You say, "Here's how this is going to work."
You say, "I will throw out a question, and the candidates may all answer as they're ready.  We won't have a turn order since that tends to make things take longer; instead people can answer as soon as they've thought of a response.  It might also be good to make it clear whether you're done answering because I'll be moving on as soon as I think everyone's given their response."
Samnang yays! Vaults up onto the stage and bounces around arms raised.
Bleu says, "fluffy, I cloned voters three years ago. I accidentally started a war that is still raging on the Underside."
Featherwing giggles and helps the bouncy hound back down to their seat. "Over there, Sam."
You say, "Meanwhile, those in the audience who would like to ask questions, please whisper them to me and I will present them to the candidates in the order I receive them, as time allows.  Please try to strive for questions you think the audience actually wants the answer to; running jokes and the like will start to annoy people and we do have to quit at 9 pm so folks can get to bed."
fluffy says, "I'm not hearing a no, Bleu."
fluffy sits quietly now.
You say, "They'll be presented anonymously, but again, it's at the moderator's discretion, which is me."
You say, "Please keep unrelated chatter down so I can make sure I hear everyone's responses and know when to move on."
You say, "Our candidates tonight are Bleu, Featherwing, Mako, Patashu, and Samnang.  Interestingly, this is the same slate as last year, minus one person."
?SYNTAX  ERROR  (Type 'commands', 'help', or 'globals' for help.)
Patashu noticed that too!
BunnyHugger invites all the candidates to take the stage at once.
Samnang whuffs, "Le gasp!"
Patashu will take the stage, tail dragging a moment before sweeping into position./
Mako thought it seemed familiar~
You say, "OK, here is the first question, from me.  What do you think is the most important quality or skill for a Mayor of SpinDizzy to possess?"
Samnang has already claimed the stage, left dusty pawprints all over teh place.
Beltrami sits beside fluffy.
Bleu takes one big hop up onto the stage.
Featherwing chirrps, "A good personality, for sure! Gotta be likeable, yes? "
Patashu rumbles, "Spindizzy is a place of community - it's about hanging out with friends, doing stuff and developing our shared world and our own personal experiences in it. So the most important quality for a Mayor to have is to be a good friend, a cornerstone around which things feel solid - someone who you're happy to see on, comfortable to be around and who'll listen to, encourage and engage with your ideas and activities."
Samnang whuffs, "A fantastic sense of humor and the ability to disregard what is not important. To forgive eventually slights that have hurt, but remain openly friendly in public for the good of keeping social and not driving a wedge between those of us that reside here."
Mako floats on up to a position. "Sounds about right. HArd to help out if nobody's going to listen. I'd add perhaps an ability or willingness to try and get people to engage. But that may just be another interpretation of the same thing.
Bleu says, "I gotta second Patashu. But, you also gotta be flexible, able to compromise, know when to hold back, know when to just say NO. Being able to laugh at yourself is a plus. Just be a good bloke."
Mako thinks, to add, "NOt sure you can nail it down to one thing. Everyone's going to have thier strengths and thier own way to do things."
You say, "Thank you."
You say, "Turning to an audience-suggested question.  There have been recent establishments of large scale industrial facilities, which I can only assume are paying a hefty sum of property taxes to our government. What is your priority for infrastructure updates and improvements, with this funding?"
Patashu grins. "Well, I think I've got a bit of a conflict of interest, given my, uhh, ownership. But there are a few things dear to my heart, here - I'd love to spruce up the public transportation systems. There's nothing like a good train or airship to send the heart soaring. And a kobold in every pot! I mean, every home/
Bleu smiles beneficently. "Free perks to all robotic beings, a new park and playground near Neopolis, and all the free pizza you guys can eat. And a reading program for all illiterate citizens.
Aldrinor arrives from elsewhere via the City Hall exit.
Aldrinor has arrived.
Samnang whuffs, "I propose grass walking paths and well draining surfaces for those among us that do not wear footwear and don't want to burn our toes on hot pavement. I will also propose the exploration of jetpacks for every resident in order to deal with congestion on sidewalks and on roads. I will also form a group to explore construction of a lazy river for everyone to relax and drift slowly around on lazy summer days."
Patashu waves to Aldy!
Aldrinor bows to all as he finds a place to settle.
Kamare pulls Aldrinor over to sit with her
Featherwing preens a bit in thought, then says, "Hmm... Well, putting it into old properties that someone used to own would be nice... Modern touchups to make an old place seem more familiar and bright... That would be some of the best use for any funding of that sort. Clean stuff is happy stuff, and cottony style spaces for people to relax, too!" He proudly fluffs up his cottony feathers as proof.
