyone else too. "OK, so no change since yesterday - same two active warbot sightings are in the same places. Wonder how long they've just been marching like that for..."
Corsa puts up zoomed-in images of obvious robots on their impromptu command center walls. "It seems safe. I'll take us down." They silently drop, with no feeling of acceleration on the interior.
You say, "if they run efficiently enough at that slow speed, indefinitely, if my read of the wireless charger was right"
Vahno says, "Who knows... Hope it doesn't change cause we're here."
[OOC] Corsa says, "should I Go Down or wait for a bit?"
Thea says, "Since the last team came in I guess. Might wanna bookmark that command bot though. It'll be a priority target if these things -do- get peeved at us."
You say, "well Corsa is a much larger intrusion than the Drone. Speaking of-"
Amy says, "Egh, there's a command bot?  Thought those were all slagged."
You say, "Chev, you got uplink on the drone yet?"
Patashu roars, "The one to the east I think is a command bot, yeah"
Thea points the one with the sensor post. "That looks like one anyway."
Thea says, "I might be wrong. Kinda hope I am."
Amy says, "Bet you're right."
Chevesh broadcasts, "Yeah... give me a minute, this darn strap is getting caught, and I have to lift the visor... I'm pretty much ready, though. I can see through the camera, just figuring out the controls."
You say, "Unfortunately.... it looks like a dead ringer. "
You say, "Drone can handle a bit of knocking around, you've got some time before we reach ground level to practice"
Amy says, "I think we should check out the bio-domes.  They're apparently tied into Chev's command structure by someone friendly to Chev.  He might have left notes."
OOC: To answer Corsa's query, GM has nothing against going down whenever you're ready.
Thea nods to Amy. "Fair, good thought."
Corsa gradually leans to the side as they fall! "...Oh dear."
Patashu roars, "All good, Corsa?"
Vahno clings to Niny.
Corsa says, "I usually move by manipulation of gravity. ...Gravity does not work right here. Brace for impact?"
Kobalt nods. "Checking out the bio-domes sounds like a good idea for sure."
Kobalt eeps and braces for impact?
Patashu ... oh no.
[OOC] Amy says, "gravity does not work right here?  do spin drives work?"
You say, "if you can just stick the landing we should be fine"
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "it was mentioned yesterday that 'gravity seems Off Somehow'"
[OOC] Patashu says, "I think specifically we observed that gravity's pull is weaker than the mass suggests for an unknown reason?"
[OOC] Kobalt says, "The description of the room does say something about that as well."
OOC: It's not severe, it can be accounted for. Niny suffered the same sort of strange behavior at first on the drone. I don't picture it being something that can't be accounted for, but the dimensions here feel unusual and take some getting used to.
Corsa unravels their leviathan trail as they fall, the room gradually tipping backwards until the back wall is the new floor! going to move...
Corsa begins drifting down toward the surface. When they reach near the stellar body, they suddenly sink much more quickly, thudding onto the ground below.
Corsa has left.
Thea has left.
Amy has left.
Mako has left.
Vahno has left.
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! has left.
Patashu has left.
Corsa carries you along with Corsa. 
[Chevesh's Tesseract] Base of the Ejection Tower
     The surface you find yourself on is not regolith, but a dust-strewn metal plate of some large complex poking out of the surface of the moon. Having gotten a good look from above, you know that this area spans what you could guess to be 700km x 500km, and there are many segments that intersect with eachother to present higher or lower portions of the ground. You are currently at one edge of the entire complex, and can see the strangely smooth and unmarred lunar surface just to your west.
     The Ejection Tower looms far above you, disappearing kilometers into the impenetrable gloom of the yellow-brown clouds. Seeming impossibly slender for its impressive height, it resembles a needle disappearing into the sky, lit with powered rails and crackling electricity and surges from the base to the sky above, causing rumblings of artificial thunder within the clouds, and disappearing. This is the connection to the outside world in the dimensions you came from, though, the apeture may wisely remain closed for all but specific uses.
     Just south of the Ejection Tower, a smooth cone-topped tower rises from the dust off the edge of the metal platform, projecting only five meters above ground level, and with a ladder built into its side that reaches the top and is also covered by the ground below. If you wished to, you could easily climb to the top and explore what this structure is.
     To your immediate east, the signs of battle can be seen. This is also the direction of the immense flat storage yards upon which, even from here, you can see the outlines of distant warbots resting among its many floors. And between you and them, the scars and melted, twisted slag of weapons-fire impacts upon the metal plates, and an immense semi-circular wall of twisted, misshapen robot bodies, the trailing end of which stretches north from there.
     To the north, over the edge of the nearby lunar horizon, you spot the immense smokestacks... all of which seem dormant. And nearer you than that, one of many large, roughly rectangular structures moulded up out of the surrounding metal, towering like a series of immense aircraft hangars in the distance. Brighter, newer-seeming structures that seem very out of place arise before reaching that far.
     The rails of the Ejection Tower, running down the sides of it, bend outward at the base here. One of them stretches north, toward the distant factories, while the other three... representing the other sides of the tower... terminate in large flat pads, with long struts that seem designed to lift up and shift whatever rests upon them onto the rails, and send it shooting up toward the distant point of the tower.
Obvious Exits:
   East, North, South, Up, and West
Contents: Patashu, Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!, Vahno, Mako, Amy, Thea, Corsa, Destroyed C&C Robot [Fake], Destroyed Warbots [Fake], and Spent Munitions [Fake]
## There are possible hidden listeners here.
Kobalt has arrived.
Voksa has arrived.
Corsa carries Thea, Amy, Mako, Vahno, Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!, Patashu, Niny'ah, Kobalt, and Voksa with Corsa. 
[OOC] Amy says, "your mad science dose for today, pata:"
Thea, in a pocket in a pocket! But hopefully she's just bracing for a false alarm.
[OOC] Patashu says, "pff oh no"
Corsa lands on their tail like a spring, coiling up, disturbing the dusty battlefield more than they would've liked. But the landing is... Mostly soft! A few seconds of high gravity. They fold back up and -stand-. They shake their paws clean with every shift, not used to touching the ground.
Amy wurf.  "...Next time I improvise a mech in 45 minutes I won't forget the seat belt.  I'm OK."
Niny'ah watches the steppy. "Bit like a cat who Stepped In Water, eh Corsa?"
Patashu roars, "...Well, that could have gone worse."
[OOC] Thea says, "Cooking by ohmic heating- meh. -- Cooking by ohmic heating of the food itself- thumbs up!"
Vahno says, " okay Amy?"
The telepresence drone wobbles nearby, camera turned in the wrong direction at first, but it spins around in an ungainly arc and then wobbles to a halt as it gradually finds a more stable equilibrium. In the distance, a questioning ping of something requesting a communication link... from the direction of the NE, over a tight beam.
Corsa's thousand-ton weight might actually have their claws sinking into the metal a bit. "I don't like it here, not one bit. Is everyone okay?"
Voksa says, "Uh oh. Something's trying to talk to us."
Thea, bracing herself against the floor, sorta half-sprawled. "No harm, no foul."
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! crouches down for the landing, then stands up. "Accounted, active, safe, and here!"
Kobalt uh oh. "That's not good to hear."
Kobalt says, "I'm fine, Corsa!"
Vahno says, "...uh-oh. What do?"
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!'s ears and antennae focus on the drone.
Mecha-Kon-Iro-Kitsune!!! says, "If it wishes to talk, talk?"
Amy says, "...we could let it talk to the CNC bot."
Kobalt says, "Ignoring it is an option, but that could lead to more problems. So... why not talk to it, actually?"
Corsa's claws, if they dig through at least a foot of steel, will break through into empty space beneath the plate.
[OOC] Voksa says, "Voksa is supposed to be an electronic warfare ship but I don't actually know how that works enough to make up reasonable scifi extrapolations lol"
Corsa detects hollowness. Steps very delicately for something so large.
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "for chev - it has a full wraparound 'dome' camera, but the headset only shows you a pie-slice where you're looking so it doens't need to have a pan-tilt camera head. fewer moving parts too"
OOC: Understood, thank you.
Thea says, "If they're narrowcasting at us, that means they saw us. And no response is usually treated as a problem."
Amy says, "Someone with the digital gear better talk to it if they're gonna."
Niny'ah, being a little showoffy, only bends her knees a little to ssoak up the landing Gees.
The telepresence drone's camera buzzes as it rotates around, its flight gradually getting a little less jerky. But Niny, its pilot is certainly not. Its response time is slow, and it has a habit of over-correcting.
Thea says, "You ripped the IFF right? Use that."
Patashu roars, "Yeah, let's try saying 'hi, we're friendly'"
Voksa picks up the imaginary phone, connecting to outside antennas. Behind a terrible mess of aggressive security, they accept the link and mimic whatever they saw on the C&C bot's computer!
Amy says, "We ripped everything.  The whole CNC is run off something like a pi, Thea.  Can't imagine how stupid the grunts must be."
Kobalt blinks at Amy. "It's not *that* simple, or that low powered for that matter, but it's... not intelligent on it's own either."
The distant ping repeats itself once, but just as Voksa is picking up the line. The communication that comes over the line cannot be described as communication in words, but rather, a rapid string of structured protocols. The message pauses for a while, upon being responded with the dead robot's signature. Then the connection shuts off without a response.
Niny'ah has to run several different searches on the spinternet before she understands the reference to a 'pi'
Vahno says, " that good or bad?"
Voksa says, "Oh! That worked. They think we're a friend! I hope."
Patashu roars, "Nice work!"
You say, "keep a close watch on them. if they power up weapons, melt 'em"
You say, "Is Corsa a Waxwing?"
Kobalt blinks. "That was... interesting."
Corsa says, "I am. Where do we go first?"
Niny'ah . o O ( so basically immune to direct-fire from the Hallowgun )
Amy says, "I'm suggesting the domes, as they might offer insight into Chevesh's architecture"
Patashu roars, "Let's go north, and check out the newly installed buildings - whatever they did to hook into Chevesh's control systems, we can try to replicate"
You say, "I seccond that vote"
Kobalt says, "Yeah, I agree with Patashu."
Vahno says, "Yeah."
Amy says, "Agred"
You say, "We want to get things set up to improve the situation, combat only if needed. We have enough firepower here to probably slag the factories but lets not go wasting effort"
Somewhere on the muck, Sirianna has disconnected.
Corsa says, "To the north, then."
Kobalt says, "Yeahhh... We don't need to do harm to Chevesh either."
Corsa awkwardly takes a few steps, hovering wings fanning out until they can compensate for twisted dimensions. Soon the gravity inside them starts to feel approximately right, and they lift back up to fly there faster!
Corsa leaves for [Chevesh's Tesseract] The Factory Outskirts.
Corsa has left.
Thea has left.
Amy has left.
Mako has left.
Vahno has left.
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! has left.
Patashu has left.
Corsa carries you along with Corsa. 
[Chevesh's Tesseract] The Factory Outskirts
     Here, to the north of the Ejection Tower, you stand in the shadow of many enormous, roughly rectangular structures to the north of you still. Even though you have not reached the edges of these mighty buildings, their mass still dominates the view in that direction. Each of these must be one of the [factories] in the array around which this entire landscape has been built.
     The [rail] at your feet, which leads in the direction of the Ejection Tower, can be seen to split apart further north of you, leading to only one of these immense buildings. The rest of the factories that you can see at this distance seem to have rails leading east, toward the storage yards.
     Just on the eastern side of the rail, though, a trio of much smaller [buildings] catch your eye. They seem very much out of place in this landscape, amidst the oversized, unapologetically stark and industrial environment.
     To your east, you can make out a short tower of some kind, that seems to be partially scarred and damaged by battle.
Obvious Exits:
   [Factory] Complex, East, South, Warehouse [1], Warehouse [2], and Warehouse [3]
Contents: Patashu, Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!, Vahno, Mako, Amy, Thea, and Corsa
You found one cat in a cat costume!
## There are possible hidden listeners here.
Kobalt has arrived.
Voksa has arrived.
Corsa carries Thea, Amy, Mako, Vahno, Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!, Patashu, Niny'ah, Kobalt, and Voksa with Corsa. 
Patashu roars, "Oh, this is SO much faster than the telepresence drone."
Thea nods. "And seeing that we haven't been shot at yet, I think the trick worked."
Command Robot arrives from [Chevesh's Tesseract] Control Tower.
Corsa says, "That's not one of us."
You see nothing special.
You see nothing special.
Vahno says, "...Erm. Trouble?"
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! grins
Command Robot emerges from the east, hovering over the ground without visible thrust or wings. It is heading in your direction, perhaps curious or on a patrol path that was avoided through luck last time.
Kobalt says, "Uh oh. That may be trouble."
Patashu roars, "Voksa, wanna say hello again?"
Mecha-Kon-Iro-Kitsune!!! says, "Send the Friend Codes to it?"
Niny'ah watches apprehensively
Thea says, "Wait for it to address us first. That seems to be the protocol."
Thea says, "We are, after all, dumb robots. We do not talk unless spoken to."
Amy says, "beep boop, maggot"
Vahno says, "Hopefully that works-pffft."
Corsa thinks like a war-bot drone. A skin of phased-array antennas help them look the part!
Thea... cackles!
Thea says, "Thank you Amy, thank you."
Voksa snrk
Kobalt snickers.
Vahno says, "God, I hope they're that dumb."
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! stands still and doesn't try any active scans, then.
You say, "if they use a hub-and-spoke command model, they could be"
Vahno says, "Just watch for weapons heating up or something."
Kobalt nods in agreement with Niny'ah.
Command Robot settles lightly to the ground a little ways away from Corsa, its legs splaying out to clatter on the steel-plate floor. It watches you for a few moments, and then the post with the communications and sensors snaps upright to the top of its domed fuselage. Its weapons are not extended.
