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You say, "Welcome everyone!"
BunnyHugger adjusts her hat.
Sigma has arrived.
Featherwing tuts to Daisy. "You want fluffy and cuddly? I'll change after the debate." ;)
Room: S5 W7 City Hall
 ambi Sigma               herm        dragon                                  
      Micajah[2m idle]    Male        Black Goat                              
 ic   Bleu                Female      Otter                                   
 IC   Gwen                female      gremlin                                 
      Monika              female      cartoon mongoose                        
 e^-  Azure[3m idle]                  Shiny, Sparky Monster                   
      Blackbird[4m idle]  male        Snow Leopard                            
      Daisy               female      feral silver ferret                     
 I am Samnang             Male        Afghan Hound                            
 drg  Featherwing         male        Greninja (Pokémon)                      
 IC   Mako[5m idle]       Female      Nekomata                                
 EXC  Patashu             male        Anthro Dragon Synth                     
      Concoreer[asleep]   male        flighted cat                            
 Ph.D.Austin              male        Toy Dessert Coati                       
 IIC  NovaSquirrel[2m idlefemale      anthropomorphic squirrel                
 IC   Moriar              Neuter      Crow-Husky Gryphon                      
 IC   >Chitter            Male        Squirrel                    |BunnyHugger
      BunnyHugger         female      Devilbunny                              
---[ Found 18 characters. ( 16 Awake / 1 Asleep / 1 Zombie ) ]----------------
Daisy grins and blows a kiss at Feathers, then shakes her pompoms at him
Monika perks her ears at Gwen, "Chess boxing?" She looks Patashu up and down... "How's your Turk impression?"
You say, "Here's how this is going to work."
Patashu rumbles, "What, like the mechanical turk? Rusty."
Somewhere on the muck, Morticon has connected.
You say, "I will throw out a question, and the candidates may all answer as they're ready.  We won't have a turn order since that tends to make things take longer; instead people can answer as soon as they've thought of a response.  Please do indicate when you're done speaking so I know we can move on to the next question."
NovaSquirrel says, "Gotta go fast"
Azure kind of likes the sound of chessboxing. Especially if it's the musical.
Samnang whuffs, "Groovy Bun Hugs."
You say, "Meanwhile, those in the audience who would like to ask questions, please whisper them to me and I will present them to the candidates in the order I receive them, as time allows."
Patashu rumbles, "Understood."
Roofus_roo zooms in and screetches to a halt. Street luging.
Roofus_roo has arrived.
You say, "I'll start with a couple of my own."
Moriar sits next to Azure, settling in to listen.
Mako settles into a sitting position in the air to hear the questions.
You say, "Our candidates tonight are Bleu, Featherwing, Mako, NovaSquirrel, Patashu, and Samnang."
Patashu nods, taking the stage as appropriate.
Bleu straightens her outfit.
BunnyHugger looks at an index card in her paw.
Bleu climbs on stage.
BunnyHugger invites all the candidates to take the stage at once.
Samnang reclimbs atop the stage. Leaving behind his crown and flowers this time.
Featherwing stands up from his seat. 
You say, "OK, here is the first question, from me.  What do you think is the most important quality or skill for a Mayor of SpinDizzy to possess?"
NovaSquirrel hops up onto the stage
You say, "Candidates can answer as they're ready to."
NovaSquirrel says, "I think the most important skill is the ability to inspire creativity and activity in others"
Patashu rumbles, "I would say, the ability to inspire. To lead by example. To bring about the change, the atmosphere, the fun and excitement that they want to see in Spindizzy. And not just to be the sole source of it - but to create the environment that others can participate in on their own terms."
Patashu grins at Princess Nova
Patashu rumbles, "I feel like we're going to have similar philosophies, here."
NovaSquirrel says, "Hey that just means those philosophies have twice as high a chance"
Aru arrives from elsewhere via the City Hall exit.
Aru has arrived.
Featherwing croaks, "To be frank, and even Fred, Bill, and Ted, it comes to being attentive, and like my fellow candidates have said, creativity and helping foster it among others!"
Mako says, "Hmmm.... I am in agreement, but a corollary - You also need to have flexibility. No plan survives first contact and all that, and you're gonna need to be able to think on your feet to adapt WITH the other people."
Bleu stands and clears her throat. "Like my fellow candidates have said, an ability to lead by example, and inspire creativity is vastly important. However, I would postulate that having a good sense of fun is JUST AS important. Also, being able to listen and accept feedback is a MUST."
Samnang thinks for a few minutes. "I think that a mayor should have many qualities, not the leas tof which is humility. To be able to smile at their own mistakes. Laugh if need be along with those that choose to sling rocks. That not withstanding the ability to separate their personal irritations and leave them behind so as to not bring undue drama or harm to our fellow citizens. That is my thought."
Daisy bounces on her toes and cheers for Sam!
BunnyHugger nods, "Thank you.  I do now have some audience questions so I'll turn to those."
You say, "An audience member wants to know, 'How is a raven like a writing desk?'"
Patashu rumbles, "Wait, I know this one..."
Gwen smirks.
Patashu rumbles, "They both have a black quill feather?"
Bleu ahems. "Because it can produce a few notes, tho they are very flat
Bleu sighs
Samnang beard strokes. "Such pondering's are stark raven mad."
Bleu says, "Because it can produce a few notes, tho they are very flat, and it is never put with the wrong end in front!"
Featherwing hmms."I concur. They both can produce a few notes."
NovaSquirrel says, "That's a little surreal"
Mako says, "Both are popular with certain kinds of poets? I think Bleu's is the most literarily correct. :P"
You say, "There's a popular 'answer' but I actually like that you all came up with different ones that make sense."
Gwen mutters, "Poe wrote on both of them..."
BunnyHugger smiles.
Featherwing croaks, "Yeah."
You say, "All right, moving on to... uh... OK, I was going to say more serious questions but strike that."
NovaSquirrel says, "The silliest questions"
Featherwing perks?
BunnyHugger looks at her next index card.  "Someone in the audience wants to know, 'Can you dance? How well can you dance? Do your friends dance? 'Cuz if they can't dance then they're no friends of mine.'"
Chitter chitters.
Patashu rumbles, "I love to dance, and I don't care how silly I look while doing it! I danced during the last DJing party, so there's video proof."
NovaSquirrel says, "I'm sure rhythm games probably count as 100% real dancing"
NovaSquirrel says, "so I'm going to say yes"
Patashu rumbles, "I've played my fair share of DDR myself, so second on that."
Bleu strikes a pose, then performs a quick Can-Can. "I not only can, but I do, on stage, no less. And so can my friends. Got a Dance!"
Featherwing croaks, "I can dance if I want to, I can leave my friends behind, but can the asker dance, and if they can't dance, then are they really a friend of mine?"
Samnang touches his chest, tail wagging lots. "I can dance in the moonlight and on the ceiling, footloose to elegant, but with a certain amount of flash dance is my style."
Mako says, "With or without hats? I can dance a bit, but you gotta have a good rhythm~"
BunnyHugger takes off her hat, and scratches her head, then puts it back on.
Bleu says, "Some may say that cats don't dance. I don't know. But otters can."
Samnang whuffs, "Obviously there is a hat dance, how could dancing be done without hats?"
You say, "All right, next audience question.  This is a complicated foreign policy sort of question."