Mako hmm... "Transit infrastructure would be a big one, given how many places there are around, and perhaps education. I can't name the most recent educational institute around here getting much press. Maybe they need a boost. I think those are the best uses of a windfall right now.
Niny'ah arrives from elsewhere via the City Hall exit.
Niny'ah has arrived.
Bleu says, "Did I mention Taco Tuesdays, too?"
Kamare pulls Nin over too
You say, "Thank you!"
You say, "Another audience question: What thing missing in SpinDizzy's social structure do you think your mayoralty would do most to remedy?"
Featherwing chirrps, "Missing? There's such an eclectic mix of social interactions, it would be hard to pinpoint just one as "missing" that I believe would benefit from my mayorship..."
Frost arrives from elsewhere via the City Hall exit.
Frost has arrived.
Samnang whuffs, "I think we are missing a way to show or share with others that would care enough, a means to communicate with each other while we are off SD, to alate our concerns for missing individuals that have gone some time without letting us know that they are doing well. We are a community, we are friends and barring any concerns otherwise. We should be able to let others around us know that we do care about them personally."
Patashu taps chin. "Good question - I'm not sure how to answer it, though. I can't compel kinds of interaction, just facilitate them - I figure what Spindizzy *is* is what people make of it."
Patashu waves to Frost from the stage!
Bleu says, "Well, I won't say higher taxes, haha. What SpinDizzy is missing is... More roads. And sidewalks. A citizen should be able to walk from one end of SpinDizzy to the other. But, in truth, this is only a minor necessity. SpinDizzy lacks for nothing. But if we find something to be missing, we'll bring it back... Together."
Frost nods to Patashu!
Frost has been wondering if he should put his email somewhere... desc wouldn't be the best place... but...
Niny'ah looks askance at Bleu
Aldrinor hrmmms a bit, stretching out, and listening to the responses.
Mako aaaha, "In my mind, we still need to work on matching people to the RP they're looking for. It's come up over and over again. FIXING it, though... that's not a simple answer. The RP announcements help, I think, but I'd like to work towards a... sort of adventurers's guild type idea. A way to post up ideas or potential plots to recruit and/or workshop ideas. I'd also like to see more options for pick up RP as opposed to just planned stuff, which the former idea may also address, and I've tried to encourage things as I go.
Patashu ponders that more. "Well, maybe one thing - it's nice for people to feel togetherness, like they belong, like they're all contributing. Shared plots and settings that you can feel a connection to and engage with are a great part of that. It's similar to how I love that Spindizzy feels like a PLACE, not just an excuse to exist."
Bleu pointedly ignores Niny
Frost says, " it unusual that I have no real interest in making plots?"
Niny'ah says, "one thing I wonder - what can be done to draw more people in? we get the occasional fresh face, but there's a slow attrition"
Patashu rumbles, "Nah! Most people don't make their own plots. It's a lot of work, so it has to be your *calling*"
Frost says, "It's like, having fun and making stories that way is okay, I just have no wish, I'd actively dislike actively trying to Make A Story or something."
Vahno says, "Ads? That's how I came here"
Bleu says, "Listen, I can't come up with a better answer. Anything I say for this question will just be aping you guys. so can we move to the next one?"
You say, "The audience is welcome to submit questions by whispering to me so I can include them in the upcoming topics."
Samnang whuffs, "Also more silly jokes and fun distractions. Such as zoomies and the airshow that Austin performs for us sometimes when he's around. Those are always a fantastic hoot to me."
BunnyHugger chuckles.
You say, "In fact I have a couple questions here in my index cards..."
You say, "One person asks whether you have any ideas for holidays, particularly to help bring together folks of different genres."
Patashu wags at that, pondering. "One of my favourite things to do is 'recontextualization' plots - taking characters in one setting and reimagining them as though they belonged to a different setting, and seeing how they like it. The Kaiju plot on Expanding Horizons Day is an example of this kind of thing, and it's just a ton of fun to explore new aesthetics for yourself or your characters. If there's a way you like to exist and act and you think others'd find it fun too, why not share it with them? And so on."
Featherwing hmms. "Trans-world convention... Where people of different genres, worlds, locations can meet others from other places and culturally share what makes them unique!"
Samnang raises his hand and bounce sin place. "I have a fantastical idea that I thought of only really early this morning. My idea is a theme day, like fox day, dragon day, bunny day. A day for each of our residents to be celebrated by all of us that want to participate, with costumes or other articles, including the resident that is already teh spcies being celebrated getting doubly so outfitted. And for a day we show our support and care for each resident by walking in their shoes so to speak."