Voksa says, "I'll send the friend codes if it asks again..."
Patashu roars, "Getting ready to talk, I think..."
Kobalt says, "It looks like it..."
Niny'ah lets the Techfolk handle this, she doesn't have anywhere near as sophisticated a radio suite
Patashu asides to Niny'ah, "I guess this means we don't know how many warbots still function, either."
Corsa stands SO STILL, staring it down. To electromagnetic senses they look like the salvaged robot, but more sophisticated sensors might still see... A bizarre mess of machinery compressed into a small dragon-shaped space.
Somewhere on the muck, Jaxen has connected.
Command Robot starts broadcasting the identity request again, along with indication of a timestamp for when Corsa was last recorded in inventory. It requests a damage report and log of activity. It helpfully sends its own, which is mostly boring, many long years spent pacing the same ten feet of space ever since it was woken up to fight off invaders. If you listen to all of it, you can have a bot's-eye-view of the history of Raol and co.
Voksa says, "Aha, a cover story..."
Patashu roars, "Why don't we pretend we're one of the broken robots come back to life?"
Voksa says, "Good idea. Make it look like we're malfunctioning? ...It's telling me its whole life story, so we have a bit to figure it out."
Amy says, "show ten years of low battery or something"
Voksa says, "Oh, yeah! We could make it think our wireless charging doodad broke and we're going to the factory to get fixed."
Kobalt says, "Yeah, low battery would make sense in this case."
Vahno says, "Sounds plausable."
Chevesh broadcasts, "At least twenty. Plus however long I was drifting through space to Quadlibet... not sure how long that was. Oh, maybe this robot knows, if it's been keeping track of how long since it woke up."
You say, "oh heck yes. This is actually a lot of very good information (presumably Corsa has a terminal window open to share the info)"
Patashu roars, "Yeah, please slurp that up for later"
Voksa fabricates a story of being damaged in the same fight as it, and gradually losing battery power until digging themself out of the battlefield just now! They have the example to copy the format of, thankfully. They send it with the scavenged identification.
Corsa displays whatever they receive, after searching it for possible terrible brain-poison. You never know.
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!, or at least the Azure part of the compound, offers to help with the brainpoison scan.
Command Robot's log rapidly skips through a lot of intervening time... at least three hundred years since it was activated to fight off invaders. (Which, should actually be considered a shockingly short amount of time, when it comes to someone hurtling through space to a distant location and randomly impacting an inhabited place.) The earliest and final part of the log shows a brief flurry of activity in which it was chasing invaders, and then they disappeared. This robot is still searching for them, since it does not comprehend where they might have gone, and has been stuck in a loop ever since.
Corsa says dryly, "Ah! A fellow poison tester."
Voksa helpfully suggests that the invaders may be over there, on the opposite side of the planetoid. Yeah, way that way. Just keep floating, I'm sure you'll run into them eventually.
Kobalt keeps track of what's going on, making notes of things curiously.
Command Robot broadcasts acceptance of the data, and helpfully tries to upload the assumedly missing program data needed for you to dismantle yourself for raw materials. But it doesn't hang around to make certain you do, and gradually rises back into the air, drifting back the way it came.
[OOC] Kobalt giggles at Voksa being 'helpful'.
Patashu roars, "Makes sense. The control hub got destroyed, so nothing has had a chance to tell it to do something new."
Niny'ah also presumes Corsa is doing both parsing and winnowing for details-of-value
Thea says, "Three hundred years... a blink of an eye out of millions."
Vahno says, "...Well, that worked!"
Command Robot actually starts going in a faster heading toward the opposite side of the planetoid.
You say, "Sounds more like Spindizzy ran into Chev than the other wya around"
Thea says, "That's usually the case."
Voksa says, "...Huh. That worked?"
Mecha-Kon-Iro-Kitsune!!! says, "We might need a new Friend Code."
You say, "They don't have a Central Authority so Any Good Idea Is Accepted"
Mecha-Kon-Iro-Kitsune!!! says, "If it thinks we've just disassembled ourselves."
You say, "Now then, we should be able to work uninterrupted. Onwards!"
Corsa is parsing in a... Somewhat peculiar style. Streams of processed data, with occasional popups to the sides with things that might be interesting. They seem to be competing, occasionally appearing over each other, with a few different ideas of what "interesting" means.
Niny'ah dramatic pose
Voksa says, "Hmm. That's true..."
Voksa says, "Well. We should get another destroyed robot somewhere and copy its drivers license."
Voksa says, "But for now!"
Amy says, "Let's go and find one!  onwards!"
Voksa says, "Were we going to look at the warehouses, or what?"
Kobalt nods, "That's... true. Or we might be too low on battery to currently disassemble ourselves?"
Patashu roars, "See the buildings labelled 01, 02, 03? Those ones first"
OOC Well, that was interesting and fun, I was not expecting the bot to be sent to the other end of the planet but... the moment it believed your story, it really had no reason to suspect you of lying to it.
[OOC] Voksa says, "bahaha"
[OOC] Voksa says, "To tell you the truth, I was also not expecting it to be sent to the end of the planet."
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "not the first time we've Snowed a Big Bad Bot like that I don't think"
Corsa says, "Ah! I know exactly what order to visit these helpfully numbered buildings in."
Room: [Chevesh's Tesseract] The Factory Outskirts
      Voksa               none        Spaceship-Dragon                        
 IC   >Kobalt             Male        Kitsune                         |Crimson
 IC   Niny'ah             female      Winged Unicorn Anthro (Synth Suited)    
 EXC  Patashu             male        Armoured Fortress Dragon                
      >Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsu            Mecha Kitsune, Unsurprisingly     |Azure
      Vahno[3m idle]      Male        Hazmat Kangaroo                         
 OOC  Mako[2m idle]       Female      Kami Nekomata                           
 IC   Amy                 female      Lynx canadensis                         
      >Thea[3m idle]      female      mecha-manticritter                |Myril
      >Corsa              none        Spaceship-Dragon                  |Voksa
---[ Found 10 characters. ( 6 Awake / 4 Zombies ) ]---------------------------
[OOC] Vahno says, "Always be ready for folks to do something wild and crazy."
Corsa leaves for q.
Corsa has left.
Thea has left.
Amy has left.
Mako has left.
Vahno has left.
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! has left.
Patashu has left.
Corsa carries you along with Corsa. 
     The air in here causes any fur you may have to stand on end. It feels as though the atmosphere of almost pure carbon dioxide is charged, and those who can sense such things will feel a mild magnetic field in place. The end of the building facing the rails outside is hinged in such a way that the entire wall can open, though a highly flexible, elastic plastic sheet fits over that door, stretching over the rail that runs into the center of the room, seemingly to keep the interior as sterile as possible while allowing something to pass through to the outside.
     The room is dominated mainly by 24 large [pods], 12 on each side of the room, and each one is secured in place by a pair of large mounted clamps that fasten securely around them, capable of lifting them slightly off of the floor. The floor itself has metal-lined grooves in it, each leading from one of those pods directly up to the turning mount at the end of the rail, with physical switches visible wherever two of these grooves meet and join eachother.
     A small, flat platform rests beneath one of the pods, with a post set into those grooves, and latching mechanisms on its flat upper surface that seem designed to latch securely into the bottom of these pods. It is currently still. But one of the grooves leads toward the north wall, where a wide, short plastic hall leads into the second building, providing a means of traversing between them. A second smaller tunnel leads to the third building, and through that tunnel, a large tangle of different tubes of varying sizes spreads through the walls of the room, each leading to a variety of connectors that allow them to be directly plugged into the pods themselves when at rest.
     Against the outer wall, attached to one side of the rail, is a [computer console] with a display in familiar characters.
Obvious Exits:
   [Design] facility, [Material] storage, and Exit
Contents: Patashu, Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!, Vahno, Mako, Amy, Thea, and Corsa
## There are possible hidden listeners here.
Kobalt has arrived.
Voksa has arrived.
Corsa carries Thea, Amy, Mako, Vahno, Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!, Patashu, Niny'ah, Kobalt, and Voksa with Corsa. 
[OOC] Voksa says, "This room seems to be just called "q"..."
Each of these pods is a white plastic and borosilicate glass pill-shape, measuring about five meters long and three wide. Many of them are empty, but nine of them are filled with a clear, faintly green-tinged fluid. The four nearest the exit each seem to contain the empty, drifting skin and muscle of Chevesh's easily recognizable leopard appearance, all in various states of damage. One holds the skin of what looks like a fruit bat, though its physical characteristics seem somewhat 'off.' A charcoal grey and white fox skin rests in another, sporting three tails, though one of those tails is white and seems as though it should belong on a different species. A smaller black rabbit-skin rests in yet another, with a scar upon its face. The ninth filled pod is a cloud of drifting black scales and transparent fibers, where the skin of her dragon form is constantly jostled around. Inside each of these filled pods, quiet motion never ceases, as arrays of thin delicate arms hold the skins open and move them around, fastening intravenous needles into them or shocking them lightly every so often, keeping them healthy and viable while not in use by tending to their needs.
OOC: Huh? Did the description get lost?
[OOC] Voksa says, "The description is here!"
You say, "Corsa, can I hop down? I want a closer look"
[OOC] Voksa says, "the name is q"
Niny'ah is recording, of course.
Vahno says, "Anyways, if we don't run into that specific one again, we should be fine, for a while."
Somewhere on the muck, fluffy has disconnected.
OOC: Oh, very odd. It should be 'Biological Storage.'
Vahno says, "Want me to go with ya Niny?"
Corsa butts their head up against the warehouse door. "...I don't think I can fit inside. All offboard? It doesn't seem like there's any horrible acid present."
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! grins
You say, "Yeah. we're looking for the interface that Raol used to link it to her main template"
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! climbs down out of Corsa and pads over to the Computer Console
The drone flits in behind, wobbling and bumping against a wall. Chevesh, still linked to the group, curses under her breath. "Niny made this look so easy."
Patashu hops out, and examines. "Yeah, this is definitely the building that makes Chevesh's skins. Now to figure out how it got hooked in."
Corsa sticks a paw out into the room, and opens up an egress portal!
Amy isn't launching her probe under the circumstnces but is recording everything else she can.  Atmosphere spectrum, radiation, and she's trying to track down the frequency the use for broadcast power.
Niny'ah holds her arm out for Chev Drone.. "Perch here, use the sample claw."
Voksa gasps! "Niny, where'd you learn falconry..."
You say, "I don't think telling you to do 'calming breathing' would work the same way as for an organic...."
The drone flits over, and extends an arm to latch onto Niny's arm, then perches there like a badass bird of prey while her camera swivels around.
Niny'ah smiles Mysteriously to Voksa
Thea follows the rest out, examining the computer console first and foremost.
Kobalt hops down to go with the others curiously.
Amy follows in person, not in her spider, trying out the diamond suit
Niny'ah . o O ( we're in a Cleanroom with a filtered atmosphere )
Patashu raises a claw. "I think it'd be educational if Chevesh swapped skins right now."
Voksa says, "These tanks of skin are horrifying. I love it."
Niny'ah . o O ( so the Chemical Threat is low )
Thea says, "This might be connected to Chevesh's brain, though I expect it's more likely connected to a control computer covering the whole facility. Said control computer would then be connected to Chevesh."
Kobalt . o O ( It seems full of carbon dioxide though? )
Amy . o O ( I still can't breathe pure CO2, so suit is required, e ven if silly )
Patashu roars, "Think about what would have to happen - Chevesh would have to consciously make a request, it would have to be received here, the skin would have to be sent out, and it'd have to arrive on her body. That's a lot of steps that work right every time."
Vahno says, "...wild. Yeah, feel like swapping skins Chevesh?"
Niny'ah . o O ( by the measures of such things, CO2 is 'pleasantly inert' )
Kobalt says, "It would be educational to have her do that, yeah."
The computer console has more information available than what is strictly described. It is currently not hooked into Chevy's automated system, but it is remotely in communication with her brain. It seems as though there is a separate system for automated deliveries, and the readout indicates the platform outside that is meant to fold onto the rails. Apparently it uses that physical connection to tap into the automated delivery program. Much information on the technical details of how to communicate with that system can be gleaned quite readily, none of the computer's file structure is locked or hidden.
You say, "Lets find the network links first so we can SNiff the protocol"
You say, "Or... Huh. Guess Raol figured Infosecurity was actively not-needed here, because anyone present would be Friendly."
Chevesh: "I could try to swap skins. Whenever you want me to do that."
You say, "That makes life a whooole lot easier"
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!'s eyes flash blue and they start sniffing and feeling around to home in on wireless transmissions or the telltale fields around more permanent connections.
Thea gestures to the console. "The computer's got a plug. I wonder if we couldn't just plug in, and decompile the programs to get the protocol?"
Voksa pulls a cable out of their mouth.
Patashu roars, "Yeah, let's slurp up all the delicious information."
Vahno says, "Getting a copy would be informative."
Niny'ah steps aside for Voksa and Kon-Iro
Vahno says, "...Should we ask Chev to swap while you're getting the info?"
Amy says, "...this place gets deliveries from somewhere.  How does *that* work?  That's interesting.  it'd mean tapping into *enemy* warehouses, no?"
Azure will readily detect two bands of wireless communication connecting these buildings with somewhere to the south. One in this warehouse, and one in the warehouse nearby. There is actually a veritable spiderweb of wireless signals tracing through the air toward the top of the ejection tower you arrived at, like a spiderweb of unseen bands of light.
Voksa tries to plug in to the computer... And fails with a clack! They turn it the other way and fail again. "...Oh no! Somehow it's rejecting my conn-- No. Wait. It's just one of those rectangular ones."
