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SpinDizzy, a text-based multi-user world running Fuzzball MUCK server, is a continent-sized, flat chunk of planetoid flying through space with a multitude of varied lands. The themes of its inhabitants vary by inclination and aesthetics, from village and forest dwellers, to fantasy and magic, and even post-scarcity, high-tech metropolitans, among many others. Its inhabitants play with and against each other in all manner of imaginative role plays and also have fun socializing.

Among the many types of people you’ll encounter are humans of various sorts, animals of anthropomorphic or zoomorphic shape, machines, living cartoons, walking balloons, and all manner of other configurations, limited only by whimsy and imagination. You could think of SpinDizzy as a friendly, fun place where all sorts of imaginations come together!

Additionally, SpinDizzy offers regular public events and role plays, a friendly staff, a newspaper, and much more! If this all sounds like fun to you, why not give us a try?

Getting Started

sdLogo2.png To visit SpinDizzy, you can use the SpinDizzy webclient. Alternatively if you already have a MUCK client, we're located at muck.spindizzy.org port 7073 for SSL connections.

Log-in as a guest with connect guest guest and read the instructions in Newcomer's Island to get started. You may also find GettingStarted helpful if you're new to MUCKs.

Side Channels

SpinDizzy has a Twitter account and a Discord channel. These are side channels, used to provide announcements and reminders and to help asynchronous coordination of plans. They are not required for players and no essential muck business is done on them. These side channels are:

Use of SpinDizzy and this wiki is bound by the AcceptableUsePolicy. In addition, wiki edits should follow the SpinDizzyWikiGuidelines.

Wiki editors

This will be the front page that will eventually replace www.spindizzy.org . Please put all of your stuff under sub-pages, and provide only a handful of thoughtful links here that lead to the main help and support pages. And of course, try and work together to make this a success; avoid stepping on each others toes if you can help it. -- Morticon

If you want an account to edit the wiki, thank you! Only with a broad group of editors will this become a useful, living resource. Contact Morticon or Ping in-game to ask for an account. We'd also like to know what you're interested in doing with the wiki. -- Lepus

TitleIndex will show you what currently exists. MoinMoin works a little differently than some other wiki systems, so if you're not familiar, the following system pages are worth looking at: HelpOnEditing HelpForUsers HelpIndex -- Jaxen

SpinDizzy News

[WWW] http://news.spindizzy.org

Spider Enclave Arrives

Charlotte, Spindizzy inhabitant of several years, first arrived here in a broken spacetime vehicle. After much work and repairs, she has regained contact with her most immediate family and returned with a large number of siblings. They have built and now inhabit an enclave in St Marin’s underground regions. They are supporting themselves with varied […]

Jellicle Basket Nears Retirement

The Jellicle Basket, cat-basket of Tardis-like wonders, is due for its annual refueling of Chernobyl potatoes. PatchOBlack will reside in temporary lodgings designed by St Marin dweller Charlotte and her family during this week-long process. But the Jellicle has speculated this could be the basket’s last refueling. The basket was designed by Rose Garden regular […]

Patashu Wins Gold in 2019 Air Race!

The Spindizzy Air Show opened with the meteor-ship Bolide, the famous NBC Blimp, and dizzying drone formations by Kyizl of St Marin. Meanwhile, three entrants were preparing for the main event, the VTOL Air Race – a projected racetrack in the sky of twists, turns, and landings. The air race spun to a a smashing […]

Local Lynx Unearths Shocking History

Amy Lynx, Spindizzian workaholic, discovered in map archives that Spindizzy was once a 17×17 square! The world only became properly round sometime in 2006 for reasons unknown, and many famous properties – including Spindizzy News itself – were once squarely on the edge. The former map has re-archived to http://burningsmell.org/sd/oldmap/2005-map.htm for those curious.

Why everyone should run for mayor at least once, one fur’s perspective.

Please note that this perspective comes directly from a character’s experiences, but is written by the player as an OOC description of events and lessons learned by the character as an interested party and active participant in several campaigns. Daisy’s experience may not be typical, and I can not speak for anyone but her. Your […]