Bleu says, "I've had loads of ideas for holidays. I'd prefer to keep them on the low-down here in order to keep some surprise. I'd try to really shake things up with a variety of new holidays interspersed with the old classics. I would not, of course, actively replace any of the old ones without deference to you, Austin and Bunnyhugger. I'd love to institute something like a holiday every second week throughout the summer. "
You say, "Although I'm a fan of the holiday traditions, I don't have any special ownership over them.  They were established by our first Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Beltrami and Portia.  I did suggest 'Morality Day' and I think the other holidays were also based on citizen suggestions by others."
Bleu says, "Some more out there and unusual holidays I've thought of are Abstract Day, Upside-Down Day, and Take Your Pet To Mars Day."
Mako pulls up a list "We already cover a lot of stuff, including an all purpose day, so that's a tall order." Nods to Sam "Theme days are effective for some of that. But cross-genre. Hmmm... Perhaps some sort of friendly competition to encourage both sides to see how they tackle a given situation.
Mako says, "Hm. Not as much a holiday, though, unless we made it a regular thing."
BunnyHugger nods, looking interested.
|            Spindizzy's Official Holiday List             |
| Iceberg Day  .................  2nd Wednesday of January |
| Hugging Day  .................  February 9th             |
| Morality Day  ................  4th Monday of February   |
| Shiny Day  ...................  March 17th               |
| Passion Day  .................  April 10th               |
| Adventure Day  ...............  1st Monday of May        |
| Day of Remembrance  ..........  May 30th                 |
| Festival of Cuteness  ........  3rd Tuesday of June      |
| Expanding Horizons Day  ......  July 14th                |
| Jellicle Ball  ...............  August 1st               |
| Mecha Day  ...................  3rd Sunday in August     |
| Founder's Day  ...............  September 28th           |
| Groovy Day  ..................  2nd Wednesday in October |
| National Horizontal Day  .....  3rd Thursday of November |
| E-Holiday (Everything Day)  ..  December 8th             |
| If you would like to add a holiday to this list, please  |
| contact a wizard.                                        |
Beltrami dips her head.
Aldrinor raises an eyebrow and listens
You say, "We have one holiday each calendar month currently, plus an extra in May and in August."
Bleu says, "I'd like to add a second holiday in December."
Samnang grins and rubs his hands together. "Imagine it, a more fox, fox. Double fox and.. And double kitsune! A mountain of bouncing tails. Double bunnies too, ears long and flop flopping.
Beltrami grins.
You say, "I have another question here from the audience.  I have enough audience questions I haven't had to use my own!  The question is, what do you have to say about your fellow debatees?  Please do remember that we have a restriction against negative campaigning, but you may include *constructive* advice if you want.  I believe the question was intended to focus more on what you find to be your opponents' strengths, however."
Frost has connected.
Frost has disconnected.
Featherwing chirrps, "Not much of anything negative to say! They put up with my distractedness well enough, and help me home when I fall asleep. Yeah! They're as helpful as I!"
Bleu ahems. "Each one of these fellow campaigners is a fine member of SpinDizzian society. Patashu is the most upstanding businessdragon on the planetoid. Mako I consider to be a friend. She's been a fine mayor this past year. Featherwing is is good buddy. We're still cool, right? Samnang is a good boy. I believe I got all by name. If I missed any, my apologies."
Patashu rumbles, "I know Mako to be an excellent runner of plots and a nice and gentle person, Samnang to have a vivid imagination and knack for the fantastical, FW to be a gentle and fluffy friend. Bleu I haven't interacted with too much with, but judging by how Crimson feels about you, you're a fine friend yourself!"
Samnang beard strokes. "I see my fellow candidates as valuable members of the community, that without them here now, would be a great loss, a loss that if they were never here would be all the greater for us having known them. Each is a treasure unique in their own way and whether I agree with them or not, or of my personal feelings towards them be it negative or positive. They are still highly treasured here among all of us.
Mako points, in no partcular order, "Strengths... Sam's always been able to come up with good plots from what I've seen and gets a lot of good ideas. Pata has managed to create another very active social hub and has been good at getting stuff started. Featherwing's aways been friendly and easy to deal with, and Bleu's got a very good flair for the dramatic, which can be a big plus when you want to run a plot a specific way. :3"
Bleu says, "Thank you."
Kandra arrives from elsewhere via the City Hall exit.
Kandra has arrived.
Featherwing's blue face turns a little purple with blush.
You say, "Thanks all!"
You say, "Next audience question..."
