Greetings / Invitations from other spindizzies

The message from the three-aligned site comes up on the display in a somewhat formal though not unfriendly formatting:

Greetings, Saluations and Welcome!
My name is Jasper, and I, myself, and my companions are happy to see yet another spindizzy arriving. I speak to you as the designated ambassador assigned to your particular spindizzy.
In our possession, is a world builder core, which we use to design and construct spindizzies, and spindizzy parts. I would like to invite you for a tour of our planetoid, and the current planetoid being   constructed. Although, due to an active quarantine, there may be a delay until we will be available to host a tour.
Do you have unique alcohols or beverages at your disposal? The android that mans the mini spindizzy-bar for visitors is always looking for new drinks to serve current and future guests.
We do not possess many facilities for non android forms, but we will accommodate nonetheless.
Regardless, I, Jasper, your ambassador, look forward to speaking to you more. 
Please contact us if you have questions.

The next 'nearest' one's message source seems to be a SpinDizzy in orbit among the ring of moons. Though sensing and image is still course at this distance, the picture you can put together is of a smaller SpinDizzy than ours, one with a certain flimsy and fragile quantity to it at the moment: Like something of filigree and lattice work. The message is accompanied by pliant if polite and unassuming distress flags:

From: Spindizzy Twilight
To:  Any smaller sapients of cooperative demeanor
The Twilight Intelligence is dismayed!  Our mining module has malfunctioned while in use.  Spindizzy Twilight is not mature yet and lacks inhabitants with which to solve this problem.  Biological assistance  is requested.
With patient hope,
Spindizzy Twilight AI

8507B's message is another text-based one but with an attachment header for an image. Oddly, however, the message throws a corruption warning on Thurisaz's equipment because the image attachment consists of a single null. Still, you're able to extract the text component:

Greetings from Experiment 8507B.  This spindizzy does not possess many facilities for visitors, however our staff would love to meet anyone who comes over and says hello.  We would be happy to talk about the experiment currently in progress.  Unfortunately, the experiment cannot be directly observed, but we can offer an audio feed.  We look forward to meeting visitors from other worlds.

...While we process these another signal is pulled out with a blip. The fidelity is low, but it appears to be an audio encoding, triangulated to a small, city-sized SpinDizzy on the surface. Like a cigarette burn amidst the greenery, it bristles with what look like a roadster's tricked out engines and a lot of open spaced scattered with bits of metal and strange parts. Seya opens the line and you're all party to a burst of unpleasantly loud static followed by what sounds suspiciously like banjo music in the background:

A voice starts, "Has this ever happened to you?" The noise of an engine coughing, sputtering, and dying  out. "In space, no-one can hear you have a breakdown. But Boyd can!" A somewhat synethic but  southern-tinged voice pipes up. " It don't matter If'n your Spindizzy's spun down, yer black hole drive's full or your reflex drive's reflexes are shot! We here at Boyd's gar-un-tee to help getcher  back to where yer going in the great black yonder! And the best part is, WE come to YEW!" (Boyd's Space Repair not responsible for lost ships, quasar accidents or acts of Yor-Thanon the All Devourer. Now seeking qualified applicants for parts negotiation!)

A few days later as we approach the planet, we pick two more SpinDizzy transmissions, these originating from the surface:

Ahoy, the Newly Arriving Spindizzy:
We of Midden 2 are eager to meet you and see your world.  Under ordinary circumstances we would seek an invitation to your home for the purposes of cultural exchange.  At this time, however, travel to and from Midden 2 is difficult because of the conditions on the planet.  We have so far avoided significant damage but are having to expend resources maintaining our integrity.  Eventually this will become unsustainable as we will need to refuel and the necessary facilities here are not functioning.  We are very interested to hear from you if you arrive at a strategy for returning the maintenance planet to normal service.  We would be willing to assist with such an effort if we judge it within our capacities.
Lepida Newcutter, TFC
Captain, Midden 2

and also

Greetings Newcomer Spindizzy! We of Resotto would like to congratulate you on your arrival to our current corner of the universe! And we are proud to inform you that, despite the gardening issues our designated landing planet seems to be having, we are proud to state that we are still open for visitation. We are sorry to inform you that portal travel is currently outbound only due to the current state of affairs, but our little world is still happily open to shuttle travel, and as soon as things clear up with the landing planet, we will be happy to provide you with a portal to visit us anytime and anywhere. We are eager to welcome any and all visitors to our humble little world!   
                                                        ~Resotto Resorts

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