Wiki Editing Guidelines

Use of the SpinDizzy Wiki is subject to the same AcceptableUsePolicy as the MUCK itself. In addition, please keep in mind the following three principles when editing:

  1. Play nice in the shared sandbox. This is the most important rule. Do not edit someone else's character pages or homepage without their permission. Do not edit a page for an organization you're not a part of. Take disagreements to discussion pages and avoid edit wars. If you can't resolve a conflict amicably, consult Wizards in-game for a ruling. Be respectful of the work of others. That being said....

  2. Seize initiative. Insofar as it doesn't interfere with guideline one, take initiative when editing the wiki, re-organizing or cleaning up an existing page, or creating a new one you think the wiki needs. Wikis are easy to revert to earlier versions and it's better to ask forgiveness than permission. But please bear in mind that....

  3. Less is often more. i.e. 'Mostly Harmless.' The wiki need not and indeed should not include every single piece of available information. Doing so can just make it more difficult to find relevant, timely information. In particular, the wiki should capture information that's not easy to find in-game in SpinDizzy rather than just duplicating information that's likely to become out of date (e.g. room descriptions). Don't be offended if someone questions whether one of your pages is necessary or duplicates information already available in-game. When in doubt whether a particular new page will be useful, ask around before you invest hours into writing it.

Reasonable people think about their use of the wiki and the needs of others, and adjust their behavior to meet the goals of a common good for the community, i.e., expressing what you want to say, but accepting and accommodating the needs of others.

Failure to use the wiki responsibly may result in the revocation of editing privileges subject to the wizards' decision. The wizards and relevant wiki admins reserve the right to revert changes, and lock or edit pages.

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