BunnyHugger reads from one of her growing stack of cards.  "What's something you've learned about SpinDizzy which, had you known, would have changed how you started out here?"
Featherwing would have to equate this question with our landings... It definitely would've been more "science-officer mode" as I learned about the other culturews we encounter on our journey through space...
Bleu blushes. "This one is very easy. Had I known people take their RP here *very* seriously when I first started out, I would have gotten invested into more long-term plots with people. I feel like I missed out on a lot my first couple of years because I shied away from the RP and just hung out semi-OOCly.
Mako isn't sure she would have changed anything. How I started out here kind of shaped how I got to know people and ease into things. I am the sum of my parts, and all that. Our modular backstory is kind of useful for that, though knowing some of what was going on at the time would have totally helped get up to speed.
Samnang beard strokes and thinks. 'If I'd have known better early on, I would have not unleashed a cyborg spidarraccoon by accident and devoted more focus to making a camel. A fantastic herd of camel mechs that roam the countryside in seeking of select individuals. Also that I would have opened a construction equipment rental lot, so just any oen could have a bulldozer for the low price of tenty dollars a day.
Patashu rumbles, "That's a good question - I'm not sure I would have changed anything, though. Like Mako, I just kind of brought my backstory here and eased my way into things naturally. Not Spindizzy-related, but I've entertained thoughts of redoing my worldbuilding to be more toony-and-bombastic - but I think it's a bit big of a change to take the plunge yet. But it wouldn't be the first time Patashu's been overhauled, so we'll see what the future holds."
Niny'ah flicks a sunflower seed at Samnang.
You say, "Cyborg spiderraccoon?  ... I wonder if that's any relation to Coon-Bot."
Chitter pokes BunnyHugger.  "Don't say its name!  It might appear."
Chitter looks around nervously.
You say, "Ah... right... ahem."
BunnyHugger looks through her cards.
Austin says, "We're trying to emphasize 'Raccoon-Bot' these days anyway."
You say, "Oh, yes, you're right, Austin.  It's just that it was designed to get the Coon Proof Cookies specifically and I drew the name from that."
Austin nods.
Vahno says, "Again with the camels..."
You say, "More audience questions!  Next one.  'How have you typically gone about recognizing, and fixing mistakes you've made?  How is that likely to be reflected in your administration?'"
Bleu brushes back his short hair. "When I find I have made a mistake, the first thing I do is apologize. I apologize to whomever I've wronged, and then I set about trying to put it right. So... If I screw up as mayor... I won't cover up my corruption. I'll make it public and apologize to the electorate.
Featherwing chirrps, "For me it's a little rough, because I do get upset over trivial things sometimes, but when I talk it out with someone, it gets resolved rather quickly. So it might reflect that I will need a bit of help during my administration if I get a little overly frustrated with something. That's why I can count not only on my deputy, but the community at large to help me through it!"
Patashu rumbles, "I'm an emphatically sensitive person by nature, so I notice things are wrong when other people aren't feeling at their best. (Sometimes I notice this before I realize I'M not feeling at my best!) I like to think that I'm accomodating, and that I'll listen to and understand other people's problems and do my best to help them come to terms with them and to do what I can myself."
Samnang whuffs, "Mistakes I have made are few, as much as it pains me to say. I'm not prefect, I'm very close but not quite. I have remorse for such failings and those that I cna rectify, i do so with gusto and enthusiasm. Such as the previously mentioned cyborg raccoonspidar, should it make an appearance here, I will do all I am able to subdue it with rolled up balls of tinfoil and a trashcan with lid for a trap. As for other mistakes I have made and not yet dealt with, I am currently still in process of defining the issue and working a solution that would be the most effective."
Mako rubs her face. "The hard part about mistakes is that you may not recognize you're making them. I know I have a tendancy to either overthink something or overlook it entirely. I hope that my friends are able to note to me if I manage to totally balls it up. After that.... well, if an apology is due I'll try and give it, and try like hell not to do it again. I do keep notes on stuff I've seen in an attempt to not do it myself, but I also know that I am almost certainly going to mess up at some point, and I want to try and prevent myself from doing anything /too/ stupid.
You say, "Thank you, candidates."
Bleu says, "I did *not* mention corruption."
You say, "This is based on an audience question with a bit of elaboration by your moderator.  There is a recurring concern expressed in most elections and Town Hall meetings here on SpinDizzy that there are not enough events occurring at non-SpinDizzy-prime time, which is alienating for the 'early crowd' and especially those in non-US time zones.  What, if anything, can be done about this?"