Thea, also listening in on wireless; she has stereo antennae too for direction finding. "We could try looking at whatever makes similar signals to this too."
Vahno gently bonks Voksa.
Azure will also detect a massive river of electrical power, not nearby, but running through the space below the surface somewhere directly south, leading to the west.
Kobalt listens in over wireless as well, wanting to get the information for later.
Thea will also be able to detect the wireless signal connecting this computer and the one north of you to the distant ejection tower. As will Kobalt. And Voksa. Everybody will.
Voksa snrks, bonks Vahno. They plug in and create a storage device, and type with clawtips on the amusingly undersized keyboard to just copy everything over.
Patashu suggests to Amy, "Do we think maybe this lab doesn't need to get resources from other warehouses - it just gets them from the ejection tower directly? Like, Chevesh has a snacc of organic material and it gets sent here. I forget if I ever asked her how upkeep works before."
The computer does not resist the efforts to copy its protocols and/or file structure directly. It doesn't even put up token resistance. It reminds you of a kobold. It is just happy to be of service.
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! lifts an ear, pointing straight down, "I think the main power conduit is...there."
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!'s tail(s) double, swishing outwiard, each poking its tip into the wireless band, seeming to be crownd with the image of an eye for a moment as they try to Tap the Signal.
Chevesh: "I actually do have a readout of my organic resources, right now. They must be kept somewhere. I also don't see the... the thing that makes the skins here."
Patashu roars, "Maybe in one of the other two buildings."
You say, "Not surprised, that's what the Drone's sensors indicated during the first visit. There's a BIIIIIIG power bus heading west fromt he Tower"
Thea says, "Then, let's ask her now- ah. How big is the cache of organic resources? Is it moonishly big? Or 'could fit in one of these new builings' big?"
You say, "So that's why you're such a fiend for slim-jims. it's hella protein for skinfabbing"
Amy crouches and presses her palms against the metal floor.  Black shadows spread from her touch as she extends her stranger senses.  She wants to finally get a FEEL for this place.  What is this building founded on?  More rubidium, or is there actual rock below this mess anywhere?
Chevesh: "Ah, it's pretty big, I've been eating a lot recently, hehe OOH SHIT--" There is a lot pause and scratchy static, in time with the wireless connection Azure is tapping receiving a burst of activity. For a moment, Azure can feel her mind's connection to the device directly, and depending on whether they can translate the language the sensations and information encoded in, they might experience first-hand a rush of surprise and momentary fear. "--hold on, something's tapping my network, moment... "
Niny'ah !
Vahno says, "Azure!"
Voksa says, "Us? Or something else?"
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! pulls their tails out.
Patashu blink blink! Looks around, before wondering if it is indeed Azure.
Thea looks around, then to the mecha kitsune?
Kobalt blinks and looks around as well, then glances over at Kitsune.
Somewhere on the muck, Elissa has connected.
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! gestures to Niny'ah, "She suggested we find the network links and sniff the protocol."
You say, "well Voksa was hardwired. I'm not sure whether Kon-Iro was using only Listens or transmitting"
Amy: You will feel metal floor beneath the building you are in. How far do your senses extend?
Vahno says, "I think we may need to give more warning."
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! was just listening.
Niny'ah frowns. "Something's Not Right, if we weren't using broadcast and something is messing with your radiolink."
Vahno will note his earlier tone of voice wasn't meant to be upset at Azure or anything, just exclaiming that Azure's doing The Thing.
[OOC] Amy says, "through dirt, maybe six feet.  through metals and crystalline materials, quite a lot further, 50 to 100 feet"
Kobalt says, "That is concerning."
( Darn toneless text! )
A few moments go by, and Chevesh's signal comes back. "That was weird." She says. "I felt like somebody was watching me for a moment. I must be getting paranoid."
Somewhere on the muck, Beltrami has connected.
Mecha-Kon-Iro-Kitsune!!! says, "I was watching you."
Mecha-Kon-Iro-Kitsune!!! says, "Though passively."
You say, "That shouldn't throw up interference warnings"
OOCly: Not singling out Azure, you're good. I know you were just listening. Apparently she was able to detect it, somehow. That wasn't just a misunderstanding. You can feel free to be ICly puzzled about that.
Mecha-Kon-Iro-Kitsune!!! says, "Though I didn't know it was you, just tracing the network links in the area."
You say, "just Sniffing Packets on the waves"
Patashu roars, "Well, the robot factory part of the place doesn't have good security, but maybe Chevesh's mind does"
You say, "OH"
You say, "Maybe you got in the path of a Tightbeam"
Amy says, "What's 'passive'?  Even just plugging in tells a switch you're there, even if you don't get an ARP"
Thea says, "Note, we are dealing with a magical mind. And when dealing with magic, Feeling of Being Watched is a thing."
Patashu roars, "Chevesh does seem to have a ton of volition, so it makes sense that her mind would be protective of itself"
Amy: Up to six feet in every direction... the buildings are placed upon metal floor, with an empty space below them supported in struts. You don't feel stone nor metal shavings below that.
You say, "trying to intercept a Tightbeam Link will alert both ends"
Amy says, "...Hey guys. These places got a basement.  Maybe a significant one."
Patashu roars, "A basement? Ooh."
Thea says, "Is that a feature of the buildings though, or the moon? I don't see a door down."
Corsa says, "Oh! Yes, the world seems to be hollow, for a substantial distance. I felt that when I *landed*."
You say, "bet you a nickel that's just Hollow Space 'underground'"
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! grins, "Well, I can try something else.
Chevesh: "Oh, OH. Okay. That's actually a relief." She responds to Azure. "I got the crap scared out of me. That's not a channel that usually does anything, other than just link up with my skins system."
Kobalt says, "That sounds interesting..."
Corsa says Landed with not-quite-disgust but some discomfort.
Mecha-Kon-Iro-Kitsune!!! says, "I think our idea was trying to watch the channel while you changed skin to see how everything was controlled."
Vahno says, "We'll let you know next time we do the scanning."
Mecha-Kon-Iro-Kitsune!!! says, "Though I'm not sure if this area is related to the Warbots."
Mecha-Kon-Iro-Kitsune!!! says, "And I shall have to engage in more /exotic/ taps, perhaps."
Chevesh: "Oh, I can totally do that. Are you folks ready? I don't mind if you watch the signal, Azure, I was just startled."
Niny'ah to KOn-Iro, "IT's not, this is an Addition by her previous Squad-friends, their medic was an absolutely brilliant mind who designed her Skins. 
Thea says, "Say! We could deploy drones into the other buildings to get a good look at the whole process while we're at it."
You say, "Pata, you have Kobolds yes?"
Patashu's kobold give thumbs up.
Chevesh: "Okay, I can give it a few minutes, just let me know when you're ready."
Amy peers through a plastic sheet.  "...I think I found 'materials storage'.  There's big tanks of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, et cetera.
Azure has arrived.
Thea looks through the door to material storage. "... Oh. Yep, there it is!"
Amy says, "Mystery solved.  But then what the hell is the basement for?"
Azure emerges, raising their paws, not touching the tight beam, instead focusing their attention on it to Know where the photons are and what they're doing, seeing whether this triggers the same awareness as poking something into it.
You say, "it's not a basement, Amy"
You say, "It's just the Hollow Subsurface of the planetoid"
You say, "This whole place is Manufactured."
You say, "there are NO silicates, no mineral oxides."
You say, "it's all straight metals"
Azure's lack of physically interfering with the beam doesn't appear to trigger any response from Chevy.
Amy says, "You mean it's not a moon?"
You say, "Exactly what I'm saying"
Voksa says, "You mean... *that's no moon*?"
Niny'ah shoots a GLARE at Voksa. "I was trying to avoid making that reference dangit."
Niny'ah cracks a grin a moment later
Thea says, "For that matter, I think that might also be your stomach in there, Chevesh, so to speak. Not just materials storage."
OOC: Funny story, my boyfriend's discord name is 'The Moon' but crossed out. I like to joke with him that he's not the moon, because I'M the moon.
Voksa gently bonks head on Niny'ah.
[OOC] Voksa says, "HAH"
Vahno bonks Voksa again, chuckling. "Wait, stomach? ...should we have Chevy eat something?"
Niny'ah bops Voksa lightly on the shoulder, in good humor.
Voksa says, "I'm on the way with snacks."
Azure . o O ( SnaxFox )
Thea says, "See those processing tanks?... I wonder if food also gets broken down in there, into elements that are then used to synthesize things anew."
The drone turns its camera to regard Vahno, at the question. She still seems to be waiting to be directed to do something. "Oh, hey." She says a moment later. "I just got a visitor, one moment. Have to take the headset off."
Amy says, "Why would someone build a hollow moon-sized sphere and carpet it in rubidium...?  That doesn't seem sound structurally.  I don't get where all this rubidium comes from in general"
Voksa says, "I have delivered snacks."
Vahno says, "Congrats Chevy, you get to eat for Science. "
Thea says, "Say, Azure. One thing I've noticed also about this place..."
Thea says, "There's a charge here that's making me feel a bit fuzzy. Also, a magnetic field. But why would this whole facility need an EM field around it? ... Can you try mapping it then sending us the map?"
Patashu roars, "I wonder if the EM field is designed to deflect warbot signals"
Kobalt says, "Yeah, I've also been noticing that Thea. I just figured it was some sort of interference until now, though."
Azure's ears spring up and focus on Thea. Azure says, o/` Awroo? o/`
Azure says, "I can! I was wondering the same myself."
Thea nods. "Try mapping the electromagnetic flux at large around these three buildings? Then show us the map. There might be a reason there's weird fields around."
Azure does 'listen' to the network signal and share anything that comes in as the result of the Snack-transaction. The Snaxraction, as you might say.
Azure says, "Soon as I finish running Promiscuous Mode."
Outside the warehouse, a rapid flurry of activity happens. One of the platforms snaps onto the rails, and a white canister shoots out of the warehouse beside you at a rapid pace, disappearing in a loud blur and a blinding flash of light that carries it up the rail and the side of the ejection tower, sparking a crashing of thunder in the clouds. Less than a second later, it crashes through the atmosphere back along the rails, getting rapidly kicked off by the raising platform, and carried through the warehouse at a blinding pace to come to a stop sealed into one of the canisters in Material Storage. The liquid sounds of processing then starts churning from that building.
You say, "Woah!"
Amy says, "aaaawhat"
You say, "Nobody got beaned byt that I hope?"
There was a flash of signal along that wireless beam, immediately before this happened, signaling the computer in one of the other buildings. A very short request.
Kobalt says, "Woah! Okay, that's actually pretty cool!""
Azure dumps it out, transmitting it to anyone capable of hearing it.
Patashu roars, "That was *cool*."
Vahno says, "Sheesh! But wow!"
You say, "You saw that on the drone's cam I hope?"
Chevesh's voice comes a moment later: "Mmmm. Jerky. So what happened? I had my headset off, I was eating."
Amy says, "we had a small orbital delivery.  quite ballostic."
Niny'ah tinkers with the drone's radio link, so Chev can command a playback ffrom her fvision
Voksa says, "Woah! Cool! You have a space elevator esophagus."
Niny'ah providers a Play button in the virtual screen of the headset
Thea whistles. "Well, on one hand, I think I was right. On the other hand, you spend orders of magnitude more energy delivering food to your stomach than the food could ever concievably carry. That's PI levels of flashiness."
Chevesh: "Wow. That seems kind of unnecessarily... energetic. If it were me, I'd just have the delivery happen closer."
Patashu chortles at Thea. "I like the joke, but it's a viable point too - wonder what powers Chevesh's different bits."
You say, "Nothing about this place is Thinking Small, and it's got more power than it knows what to dow with"
Voksa says, "Yeah, where's all this power come from?"
You say, "That will be west of the Tower"
Thea says, "I'm... actually curious myself, considering whatever it is might've been running for -millions of years- without a refuel."
You say, "if all sensors are right (and there's too many in agreement to doubt them)"
Chevesh: "OOH I'm excited! I actually know the answer to this one."
Voksa says, "Oh?"
Niny'ah perk?
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! points at a spot on the ground, tracing along it with a paw, following the line. "It's travelling there."
Thea listens in?
Amy says, "The atmosphere's mainly helim.  Could conceivably be fusion.  It --"
Chevesh: "Yeah, Azure actually helped me out with it when I got to SpinDizzy. I have a kugelblitz array. Azure helped me jump-start it again."
Vahno says, "...Cool!"
Vahno whispers to Niny. "What does that mean?"
Voksa says, "Woah. So, black holes turning mass to energy somehow? I guess food becomes much higher-energy like that..."
Niny'ah searchy searchy.... "It's a Light-pumped black hole
Niny'ah, softly, "Holy Shit."
You say, "Voksa, no Mass in it."
Chevesh: "Yeah, I don't think I use the food for energy. Just for materials."
Somewhere on the muck, fluffy has connected.
You say, "Just light pumped "
Patashu roars, "Oh, well, damn. That'll do it, won't it?"
Voksa says, "Mass and energy are the same thing, when you collect enough of it together to collapse."
Thea says, "So, it's... literally the exact thing I've been trying to work on building myself. Hah!"
Voksa says, "I think the distinction here is, the black hole was initially -made- with just light."
You say, "Exactly, Voksa"
Amy says, "So it's not a reactor of any sort, just a really big (or small) bottle?"
Chevesh: "I never did actually ask what a Kugelblitz -was.- I think I knew, at some point. I guess that was a good memory to keep though."
Voksa says, "If you don't throw anything new in, I think it's just a really big battery."
You say, "yeah, black hole formed by just pumping absurd amounts of energy through a pinpoint of space"
Thea says, "A kugelblitz is where you have light with an energy density high enough that the equivalent mass-density makes a black hole."