You say, "'What will you direct the Heroic Task Force to do in the event that duly appointed law enforcement from another world arrives with a title of ownership of one of Spindizzy's citizens, with the intentions to repossess them? (The title having been issued by the world the enforcers have come from or are appointed by.)'  ... Er, I'm mildly alarmed by the specificity of that question."
Patashu scratches a horn, looking thoughtful.
Mako says, "Point of clarification, title of ownership?"
Azure hmmms and peers down curiously.
Bleu stands straighter. "I would ask to see their extradition papers, check the records, get SED to do some digging on any dirty laundry... And then deny their request. We don't traffic with slavers."
Micajah grumbles, "Chattel ownership of beings, Mako. Usually synthetic but not always."
Patashu rumbles, "Well! I can't say I'd be fond of the idea of one of our citizens and friends being snatched away based on some dispute of legality. I'd be certain to fight it with every resource available to us. You can'y buy and sell people like they're things, after all."
Azure . o O ( Why would you bother with all the first stuff? )
Micajah . o O ( To buy time. )
Patashu rumbles, "After all. If they're HERE and their 'legal owners' are over THERE. There's probably a good reason they ran so far away! And I don't side with tyrants against the oppressed."
Bleu . o O ( Buy time. )
NovaSquirrel says, "I would do everything in my power to prevent someone being taken away against their will if it came to that"
You say, "I believe the intention is that they are an owned person; chattel property."
Bleu says, "And if worst came to worst... Declare war. But I doubt it'll come to that."
Mako says, "I figured but wanted to be sure. It ain't legal HERE, they can, to be polite, get lost."
BunnyHugger nods.
NovaSquirrel says, "It's immoral at the very least, which the task force is supposed to right if I understand correctly"
Patashu rumbles, "Bottom line - a law's only worth as much as how ethical it is. I don't have to consent to a law just because someone wrote it down on paper."
Samnang whuffs, "We have right to file for ownership because of well established and recognized ordinance of occupation of so many consecutive years. This regardless of deed of ownership would need to be ruled in court to the supposed owners when all we'd nee to do would be to show that we've been here for some time, likewise pay any back taxes. But that's just prattle as I've done everyone a solid and paid the back taxes for SpinDizzy and have taken ownership, but I'm not going to lord that over anyone."
Gwen nods appreciatively.
BunnyHugger smiles.
Mako says, "If you wanted a more specific output, detail that to them, and ask them politely to leave. If they press the matter, I believe that is when you need to be Less Polite."
Featherwing hrms... "Depends on the law of the realm of origination, and the bureaucracy held within. Then, like many havve said, do everything to hold off on any sort of transport. If they try to force their way, yes. I would deny their request and ask that the actual "owner" (and I use that term loosely) come and explain themselves."
You say, "Great question."
You say, "I have another audience question, assuming you're all ready?"
Patashu rumbles, "I am."
BunnyHugger flips to another index card.
You say, "'What is an important thing that's changed about you since you began inhabiting SpinDizzy?'"
Bleu thinks.
Jaxen arrives from elsewhere via the City Hall exit.
Jaxen has arrived.
Patashu taps his horn...
NovaSquirrel says, "Hmm"
Featherwing croaks, "Well, the fact that I'm carrying on Findra's legacy as a wizard, and the fact that I'm helping, along with the rest of the wizcorps, make SpinDizzy a better place for all, both old and new!"
Bleu says, "Ah, well... I used to be a lot more... Flighty. Capricious. But, having been around you fine folks for 6 years now, I believe I've settled down quite a bit to a calmer, less crazy and more...fun, personality."
PatchO'Black arrives from elsewhere via the City Hall exit.
PatchO'Black has arrived.
Samnang wags, smiling. "I've chilled out with my gallivanting across the great outer. I still partake from time to time and I even bring others along, but not as my day to day. That has been the biggest change in me."
PatchO'Black looks around?
Mako grins. "I got to meet a ton of fun people, and in doing so learn a buncha neat stuff. There's a wide variety of hobbies here and it's always expanding to hear about them. Also got to use some of the fun ideas I've had, and learn a few things.
NovaSquirrel says, "Coming to SpinDizzy helped me figure myself out a bit more and find more of a purpose and role past just only "hero""
Patashu rumbles, "I'd say I've learned the value of community - of a shared place where people all communally interact with one another and build their lives and sense of belonging together. A lot of my interactions in the past have been one on one sessions, where I do what I can to cater to my partner in the specific ways they're looking for. But group activities take a whole new skillset. One where you have to create shared experiences that accomodate everyone, and endure past a one-off conversation to become part of a shared canon, a history everyone can feel like they're a part of, a place everyone has a part of being. Honestly, I can say I've chilled out over the years myself - and this has helped accelerate that, because it takes level-headedness and people skills and thoughtfulness to work with a large community all at once."
You say, "Lovely answers, all.  Thank you."
You say, "I have exhausted the audience questions for the moment so please do feel free to whisper more.  But in the meantime here's one of my own."
You say, "As Mayor, one of my ambitions was to encourage more observance of holidays and creation of holiday events by different citizens, rather than having all holiday celebrations be led by the Mayor's office.  I was not as successful in this as I would have liked.  So, my question is, how do you think you might encourage the entire community, not just City Hall, to take ownership of our traditional holidays?"
Daisy nodnods, that is a *very* good question!
Blackbird boosts daisy up on his antlers
Featherwing croaks, "Of course! That's not to say I won't try to hold things myself, but it's the community that makes events work in the first place, so they should be as involved as possible! They might even do a much better job than I!"
Daisy lounges elegantly, cradled by kitty antlers in her adorable pleated skirt
Patashu rumbles, "This is something I've thought about as well. I won't necessarily have the energy and motivation to do every group event on my own, and I freely admit that, because I think it's far more exciting to help others. I have always, as a rule, done my best worldbuilding of settings and scenarios discussing them with a friend, rehearsing them and thinking of cool twists, and I would love to offer my co-DMing and co-worldbuilding services to anyone who has an idea but needs help building their confidence. I consider myself to be flexible in terms of what I can do and accommodate, so I hope I can assist new and old DMers no matter their idea."
Mako says, "Based on prior experience.... this is not nearly as simple as it sounds. Ideally, you engage them and try to get them to help run them, not just take part. This helps to ensure that the holidays are themselves run by people who appreciate them. Of course, this relies on having people who are both interested and able. Some people's interpretations are just not going to be liked. On the other hand, I still think it's the best way, because it invites people to own the holidays themselves. I might want to also try taking ideas for NEW ones. Sometimes a little change might be called for. Similarly, in some cases the best option's to be the person with the resources or connections to help others get something running."
Bleu says, "Aha, I was just talking about this the other day. You have to get the Community excited. Work them up. Make it fun. Get feedback. More importantly... USE THAT FEEDBACK. If your plans initially fall flat... DON'T GIVE UP! You have to KEEP TRYING! People respond positively when they see that you are taking a proactive step to promote and foster fun and creativity. Get as much help as possible."
NovaSquirrel says, "I think making an effort to recognize the space around the day would help, rather than focusing solely on the day itself. Help establish the mood and encourage people to get involved and ride on top of the mood. Hype the leadup to them and get people talking about them."
BunnyHugger nods.
You say, "The riddler in the audience has handed me another one..."
