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Re: the WordPress website, specifically the newspaper side that we presumably want to keep: we're in trouble.

See, recently I've been looking for a replacement myself, something that can host a simple archive of news with embedded media without headaches (also because of a WP that's going to lose its job to a wiki). Been looking... and found a wasteland.

We could, presumably, just keep the news section, but WP never worked the same after the merge, and it generated a lot of bad blood. We could also migrate all those posts to Tumblr and hope the platform doesn't close down, like social media sites do all the time. That would make it easier for people without an account to submit content, and many of us already have accounts anyway, but it's not enough of an advantage to outweigh the risks.

Still, what else can we do? I see no good choices. Maybe someone else can, but we need to discuss it.

Thank you,
-- Claude 2017-09-29 08:09:06

It might be worth considering a platform like Django, which was originally designed for journalists who aren't overly technical, or Mezzanine, which is a content management system that's built on Django. If someone was interested in either of those platforms, they would need to have a good understanding of Python and PostgreSQL or sqlite (or a similar RDBMS platform) in addition to some Linux knowledge. Some customization would need to be done as well, so someone (or someones) familiar with Web UX/UI might also be required, depending on how much you want to change and how much templating you want to use.

If someone with those knowledge sets wants to compose something without some of the nicer bells and whistles Django provides out of the box, then they can, potentially, code a framework in Flask. However, since I'm assuming the need would be for something that could easily be stood up without too much complexity, Django would likely be a reasonable idea.

If Django isn't preferred, there's also a blogging platform called Ghost. While I realize this might not provide all of the functionality, it does have some advantages, such as the ability to invite users to a team, using Markdown for article markup, some SEO features, &c. I believe they also offer reasonably priced hosting if you don't want to spin up your own DO/EC2 instance to host it for yourself.

-- Alkani 2017-11-03 17:41:43

SD Wiki

SD is for Squeaky Dragons of course.

Offered plan draft for wiki articles and its categorization. Should be filled with actual article titles. Bold — offered categories with my comments. Is up to discussion and editing.






Creative Works


-- Ardarius 2021-03-19 19:35:59

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