Azure nods, "Precisely!"
Voksa says, "That's an impressive heart..."
Azure says, "they're one of my favorite things."
Azure asks, "Going to change your skin or should I go a-mappin'?"
Voksa says, "Well, if it powers a friend, they're one of my favorite things too now."
You say, "it's a light-fueled Hawking Furnace"
Chevy: "We should go check it out! Oh, yeah, lemme change skins. Uhhhhhhh... maybe stand clear of that conspicious rail in the floor, and hold onto something... "
Thea says, "Yeah, literally what I've been working on. I'm curious to see a working one in action. Might give me useful ideas for my own work."
Azure and the Kitsune hang on to each other, and on to something nearby, still watching the Network.
You say, "which... at some point I lost track of the scope involved; my brain just went 'Nope' and Checked Out so it's all just Words right now"
Amy stands very clear of stuff
Voksa gets out of the way!
Kobalt makes sure to hold onto something while staying out of the way!
Thea keeps well to the side, but still where she can see stuff.
Amy says, "It looks like they didn't solve the problem of Chevesh's command protocol, but vice versa."
Patashu roars, "I think you're right, Amy. They basically just build a second protocol on top of it, that Chevesh directly thinks thoughts at, and it knows to intercept materials going in and out to use the same rails but for an unauthorized purpose. Right?"
The carbon dioxide atmosphere within the warehouse shifts around like a solid mass, as the tube carrying on of the lapine skins snaps out into the middle of the floor, and then shoots out of the front of the warehouse as the wall opens. It doesn't even pause as it gets snapped onto the main rail, and shot at ludicrous speeds to follow a beam of flashing power along the rail, ascending into the distant sky with another peal of rolling thunder. The sound has barely begun, before the white pod is back, and thrust back into the building to slide against the wall and into place with a dull *thud* that rattles the entire building. It now carries a black leopard skin, divested of its interior structure, and floating amidst the fluid. Hoses snap out to connect, and mechanical arms within the pod begin shifting the skin around, injecting it with something and pulling it out gently in place. Then the wall facing the exterior snaps shut.
You say, "sounds like it"
Patashu yeeep. Eyes wide as he watches. "Cooool."
Voksa says, "These machines are SO COOL."
You say, "holy shit"
Voksa says, "...I want to ride the tower but that might be bad on the other end."
Niny'ah provides Chev a Play button, in case she had the headset off during the swap
Patashu roars, "So it doesn't on its own help us rewrite the warbot factories, but it does give us useful info - that it doesn't try very hard to not be subverted, so we might be able to do it with a new Clever Trick"
Vahno says, "Wwwwow."
Chevesh does activate the play button, before she speaks. "Thanks, Niny." She says. "I had to take the headset off again... wow. That's pretty excessive."
You say, "That tracks - internal Infosec is .... almost nonexistent in here"
Amy says, "Yeah.  We've done the easy bit ...  Unfortunately ...  it is now time to bell the cat"
Thea does finally grab something to hold onto when the air starts churning. "Those tanks are some quality gee-compensation too."
You say, "this is a space never expected to encounter hostiles so infosec was actively avoided, it seems"
Chevesh says, "I can confirm that the systems are not difficult to subvert. It's how I get anything done around here. Well, anything interesting. It's like, being tucked away outside of space meant that nobody bothered with much security."
You say, "So that's a bit of a relief - once we find it, "all" we have to do is co-opt it, not Break in first"
Patashu roars, "With that in mind - how interested are we in a trip to the warbot factory to make a feasibility assessment today?"
Niny'ah punches her palm. "I feel bold right now."
Vahno says, "Fuck it, let's go."
Voksa says, "Very interested."
You say, "Corsa, have you figured out anything about the structure of the IFF so we can Spooof arbitrary Warbot classes?"
Chevesh, amused: "Can you lure a warbot onto the tracks so I can see how far they fly when I make a component delivery? No, wait. Don't do that, that's dumb."
Somewhere on the muck, Jaxen has disconnected.
Corsa rolls Deception in the background
Kobalt hms, "I'm willing to do it. So yeah. Fuck it, let's do it."
You say, "Spiballin, Chev, that they have a Hazard Avoidance protocol against that"
Amy says, "I'm not getting any readier"
Azure says, "Pause for a moment before you do, I owe Thea a map."
Thea nods. "I'm ready to go. Once- yeah."
[OOC] Corsa says, "How practical would that be? Making up random fake but correct details from two examples seems tricky."
OOC: I leave that up to Corsa. They know their capabilities. Not gonna nitpick it.
Azure prowls around from this building to another two to get a good samplingof gradianets of the local charge and magnetic field.
Corsa says, "Have you seen the security here too? There's no way they logged us as dismantled."
OOC: My impression of Corsa is that they are extremely capable, so I wouldn't expect it to be outside the realm of possibility. Very difficult, but Corsa is pretty badass.
Somewhere on the muck, Jaxen has connected.
Vahno says, "I honestly think all we'd need to avoid is that on Command Robot."
Corsa says, "That one command robot followed our advice. It's very far away."
You say, "And it is Wayyyy over there"
Azure: The interior of each warehouse seems to have its own magnetic field inside, and it seems to have a field over the doors that charge the atmosphere in order to allow that magnetic field to push the gas away. Not unlike another area that was explored yesterday.
Amy says, "You know what?  It gave you *directions* for being dismantled.  We can go there without suspicion."
Amy says, "...Huh, what advice did you give it?  I missed that."
Corsa says, "Oh! True. Thank you for the alibi, death machine."
You say, "unless it can Book It like Corsa (which i doubt), it'll be a week before we'd see it again"
Voksa grins! "I told suggested it might have better luck searching the antipode."
[OOC] Voksa says, "oops, remove "told""
OOC: Yeah, it was not flying very fast. Very good control though, like a dragonfly.
Azure says, "Aha, clever enough."
Azure says, "it's an airlock."
OOC: Embarassingly, I never made a room for a salvage yard. But it would be near the factories, I can spoof it.
Voksa says, "Oh, cool!"
Azure prowls back and climbs back into Kitsune
Azure has left.
Thea hrms? Looks at the map. "Oh... huh, pretty slick."
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!'s eyes go back from silver to blue-silver swirl.
Voksa has a strange desire to sing some sort of mecha theme song.
Mecha-Kon-Iro-Kitsune!!! says, "Remixed and ready to go."
Amy reboards her spider.
OOC: I know Azure and Kitsune are kind of different beings in some way I'm not clear on, but is it alright if I just refer to you as 'Azure' when you're in the mech for now?
Corsa says, "To the weapon factories?"
[OOC] Patashu says, "you can think of azure as temporarily sharing kon-iro kitsune's body when the eyes change to blue-silver"
Thea says, "I'm also wondering how those thracograms are made..."
[OOC] Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! says, "Kitsune and Azure are /normally/ different beings. You do not /drive/ kitsune so much as /meld/ with kitsune. So while Kitsazure might be most accurate, Azure isn't wrong."
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! started out as a non-sapient war machine/immersive mecha that gained a mind of its own.
Kobalt says, "Sounds like a good plan to me, Corsa!"
OOC: Lotta that going around.
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! doesn't mind sharing it with people they allow to pilot them, though. Or, alternatively, won't let you pilot them unless they feel comfortable letting you be part of their mind.
[OOC] Corsa says, "Which way were the weapon factories? :B"
Amy says, "I am *intensely* interested.  They figured out something I didn't, or have ... something chained.  Some portal or being."
Corsa sticks a paw back in through the door, opening the boarding portal!
Outside and to the north. The nearest factories are north of you. There are other factories.. but you might have to check the other side of the planet for that.
Kobalt perks and walks over to hop into the boarding portal again.
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! climbs back up into Corsa.
Amy marches Itsy Bitsy aboard.  She's totally naming it
Patashu  boards!
Thea boards once more to settle in an Oddly Dimensional Compartment.
Niny'ah does the Kids Song hand gestures for that, Amy. 
Corsa leaves for [Chevesh's Tesseract] The Factory Outskirts.
Corsa has left.
Thea has left.
Amy has left.
Mako has left.
Vahno has left.
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! has left.
Patashu has left.
Corsa carries you along with Corsa. 
[Chevesh's Tesseract] The Factory Outskirts
     Here, to the north of the Ejection Tower, you stand in the shadow of many enormous, roughly rectangular structures to the north of you still. Even though you have not reached the edges of these mighty buildings, their mass still dominates the view in that direction. Each of these must be one of the [factories] in the array around which this entire landscape has been built.
     The [rail] at your feet, which leads in the direction of the Ejection Tower, can be seen to split apart further north of you, leading to only one of these immense buildings. The rest of the factories that you can see at this distance seem to have rails leading east, toward the storage yards.
     Just on the eastern side of the rail, though, a trio of much smaller [buildings] catch your eye. They seem very much out of place in this landscape, amidst the oversized, unapologetically stark and industrial environment.
     To your east, you can make out a short tower of some kind, that seems to be partially scarred and damaged by battle.
Obvious Exits:
   [Factory] Complex, East, South, Warehouse [1], Warehouse [2], and Warehouse [3]
Contents: Patashu, Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!, Vahno, Mako, Amy, Thea, and Corsa
## There are possible hidden listeners here.
Kobalt has arrived.
Voksa has arrived.
Corsa carries Thea, Amy, Mako, Vahno, Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!, Patashu, Niny'ah, Kobalt, and Voksa with Corsa. 
Corsa leaves for [Chevesh's Tesseract] Factory Complex.
Corsa has left.
Thea has left.
Amy has left.
Mako has left.
Vahno has left.
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! has left.
Patashu has left.
Corsa carries you along with Corsa. 
[Chevesh's Tesseract] Factory Complex
     Here, you arrive at the base of the first of many mighty structures. They rise 25 meters above the surface, but equally as broad, and much longer. There seem to be six of them, in total. But from your bird's-eye view at one point, you know that there are more arrays such as this one scattered on the far side of the storage yards.
     Each one has an open side facing you. In the absence of inclement weather, or trespassers, the need to be completely secured is diminished. Most of these factories seem cold and dark, long-since shut down. Most of these have rails connecting them to one of the offloading stations at the edge of the storage yards to the east, indicating that they were responsible for the warbot construction. One of them, currently dark, seems to join a wider transport network that leads to various places throughout the complex, most of them disappearing into the ground and heading for parts unknown. Only one of them, the one that is currently lit, connects to the rail that passes by the white plastic buildings, and leads directly to the Ejection Tower.
Obvious Exits:
   [Frame] Manufacture, [Out]skirts, and [Warbot] Manufacture
Contents: Patashu, Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!, Vahno, Mako, Amy, Thea, Corsa, ACTIVE Warbot, ACTIVE Damaged Warbot, and Submachine Gun(#31956C)
You found one cat in a cat costume!
## There are possible hidden listeners here.
Kobalt has arrived.
Voksa has arrived.
Corsa carries Thea, Amy, Mako, Vahno, Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!, Patashu, Niny'ah, Kobalt, and Voksa with Corsa. 
You see nothing special.
[OOC] Corsa says, "This the right place? Or should we continue to Warbot Manufacture?"
ACTIVE Warbot and its partner turn toward the arrivals, and their weapons snap out and activate. One of them seems badly damaged.
Patashu roars, "Woah, Corsa - break line of sight"
You say, "Go hot!"
Corsa broadcasts the C&C credentials!
Niny'ah werp, too quick
Niny'ah is Jumpy, apparently
Kobalt uh ohs. "Let's hope they like those!"
Amy says, "'s got weapons out.."
ACTIVE Damaged Warbot's side-gun... a weapon made of two long thick rods... compresses those rods together as soon as it gains a line of effect. Luckily, this is a damaged one. A space on the ground directly behind Corsa disappears in a perfect circle, as material is rapidly compressed to a tiny, brightly-shining point, and then explodes with a thunderous sound that reverberates through the ground. However, both robots are given pause, and stare passively for several moments afterward. They don't go back to patrolling, but also don't make any other movements, standing where they are unmoving. They have received your signal, and show no indication of challenging it.
Corsa says, "Rude!"
Patashu whhewwww.
Amy says, "fuuuuuuuuu"
Voksa says, "This is a command robot's identifications. We should command them."
Niny'ah looks like she's hyperventilating (though no air is entering/leaving the suit - it's just mimicing her bodily movement)
Voksa says, "Maybe tell them to meet up with the other command robot going on a very important mission to the opposite side of the moon?"
Amy says, "Tell them to recycle themselves!  You have complte instructions for that right?  And it should be instructivbe"
Thea looks back. "Um. Well. Apparantly they have an implosion shockwave generator. Nice crater those things make..."
Patashu roars, "Did you see what that weapon did when it fired? It missed, but it looks like it's a spatial or gravitic manipulation gun"
You say, "Wait hold that thought. Dismantle at the base of the Tower"
Amy says, "It's the gravy gun Chev mentioned earlier.  The twin rods and everything"
ACTIVE Warbot and its partner transmit a list of current combatants, and add your identification to that list. That list was last changed over three hundred years ago. Now that date changes to today.
You say, "Chev, think Thea can have the parts to these as Loot?"
Corsa has Spatial Senses running with their flight systems, they might be able to tell if this is a gravity manipulating device or something else!
Thea says, "Speaking of loot, I think I see a memento on the ground..."
Thea notes Submachine Gun.
A simple, compact weapon for detonating cartridges and expelling shells at a high rate of fire. The clip is empty, and the weapon has decayed much in the harsh environment. The folding stock has jammed in place in an extended configuration, and the rubber grips have decayed away to nothing but trace amounts of a black sludge and a puddle that has hardened and cracked.
