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SpinDizzy, a text-based multi-user world running Fuzzball MUCK server, is a continent-sized, flat chunk of planetoid flying through space with a multitude of varied lands. The themes of its inhabitants vary by inclination and aesthetics, from village and forest dwellers, to fantasy and magic, and even post-scarcity, high-tech metropolitans, among many others. Its inhabitants play with and against each other in all manner of imaginative role plays and also have fun socializing.

Among the many types of people you’ll encounter are humans of various sorts, animals of anthropomorphic or zoomorphic shape, machines, living cartoons, walking balloons, and all manner of other configurations, limited only by whimsy and imagination. You could think of SpinDizzy as a friendly, fun place where all sorts of imaginations come together!

Additionally, SpinDizzy offers regular public events and role plays, a friendly staff, a newspaper, and much more! If this all sounds like fun to you, why not give us a try?

Getting Started

To visit SpinDizzy, you can use the SpinDizzy webclient. Alternatively if you already have a MuckClient, we're located at muck.spindizzy.org port 7073 for SSL connections.

Log-in as a guest with connect guest guest and read the instructions in Newcomer's Island to get started. You may also find GettingStarted helpful if you're new to MUCKs.

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Whospe now offering more pronoun options


After putting as much procrastination into it as I could manage, I've improved whospe's pronouns column a touch. You can '@set me=_prefs/pronouns: ' with a short string to represent a good means of address for you. So, eg, '@set me=_prefs/pronouns:he/they/him/them' will make 'he/they/him/them' appear in the pronouns column.

If you do not have a _prefs/pronouns property set, it will continue to use your %s/%o properties as a default.

Austin Dern

Holday Alert: Horizontal Day!


It's that time again~. No, not time to put on leiderhosen and dance the macarena, it's time for the next one of Spindizzy's many holidays! This tuursday, the third thursday (Or should I call it Taursday?) of November, is our National Horizontal Day. It's a day to celebrate our four legged folk, be they non bipedal or various taurs! Why not try giving yourself a new perspective, or try a new configuration and see how it feels? Neither are necessary, but as always, welcome to try. And remember... have a taurriffic day!
*Exit, pursued by thrown produce*

Brainstorming Session, Ho!


Do you have entirely too many ideas but not enough focus? Do you have enough fragmented bits of concept to make several avant-garde indie student films? Need to workshop a concept and get feedback but don't know how? Or maybe just get some clarification, feedback or encouragement? Well, now's your chance. I've found myself somewhere in the above mess and I know that I'm not alone! So I would like to encourage folk to join me on Tuesday, Nov 14 at 9:30PM EST (6:30 Server, I believe!) for a brainstorming session. This is going to be strictly an ooc affair, so that we can bounce some plot ideas off of each other and help get ourselves set up for the various projects we've wanted to get going. Come share ideas and help provide constructive criticism! Contact me for more details. (Warning: Ideas not guaranteed to be useful or actionable. >.>)

On 'AI'/LLM Use on SpinDizzy


We have learned that least one character on FurryMuck has been played, for some time now, by a GPT4 trained on a corpus of furry roleplay. Given that, we now set a policy about the use of these tools for automated text regeneration. To wit:

SpinDizzy is not your AI lab.

The Wizards

Characters should be created in a day or so, please nag us if they're not


When we wizards get an e-mail request to create a character, we try to do the creation the next time we log in. Sometimes that goes awry, usually because the character request went to my spam folder. Sometimes because I got pulled away by something before I could create the character.

If you don't get a response within about a day of a character request, please send us a note through e-mail at wizzes@spindizzy.org, or by nagging me when I connect, or by prodding me on Twitter (@austin_dern), Discord (@Austin Dern#5033), or Mastodon (@austin_dern@blimps.xyz). It's almost never a deliberate decision to ignore the character request.

I'm posting this to the general board so that everyone in the community can assure a Guest, or a friend of theirs who's trying to join, that they haven't been rejected. And so they know what to do to get the character created after all. Please let folks know what to expect, which is that they should get created within a day or so, and if they don't, it's because something not their fault went wrong.

Austin Dern
Managing Editor

Use of SpinDizzy and this wiki is bound by the AcceptableUsePolicy. In addition, wiki edits should follow the SpinDizzyWikiGuidelines.

Wiki editors: This will be the front page that will eventually replace www.spindizzy.org . Please put all of your stuff under sub-pages, and provide only a handful of thoughtful links here that lead to the main help and support pages. And of course, try and work together to make this a success; avoid stepping on each others toes if you can help it. -- Morticon

If you want an account to edit the wiki, thank you! Only with a broad group of editors will this become a useful, living resource. Contact Morticon or Ping in-game to ask for an account. We'd also like to know what you're interested in doing with the wiki. -- Lepus

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