Samnang smoothes his throat fluff down. "Many of us have a form of stage fright in that there is a general lack of confidence in being the center of attention for a while, even in a much desired celebration setting. It's not so much a matter of getting involved as much as it is reassuring that no matter what, any effort done is better than none at all. Whether it is for a simple hurrah at Christmas or a spectacular dance off for a birthday that no one seems to remember, or just a celebration because we're all here and that is often a more than ample reason to celebrate."
BunnyHugger rubs her brow with her paw.  "Oh!  Sorry Samnang, didn't mean to jump the gun on you there."
You say, "Oh, but now that's everyone, I think, so ... feel free to answer or pass this one, let's say.  Someone wants me to ask you, 'If the word ouroboric means a word that describes itself, and the word non-ouroboric means a word that does not describe itself, is the world non-ouroboric ouroboric or non-ouroboric?'"
Samnang smiles nd waves ahand. "it's opk, i take time to think and that often makes me talk slowly to find the best phrasing."
Bleu says, "The world is, ah... Non-ouroboric ouroboric."
BunnyHugger actually keeps count of how many people have answered and miscounted that time.
NovaSquirrel says, "I think you mean 'word'?"
Mako says, "... ow, my brain."
Patashu rumbles, "This is a classic self-referential paradox.  It's equivalent to saying 'this sentence is false'. Not every question has a yes or no answer. Some questions are ill-defined and don't have an answer. In fact, any sufficiently powerful (as in, useful for doing things with) system of logic or mathematics will have non-trivial questions that are self-contradictory. This is called Godel's Incompleteness Theorems."
PatchO'Black is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.
PatchO'Black has left.
Featherwing boggles for a moment. Does a little finger math. "Wouldn't it be ouroboric by being non-ouroboric in the sense that being non-ouroboric defines itself as not defining itself.
Mako says, "If it means a word that describes itself, and its non-itself means it does not, by definition I think it means it describes itself, or at least infers. I think? Ow."
Patashu rumbles, "Also, if someone was helping to make my head spin and explode off with that paradox, nice try."
Bleu says, "It's like Schrodinger's Cat."
NovaSquirrel says, "That would be a fun party trick"
BunnyHugger meant 'word' rather than 'world,' that was a slip of the typing tongue.
Roofus_roo has disconnected.
Roofus_roo has connected.
Samnang scratches his ears. "It is not an ouroboric word to say non-ouroboric unless it was nonouroboric, becuase otherwise it is two words and not one.
You say, "Maybe they were testing to see if any of you were actually an evil computer duplicate and so thought they could pull the old 'make the computer melt down' trick."
Patashu rumbles, "That probably would have worked if Moriar was running, ironically."
Moriar's tail stops wagging for a moment, before they resume so.
Patashu . o O ( Ironic because Moriar isn't evil, just a Moriar. )
You say, "Moving on, a question from the audience, and in case anyone is wondering this one did NOT actually come from Azure, is... 'Do you believe the weather machine should have more fire tornadoes, or larger fire tornadoes?'"
Samnang raises a hand. "Clearly I am not a evil computer or machine, I'm just a bunch of fluff, and love masquerading as a responsible adult."
Patashu rumbles, "...Did Tromak submit this one?"
Patashu narrows eyes.
You say, "No!"
Patashu rumbles, "Pinky swear."
Azure chuckles
Micajah grumbles, "Ask her to thumb-swear."
Mako says, "... neither. Fire tornados tend to be bad for the constitution for about 90% of us. Some more weather might be more interesting, properly applied though. o.o"
NovaSquirrel says, "If they're harmless fire tornadoes, like they're just for show, they sound rad"
Azure says, "come now, Lord Professor, while I like fire tornaods you should know my heart will always belong to thunder and lightning."
Patashu rumbles, "Anyway, answering the question! I think that larger fire tornadoes is more interesting than more fire tornados. For one, there's no record for 'most fire tornadoes', it's always 'biggest fire tornado'. Second, it makes it easier to organize people to have fire tornado shenanigans on fire tornado day if it's a single day!"
Micajah glowers. "And snow."
Azure does like the odd bit of snow, now and again.
BunnyHugger chuckles.
NovaSquirrel says, "Fewer ones and make it all the more special each time"
Featherwing croaks, "Well, Fire doesn't bother me much and other fire-type Pokemon, but it does hurt many others... So I'd say the smaller tornado would suffice."
Zorya arrives from elsewhere via the City Hall exit.
Zorya has arrived.
Requiem has arrived.
Zorya enters, with Requiem walking along next to her. 
Zorya is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.
Zorya has left.
Requiem has left.
Zorya leaves, with Requiem walking along with her. 
Samnang has to think about that question. "Maybe. Fire tornadoes though are not natural parts of weather so it couldn't be a setting on a weather machine. However, dry and windy conditions as well as high temperatures to dry out combustibles could be a combination of settings. At which point it would be just a matter of housekeeping and raking the forests to clean up leaves and other underbrush to keep the chances low for fire tornadoes."
Patashu . o O ( Hah! Shows what SAMNANG knows. )
Daisy sneaks up on Micajah and stuffs a few gummy worms in his pocket
Bleu says, "I have to say I disapprove of Fire Tornadoes, and anyone caught creating Fire Tornadoes with the weather machine will be dealt with swiftly and severely."
Samnang taps the side of his head. "Not all stunning good looks."
Patashu . o O ( Tromak. )
NovaSquirrel says, "Are waterspouts okay in your book, Bleu?"
BunnyHugger flips to her next card.
Monika says, "Now now, it's true that fire tornadoes are unnatural weather around here! The thing is, *all* the weather around here is unnatural!"
Bleu says, "Waterspouts are totally rad, yes. Otter gotta ott."
Patashu . o O ( I need to add waterspout to the Weather Machine, now... )
Featherwing croaks, "Water ninjafrog concurs with that. He leans his head back and becomes a mini-fountain with a small Water Gun attack."
You say, "Next audience query: 'What's something you are surprised isn't on SpinDizzy, or isn't more prominent on SpinDizzy?  Why that?'"
Patashu looks thoughtful.
Micajah sighs without looking at Daisy and... produces a box of Swedish fish from out of the pocket.  Offers it to her.
BunnyHugger's nose wiggles involuntarily at the smell of Swedish fish, though she tries to pretend she didn't notice candy has made an appearance.
Mako huh. "A good question..... Something that came up before, actually. I'm surprised we don't have a salon. Fur dye, haircuts, etc.... It's such a small thing but it's a basic daily thing. Something I wanna remedy eventually. Can't be the first person to notice that."
Bleu says, "I am surprised that there isn't more Great Britain. As to why... Because we need more BBCA. More seriously... I'm surprised there aren't more outright aliens. I mean... This is a giant space rock."
Daisy happily accepts the treat and gives Micajah a big hug with lots of nuzzles and purrs
Patashu rumbles, "I guess I'm speaking from my own experience here, but - playfighting. I love a good co-operative, safe and fun combat experience, where the only thing on the line is how fun of a time it is for everyone. Socializing, puzzle solving and mischevious shenanigans are all great kinds of fun on their own, but a great fight or dungeon crawl with flashy, fun attacks, interesting opponents and co-operative experience is a wonderful time that I want to see more of!"