Voksa says, "Ah! They've accepted us into their ranks. Let's backstab them as soon as possible."
Patashu high fives Voksa :3c
Chevy: "My drone is gone. It's just blank, the screen is dark."
Voksa bonks head into Patashu's paw.
Voksa says, "Gone?"
You say, "That's not good"
Patashu looks around. Is it not with us in Corsa's hold?
You say, "No carrier signal?"
Kobalt says, "Uh... I think it got the drone, then."
Niny'ah looks around as well
Chevesh: "Yeah, it's just gone dark. No controls. Signal lost."
Voksa says, "OH NO. Did the warbot aim for..."
You say, "oh."
Thea says, "Well, hey, better it than us."
Niny'ah sigh-fuckin'
Vahno says, "Well, that makes a bit of sense, I guess."
You say, "It didn't ahve the right IFF"
You say, "Ok, plan:"
You say, "If we can get back to the Tower in good time, I can order-up another drone, but I think we'd need Corsa to pull it In"
Chevesh: "As for the question... uhhh, sure. You can have them. I certain don't fuckin' want them. Want them off my lawn, really."
Patashu . o O ( Rest in peace, Drone 01. Hello, Drone 02! )
Thea says, "I'll gladly accept any loot, thank you!"
Voksa transmits their own vision in the drone's format. "Dash cam!"
Corsa says, "I think going back there might invite more shooting."
Niny'ah . o O ( Voksa, you'd need to spoof the drone itself; it was a negotiated radio link )
Voksa fires up the ol' drone emulator.
Thea says, "But, um, think we can relay Pata's signal back to get another drone printed up? That way it'll be ready and available by the time we get up the tower."
Chevesh gratefully accepts the connection, and transmits a hug. It's like an emoji, except it tries really hard to transmit as higher priority than that.
You say, "heck."
Say version 3.11a (c)1993 by Warwick on FurryMUCK (#2061)
Type 'sayhelp' for help on say. Local notify-routines now supported. Sayhelp 5
You say, "yeah, V.2 will have an IFF transmitter"
Corsa says, "I could rush back. There wouldn't be that much time for interception."
[OOC] Thea however must AFK a few, pardon; should be back soon
Corsa gradually arranges their wings into a circle at their back.
Amy says, "So, where's our destination?  We going to recycling now?"
Chevesh: "I can provide uplink. It's one of the things I'm really good at. Not to brag, but my network is pretty awesome, and I can carry a lot of data really quickly."
Amy says, "Or the drone?  I have a drone, it's just analog though"
Patashu roars, "I think we're grabbing a new drone for Chevesh, one that won't get shot at, and then resuming. I'd rather take 0 shots from each new warbot we find instead of 1, if I can choose"
Corsa could just zoom back there, get drone, and zoom back without having to actually move rooms if that's okay!
Chevesh: "How are you getting these bots out of the way though? They'll just shoot me again? Oh wait, IFF means Identify Friend/Foe, I remember."
Voksa says, "I'll tell kobolds to make a delivery."
OOC: I do not mind hand-waving actual movement through the zone when it's appropriate. Doing so would just be unnecessary.
You say, "Can you order them to Stand Down, Power Down, Turn Off Threat Scanners, Corsa?"
Vahno says, "Order the damaged one to dismantle itself."
Vahno says, "...maybe we can nab it's codes too."
Corsa briefly zips off to go get the drone! Then they come back, carrying it. They broadcast all the All Clear messages they can find, send the same self-dismantling signals they received earlier to the damaged warbot, and advise the intact one to enter power-saving mode.
Amy says, "Vahno, that is a great idea."
The damaged warbot transmits the affirmative, and starts sadly limping in the direction to the left of the line of factories. It's not actually sad, but the struggle it puts up just trying to move its bulk in that direction certainly makes it appear so. The undamaged one, meanwhile, turns and starts walking back toward the storage yards in response to your message. And thus, the threats in this zone that might have posed a terrible challenge have been dealt with fairly easily due to using clever thinking and wise planning in advance, making them largely a non-issue.
You say, "The more I see of these bots, the more I think they were being used against a foe WITHOUT Advanced EWAR "
Corsa slumps down in the air a bit, relieved. "Okay. Where to?"
Chevesh: "I'm thinking that large-scale coordination might have been my job, Niny. I am the one with all the wireless communications channels and the higher intelligence."
Vahno says, "The brains. And without that..."
You say, "I mean in terms of the complete absence of ANY Infosec or EWAR Countermeasures"
Voksa twirls their tail around, pretends to hold it like a gun, then jumps with imaginary recoil and drops it. They dust themself off like nothing happened. "Maybe we're just that good."
You say, "I'm revising my earlier guess into 'Designed for use against a Magic-powered enemy running on Hallowed Magic'"
Patashu roars, "If I'm picking, I'd like to see warbot manufacture"
Chevesh says, "Hmm. That's a good point... and according to Mako, she thought they might be designed for fighting folks of a religious or magical bent... maybe they actually were not designed with technological foes in mind."
You say, "That's in line with my thought process yeah"
Kobalt says, "I'd like to see the same thing, Patashu."
Somewhere on the muck, fluffy has disconnected.
[OOC] Thea returns!
Corsa says, "Okay! To the warbot manufacture."
Corsa leaves for [Chevesh's Tesseract] Warbot Manufacture.
Corsa has left.
Thea has left.
Amy has left.
Mako has left.
Vahno has left.
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! has left.
Patashu has left.
Corsa carries you along with Corsa. 
[Chevesh's Tesseract] Warbot Manufacture
     While rising 25 meters from the surface, looking down into the interior space reveals it to be much larger than it looked upon approach. Without proper lighting, it is difficult to tell, but it must extend at least 50 further down. The walls are not difficult to climb, with varying struts and easy hand-holds to cling to, and the machinery itself that extends into the middle of this cavernous space would make excellent handholds as well.
     Examining the spaces for the finished products, along the top layer, will give you some indication of the shape the finished products were meant to be. You can count all of the parts that would be needed to manufacture one complete warbot among them, seemingly assembled with components built-in, before those segments are flipped over and carried to the final assembly area on the side of the building, near the rail, where many heavy-duty arms and a gantry system are in place to snap parts together and weld where needed. Then, dump them directly onto the rail, where they would fly off to the storage yards to walk to their place under their own power.
     With so many components being made and assembled simultaneously, starting from the raw molten materials far below, the completed product must be ready and activated in a surprisingly short time... but even so, it must have taken a very, very long time for these factories to produce warbots in the numbers that sit in the yards.
     Exploring other dark factories will reveal that one of them is set up for construction of the C&C robots with the mantis claws, as well. In lieu of an actual blueprint, examining the structures within this building could give you intimate knowledge of how these machines function, should you have the background and knowledge necessary to interpret the construction process.
Obvious Exits:
Contents: Patashu, Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!, Vahno, Mako, Amy, Thea, and Corsa
## There are possible hidden listeners here.
Kobalt has arrived.
Voksa has arrived.
Corsa carries Thea, Amy, Mako, Vahno, Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!, Patashu, Niny'ah, Kobalt, and Voksa with Corsa. 
Amy says, "To the warbot manufacture!"
OOC: These are the parts I was embarrassed to show off. I don't know shit about factories and automated assembly. I can spoof a little bit of extra exploration though.
Patashu roars, "Aha. It's pretty much what you'd expect - end to end, from raw materials to finished product, and not especially modular."
Amy doesn't see too much weird ...  yet.  
Corsa peeks their head into the factory building, not the best at Fitting Indoors.
OOC: This is obviously not a highly adaptable factory, though, for certain. It's all pre-decided components, being assembled by rigidly structured assembly lines in predecided ways.
[OOC] Amy says, "is it moving right now?  or not?"
You say, "The lack of infosec says "non-tech enemy", the engineering seems designed to counter mid-level magi-kinetics what with the titanium shell over shock-absorbing gel. Good for bouncing non-penetrating kinetics, which means Big And Slow projectiles, or things Titanium is simply impervious to. The Amateur-yet-effective Thracogram guns using Hallow-magic says they're repurposing enemy weapons 'tech'. "
OOC No, it is currently dead. Only one factory is still functioning, and it's the other one. All of these warbot factories are long-cold.
Patashu roars, "It looks pretty undamaged - safe to assume the only reason why it's not online is because of the smashed control hub?"
Niny'ah . o O ( how's my analysis IC-and-OOC? )
Somewhere on the muck, fluffy has connected.
Patashu thinks Niny'ah has a good theory going on, doesn't have anything to add or counter to that atm
Thea says, "Oh sheesh... Amy, I know you're not my biggest fan, but, think we could work together sussing out the process here?"
OOC: Seems clear to me, Niny. I can't offer 'yes or no' on it, but it doesn't miss any details or misunderstand anything I see. Solid logic.
Vahno says, "...maybe we should repair the controls and turn control over to Chevy 100%."
Voksa says, "It seems like we only have to deal with the current supply of warbots, this factory won't be building hundreds more while we fight or anything."
Amy flicks on the lights on lil' bitsy.  "We can wory about the factory later if we deal with the army first.  Sure thing  Thea.  Just not interested in you know."
Thea says, "A good idea, Vahno. Once we figure out how to hand control of the warbots themselves over. No need to risk accidentally starting this thing up beforehand."
Amy begins climbing down into the interior, leaving the lights on above
Corsa keeps a portal open to the airlock doors, in case a rapid departure is needed.
Corsa says, "Be careful down there. It might have guards."
Chevesh: "Well, my original deal with Patashu was to let him dismantle all the warbots and keep the materials. I kind of like the idea of replacing them all with an army of on-demand rescue and recovery robots for emergencies. Maybe put out fires and provide emergency medical aid to an entire city at once."
You say, "I'm going down too. I can Move and I've got a Dustgun if things get spicy."
Patashu beams. "I like it a lot too. There's a question of how much of the existing infrastructure we modify vs replace wholesale, but that can come later."
Niny'ah's jetwings scissor open to expose glowing inner elements, and her horn spiral glows from the interior.
Thea follows along. She keeps her antennae listening for any bursts of wireless traffic all the while. Of course, there are no blueprints nor are we seeing the process in motion, but she's definitely recording closeups of components and the tools involved in assembling them as well as she caan.
You say, "Well, the warbots, replace the targetting syustems and guns and you have fast-response hot-drop firefighting teams"
Amy says, "Who needs that many firefighters?"
Chevesh: "An entire forest?"
Niny'ah gives Amy a look. "Have you ever seen a true  Wildfire?
You say, "It's worse than fighting a Thinking foe. You're at the whims of the wind and the underbrush-fuel."
Thea also, for that matter, looks over the factory systems themselves as well as she can. It is a lights-out facility after all, a useful example for her.
Somewhere on the muck, Rakasti has disconnected.
Vahno says, "And figure out how to clean the corrosives out of the atmosphere."
Corsa says, "I had some ideas for that..."
Thea says, "We'll need to know -why- the corrosives are there. If we're lucky, the why might be reversible."
After a lengthy descent, the expedition can reach the base-level of the factory, where the most elemental raw materials are meant to be dumped in to be processed as the first step of construction. There are rails with scoops carrying iron in them, frozen in place before a cold forge.
Kobalt sticks close to Patashu, not really sure what he can do to help with this part, but definitely interested either way.
Niny'ah flies down through the midlevels, looking for networking busses.
You say, "A cable has two ends."
Voksa prowls along with the group!
You say, "If you run into the wrong end, follow it back the other way"
Patashu roars, "My guess is that it's just a really polluting industrial facility and they never worried about negative externalities since it was out-of-scope. Maybe it uses acid for mining and forging, for example"
[OOC] Amy says, "how high tech is this stuff?  presses and benders?  CNC's?"
Somewhere on the muck, Beltrami has disconnected.
Thea might, for that matter, on reaching the bottom of the factory, walk the assembly line all the way back to the top, documenting as she goes.
[Chevesh's Tesseract] Warbot Manufacture
     While rising 25 meters from the surface, looking down into the interior space reveals it to be much larger than it looked upon approach. Without proper lighting, it is difficult to tell, but it must extend at least 50 further down. The walls are not difficult to climb, with varying struts and easy hand-holds to cling to, and the machinery itself that extends into the middle of this cavernous space would make excellent handholds as well.
     Examining the spaces for the finished products, along the top layer, will give you some indication of the shape the finished products were meant to be. You can count all of the parts that would be needed to manufacture one complete warbot among them, seemingly assembled with components built-in, before those segments are flipped over and carried to the final assembly area on the side of the building, near the rail, where many heavy-duty arms and a gantry system are in place to snap parts together and weld where needed. Then, dump them directly onto the rail, where they would fly off to the storage yards to walk to their place under their own power.
     With so many components being made and assembled simultaneously, starting from the raw molten materials far below, the completed product must be ready and activated in a surprisingly short time... but even so, it must have taken a very, very long time for these factories to produce warbots in the numbers that sit in the yards.
     Exploring other dark factories will reveal that one of them is set up for construction of the C&C robots with the mantis claws, as well. In lieu of an actual blueprint, examining the structures within this building could give you intimate knowledge of how these machines function, should you have the background and knowledge necessary to interpret the construction process.
Obvious Exits:
Contents: Voksa, Kobalt, Patashu, Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!, Vahno, Mako, Amy, Thea, and Corsa
Amy shrugs at Patashu, "Mining *WHAT*?  This place is hollow."
OOC: If you can help me out a little bit in this area, it's not my strong point. Niny can probably find network busses. One thing about this factory: It's really not that high-tech, other than the automation involved in the process. It does look like it's probably easy to maintain and repair, though.