Patashu rumbles, "Well, I'm willing to do stuff at off-primetime hours - and in fact when I am around and free, I'll be ready for casual stuff. The problem with having organized, pre-planned events at those times is, if you want them to be in a group, you have to have a whole group for it - which I hear historically doesn't happen. But maybe one on one and spontaneous stuff is the way to go?"
You say, "I'll note that this event was scheduled at this time specifically because it's the only time all six of us including the moderator could find overlapping in our schedules.  I'm on BunnyHugger Time which is also called Eastern time so the typical event times are quite late for me, but I'm used to it.  Unfortunately in my experience when I've tried running Olympics or state fair events during my afternoons, we did not get enough attendance or participation for me to feel encouraged."
Featherwing chirrps, "More communication with the community at large to see what time works for others! Like if I was to do another Pi Day bake-off next week, I would ask people who were interested what time and day would be best for them to actually participate in an RP bake-off. :)"
You say, "(Sorry for the interjection but I thought people might want to know I didn't mean to exclude alternate time zones from this debate, it just happened that way in trying to reconcile our schedules.)"
Bleu says, "The answer is fairly simple: We need to focus on more events off-prime time. If the Mayor is unable to handle that responsibility, then someone who frequents in that time period should be appointed in an official capacity to serve as the Mayor's proxy to organize non-prime time events. As Patashu said, one-off events are likely to be the most common interaction, but if enough non-prime time members can be gathered, larger events *can* be scheduled."
Samnang whuffs, "This is why I like my idea for celebrating the people of Sd, it wouldn't be only prime time or when most folks are available, it would start as soon as the new day starts and end in the next day, as to give evreyone a chance to be celebrated for who they are no matter the time. I'm not going to ask everyone to be here when they cannot be comfortably. That is my thought to include those of whom are not about when it would be most populated."
Mako hrrm. "I HAVE noticed this. Unfortunately, I myself are only available around primetime due to *bleh* RL. The short and easy fix is to try and find people who CAN handle something at that time. Delegation! ... in terms of practical action, it may be prudent to find the bst times and get people talking to each other. More pickup is also good, but may not be what people want."
You say, "Thanks, candidates."
Bleu says, "Yes, Holidays should be all-day affairs. We can spread out holiday activities to stretch through a full 24 hour period."
Aldrinor mmmms.
You say, "I now have this cryptic audience question: 'Single-spacing or double-spacing?'  I do not know if they mean in general, or after periods, which as moderator I will avoid expressing my opinion on.  Hint.  Hint.  Hint."
Beltrami grins.
Patashu rumbles, "Single spacing."
Mako err, "Context, please? I single space most of my stuff by habit."
Amy says, "between sentences, I assume"
Bleu says, "Single Space, all the way. Anything else is Barbaric."
Samnang whuffs, "It would depend largely on th emphasis intended for the word or sentence being highlighted. At least in my opinion. Though for the most part I single space everywhere, or no space if I'm not paying attention."
Featherwing chirrps, "If lines, 1.5! After periods, I single space!"
BunnyHugger tsks.  Tsk.  Tsk.  Tsk.  While looking at her cards.
Samnang whuffs, "Or                     you               could          extra               space."
Kamare laughs at Sam
Chitter laughs.
Featherwing stifles a giggle.
Austin snrks.
You say, "Next question from the audience: What's something that you've learned from observing other mayoral administrations?"
Aldrinor nods, "This is the best answer."
Patashu rumbles, "I think I'm too young to answer this one, sorry. I only saw a bit of Aldrinor's tenure, I think."
Kamare awws, poor babby Patashu
Patashu, babby
Aldrinor wants to hug Patashu now, awwww.
Bleu says, "Delegate, take a break, don't overextend or overexert yourself. Don't let harsh words get you down. And be friendly. Those are words of wisdom I got from Jukka five years ago."
Patashu rumbles, "Bleu's advice seems good, though!"
You say, "I was the mayor right before you, Patashu, actually."
Patashu rumbles, "Oh yeah, derp, sorry."
Patashu see? LOL
Patashu was too young to form formative memories
Featherwing chirrps, "How to look dapper in a top hat! And yeah, don't do more than you can handle!"
Mako nods to Bleu. "Based on prior observations AND experience.... delegate! Don't overexert yourself, and be willing to be flexible."
Samnang whuffs, "That being open and friendly is important, that flinging spiders is not. You  do not need to be verbose to get your point across or speak at all, but threatening people with a broken bottle is not acceptable. That administrations should have a good sense of patience and humor, but that drugging people for testing purposes is most likely to be frowned upon."