NovaSquirrel says, "With all the nonsensical bits of flavor the world has, and the history, I'm surprised there's not more of zany nonsense in everyday life here"
Featherwing stops being a little fountain and thinks... "Hmm, I'd have to say a bit more Pokemon things... Sure, there's the Pokemon Center and Gym, but a little section for Pokemon  isn't necessarily a bad thing to have... A Safari Zone of sorts." >.>
Aldrinor arrives from elsewhere via the City Hall exit.
Aldrinor has arrived.
Patashu rumbles, "In particular, following Universal Lack of Consequence rules by default - so there's no threat of injury or anything else nonconsentual riding along with it. Just Sword and sorcery (or mecha and big heckin' gun) fun!"
Samnang whuffs, "I'm surprised daily that there is not more hammocks. One reason I can think of why that is the case, is no one can decide if they want one with spreaders or not, mesh or solid, with canopy or not. Also it could be that they are sometimes a bit difficult to get on and off of without ending up on the ground."
Patashu rumbles, "I also concur with Featherwing and Princess Nova's answers as something I'd love to see more of and personally encourage. I'm still brainstorming and making new areas, so there's a lot of room to innovate in these areas./"
Mako says, "... remind me later, Patashu, I wanted to talk about that, actually...."
Patashu hmms at Mako!
Aldrinor hugs Mako!
Aldrinor hugs Patashu!
Patashu hugs Aldrinor!
Chitter seems very amused by Samnang's answer.
Bleu waves to Aldrinor. Tosses a "VOTE BLEU" flag at him from the stage.
BunnyHugger nods and touches her hat brim as the Vice Mayor enters.
Sigma says, "Mako, I have been working on getting a shop up and running, frankly."
Aldrinor reaches over and pets on BunnyHugger, "Almost that time again?"
Mako earperks. "That's good!"
Sigma says, "Salon, that is."
Aldrinor ooohs and looks over the vote bleu flag.
You say, "Here's a particularly serious question from the audience.  'What would you say to someone that was being obtuse and intentional in their offensiveness?'"
Patashu rumbles, "Sigma: Cool! I'd love to see it when it's ready."
Patashu taps a horn, looking contemplative.
Sondra goatfluffs Micajah, from afar!  
Sigma hugs Patashu!
Sigma says, "Yay!"
Aldrinor sniffs Sigma!
Aldrinor lightly growls, "What kind of shop are you creating Sigma?"
Patashu rumbles, "At Spindizzy we have strict rules to make sure that people aren't harassing each other in public or private places, to ensure that everyone can have a safe and fun time without it being ruined by bad experiences. And making it obtuse or obfuscated does not change the underlying act or the feelings created as a result of it. I would treat any complaints or fighting with utmost seriousness, and get a Wizard to help mediate if I can't do it myself."
Bleu oohs... This is rather personal to her. "I would walk up to them, take them aside, and politely but firmly ask them to desist. If they continue to insist on being offensive, I would politely and firmly ask them to leave. If that fails... They will be booted."
NovaSquirrel says, "I would tell them that sort of thing isn't cool and that they should stop for the sake of the rest of the community's right to have a nice time here"
Gigan arrives from elsewhere via the City Hall exit.
Gigan has arrived.
Daisy slinks up to the stage and slips BunnyHugger a full bag of gummy bears, then slinks back into the audience looking shifty
NovaSquirrel says, "I'm not afraid to stand up against that sort of thing"
Patashu rumbles, "I'd also like to point out, for anyone who hasn't seen them before, the Five Geek Social Fallacies. https://pkeros.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/on-the-five-geek-social-fallacies-part-i/"
Sigma says, "A multi-species salon, Aldrinor."
Samnang whuffs, "Tell them that while their commentary is being disruptive, it also gives excellent insight into their character of being and that it only further smears their own name when inevitably later they are chastising another for less offensive actions."
Patashu rumbles, "Since we're a geeky subculture ourselves, it's important to make sure we're aware of the biases that tend to pervade such spaces, and make sure that we're not letting bad actors get a free pass."
BunnyHugger smiles at Daisy.
Patashu rumbles, "We should be nice, helpful, welcoming, friendly, tolerant. But intolerance itself can't be tolerated, or else it all comes apart. So it's important to be vigilant."
Mako says, "If they're being deliberate and intentional.... well, you should at least ask them upfront to cease, at least once. If they are unwilling to do so, ask politely to leave. Then probably impolitely. We DO have rules, even if they're simple, and "Don't be a jerk" is kinda the main one. If that continues, that's usually when you need to get staff involved."
You say, "Thank you.  And on an equally important note... 'Would you support a ban on closed doors, until they can be opened by citizens who lack hands?'"
Featherwing croaks, "Hmm... I'm guessing this is something that happened recently? I'd say to knock it off and re-read the behavior policy,  Then, if it persists and it's in my area, I'd sweep them and say, "Come back here when you can behave." Then yes. I'd escalate it to the wizzes."
Aldrinor hugs Daisy!
Aldrinor mmmms at Sigma, wagging.
Beltrami arrives from elsewhere via the City Hall exit.
Beltrami has arrived.
Patashu rumbles, "Well, I do consider accessibility to be highly important. Patashu Industries products are usable by the blind, deaf and numb whenever it's conceivably possible to do so. If there is a problem where our less morphic citizens can't travel to places they rightfully should be able to, I would ensure the appropriate accessibility measures are taken."
Featherwing croaks, "I wouldn't say a ban per se, but at least provide assistance in some form or other to assist those without opposable thumbs to open them so all can participate in places!"
Bleu stands straighter. "I would support that ban. I believe ALL are equal, and all are equally allowed to live how they want, and go where they want. Inclusivity."
Gwen starts pondering schematics for doors with arms, so that they can open themselves...
Patashu . o O ( Oh no. Sentient doors. )
Mako says, ".... Sounds a bit much. If they need assistance I am for providing it, but I balk and banning just about anything outright without reason."
Patashu . o O ( What if they refuse to open without a tip. )
Mako . o O ( No no, this is where they got the Sirius Cybernetics Genuine People PErsonality Doors. )
Blackbird says, "if locked doors aren't allowed, can I at least grease the doorknobs?"
Aldrinor listens and smiles. The wolf tilting his head this way and that. He mmms at Patashu and Featherwing.
Patashu . o O ( I am of course, referencing Ubik. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/discussion.php?id=yu6orzubjjfwespcur5vdz7w#comment-nz5b4ba947a2104 ! )
NovaSquirrel says, "I think doors are quite useful but I think the best way to approach the situation is to, instead of removing the door entirely, provide a button or some other means to open it"
Azure . o O ( Why not just unleash a nanotechnological swarm that will reconstruct all doorknobs to be nose-operable? )
Patashu . o O ( Hah! But some beings don't have a nose. )
Daisy says, "Hey, some of you are forgetting that *some* doors are closed for a reason. I don't want anyone wandering in while I'm in the bath, for instance"
Patashu rumbles, "Right, that's why I said 'that they rightfully should be able to'."
Patashu rumbles, "I'm not going to ban closed doors without due cause."
Patashu rumbles, "But like, you should be able to enter a club or eatery that's open to the public."
Bleu says, "I was just thinking of public doors, Daisy. Private doors are a different case."
NovaSquirrel says, "Yes there's a difference between being inadvertently excluded from a public place because of failure at accessibility, and something that's put in place intentionally to exclude all but a select few"
Samnang thinks about that. "I'd invite anyone that want sot join me for a bath, to join. All those suds and hot water. Plus snacks and massages, make bath time more enjoyable."