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "the desc mentions 'heavy duty arms' so about comparable with Modern Manufacturing-tech"
Patashu roars, "Good point - I guess it is already metal shavings, so there's not much pre-processing or rough work to do. Hmm"
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "look up videos of modern car factories"
Thea says, "Plus, fluorine? There aren't many processes that release -that- much fluorine, and you'd want to remove that stuff unless you had a reason for it to be there."
Niny'ah follows the cables to whichever end looks more like a Distribution computer or larger upstream cable
Somewhere on the muck, Peril has disconnected.
Thea would, after clanking her way through the equipment, eventually end up checking up on Niny'ah. After all, the lights-out trait comes primarily from the computer it seems.
Niny can find the cables leading to one of the walls. The computer system seems to be on the outer wall of the factory, somewhat insulated from the heat and dangers of the factory once it's in operation. There's no access on this side, but it would not be difficult to access with some cutting implements.
Amy recognizes most of this stuff, shining lights here and there.  A press, frozen in the act of pushing bearings into a leg joint.  Another press, punchign some of the fiddlier bits of inner chassis.
[OOC] Amy says, "So this place doesn't make the CNC bots?"
OOC: Well, one or two of them do. This room was basically a blanket description of several warbot factories, and what they look like on the inside, they weren't built as individual rooms. So within this room, you could travel around to multiple identical warbot factories. The ones that built the C&C ones were specifically designed for that, but this could be one of them.
Niny'ah tests the walls - they're just meant for nsulation, not security, right? - and Makes A Door.
Amy on a lark looks for anything kiln-like, or hoppers full of ceramics.
Amy is trying to find where the ray-guns come from.  That one weird component, different from everything else.
Thea eventually ends up running over to Niny'ah, tail swaying. "At the least, we should be able to find the power supply and disconnect it to prevent this thing from starting again before we've converted it."
The wall is sturdy for structural reasons, but not really protected with security in mind. Something of a common theme around here. Once she cuts through the wall, she can access a fairly large computer room beyond, housing a splayed out selection of components with enough space to walk into. It seems like it wasn't designed to be very compact... because it didn't need to. Processors are isolated near cooling ducts, memory storage is relatively small, and a wire leads to the ceiling that probably serves as an antennae for receiving and transmitting information.
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "I don't have to explain that last, right?"
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "thought not"
Patashu roars, "Aha, we've found the computer room - ALL of the computer room"
Niny'ah wiggles her fingers. "Oh Paaaataaaaa~I think I found you a new toy."
Patashu :3c
Niny'ah's jetwings are easily visible from a good long way off, in the darkened factory
Patashu is already meandering over to poke his head in. Oooh, aaah. "A computer after my own heart...~"
Thea says, "The data stores on these things should be a treasure..."
You say, "Time to slurp up everything they have to offer"
Voksa pokes their head in below Patashu's head.
Patashu roars, "I see my etymology is catching on like wildfire. Delicious knowledge!"
You say, "I mean, it works"
Amy: Will find a little ceramics forge in the base of this building. Once the ceramics have been forged and imprinted between metal molding plates, they seem to be etched by a device that is attached to a very thick cable leading through the floor. You don't see any divine fire... if the devices were recording something, it must have come from one of these components, because after this the stone tablet is loaded into its accumulator mounting further up.
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "presumably we're all in radio contact"
You say, "Anything interesting, AMy? You've been poking around down there for a while."
Thea would search around in the core. If she can identify and discern data cables from power cables, she should be able to identify which components are data storage. If it is possible for her to do so and reasonably practical to go about removing them, she'd ask, "Want me to start removing these for slurping?"
Thea says, "Actually... we should find the power supply and try to figure out what the bus voltages are before we risk frying anything, thinking of it."
You say, "good point"
Vahno says, "...Probably, yeah."
Amy says, "Hey Thea, I just had an idea ...  This place is powered by divine immolation.  It doesn't need to import it."
You say, "wild-ass guess, it'll be a standard multiple close to the battery bank voltage of the bots"
Amy says, "Just ... a recording of the black hole, stripping charges right off of ions."
Thea will be able to track power cables at multiple points along the other side of the factory, and they all seem to converge at the rails that lead from the factory to the ejection tower. It seems that the power supply follows those lines, and diverges from there to spread to multiple levels of the facility, attaching to orderly lines from which each row of automated devices feeds.
Thea says, "Powered by it? ... I guess it depends on how you apply 'divinity'. But, it's concievable."
Kobalt follows along behind Patashu, looking around curiously to see if he notices anything interesting to him.
You say, "That's Nuts, Amy"
You say, "Disrupts a lot of my guesses too, though"
Voksa leaves the computer room to search around for wherever those collapsing-crater weapons are made.
Amy says, "--or where the kugelblitz came from in the first place, Thea.  This is *not* the sort of tech base to exploit that.  I think they were here in the first place."
Thea hrms, looks back. "I think the power for the facility comes off the rails. We can measure that voltage, then follow it from circuit to circuit, looking at every transformer along the way until we get to the power supply in the computer core."
Thea says, "And, kugelblitzes can be generated without any magic at all. Which isn't to say they couldn't be divine, just, not necessary. That said, yeah, I think the moon was here before the warbots."
You say, "I think we pretty well established that much, Thea"
You say, "just by the differing techbase"
Amy says, "These warbots are powered by lithium-iron batteries.  The moon is powered by atfificial signulatirites.  Enough said"
Voksa will find the collasping-crater weapons in another factory. They are a considerably more complex design, requiring a lot more components to be made and assembled one after another. They will find that at least one of the components of those heavy rods involves a long, thin cylinder of similar ceramic material, etched across its surface with geometric designs, using a similarly-fed etching tool. Neither of these etching tools feeds into the main power bus. Once the ceramic rods are completed, they are mounted into metal sheathes and attached to the main body of the device. Another heavy accumulator.
Thea says, "Yep."
Somewhere on the muck, Elissa has disconnected.
Amy says, "And, Chevesh's brain is quite definitively magical, Thea - I don't think I'm multiplying assumptions too far beyond fact.  The oldest tech base here exploits either the magical or divine.  Not wholly, but definitely in part."
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "the warbots sound like 'close-to-modern with more of an emphasis on Fast High-Force Robotics, which is a mechanical-engineering question, not a Sparkly-tech one"
You say, "Find anything, Voksa?"
[OOC] Mako has found this interesting, but has to go fall over, it's Way Too Late(tm) for me.
[OOC] Patashu says, "Pumpkin well!"
Thea says, "Whoever made the moon was magical and... well, thinking of it. They made a moon. That probably makes them a deity to someone at least."
Voksa squints. Hmm. They haul one of the guns off the assembly line and carry it back! "I found the hole punchers. I want to find out what these do and how they do it, they're much more dangerous to Corsa. And me."
Niny'ah is going on the idea the group is spread out among the dark factories, in open-radio contact
Vahno leans on Niny a lil.
[OOC] Voksa says, "goodnight!"
[OOC] Thea says, "Rest well!"
Niny'ah oofle.
Amy says, "Good job Voksy!  Show me where you got those?"
OOC: Goodnight Mako! Thanks for hanging out!
Voksa carries the weapon back up to Corsa. Then scurries over to lead Amy to the other weapon engraver!
Thea would though, if we can discern voltages and take components, offer salvaged data storages from the factory computer to Patashu for slurping. "I'm curious about basically everything on these. At the least, we should get a look into how the warbot control grid works."
[OOC] Vahno might need to call it too, tbh.
[OOC] Voksa says, "It is getting late."
OOC: Have a good night and sleep well, Vahno!
[OOC] Voksa says, "Goodnight!"
Patashu will make a copy as Thea provides them! "Yeah, me too. It should have a full copy of all of the warbot programming, and any information about construction that can't be discerned from the station's hard-codedness will be here."
[OOC] Vahno says, "Adios all!"
Vahno teleports away.
Vahno has left.
[OOC] Thea says, "Think we could complete our salvage run then call this particular outing done?"
Somewhere on the muck, Vahno has disconnected.
Mako has disconnected.
[OOC] Voksa says, "Yeah, I suspect we're going to be preparing for warbot fightin' next time to take out the reserves."
Amy says, "...Yeah, this looks a *lot* like the foundry for the other weapons.  Different shape, but same material, same weird power bus, similar engravings."
Patashu roars, "So the graviguns and the holiguns are the same tech base - makes sense."
The computers attached to the factory will actually include copies of all of the schematics and warbot programming available. The schematics in particular seem designed to be downloaded into the warbot computers themselves. They are not quite blueprint-level, since no blueprints are needed here. But they are for self-diagnostics, and account for detailed lists of functional components.
Voksa says, "...Maybe we could tell the simulation dome how to copy these, for practice runs."
OOC: I don't want anyone to be disappointed, so I'm gonna say this now,
Kobalt nods. "That would definitely make sense. Makes it easier to make one body for all of them, for the most part anyway."
OOC: Unless something goes horribly terribly wrong somehow, like that command robot comes back and you spook it and give it time to do something, don't expect more fighting from this point. This is pretty much a dormant factory now, OOCly.
Patashu roars, "Oh, good news, Thea - the data here entirely knows how a warbot is built. There's enough schematics here, presumably for introspection purposes, for each bot type"
[OOC] Patashu says, "Works for me - we basically have a repeatble IFF trick that's not going to stop working suddenly anyway"
Thea ohs. "Perfect! Though... honestly, these probably aren't any better than your robots. Still good to know. And good to know how the factory itself ran its operations."
[OOC] Voksa says, "Yeah, that works! I wasn't sure what the current problem is."
[OOC] Amy says, "Any fighting now would probably  be disastrous, so, I'm OK with that"
[OOC] Thea nods! I'd actually been expecting that, so all's good
OOC: Yeah, that's what I figure. Basically, you missed the big epic fight that happened here years ago. But in return, you get to explore a lot more than anyone else ever did. Anyone else just being Raol and then my old crew, heh.
[OOC] Voksa says, "I got the impression there was like... An enormous stockpile of warbots idle somewhere that would start causing problems if we begin remodeling and disabling factories."
You say, "some good intel here."
Thea says, "But, speaking of the factory itself, any cues on how it's controlled and where the control hub for this whole warbot complex might be?"
You say, "interesting just how prosaically low-tech the warbots are though. They're *Slick* but a very constrained techbase"
Patashu roars, "Yes, that's what I want to know now - the factory talks with the auto-repair systems and wants to be brought back to speed..."
Patashu with that in mind, peers through the data tapes we've copied over the factory. Is there a protocol indicating how it gets serviced by auto-repair and receives orders for construction?
OOC: There is actually an enormous stockpile of warbots. You could see them from orbit. But Chevesh has been pretty sure they won't wake up. The only thing that shocked her enough recently to make that a concern was when the divine claws got put into her.
You say, "Patashu, how much of the mechs is brute-force and how much is finesse engineering"
[OOC] Thea says, "Also, on the side, you mention accumulators; I don't think I saw what those are? Musta missed it"
[OOC] Thea says, "Unless you mean batteries?"
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "Accumulator is a shorthand-umbrella term for any type of Potential Energy Storage - air tanks, batteries, magical power wells"
[OOC] Amy says, "the mysterious feedlines that feed the weird-tech weapons crucible I think"
[OOC] Amy says, "or not"
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "in my high school robotics group, the inventory listed the small air tanks as "Accumulators""
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "in Factorio, the big stationary batteries are A"Accumulators""
There is a protocol for recieving orders. It's apparently waiting for one of a number of things to happen. Either the inventory to indicate a shortage that needs to be addressed, or a direct order from the brain. It's currently only connected to the brain, but the automated system has lost connection. Maintenance requests are being sent out, but not recieved, blocked by a registry error that is constantly telling it its reference number is incorrect.
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "so stands to reasonable semantic extension that anything that's used to power a Magic GUn as a non-quantized power source can be called an Accumulator"
[OOC] Thea thought it might be batteries-or-some-equivalent, thanks!
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "a Quantized power reserve is a Magazine"
Somewhere on the muck, fluffy has disconnected.
OOC: Accumulators, by which I meant the mountings for the weapons that try to gather up a lot of power before flooding it through the weapon all at once.
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "a bucket is non-quantized water up to %volume"
Mako is auto-magically swept home.
Mako has left.
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "a sealed water bottle is a quantized volume, bought by the integer-several"
[OOC] Thea ahs... more capacitor-analog then, but close enough
[OOC] Thea says, "Thankya!"
OOC: I might have meant capacitor then.
Amy, becoming more and more sure they're not about to get attacked, starts taking bits and pieces.  Some of the cores for the disruptor weapon, more for the gravity one
Patashu shares the appropriate bits with Thea and anyone else curious. "So, there's a protocol by which Chevesh can directly ask it to make things - see here? Makes me think if we're building a replacement infrastructure base for Chevesh, then we can just go with that, give her direct control. You can also see here how it communicates with the automated systems, they just haven't been working for a while
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "Accumulator is still broadly correct, especially if you're Fuzzying the details"
[OOC] Amy says, "Accumulator is the more generic word.  capacitor is specifically for electricity"
[OOC] Thea says, "Calling a magical capacitor an 'accumulator' is entirely reasonable, just wanted to make sure"
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "yeah exactly"
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "it's the umbrella term for a non-quantized potential energy storage, especially near the point-of-use to prevent power sags"
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! pads along after Voksa and take a look at the gun that they found.
Thea nods, "And also, the programming for the bots is all in here I think... which means, any new bots could be set up with new programming."
Voksa says, "So. Everyone, especially Chevesh. What's our goal here? Are we trying to make it safe to turn self-repair back on?"
OOC: Apologies if I'm missing anything. If you've made a request for spoof support and it seems like I'm ignoring you, I encourage you to page Chevesh to remind me. It's not on purpose.
Thea says, "Frankly, this place with the tech base it's at, shouldn't actually be that hard to retool."