You say, "I have exhausted the audience questions for the moment so please do feel free to whisper more.  But in the meantime here's one of my own.  Actually, I'm borrowing an audience question from last year's debate."
Bleu listens.
You say, "What is an important thing that's changed about you since you began inhabiting SpinDizzy?"
Aldrinor earperks.
Bleu smiles. "I've become a lot more extroverted and open. I used to be super shy, introverted and quiet. Meeting you lot has made me a lot more open to doing fun things, and just opening up about myself.
Patashu taps chin. "I'd like to think I've become more confident in public spaces, interacting and leading and showing off the kinds of things that I like, something I've historically not been great at."
Featherwing chirrps, "I was a little reserved when I first arrived, but with the help of a good friend, I opened up and made lots of new friends! :)"
Mako nods. "I've made a lot of new friends. Changed.... learned to enjoy a few new things and gotten encouraged to try some new passtimes. :3"
Samnang whuffs, "An important thing to me, I think that wold be my reservation towardssharing. As when I first arrived, I was unsure of others around me and was hesitant to share my concerns or notions and thoughts. But now, I'm often told that I over share and I still fail to see where or why this is an issue."
BunnyHugger taps her index cards on her mini podium.
You say, "Next audience question: How would you deal with hecklers?  Note: this is not a call for a practical demonstration."
Patashu grins. "If they're unreasonable, then they don't have to be reasoned with. Make a joke out of it or ignore 'em. If they have a genuine concern, then we can talk it out like civilized critters."
Samnang raises a hand. "Deal with them the same way every time. Usually a firing squad or tossing them down a well. But I hear good things about a stock and beating them with a stick."
Aldrinor peers at Samnang.
Mako says, "Yeeah, if there's an actual concern there I'd like to know what it is so that it may be corrected, if at all possible. If there's nothing but hot air then it may be best not to engage."
Samnang wagwags to Aldrinor
Aldrinor air licks the hound
Beltrami frowns?
Samnang small gasps and touches his chest, head turning to look bashful before fluttering his eyelid back to the wuffwuff
Mako says, "With due respect to our balloon people. Not that kind of hot air. :3"
Bleu says, "I don't engage hecklers if I can keep from it. If they have a legitimate concern, then we'll talk, but if they're just being a bully, then I won't engage."
Featherwing chirrps, "Hecklers? Hmm...  I'd rib 'em right back with a good dad joke. Failing that, I'd see what they actually want to ask. I'm usually at a open mic night when hecklers show up..."
You say, "Another question from the same person.  What sort of on-going thing would you want to see the community partake in that meets the criteria of silly, fun, or possibly a danger if misused?"
Patashu rumbles, "Like I alluded to before, I like my recontextualization/TF gimmicks, assuming people are eager to engage with them! (Can't force those on folks.) But I'd also love to see more light hearted villainy and conflict. Problems to solve!"
Featherwing chirrps, "/The Great Spindizzian Baking Show!/  Or some sort of cooking competition show akin to potentially Iron Chef."
Bleu says, "Oh, I would love to have the SED get up to more mischief again. I'll even give Morticon a discount on the Mayoral Kidnapping Fee. Ald, I'd call on you to stir up some SED mischief, too. The more SED, the better."
Patashu grins. "I don't think the SED does it anymore. Maybe we need new folks?"
Bleu says, "Even better. Invaders from Mars."
Bleu says, "Maybe even Biker Mice From Mars."
Kamare yips, "You've missed the memo, Bleu - Morticon's retired into exile and the SED as you knew it has broken up."
[OOC] Kamare says, "ICly, of course"
Bleu says, "Well... Maybe Aldrinor would still kidnap the Mayor."
Patashu rumbles, "You wouldn't, would you?"
Aldrinor shakes his head, "Why would I?" he shrugs.
Samnang wags and rubs his hands together. "I think one silly thing would be a camel that selects, at random certain individuals to seek out and try to eat. However the means of eating won't actually be harmful, it would be more like getting grabbed and stuffed into a space that you get carried about inside until being allowed free. Probably with a nice layer of water soluble lube and an increased chance of being randomly selected next. Another that is just fun would be to get a fresh neat and slick body suit crafted of some sort of synthetic material that would outwardly change your appearance but in a non-permanent way. Either has potential to be abused in so many ways, and might possibly be dangerous if so abused.
Aldrinor lightly growls, "Maybe invite them to cookies and milk with the pups. But no kidnapping."
Patashu oohs, that does sound fun.
Niny'ah says, "Sam"
Niny'ah says, "Enough with the camels."