Azure grins
Aldrinor . o O ( Maybe all doors have actuators? Nose/paw/any limb pressable? )
Patashu . o O ( Just add a doggy flap to the door, guys =w= )
Featherwing . o O ( Snrk. )
You say, "Ahem.  Here's an audience question that I'm sure is very important to the person asking it... 'How do you feel about the use of the word 'paradox' to refer to situations that are merely surprising and what do you plan to do about it?'"
Bleu says, "That is a paradoxical question. Oh dear, now I'm doing it..."
Patashu rumbles, "I don't plan to do anything about it. I'm not a language nitpicker, because I know that language is contextual and evolves over time and space alike. As long as both people clearly understand what is being communicated and it isn't a technical discussion, there is no problem."
Featherwing croaks, "I feel nothing prominent about it, and plan to allow it to remain in the lexicons of people who want that word there!"
Mako says, "Possibly point out that they are using the incorrect term, and if I'm feeling pedantic provide a dictionary link. I am in NO position to point fingers to someone else's word-use. >.>"
Bleu says, "What a paradox! ...Dammit, I did it again..."
Samnang looks around for a moment. "We have specific rules for this sort of thing that are a few generations old and require us to write things down and have been doing so for about that long. So far I've not seen myself, but I have found notes that I don't remember writing, in my style of scribble."
NovaSquirrel says, "I think what people like to forget is that the dictionary simply documents how the English language is used rather than objectively stating how it should be, so while it may not be the right definition the reality of things is that words just change"
Blackbird shouts, "down with gramatical prescriptivism!"
Patashu rumbles, "Word up!"
Pyree has arrived.
You say, "How about literalism?"
Gigan what's.
Daisy hugs Pyree
Blackbird chants with bleu
Pyree hugs Daisy!
Bleu says, "I mean... Ya'll can use whatever words you want to."
You say, "I failed to stop people from misusing 'begging the question' during my tenure sooooo..."
You say, "I really like this next question."
Azure chuckles
Patashu rumbles, "But that... Begs the question. What is the next question...?"
Bleu tosses Blackbird a "VOTE BLEU" hat.
BunnyHugger flips to her next card.  "Also from the audience."
Patashu looks to see  if anyone scrunches their face.
You say, "I'd give you a death glare, but that would be improper given my current role."
Patashu gapegrins
Patashu rumbles, "Don't worry, you can do it in a week or so."
You say, "Next question.  Ahem.  'Would you more want your mayoral tenure to be known as a daring one, as a wacky one, or as a comforting one?'"
Azure says, "Surely as moderator you can hurl moral opprobrium from time to time?"
NovaSquirrel says, "Obviously a wacky one. I want to encourage wackiness and silliness to the fullest extent and being known for that would mean I succeeded"
Patashu rumbles, "I guess wacky. I don't want to be seen as serious or as a pushover or like I'm taking risks and breaking rules. I am an instigator of Things and Themes and Events I find Interesting."
Featherwing hrms. "I dunno if I can respectfully choose just one! All three are bound to happen at some point during my tenure..."
Bleu stands up straight, and raises her right paw to her heart. "As God is my witness, I want my tenure to be Wacky as heck. And the citizens can help me make your lives as wacky as possible."
J'ee has teleported in.
J'ee has arrived.
Mako ooh. "Tough choice. I'd prefer a mix, honestly. Wacky on its own might imply a certain amount of daring to get the most of it. I also think some people probably don't want the boat rocked too much. A little familiarity can go a long way for comfort. ... heck, for some, wacky IS comforting. We're already pretty wierd... in a good way. :3
Samnang whuffs, "I would rather my tenure be known for fine hair cuts, and exploration of wonder. Not wacky so much as delightful fun with friends and with the occasional delve into bad jokes."
Sigma says, "It is perfectly normal and healthy to regard oneself as being a little bit weirder than everyone else, even if this belief is patently inaccurate."
Skai zooms in and screetches to a halt. Street luging.
Skai has arrived.
Bleu is definitely weird.
Mako says, "You can't just limit yourself to one descriptor. Flexibility, remember? :P"
J'ee growfs, "Some of us are patently unique, but strive to blend in."
Patashu gives waves to Skai and J'ee!
Samnang whuffs, "I've not got o be stranger than anyone else. I'm just the right amount of strange and awesome to be me and that makes me wag my tail daily. Something i want for others to have as well."
Daisy says, "Others are fairly ordinary but strive to stand out. To each their own"
J'ee boww.
Skai waves, and chirrups!
Bleu takes a drink of water.
You say, "OK, here's a question from me.  Which means I've exhausted the audience questions, and can invite more, by whispers please.  My question is, my last big act as Mayor was to create the Mayor's Task Force on Righting Wrongs, or the Heroic Task Force as it seems they are sometimes now being called.  What do you think the role of the task force will be during your administration?"
Sigma says, "Yay for Samnang!"
Daisy cheers
Patashu rumbles, "Well! As I've made clear, I love flashy, exciting, fun, safe combat. So I'll be sure that there's plenty for our Task Force to do and solve, whether I organize it personally or help others organize it and create an environment of adventuring and heroism."
fluffy arrives from elsewhere via the City Hall exit.
fluffy has arrived.
fluffy mraah.
Blackbird mows!
Featherwing croaks, "Keeping tabs on Morti? I'm honestly not sure, I'd have to sit down with them and discuss their role with them. Then I could get an idea of their role!"
Patashu rumbles, "Of course, I don't want adventuring and heroism to be limited to those who innately have the ability to do so. I'm working on things like suits and pilotable machines that can give anyone the edge without even having to leave home!"
Azure o/` yips o/` at fluffy.
Mako says, "Well, I like to be about facilitating stuff..... It is likely we're going to look for things for them to do. Heroes tend to invite Villains so I'm expecting a few of those too. It may be we need to canvas and find out what people need heroes to DO around here, given we already have a bunch of people with skills. Almost like a quest board."
Bleu smiles. "Well, I look forward to working with the Task Force to create more fun, safe events for all citizens. I think it could be really fun to get SED involved, and have large, muck-wide role-plays. This directly reflects my motto of Serious Fun, in fact. I look forward to seeing what I can do."
BunnyHugger apologizes and seems to have mislaid a couple of cards with audience questions.  She will be getting to those next.
Patashu rumbles, "Ooh, a quest board sounds like a fun one. Have events wait around until people are eager to do them."
Samnang grins broadly. "My own personal goon squad? well for sure they would be tasked with rooting out this mailman and the sinister gang of plastic bag blowing across front yard, squirrels, people walking by the house on the sidewalk, neighbor's cat and the most dangerous of all, rolled up newspaper. Oh, oh you mean seriously? well they would be tasked with assuring that people do have their fair say and that everyone has room to talk about whatever pleasure they have so long as the topic is not such that would not be enjoyable by less than two individuals.
Gigan perks earfins curiously. H m!
Chitter laughs.
Pyree snrk
Micajah mutters, "I should be away.  Thank you for the questions and answers.  Adieu."
"The SED are always around, but whether or not we'll be available is always the question," Aldrinor grins at bleu, then at mako, featherwing, patashu, and samnang. "MMm"
Bleu waves to Micajah.
Samnang whuffs, "See ya around"
Micajah stalks off home.
Micajah has left.
