In-character, SpinDizzy is a disc-shaped planetoid built around the eponymous anti-gravity drive, which not only propels it through space at faster-than-light speeds, but also generates the force field keeping air and heat close to the surface. Smaller drives enable steering and serve as mana wells for the magic-using residents. Most of the latter live on the upper side, which is nicely landscaped with a futuristic city, quaint small towns, a sea and so on. The underside is a harsh mountainous landscape. At one point, the planetoid was estimated to be 60Km across, but it has gained landmass in the mean time, so it might be closer to 100Km now.

SpinDizzy travels around the galaxy, gathering people from around the multiverse all by itself, for mysterious reasons. There are other spindizzies out there, that occasionally find each other even in the interstellar vastness. Most of them are newer and faster.

This page should contain a dual explanation of SpinDizzy:

  1. A brief explanation of the MUCK and it's history (one paragraph)
  2. A brief IC of the planetoid SpinDizzy in-game, mentioning its size, that it travels through space, etc. (one to two paragraphs)

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