Niny'ah reaches for dog ear
Samnang wags! Giggles and bounces a bit with amusement
Mako hmmm.... "A con would be interesting. MAd science, crossworld... I liked FW's idea earlier and I've had my own.... Something with a lot of possible outcomes.
Aldrinor watches Niny'ah and Samnang, with a grin of course.
Kamare snickers at Sam
Bleu says, "Well, I see I have to up my game."
You say, "Last call for audience questions.  We likely have time for only one more."
Vahno has disconnected.
Bleu looks out at the audience.
Samnang is fortunately well out of reach, on the stage so is safe form ear grabby Niny'ah for the time being
You say, "A question from the moderator, with a bit of explanation.  The position of 'Vice Mayor' was created by Kefan during a round of elections reform and it was intended specifically and narrowly to be a position of succeeding the Mayor should the Mayor vacate the office, since that has happened a couple of times.  Kefan didn't intend it to replace the traditionally *appointed* office of Deputy Mayor, but subsequent mayors have treated them as the same position.  Still, the election rules state that the Mayor may create and appoint any positions such as Deputy or cabinet members.  So the question is, do you intend to appoint any deputies or other offices, and if so, what would that involve?"
You say, "And in the time it took me to say that I got two more questions, of course.  Haha."
You say, "I also realized I missed a previous audience question but I can combine them actually, so let me do that."
Mako says, "Absolutely. Stuff Happens(tm), so it would help immensely to have someone who can help. I put up in my platform that I would be looking for volunteers with some of the holidays and events."
You say, "But go ahead and answer mine first and I'll get to the final questions quickly."
Patashu rumbles, "Similar to Mako - I'd be interested in having partnerships with anyone who wants to run an idea in a more official capacity."
Featherwing chirrps, "Oh, I'll definitely appoint a deputy/vice mayor. Then we can work together from there for any other potential positions!"
Bleu ahems. "I would most certainly create new offices. I always wanted a Deputy of Robot Affairs. I'm looking at you, Patashu. And my Deputy Minister of Fairy Relations would be Leslie. Deputy in Charge of Balloonies, Beltrami, of course. And the Deputy Minister of Fun... The most important of all, will be Mako.
You say, "Vice Mayor is an elected position, to clarify.  It will be the person who is eliminated in the second to last round of voting in the IRV.  But it is only required to be a successor to the Mayor and does not have to be the Mayor's deputy; that's at the Mayor's discretion."
Patashu rumbles, "Ooh, I'd happily be in charge of Robot Affairs."
Samnang whuffs, "I do intend on having an appointed deputy mayor, complete with badge and a big iron on their hip. They'll be, on request, use said iron to smooth out wrinkles. For the vice mayor, well, they'll be in charge of all the vices. Like drinking, drugs, gambling, hobo fights in back alleys, and the daycare wrestling league. Oh and can't forget about the granny pit fights."
Chitter cackles.
You say, "OK, this one combines two audience questions.  I apologize for somehow missing this from my queue earlier.  What holiday are you most looking forward to?  And which holiday do you like the least, and what could be done to improve it? "
Patashu rumbles, "Dragon wrestling league? Oh, DAYCARE"
Moriar appears concerned at the notion of the Deputy Mayor carrying a sidearm.
Bleu says, "I always look forward to the Memorial Day every year, even though it makes me sad. As for my least favorite, give me a second to check. Bunnyhugger, is there a list I can look at?"
You say, "It's the command 'holidays'."
|            Spindizzy's Official Holiday List             |
| Iceberg Day  .................  2nd Wednesday of January |
| Hugging Day  .................  February 9th             |
| Morality Day  ................  4th Monday of February   |
| Shiny Day  ...................  March 17th               |
| Passion Day  .................  April 10th               |
| Adventure Day  ...............  1st Monday of May        |
| Day of Remembrance  ..........  May 30th                 |
| Festival of Cuteness  ........  3rd Tuesday of June      |
| Expanding Horizons Day  ......  July 14th                |
| Jellicle Ball  ...............  August 1st               |
| Mecha Day  ...................  3rd Sunday in August     |
| Founder's Day  ...............  September 28th           |
| Groovy Day  ..................  2nd Wednesday in October |
| National Horizontal Day  .....  3rd Thursday of November |
| E-Holiday (Everything Day)  ..  December 8th             |
| If you would like to add a holiday to this list, please  |
| contact a wizard.                                        |
Bleu says, "Thank you."