NovaSquirrel says, "Honestly since I'm on the task force I think there's a bit of a conflict of interest for me, so I'd definitely be trying to find opportunities to send me and other people out do heroic adventures and such, for fun if nothing else"
Patashu rumbles, "I don't want to act like the SED is the only source of conflict we have around. There's all sorts of avenues to explore!"
Gigan zen-pokes Aldrinor. :)
NovaSquirrel says, "It should be a fun thing, not a purely serious thing"
Chitter> You say, "Well, you could be a Mayor-hero.  Like the President in Air Force One."
Chitter says, "Well, you could be a Mayor-hero.  Like the President in Air Force One."
NovaSquirrel giggles
Patashu rumbles, "Or in Metal Wolf Chaos!"
Samnang whuffs, "Independence Day"
You say, "Back to audience questions now.  'If you knew for certain the world was going to end tomorrow, how big of a party would you throw? And what drinks would you serve at it?'"
Monika glances off in the direction Micajah went. "Must be irritated about the bad name the SED gives to evil-doing!"
Patashu rumbles, "I'd do it in style! I'd throw a Ragnarok Party. Everyone gets a big Zoid and pilots them in a free for all fight to usher in the end of the world! And I suspect people will need lots of strong alcohol, heheh."
Bleu smiles again. "The biggest party, ever. The entire population would be invited, with plenty of martinis and cocktails for everyone! And DJ Tantari on the music.
Featherwing croaks, "A big Sukiyaki feast and all the sushi one could eat! There'd be tempura too! I'd also bring in some other foods like oden, soba, and lots of ice cream and doughnuts! If we're gonna go out, we're gonna go out in a food coma!""
NovaSquirrel says, "I would try to have as much of a variety in drinks as possible to encourage people to finally get around to varieties they never did and get in some new experiences while they still could"
Featherwing flicks away the erroneous extra " there.
Bleu says, "Did I forget to mention sushi?"
NovaSquirrel says, "Probably have a ridiculous amount of pizza"
Bleu says, "Hell, make it a Toga Party."
Mako says, "If I knew it was ending tomorrow, then that would be probably time for the biggest party you can manage. Fanciest stuff you can get, strongest booze... I mean, if there's gonna be no tomorrow you might as well not have to worry about a hangover. :P Foodwise.... whatever we can get our hands on, I'd say. Time's a factor. Someone for pizza is gonna get a huge tip."
Gigan ooohs. Sushi.
Samnang licks his nose and whiskers. "If the world ends tomorrow, the party will be grand, with cake and all the things that are not healthy to consume available that I could get a hold of. There would also be tea, warm and fruity if wanted, certainly friends and family to talk to tell that you love them and that whatever happens afterward, you'll be looking for them, to make sure they are alright.
Aldrinor mmms, Sushi is good. "I like Sushi."
You say, "Aw."
Bleu says, "Just make it Animal House, to be honest."
BunnyHugger looks at the next card distastefully, as though she doesn't even want to touch it.
Gwen wakes up suddenly. "Pizza!"
Bleu oohs.
Patashu squints at BH's odd expression.
Bleu says, "A challenge."
Mako eyebrowraises
You say, "Ahem."
You say, "''Would you be willing to turn evil, you know, just to keep things interesting?''"
Patashu ........
Bleu says, "Welllllll...."
Patashu rumbles, "...I guess it's not a matter of 'willing', is it."
Bleu pauses for a LOOOOOONG moment.
Patashu looks amused.
Daisy kicks herself for not asking that one
Jennifer arrives from elsewhere via the City Hall exit.
Jennifer has arrived.
Bleu says, "Well... Umm... Maybe. It depends on the day, my mood, what I ate, how I feel... If I'm hungover."
Azure . o O ( If it's not willing, what is it? "Install evil.exe: y/N"? )
Patashu . o O ( Uhuhu~ )
Mako says, "... 'turn'? I'm a cat. Depending on your definition I already AM evil. :P But I'm not inclined towards change for change's sake. It needs a bit of direction. >.>""
NovaSquirrel says, "If it's completely understood that it's just harmless play and that no one's actually getting hurt, I think it could sound like fun to play that sort of role for an event or something"
Gigan hm.
Featherwing huhs. "Umm... Yeah, I'd have to concur with the qualifier Patashu said. If I was plot brainwashed, uh, sure?"
Patashu rumbles, "Likewise as Princess Nova, I enjoy play-conflict if there's a good cause for it. I wouldn't want to actually put anyone in distress! Just give safe avenues for roleplaying."
Pyree snrks.
Jennifer says, "...what did I walk in on?"
Gigan rumbles, "Debates!"
Patashu . o O ( Alternate answer. 'Oh shoot, I have my Y key weighed down and I wasn't reading the prompts!' )
Blackbird says, "politics"
NovaSquirrel says, "Like superhero/supervillain stuff can easily turn into sort of a game that I think is quite harmless at the end of the day if no one gets hurt"
Bleu chants with Blackbird.
Chitter chuckles.
Samnang whuffs, "Evil is all in view point is it not? Just because someone disagrees with you, does that make you evil, or them evil? Does doing something because it is needed but not popular make the task evil? I think the question would be more of, would you be willing to suddenly alter your usual persona in order to offset the perceived notion of who you are, to keep others off balance, in order to make things interesting? Would I, yes. Could I maintain it? Likely not."
Blackbird chants, "WITH BLACKBIRD"
BunnyHugger flips to the next card and doesn't look like she's considerably less disturbed by it.  "Jeez, c'mon people... is this a plot to make me cringe?"
Patashu facepalms.
Azure earperks?
Daisy hands Blackbird Snark of the day trophy
Bleu relishes these questions.
Blackbird basks in his vicotry
You say, "'Would you support an initiative to create backup copies of all SpinDizzy citizens?'"
Gwen ponders the question, and mutters to herself.. "Me, I've been frequently naughty, and wicked on special occasions, but evil? Ain't worth the trouble..."
NovaSquirrel says, "I think people already have that taken care of with how many puppets I've seen"
Patashu rumbles, "... I mean, I'm kind of already doing that. I don't know if I'd ENFORCE it, though. Not everyone feels the same way about all that stuff, you know?"
BunnyHugger says in probable jest, "I'd like to add an addendum, 'Would you be willing to keep on BunnyHugger as the mayor's Philosophical Advisor, since clearly both an ethicist and a metaphysician is needed?'"
Bleu says, "In the event of potential total annihilation... YES."
Patashu rumbles, "Hahaha. If those are your honest feelings, you must *hate* what I do."
Patashu looks amused, teeth clicked.
Bleu has clearly given this great thought.
Patashu rumbles, "... ... I probably actually SHOULD hire you. I'll consider it??"
Mako says, ".... context, please? I'm reasonably certain death is cheap enough around here that the reaper has a revolving door. If the idea is to prevent mishaps, I think we have this covered."
Samnang whuffs, "For those that want them, sure. But for me, it would be very difficult to make a backup of me, becuase of all the unique things about me. Plus I've already had a fight with a duplicate me, and i fight so dirty."
Patashu rumbles, "I feel the same way, honestly. It doesn't seem like nonconsentual bad things really happen, as a rule."
