Role-playing (often abbreviated 'RP') is a rich tradition on SpinDizzy. Unlike games like D&D or MUDs, most of the role-playing on SpinDizzy is loose on mechanical rules in favor of a more freeform, collaborative-storytelling style. Although many of the common areas on SpinDizzy, such as the Rose Garden, are 'out-of-character' (or 'OOC') areas where players can feel free to discuss real life, much of the rest of the MUCK is used for 'in-character' (or 'IC') interactions where players take on the roles of their characters and act out their behavior and personality.

When making a new role-playing related page, include CategoryRolePlaying on the last line of the page. Please reserve this tag either for pages that contain in-character information or are directly related to role-playing.

1. RP Bulletin Board

SpinDizzy has a roleplaying bulletin board global: Simply type rpread anywhere to see what's been posted.

In addition to calls for players, RP information and discussion, a RP schedule is usually posted weekly. There are often 'Light' RPing plots that might be a good way to practice getting into your character.

2. RP Summaries

Some players store their RP summaries on this wiki; they are listed below. If you run any sort of RP on SpinDizzy and would like to keep a record of it for the players and others to see, feel free to add it!

Morticon's RP Summaries