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "context: The big capacitor next to a car stereo amplifier is an Accumulator"
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "so is the big handlebody on an air-nailer"
Patashu clicks claws. "Yeah, good point. If we change the programming right here then it'll happily make whateverbots instead of warbots."
Voksa shows devices to Kitsune, and shares the telemetry they got of the weapon's firing earlier.
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "it uses a little bit of air VERY fast"
Thea says, "And now that we know the computer protocol and the warbot programming along with the service diagrams, we should know how to reprogram all the already-made ones too if we don't want to recycle them."
Thea says, "So... I, think actually, we have everything we need to fix the warbot problem right here."
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "so the restricted flow through the air hose would cause a failure to fire if there wasn't a local accumulator to dump ALL the available energy into the Task"
Chevesh: "I mean... I'd really like to be able to turn my maintenance system back on. I'm getting more errors and warnings every month. Somewhere around this place, there should be a sort of tower-thing that's controlling the warbot boot-up signal, and the maintenance bots try to repair it when they come on."
Amy says, "Chevesh has asked us to recycle them, not just use this place for our benefit."
Voksa says, "Ah. So we should find where the maintenance bots get their orders."
Thea says, "Amy, I'm talking about reprogramming this place for -Chevesh's- benefit."
You say, "so we remove the warbots from the Repair Queue"
Chevesh: "Maybe following the carnage from the tower will help find it. It was what they were fighting around to destroy it before they left. The old crew, that is."
Thea says, "If Chevesh wants reprogrammed warbots for some reason."
You say, "alter the template, and then bring them back up slowly under your control"
Patashu roars, "Yeah, I think we want to head upstream and understand the auto-repair system better. Like, if we made a change to the factory and it just detected and undid it, it'd be silly."
Thea says, "True, true... so, next stop's the tower then?"
Amy says, "Yeah.  I think up there we'll start to see some of the deeper tech these guys were piggybacking on."
You say, "We should be able to tell the already-built warbots to go to Recycling and "drop weapons" "
Voksa says, "Oh good. Where's the tower at?"
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "it's 2 AM Eastern time, i'm flagging and we've been at this since ... four hours now?"
Chevesh: "It's different from the ejection tower. The trail of carnage from the battle should lead you right to it."
OOC: Actually I second that notion. I've been sitting for a long time.
[OOC] Voksa says, "Yeah, maybe we should resume repair adventures later"
[OOC] Patashu says, "sounds good to me too"
Amy has a last thought ...  Returning to one of the ceramic-forge-oddities, she lets her shadows eddy through it.  Perhaps those conduits of whatever strange energy aren't empty.
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "I'd make a case IC-and-OOC for breaking off and getting some rest IC so we can tackle it fresh"
[OOC] Thea says, "Entirely logical. Place might be hazardous after all, and we have a lot of info to analyze."
[OOC] Amy says, "I'm hoping but not insisting on an answer to a last question then good to turn in"
Amy: The etching tool is very much powered and magical. Just not... right where you're at. With the extra senses, she can detect that the cable leading into the floor intersects something magical deeper down. It's just not being drawn from.
[OOC] Kobalt says, "I'm fine with turning in now as well."
Voksa says, "Let's go get the Heavy-Duty Toolboxes."
Amy says, "Can confirm, Thea:  There's weird stuff powering these forges."
Amy says, "And maybe a deeper level to these factories.  Or this world."
OOC: Maybe the fact that Chevy gets all tingly when seeing lightning coming down from the sky makes a little more sense now. I mean, that's totally because her player gets tingly around storms. But like, it intersects nicely in a way that was partially intentional.
Patashu roars, "Fascinating... Maybe we'll learn more later."
[OOC] Voksa says, "Yeah! That's really cool."
Somewhere on the muck, Dawnwing has connected.
[OOC] Amy says, "Thanks for running this!  You've been very patient with this herd of cats"
Thea says, "... Probably this world. A magical source... sounds like whoever wanted warbots figured out how to tap whatever this moon was -actually- for. ... Heh. Here's a thought. Maybe that's where they got the divine power from."
Thea says, "Chevesh is actually a deity."
Patashu snort. "Ok, let's not give her any big ideas."
Niny'ah gives Thea a jaw-dropped expression.
Amy says, " fur wants to stand up but this suit hias no room.  ow."
OOC: Hahaha. I'm glad you've all been patient with me too. it's always a little nerve-wracking to be an uneducated person running high-concept stuff for a lot of smart people.
Voksa finds Chevesh's drone to talk to! "We'll have those errors cleared soon. I'm sorry you've had to deal with all this for so long."
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "I find ZERO fault with your high-concept descriptions"
[OOC] Thea says, "You've done pretty well with it, and your worlds are nicely built. Fun to explore, thanks for hosting!"
[OOC] Patashu says, "no problems here - I don't consider 'has intimate knowledge of physics/chemistry/engineering' to be a pre-requisite to describe sci-fi, especially because I'm also about as ignorant as you :B"
You say, "Oh, Corsa. Snag that damaged warbot on the way out but make sure it's Turned Off first"
Corsa says, "Will do. I believe there's also some nearly-complete robots at the ends of the factory line we could take."
You say, "I want to see in a friendlier environment if it can be fitted with custom arms"
Chevesh: "That would be really nice. I try not to worry about it too much, I tell myself that everyone breaks down eventually. But I haven't done everything I want to do yet. I'd like just a little bit more time to see everything."
Patashu passes Chevesh a virtual hug.
You say, "oh even better. Patashu, how many would you want for study or target practice?"
Voksa's ears droop. They bump their nose on the drone! "Don't worry about entropy, I hear there's a cure for that now."
Patashu roars, "I think we're ready to head back for tonight - we have a good strategy for how to cope with this place now, and a good plan for what to look at next."
OOC: Oh, should I msummon Corsa?
Patashu giggles. "Eh, we may as well take a few if we can."
Voksa says, "Would you all mind if I waited around for a minute? I have something I want to see. I won't do anything exciting, I promise."
Voksa says, "I can call Corsa to get me out later."
Niny'ah gets DETAILED pictures of the section of the factory where the weapon-arms are installed
[OOC] Voksa says, "I need to go do Somethign Cute. :B"
Niny'ah will of course forward these to Pata
Patashu thumbs up!
Amy will take a jar of rubidium while she's here.
OOC: OH NO! I am suddenly scared of the Cute Thing! You're too good at it.
Voksa hops off of Corsa. 
Thea says, "Head... well." She looks around. "Yeah. We've got oodles of loot and data to pick through, true."
Thea says, "Though, I'm curious. What are you going to try, Voksa?"
Somewhere on the muck, Rielle has connected.
Voksa lowers their head, almost embarrassed. "I want to visit the computer. I don't plan on going inside, I just want to be there for a moment."
Patashu roars, "Oh, sure."
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!'s ears perk and they look after Voksa, following them curiously.
Thea ohs, nods.
The drone bobbles around a bit, and clutches onto Voksa with the sample claw to have an easier time getting carried along. "I kind of want to see it again too." She says.
Voksa says, "The mind-computer, that is. Not the factory computer."
Voksa sets the drone up on their head and grins. "Aw. That's going to make my sappiness much more embarrassing."
Corsa leans over to peek down the depths of the factory line. "I can carry everyone else out, who wishes to prepare outside."
Patashu roars, "I'm ready to go."
Niny'ah's not sure it's Chewv's Whole Mind, just the Deep Archive Memories. Maybe you can bring back more of the broken slab
[OOC] Corsa says, "Summon Corsa, and I can pull everyone else out to realspace. Pchooo"
Kobalt says, "I'm ready to go, Corsa."
Niny'ah has a bit of fun with close-quarters high-speed manuvering with her jetwings. (Chev is probably Jealous of her skill)
Thea nods, content to let Voksa have a moment. She boards Corsa once again, and- any way to pet on Corsa from the inside? Corsa's been a fine transport.
Corsa has left.
Thea has left.
Amy has left.
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! has left.
Patashu has left.
Corsa carries you along with Corsa. 
One of Patashu's favourite machines, a sturdily built industrial room, with computer stations manned around it as though for observation... but no windows, because the forces within this room are too intense to be contained by any known transparent material. This is the Apocalypse-o-Matic, a room that can simulate anywhere from 1 year to a million years of erosion, weathering and wear in mere days, including forces such as temperature gradients, weather (blizzards, hail, storms, sandstorms, hurricanes, mud slides and burial and intense pressure and more. Patashu built machines that need to guarantee extremely long operational lifespans are sent here, and must pass a checkup after exit. If the door to the Apocalypse-o-Matic is open, don't blunder in carelessly!
Obvious Exits:
Contents: Patashu, Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!, Amy, Thea, Corsa, Capricious Proxy, and Chevesh
You found one song!
## There are possible hidden listeners here.
Kobalt has arrived.
Corsa carries Thea, Amy, Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!, Patashu, Niny'ah, and Kobalt with Corsa. 
Niny'ah, once she's had her fill, heads back and boards Corsa's compartment
You say, "Decon time, then?"
Chevesh is sitting in the middle of the chamber, munching on slim jims with the headset on. She's not even touching the controls anymore, piloting the drone entirely with wireless signals.
Patashu giggles at Chevesh's casual disposition. "Having fun?"
Corsa zips back up to the tower and through confusing convolutions of space, appearing in the apocalypse-o-matic! The walls might count as part of them, definitely pettable. "I have installed decontamination showers in the airlock chamber. Proceed through the portal at your leisure."
Chevesh lifts up one corner of her headset, and grins. "Yeah, actually." She responds. "I think that was a good trip." She frowns. "Though I am kind of keeping an eye out for Mask's body, and I haven't seen it yet. I guess it'd be pretty eaten away by now, huh?"
Niny'ah makes sure her fur is thoroughly cleaned - mane and tail especially. who-knows what all might have accumulated in there
Patashu roars, "Probably, but I'll keep my eyes open for remains."
Patashu gets scrubbed down. Scrub scrub scrub... He's a happy dragon.
Thea says, "I probably should clean my tail out... but, that's a convenience." She'll avail herself of one of those showers, mostly to clean her suit for safer storage though. "Thanks, Corsa!" She'll egress soon enough, lookingto Chevesh. "Well, I spotted a gun laying on the ground. Did anyone pick it up?"
Thea looks around at that.
Patashu roars, "I saw the gun, didn't nab it. But if it has personal significance we can get it next time."
Chevesh glances up. "Oh, a gun? What kind of gun? Trance left her super-special-best-friend gun in there."
You say, "it's been laying there for this long, it's not going to get worse in a day"
Patashu roars, "A machine gun, just inside the factory."
Amy says, "It was a gun.  It had a good end and a bad end."
Niny'ah blips a photo of it over to Chev
Chevesh tilts her head. "Did it look like it spun around really fast with a lot of barrels?"
Azure appears in a silver flash, running at a dead-heat and skids to a stop.
Azure has arrived.
You say, "no, single barrel, folding stock"
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!'s eyes go true-silver once more.
Azure climbs out and shakes out
You say, "All the plastics were.... Melty-gross"
Chevesh glances at the photo, and shakes her head. "Oh, no. Not that one. Trance's gun was comically large and unnecessary-looking. And all painted up with garish colours and words."
Patashu roars, "'ll keep an eye open then..."
You say, "with what I've seen about Trance from your datapad records, Yeah That Tracks"
Kobalt stretches and looks around as he listens to people talk, not saying anything for right now. "Don't think we saw any guns like that."
Azure sits down and pets the kitsune fondly, who acts a bit like a cat and rubs their head up against their hand
Patashu smiles at that. Kon-Iro's good.
Thea looks to Niny'ah. "I must've missed the briefing. But, I guess that doesn't matter much now." She looks to Chevesh. "More to look for though. If the maintenence computers are like what we've seen so far, hopefully converting it shouldn't be too difficult.
[OOC] Chevesh says, "OH"
[OOC] Chevesh says, "Thea, did I never give you the datapad??"
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "Chevesh, you're doing amazingly with the high-concept stuff. there was the right amount of detail to sketch out the outlines of the factory, without geting too deep in the weeds and allowing the reader/player's imagination or understanding of such processes fill in the gaps"
Amy emerges from decontamination, and pilots her spider bot ..  somewhere.  Suddenly very sleepy . Goodnight all
Patashu GN
[OOC] Chevesh says, "Oh shit, now I feel terrible. You never got the briefing, I totally intended to give it to you."
Chevesh waves. "Goodnight, Amy."
Amy headbumps Chev's side, and almost misses.  Time to sleep
Amy leaves for Research and Development Wing.
Amy has left.
Somewhere on the muck, Amy has disconnected.
Niny'ah steps out from decontamination and shakes herself out. The hexsgridded shield seen earlier flares briefly before collapsing (on purpose)
[OOC] Thea says, "I didn't even know it was a thing, but no worries!"
Chevesh glances up to Thea, and nods. She also pulls out a datapad, and hands it to her. "I guess it is a little late. I guess it slipped my mind. A lot does, these days."
Azure bows to CHevesh, "Thank you for having us, incidentally."
Chevesh hands Standard Datapad to Thea.
Thea has a look!
[OOC] Chevesh is lucky she put it on a physical object, so she can just pass it around instead of re-pasting it all the time.
Thea mumbles. "Tempest and Gryphon... polities from times bygone?"
[OOC] Thea nodnods, thanks! Definitely worth the read too
Chevesh murmurs, "When I first asked Patashu to help me, I went through all of my memories for ones that provided important information on what he'd be experiencing and have to be prepared for. Some of them wound up being accidentally a little personal. I was embarrassed to share sometimes, and embarrassed to admit the kind of problems I had in there. But I've grown to realize that it's really not such a big deal. Nobody's held it against me that I have this looming army lurking inside me."