NovaSquirrel says, "It would be really cool for you to still have some sort of role, doing what you excel at"
|#1. Anti-Idlers                                            |    Morticon    |
|#2. Space FAQ                                              |     Azure      |
|#3. Updated alternative web client                         |     Kandra     |
|#4. SpinDizzy Website Admin Needed                         |    Morticon    |
|#5. Test socket <-> websocket gateway program created      |    Morticon    |
|#6. Socket <-> Websocket package for Windows               |    Morticon    |
|#7. Notes from the town hall (LONG!)                       |    Morticon    |
|#8. SpinDizzy Wiki - Call For Editors                      |     Lepus      |
|#9. Streaming Server                                       |    Morticon    |
|#10. SpinDizzyCon is GO! [update 2]                        |    Morticon    |
|#11. **IMPORTANT:  SSL CONNECTIONS MANDATORY BY MID 2019** |    Morticon    |
|#12. Support for unencrypted connections ENDING on 03/15/19|    Morticon    |
|13. Femashu's Nefarious Plot! Feb 18                       |Femashu (Patashu|
|14. Behaviour Policy Clarified                             |    Morticon    |
|15. DJ Tantari LIVE on Saturday, Feb 23rd, 6pm-9pm (Beast M|    Morticon    |
|16. Seeking heroes                                         |  BunnyHugger   |
|17. Elections 2019                                         |  BunnyHugger   |
|18. Morality Day press conference                          |  BunnyHugger   |
|19. REMINDER: Unencrypted connection support ENDING on 03/1|    Morticon    |
|20. Updated map of SpinDizzy                               |    Morticon    |
|21. Nominations open for Mayor                             |  BunnyHugger   |
|22. Nominations extended                                   |  BunnyHugger   |
|23. Admin For A Day (Event)                                |  ( UNKNOWN )   |
|24. Maintenance Complete                                   |     Azure      |
|25. Nominations, last call                                 |  BunnyHugger   |
|26. Candidates 2019                                        |  BunnyHugger   |
|27. First Annual Mayoral Campaign Obstacle Course          |      Bleu      |
|28. How To Make a Campaign Swag Generator Or Other Vending |     Austin     |
|29. Campaign Obstacle Course Update                        |      Bleu      |
|30. Mayoral Debate 2019                                    |  BunnyHugger   |
|31. Bleu's Campaign Obstacle Course (Rescheduled)          |      Bleu      |
| Type '+help' for a list of commands.                                       |
26. From: BunnyHugger
On: 2019-03-05 00:00:23
This post will expire on: 2019-04-04 01:00:23 -- 26 days and 3 hours from now.
Subject: Candidates 2019
The following candidates have accepted nominations to stand for the office of Mayor:
If you nominated someone and they do not appear here, it means they did not accept the nomination.  Regrettably, we did have a large number of nominations declined this year.  If it appears I have made an error and missed someone who should be on the ballot, please contact me.
We will be scheduling a debate at the earliest convenience of the candidates.  Candidates should consider campaign season officially open, and may schedule their own town hall meetings and give out campaign souvenirs if they like.  Remember to ask the owner of a private room before leaving any vendors or leaflets there.  Leaving such in the Rose Garden is permitted and, in fact, encouraged, for the duration of election season.
BunnyHugger blushes in her ears.
Aldrinor lightly growls, "I can imagine Samnang using clippers to ruin his double's fur."
Patashu rumbles, "Or placing a kick me sign on their double's back!"
Gigan snickers.
Room: S5 W7 City Hall
 IC   Jennifer[4m idle]   female      blue dragonoid                          
 std::fluffy[18m idle]    femmy       purple semi-rubber critter              
      Skai[20m idle]      Male        Nusauan Phoenix                         
      J'ee                Male        Galaxy Fox                              
 SMKE >Pyree              ???         Smokey Shade/Wisp                   |Sol
 IC   Beltrami[2m idle]   female      Balloon Kangaroo                        
 IC   Gigan               male        Opal Dragon                             
 IC   Aldrinor            male        Tundra Wolf                             
 ODD  Jaxen[4m idle]      Female      Western, Anthro Grey Vixen              
      >Aru                Metal       Bipedal Robot                  |Sirianna
 OOC  Roofus_roo          female      Fairy Princess Kangaroo                 
 ambi Sigma[10m idle]     herm        dragon                                  
 ic   Bleu                Female      Otter                                   
 IC   Gwen                female      gremlin                                 
      Monika              female      cartoon mongoose                        
 e^-  Azure[3m idle]                  Shiny, Sparky Monster                   
      Blackbird[2m idle]  male        Snow Leopard                            
      Daisy               female      feral silver ferret                     
 I am Samnang             Male        Afghan Hound                            
 drg  Featherwing[5m idle]male        Greninja (Pokémon)                      
 IC   Mako                Female      Nekomata                                
 EXC  Patashu             male        Anthro Dragon Synth                     
      Concoreer[asleep]   male        flighted cat                            
 Ph.D.Austin[6m idle]     male        Toy Dessert Coati                       
 IIC  NovaSquirrel        female      anthropomorphic squirrel                
 IC   Moriar[6m idle]     Neuter      Crow-Husky Gryphon                      
 IC   >Chitter            Male        Squirrel                    |BunnyHugger
      BunnyHugger         female      Devilbunny                              
---[ Found 28 characters. ( 24 Awake / 1 Asleep / 3 Zombies ) ]---------------
Patashu rumbles, "Yes, this sounds quite samnangesque."
Azure...always ends up feeling bad for copies of themself when they're unhappy and making friends again.
Bleu tosses a "VOTE BLEU" hat at Aldrinor.
You say, "While I wait for Featherwing's response, I'd like to announce that I'll be finishing the questions I'm currently holding but won't be taking any more.  However, I'm sure the candidates would be happy to individually answer questions after the formal debate is over."
NovaSquirrel says, "I think intentionally creating copies of everyone is a pretty obvious leadup to some sort of 'evil duplicate' plotline"
Gigan chuckles.
Patashu rumbles, "That sounds kind of fun, actually..."
Featherwing croaks, "Backups of biologicals? No. Cybernetics are fine, but unless they want to submit a collection of their cells, No."
Mako says, "... do the evil clones get goatees? I think that's mandatory"
Bleu says, "Even the girls get goatees, yes."
Patashu rumbles, "Evil goatees are gender neutral!"
Azure . o O ( Surprise! you're the evil version and about to be replaced by someone butter. )
You say, "OK, moving on... 'What is a trait you see in social leaders on SpinDizzy which you strive to incorporate more into yourself?'"
Blackbird licks his chops, "mmm, butter
Featherwing . o O ( Butter? I dairy you to try! )
NovaSquirrel says, "Just the ability to get something going and create activity; that's something I want to figure out how to do better myself and I look up to people who can do it well"
Blackbird giggles,"just churn around featherwing, before I cream you"
Pyree snrk.
Gwen says, "Let's not milk these cheesy jokes.."
Bleu rubs her chin. "Hmm. Being outgoing, I think. I've kinda gotten more introverted recently, but I'd like to become the life of the party again. Also, I'd like to be more kind.
Patashu rumbles, "Spontinaity and dealing with groups. I have the least experience of all with just hanging out with a bunch of random people and figuring out what to do and say, and making random stuff happen if I haven't planned anything. I'm great in one on one, I'm great if I pre-plan, I'm great if other people initiate and at facilitating such interactions, but I tend to not make stuff happen on my own."