Patashu rumbles, "As far as holidays go, I dig Adventure Day (because adventures are what I'm about), Expanding Horizons Day (good macro excuse and I'm generally about it!), Mecha Day (obviously), and I think I should like National Horizontal Day (since it's about theriomorphic stuff and that sounds fun). I'm not sure I want to single out a particular holiday I don't like - they're not all for me, after all."
Samnang whuffs, "I don't like Ear grab day, or newspaper swinging. But I think the most mean spirited holiday is bath day. As mayor I would make sure to defend everyone's freedom to roll around in whatever they want without then being required to take a bath because they reek or are filthy and tracking mud everywhere."
Kandra frowns disapprovingly at Patashu.
Kamare snickers at Sam
Featherwing chirrps, "Since I like to sleep a lot, I enjoy Horizontal Day... Allows me to snooze horizontally. Not sure which, if any I like the least though, so to be fair, it's hard to answer that last part of the question..."
Patashu headbobs at Kandra?
Bleu says, "I'm not too keen on Iceberg Day. So my suggestion is that we stage a reenactment of the Titanic sinking in interpretive dance next time it rolls around."
Aldrinor hrmmms, "I always enjoy horizontal day. An excuse to go quad."
Frost ooh!
Beltrami grins.
Aldrinor lightly growls, "Samnang, but you enjoy what it feels like AFTER you've taken a bath."
Mako thinks. "Favorite? I'm actually fond of founders day, but that's because I really dig hearing about the history of this place,a nd it has a LOT of history. Dislike... I'm not hot on morality day but that's mostly due to poor experiences and is entirely my own baggage."
Samnang whuffs, "Well yeah, not saying that post wash isn't so good. Just the getting to that point is fun that I don';t want to forget about and have taken away before I'm ready."
Frost says, "What's morality day?"
Bleu says, "Founder's Day is my favorite, and I would have said as much if I'd checked the list beforehand."
You say, "Morality Day is about exploring ethical dilemmas and the like.  It's been celebrated in a variety of ways, including staging realistic dilemmas for people to solve and having people tell their versions of Aesop's Fables."
Samnang whuffs, "I also think that Heavy item drop, might be a smashing idea. Something I'll propose as mayor."
You say, "It's been one of the better-observed holidays actually, with an event happening almost every year."
You say, "Last question, from the audience, and ending us on an upbeat note.  What do you think is something everyone can do, even if not the mayor, to improve the spindizzy?"
Bleu says, "My favorite is the time we tied people to a trolley track for Morality Day, to illustrate the famous college ethics exercise live."
Bleu umms. "Sorry, that's not my answer to this question."
Amy says, "it could be!"
Beltrami looks down and nods.
Kamare yips, "Yes, we should all tie people to train tracks. Preferably when the trains aren't running"
Samnang whuffs, "We can all get together and finally ban vacuums from Spindizzy. As they are terrible and scary, want badly to eat our toes with their roaring yell that doesn't seem to end."
Kamare snrks
Niny'ah flicks another sunflower seed at Samnang
Frost heh. ^^
Bleu says, "One thing we all can do is say thank you to this wonderful planetoid for merely existing under our feet, and bearing us throughout the stars. Thank you, SpinDizzy. For always being there. Or here, rather."
Frost nods.
Mako says, "Get word out. The more people the merrier."
Featherwing makes a whrr noise! Also ponders the question. "Improve? Not much TO improve! Just stay awesome!"
Patashu rumbles, "I've been slowly drip-feed recruiting people, myself! It's tricky to find good matches, but I'm trying. :3"
Aldrinor flicks a pistachio at Samnang. Peering at the hound.
Samnang whuffs, "Oh! Also we can all work together to make Patashu into planet Pata. Large enough to be a nice sized moon for Spindizzy, preferably round with small arms and legs wiggling at the sides."
Patashu giggles
Bleu says, "I second that."
Amy says, "wouldn't it be easier to stick little legs on spengo?"
Mako snrk
Samnang opens his mouth to answer thens tops to think. "Could we get them to wiggle ineffectually and in a cute manner?"
Kamare yips, "Absolutely"
Moriar wiggles their wings ineffectually.
Kamare pets Moriar
Bleu says, "That's an idea for a holiday."
You say, "Thank you to all the candidates and the audience for supplying many questions."
Bleu says, "Give Spengo Legs Day."
Amy says, "Heehee"
Moriar leans into petting, as they headbob towards the stage, "Thank you, candidates."
You say, "I will be opening the vote as soon as I get it set up and it will stay open through 11:59 pm server/Pacific Daylight time, next Friday."
You say, "Please remember to rank-order your candidates from favorite to least favorite on the ballot, as it is an instant-runoff ballot."

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