Patashu smiles.
Thea says, "I mean, it's not exactly your fault."
Patashu roars, "I could imagine it being a thing for people TO be scared of... Well, anywhere BUT here. You crashed on the right place."
You say, "it uh. Does help that we're Fire-forged friends here"
Chevesh laughs a little bit. "Yeah... I think I did crash in the right place. I'm kind of glad I got exploded. Though I probably should have slept through the trip. It's kind of... a miracle, really, that I wound up hitting this place when I did. I could have drifted forever."
Room: Apocalypse-o-Matic
 e^-  Azure[8m idle]                  Terrifying Giant Fox Monster            
 IC   >Kobalt[14m idle]   Male        Kitsune                         |Crimson
 IC   Niny'ah             female      Winged Unicorn Anthro (Synth Suited)    
 EXC  Patashu             male        Armoured Fortress Dragon                
      >Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsu            Mecha Kitsune, Unsurprisingly     |Azure
      >Thea               female      mecha-manticritter                |Myril
      >Corsa[3m idle]     none        Spaceship-Dragon                  |Voksa
      >Capricious Proxy[3m            Kitsune                           |Voksa
 IC   Chevesh             Female      Rabbit                                  
---[ Found 9 characters. ( 4 Awake / 5 Zombies ) ]----------------------------
Patashu roars, "I feel like people who should have been done for often find themselves ending up here. It's like a second chance."
Thea says, "... Something about this place seems to draw in people like you."
Niny'ah bops Chev lightly on the arm. "Hey. You're cool."
Thea says, "Even me... I only escaped Rutile thanks to a complete farce of coincidences."
Emma has teleported in.
Emma has arrived.
[OOC] Emma peek?
[OOC] Emma just watch, if nothing else
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "we just got back from a Scouting-and-Salvage trip in Chev's Tesseract"
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "there should be several in-active Warbots in the AoM"
Chevesh leans over and hugs Niny. Not one to forgo a chance to easily. "You're pretty cool too. All I've ever done is fail to destroy a civilization. You landed a continent, among what I am sure are many other accomplishments."
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "the space serving as Decontaimination for any chemical nastiness"
Corsa gently sets down warbots-in-crates.
Corsa says, "Fresh from the factories. Technically."
Patashu caresses crates, mmm.
Chevesh frowns. "The Rutile?" She muses. "Are those folks who could do with a little bit of hunting?"
Thea hmm... "That was your supervillan moment? Trying to destroy a civilization? ... Sorry if I'm prying. I just get, ravenously curious some times. You know how it is."
Thea says, "From what I've heard, Rutile's been left to the Kolzuni. So, all the primes and probably the other mongrels are gone by now, the common masses now under Kolzun. So, that situation's done... though nothing says people can't go back there some day anyway."
Chevesh nods. "Yeah... that was my supervillain moment. When I started spitting out warbots for the first time I can recall. I wound up hunting pirates for Tempest instead, afterward, as a form of indentured servitude. And I got really good at it. Also wound up willingly accepting some programmed conditioning that punishes me for using guns... but, like, I rarely used them anyway? So I always wondered what that was supposed to accomplish."
You say, "how did it punish you?"
Thea says, "Probably thinking you were controlling the warbots directly... who are Gryphon though, if I might ask?"
Thea ponders, "Odd also that they forbid you from using a weapon... then tell you to go hunt pirates.
Chevesh smirks a bit, and flicks one of her long ears to the side. "Yeah... again, it seems stupid. Like, what? They maybe expected me to die or something. But nah. The thing about that programming: I don't really think of missiles or torpedoes as 'guns.'"
Somewhere on the muck, Dawnwing has disconnected.
Thea hrms. "Also, concerning thought... if the warbot problem was installed -after- Chevesh's mind. And triggering the warbots caused Chevesh to have such a drastic personality change... that means the warbot central control, when it was working, had influence over Chevesh's mind."
Thea grins a hint. "Fun with technicalities. Especially obvious ones."
Chevesh murmurs, "Gryphon was... another planet. With another government. They were very authoritarian, and we were often at odds with them. They didn't like mercenaries in their space, doing anything."
Thea nods. "Authoritarians want to control everything with their own force monopoly..."
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! pads over, crouches down and sniffsniffs at the Capricious Foxy, reaching out to paw at it with a gentle, steely paw.
Capricious Proxy looks somewhat distant! Voksa is still focused on their main body, and the remote-control stream is obvious to the proper senses. But they perk up, look at Kitsune, then lean into that paw with tails all aswish!
Thea stares at log 4's end for a brief but noticeable moment... but, on to 5.
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "the way you've got the name stylized like that, Azure, makes me think of Kon-Iro as Existing, Enthusiastically"
Chevesh thinks about that for a long moment. "I don't know that my mind was actually taken over." She mumbles. "I was just angry. And when the warbots started murdering everybody, I just let them do it for a while before I did anything about it."
Thea says, "I see... so, Tempest decides you're an alien worth probing, and that's your vengeance? ... For what it's worth, I don't blame you."
Thea . o O ( My response probably would've been, similar. )
[OOC] Azure says, "The original inspiration was imagining a Kaijou movie and running into the streets pointing and yelling 'MECHA KIN-IRO KITSUNE!!!""
[OOC] Azure says, "But 'existing enthusiastically' probably works better."
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! says to the Capricious Foxy, "I was thinking I should meet you and the Dev-Kit both." They pet the smaller fox, nearly covering them with a paw.
[OOC] Niny'ah says, "it's on-tone and on-theme for you (Kon-Iro Existing Enthusasitcally)"
Thea says, "Well, if there's one positive thing in all of this. 'Paper is dumb enough to never disappoint me'... is a quote to remember."
Thea hands Standard Datapad to Chevesh.
Capricious Proxy yips very quietly under a paw. They poke their head out from under petting! "Oh! Kitsune party... I should confess, I'm mostly not a kitsune."
Thea says, "Thank you for sharing all of that. I think I have a much better idea of what's going on now with all of this..."
Kobalt giggles and looks at Capricious Proxy, "We can make you an honorary kitsune to fix that I bet!"
You say, "Spaceship-ferret low-bandwidth remoting a Fox body"
Chevesh laughs a little bit, and nods. "Yeah, that was Raol for you. He really did not mince words, but he was kind of witty. In a very blunt way."
Capricious Proxy's eyes sparkle. "Woah... An honorary kitsune..."
Chevesh murmurs, "Yeah, I should have shown it to you earlier, it probably would have given some context to a lot of things that were very confusing."
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!!'s tail swishes, leaving trails behind, multiplying into nine tails, each crowned with an eye at the tip. They touch the proxy's tailtip with one paw, and a second, matching tail of unearthly green fire seems to sprout and move in mirror sympathy with the real one.
Niny'ah . o O ( woah )
Somewhere on the muck, fluffy has connected.
Capricious Proxy tilts their head, then stares wide-eyed at the fan of tails! They slowly turn to follow that paw back, then gasp! Tails wag happily. "That's amazing...! So this is what it feels like."
Thea says, "To be fair though, it was 300 years ago; most of what's actually relevent to our doings today was what we saw today. So, not a big deal." She offers a hug. "And hey, if we find Trance's gun-" Distracted a moment by Kitsune fire, "Nice!" Then back to Chevesh, grinning briefly. "If we find mementos, they'll be yours."
Mecha-Kon-Iro-Kitsune!!! says, "I assume so! It's partly imagnary. You have ta+i*l."
Somewhere on the muck, Rielle has disconnected.
Azure narrows their eyes and asks the Kin-Iro, "...did you just infect them with Kitsunosis?"
You say, "I'm intrigued to see if we can mod the firmware on these and backfit firefighting cannons on them"
Niny'ah thumps on one of the crated warbots
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! lies down on their belly, holding the Foxy Proxy between their paws. "Inspire, I think, a term more apropos."
Thea says, "With what we've found today, I'd imagine we could pretty much reprogram them to do just about anything they can be equipped for... or if Chevesh wants, send 'em to be recycled and set up the factories so Chevesh can make whatever she wants with 'em."
Chevesh smiles, and hugs Thea warmly. "Thanks. It's kind of more just to catalogue them as mementos or something. I doubt they have any other value after being in there for so long... plus, you know. SD has much better tech than we did. I'll bet they look only a step up from using clubs by comparison."
Kobalt giggles as he watches Kon-Iro and Foxy Proxy.
Capricious Proxy laughs, curling up in paws to watch their tails! "Most of the best things are imaginary. Inspired with kitsunosis..."
Capricious-Proxy says, "I am usually a dragon. Can you tell me, what it means to be a kitsune?"
Thea grins a hint more, giving Chevesh a not-quite-squeeze-hug and scritching on a bunny head. "Sentiment's a value in its own though. But, fair. Though heck, my tailgun's pretty low tech by Spin standards too, and it still works. One thing that's never changed about warfare in countless millennia: small thing moving fast hurts."
You say, "once we get things started on cleaning up the atmosphere so all we have to wear is airmasks and not full exposure suits, it'll be a lot easier to work in there"
Chevesh nods, stretching out a little bit and perking up her ears. She looks up, and wobbles her head back and forth a bit, feeling the ears sway around. She's spent a lot of time as a cat lately, but sometimes the old familiar classics are good to return to. "That would be nice... firefighting robots." She murmurs. "Rescue robots. Something like that... I don't need warbots. I'd rather fight my battles with my own fists and feet."
You say, "the custom skins? Hooo, even PI hasn't nailed that one down"
Chevesh laughs at Thea, rubbing her head up at the scritching. "Am a small thing that moves very fast. I can confirm."
You say, "Organics made-to-order is a tall task; PI focuses on Synthetics for that reason"
Emma rubs at her eyes.
You say, "I mean..."
Thea says, "PI's not a biotech company to be fair, though, yeah. I bet Malakai would like to know how your skins are made for that matter." Then she grins once again with a faint chuckle. "And, that you are!"
[OOC] Emma says, "Whoops I'm not here"
Niny'ah poses dramatically. 
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! considers this seriously, precision-petting the proxy with the side of one fingerclaw. "I can tell you how I kitsune. I am not an expert on Universal Kitsuning. As a war machine I work to prevent and suppress harm that comes to people. As a fox, I am clever and curious, with logic an art and art pursued through reason. As a kitsune, I have many tails which psychologically serve as a focus for magical activity."
You say, "This suit is some of PI's fineest work, in my opiinion"
Patashu roars, "Yeah, it's not a problem we *want* to solve, but part of it is it being hard to solve, yes"
Chevesh glances to Niny, and nods. "Raol was a bit of a... wow. Where to start. He was kind of out there. He only traveled with us because his work was outlawed in pretty much every civilized society. Sometimes he was pretty scary, to be honest."
You say, "minor spacefold warping to get my joints in the right place, but my body is at least notionally inside the suit's exterior volume."
Thea says, "If you don't mind, I'll point Malakai to you so he can bug you with 101 questions about Raol's work."
Chevesh folds an ear aside, and shrugs. "I would be willing. But I probably couldn't explain very much. I -never- understood Raol's work. I never met anyone who did."
Thea says, "... Actually, Malakai and Raol sound kind of similar by that description. Sort of."
Somewhere on the muck, Dawnwing has connected.
Chevesh murmurs, "Did you know... wait, why did I phrase it that way. Of course you don't. He was trying to build actual spacecraft... that were living organisms, and could breed and reproduce. Real, legitimate spacefaring organisms designed to function as vessels for passengers and pilots, but were animals in their own right with minds and instincts."
Niny'ah touches a hidden release stud on her chest and blinks to confirm the release. It takes a few long seconds before the seams on the front of the suit unseal, sectioning aside to reveal Niny herself, in her own skin. She's wearing an undersuit so tight it looks shrink-wrapped to her skin.
Capricious Proxy perks ears, tails going still while they listen. They look Kitsune over, between head and hands and tails. "You're a pretty amazing creature. I'm glad that you're here to suppress harm."
Patashu roars, "Woah, living spacecraft..."
Thea nods. "Maybe once you have full control over your own domain again, you could give tours to people like him. And... I've heard of spaceships like that. Tales and myths, admittedly."
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! grins, "Nobody seems amazing to themself. I do take some pride in beginning as I was made, then parlaying variations and experiences into making myself something more."
Chevesh shrugs. "Well... he was... in the prototype stage. Little baby spaceships."
You say, "Oh that sounds delightful"
Chevesh grins. "They were... kinna ugly, honestly. Not like an organic Voksa. More like, a growth with tentacle tails."
[Chevesh just looked in your direction! (Female Rabbit)]
Thea says, "Yeah, the ones I've heard myths of looked like that... kinda, um, squick to most normal sensibilities. Or beautiful, if you're the sort of person who likes that sort of thing."
Thea says, "... I wonder if his work ended up coming to fruition, and here I am 300 years later, having heard tall tales about 'em?"
Capricious Proxy tries to cross their forelegs like arms, it looks pretty silly. "I dunno, I seem pretty amazing to myself! ...But, yes. It's always impressive how people can grow and change."
You say, "wouldn't that be a hell of a thing huh"
Chevesh glances up, and widens her eyes, thinking about that. "... holy shit." She whispers.
[Emma just looked in your direction! (              elf)]
Mecha Kon-Iro Kitsune!!! looks down at the proxy, touching their nose to their side, "If you seem impressive to yourself, you must be very impressive indeed."
[OOC] Emma says, "Are you all still in the walled off decontamination place?  Or would you ahve moved"
Capricious Proxy yips quietly and breaks pose to hug that nose. "Or I might just be incredibly vain. But I've tried to... Realize myself, and adjust course, and try to be a good creature."
You feel a wrenching sensation...

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