Mako ooh. Another good question. "Yeah, if I could learn how I'd love to figure out others's skills at getting people into action. Having ideas is well and good but you need to be able to get things going.
Featherwing croaks, "I have to agree with Moko. Knowing other's skills is a good thing to have when it comes to making events work!"
Samnang whuffs, "Well I would integrate more fruity drinks, and those mixed with ice-slush too. As for social traits, perhaps I could be less awesome, share more of perfection with my fellow citizens so they do can feel like they sparkle in sunlight and can walk with a lofty swagger in knowing they are well worth admiration."
You say, "Nice answers, everyone.  I have two more questions.  Here's the penultimate..."
You say, "'What would you do to encourage events held earlier than 7pm server time for the benefit of those living in later time zones?'"
[OOC] Jennifer says, "If I automatically get a goatee from being evil, that's some pretty significant motivation to stay on the straight and narrow!"
Patashu rumbles, "Good question. It would be difficult for me to HOST an event at that time for IRL reasons, but if people who share this problem want to come together and organize events timed at that slot, that sounds like a great thing!"
NovaSquirrel says, "Considering I'm EST myself and that works out to be 10 PM for me, I would probably be inclined to try and schedule things at times that are more evening and less night, if it doesn't conflict with others' schedules"
Mako says, "Hmm.... starting stuff earlier is harder than it sounds. Primetime's considered that for a reason. I'm in favor of facilitation like I keep saying, so I suppose finding the people who would like ot start earlier and trying to ensure they have what they NEED to do that sort of thing would be key. I get the feeling it's going to be contextual based on who they are and what they want to do."
Featherwing croaks, "Work closely with people who are expressing interest in hosting events to see what I can do. I probably would host, but would gauge interest, and help whoever was going to host it get things set up."
[OOC] Featherwing wouldn't, rather. Yay fast typing...
Moriar's tail wags at the idea of events when they're more awake.
NovaSquirrel says, "I remember some sort of initiative someone took a long while ago for collecting people who were only able to really be around in the early morning hours together and that might be the kind of thing that'd have to be done"
Bleu says, "I had a brush with something like this recently. Really, it boils down to interest. If the interest isn't there, no amount of cajoling will make it happen. Rather, YOU have to find the people willing.This is not nearly so easy as it sounds... Believe me, I know. But everything can be overcome with enough persistence."
You say, "If I may interject just a little bit of my own thought on this.  I think a fair number of people actually are on Eastern.  I know I am, and I've just gotten used to the local primetime.  I think it ended up settling into that slot because it's late enough that the large group of Pacific people are home from work, and early enough that most (not all) Eastern people are not in bed yet."
Aldrinor hugs on FW
NovaSquirrel says, "I personally like that it's late enough that anything I get pulled into that particular day is probably over with so I can do both instead of picking and choosign"
[OOC] Gwen is on Pacific time.
[OOC] Jennifer says, "Me = PST"
Patashu rumbles, "Yeah, that's why I figured it's like that - it's the 'minimum viable product' for all USians. Events can be hosted at any time of day, but if you're not pre-planning it and you just want people to show up, it makes sense to pick something inclusive like that, so it just kind of ends up that way? But if people want to organize and run events at other times, I think that's great."
BunnyHugger nods.
Blackbird says, "This always bums me out because I live in eastern and have to be up early for work most days, so participating in most events for more than an half an hour to 45 minutes means staying up past my bed time"
[OOC] Azure has run both 'night' and 'afternoon' copies of the same roleplay before, but petered out since people who were in non-US timezones weren't interested.
Featherwing is ambushhugged! Mrbits and snugs onna wuff in return!
[OOC] Patashu says, "Non-US time zone here. I just deal with the timing events have! Luckily nothing happens while I'm asleep LOL"
You say, "I tried running Olympic events in 'the afternoon' (my afternoon) before and didn't really get enough people showing up for me to feel very motivate to do that again.  But I bet if the people who really wanted earlier events all got together they could accomplish something collectively!  Let's hope."
Patashu rumbles, "I believe we have just one last question now?"
You say, "Yes!"
You say, "All right, we do need to wrap up as we're past time, so here is the last question of the night.  'Would you be willing to turn good, you know, just to keep things interesting?'"
You say, "Not my question, by the way.  I promise."
Patashu rumbles, "......."
Sigma says, "Alright, folks, I am heading for this cool horizontally oriented back-comforter that I use to engage in this weird sort of yoga that involves me losing conscious and occasionally mildly hallucinating. I find it very relaxing, and I think that I shall do that for a while before facing the day that I have up ahead of me.."
BunnyHugger waves to any audience who need to go.
Sigma hugs many and plenty.
Patashu rumbles, "...Yes? I guess. I mean, I HOPE I already have that covered. Or is this assumed to be chronologically after when I become evil? Still yes, I guess??"
BunnyHugger chuckles.
NovaSquirrel says, "How about just randomly oscillate between good and evil"
Bleu says, "Since I am already good, I think this answer goes without saying. Yes."
NovaSquirrel says, "that'll make things interesting for sure"
Patashu rumbles, "Roll a 1d2 every time you wake up."
Jennifer raises a brow.  "You're becoming evil?"
NovaSquirrel says, "It's referencing an earlier question"
Patashu rumbles, "No! I mean. Fake-evil, maybe. Nice evil. Fun evil! Play evil. If it's called for and everyone consents!"
Patashu rumbles, "Also that."
Azure chuckles
Featherwing gigglesnrks. "That sounds like a good idea, Nova!"
Sigma says, "Night"
Sigma goes home.
Sigma has left.
Aldrinor noses on Patashu, "Are you saying you need to be Evil, to have fun?" he eyebrow waggles
Mako says, "Knew someone who did that, patashu. Rolled to decide if they were a hero, villain, or vigilante each day."
Patashu rumbles, "No! It's just one of many possible options."
Patashu grins
Jennifer stares at Patashu for a couple seconds.  "...there is such a thing as nice evil?"
Patashu rumbles, "Yes! Evil-as-spectacle, Evil-as-play."
Bleu raises her paw. "Before the audience leaves, I do have a small announcement to make, please.
Patashu rumbles, "Fictional evil."
Blackbird wonders when we vote
Jennifer absently rubs at her muzzle.  "Huh."
Azure grins at Jennifer, "You can be showy, grandiose, and SINISTER?"
Jennifer grunts.
Skai has disconnected.
Skai has connected.
Room: S5 W7 City Hall
Daisy is rather disturbed by all this insistence on more structure, as if being on spindizzy was some kind of scripted game where the masses are herded from one area to the next, one event to the next. Sort of a large scale peer pressure to conform to someone's idea of what to do here, whether you like that kind of thing or not. Or is she reading general intent incorrectly? Food for thought, perhaps 
You say, "Does anyone else want to answer?"
Mako says, "See prior comment on change for change's sake. Doesn't work like that, I think"
NovaSquirrel says, "I would definitely call my partner a 'nice evil' with her ultimately harmless supervillain/mad scientist shenanigans so I've definitely seen evidence of it"
Patashu rumbles, "I'd love to meet them some time, incidentally!"
Patashu rumbles, "Sounds like a fun chat."
Jennifer rubs the other side of her muzzle, then looks for seating.
You say, "I want to thank everyone for attending and submitting questions, and the candidates for answering them earnestly.  I'm delighted we were able to get all six candidates together at once, since scheduling can be tough."

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