Gremlintide 2022

This is a log of the Gremlintide celebrated the 7th of January, 2022.

Falcon Ridge
The winding roads that spread through the mountains all culminate on this ridge, it's wide and stable, featuring lush greenery and little picnic tables that dot the side of the road where pullouts have been placed in. A small runway is set in the ridge, though behind a collection of tree's, and slightly away from the focal view points, it supports small landing craft. Closer to the center of the ridge, a small park and pond has been setup for picnics. The hill and rock behind frame the ridge within the valley bowl, and near the edge of the ridge itself sits a qauint little cottage and breakfast nook.  
A view of the valley here is, by any amount, postcard worthy. With the wisps of a waterfall in the edge of one's view furhter down the road, the ridge itself, and then the canvas of the Jrr'ani-Rae a mix of greens, browns, greys, blues and possibly oranges during the right time of the day.
The road does continue on further along the trail, towards the feint sounds of rushing water, and into a dip that's well sheltered and open. While several foot paths and dirt roads extend into the hills, some warning signs and suggested routes for dirt vehicles and hikers are set here. 
        The cold air is still and crisp.  Bright stars give the snow a dreamy look.  It feels like 3 am.

Gwen shouts "Happy Gremlintide, one and all! In honor of this fine winter holiday, commemorating gremlinkind's first journey into the skies, there is a celebration being held at Falcon Ridge (s2 e0, fr) There shall be feasting, fireworks, and music to share with Spindizzy friends and neighbors. All are welcome!"  (Public-shout)

Borris has arrived.

Patashu has arrived.

Gwen says, "Ahoy!"

Borris looka about

Patashu waves!

( The area has been decorated and set up for the party, with tables of hot food, snacks and beverages. A bandstand is set up nearby, with an open area for dancing. Off on the perimeter, racks of fireworks have been set up. All the Gwens, in various outfits, bustle about. )

Gwen says, "Can I getcha anything?"

Patashu ! and goes over to peruse the food and drink. And notices the fireworks approvingly. "Whatcha got to get?"

PatchO'Black has arrived.
PatchO'Black meows.

Gwen says, "Well, we've got wrstfrgl, roast beast, stuffed mushrooms, fresh rolls and flatbread, some deli trays, hot cider, mulled wine, ginger beer... quite an assortment."
Gwen says, "Ahoy, Patchy!"

Patashu rumbles, "Sorry, what was that first one? wrstfrgl?"

Mako has arrived.

'Gwen heads over to the bandstand and starts getting their instruments ready...

Vahno leaves for Winding road (<Wi>nding road).
Vahno has left.

.Gwen says, "Ah, the wrstfrgl. Spicy bird sausage, good stuff."

Chevesh has arrived.
Athares has arrived.

PatchO'Black mews, "Hello, Chevesh and Athares."

Patashu rumbles, "Cool, I'll try some wrstfrgl. Maybe it'll be an enlightening enough experience that I start pronouncing it right."

Borris Gruffs, "Bird? The whole Bird?"

Patashu rumbles, "Oh, Chevesh, Athares! Welcome."

.Gwen says, "Well just the food-parts, Borris. No beaks."

Athares waves to Patchy, Patashu, looking pleased. "Good morning!"

PatchO'Black flops over.

Patashu waves to Athares. "Spindizzy's a melting pot of interstellar culture - Gremlintide is, as far as I know, a loan holiday from Gwen's Earth. And, hey, we celebrate our friends' holidays here." With a grin.

Borris eats a few of the sausages!

PatchO'Black mews, "What do you have for a feline?"

Patashu homfs some sausage down eagerly. Belches coal smoke. Yum~

Gwen says, "And on behalf of all my selves, welcome to Gremlintide!"

Chevesh purrs and nudges at Athares in greeting, leaning over to give him a warm hug. Then waves and bounds over to hop up and hug Patashu as well, flicking her tail. "Oh, hey Gwens! I've never been to a Gremlintide before, what's the expected dress code?"

Vahno arrives from Winding road.
Vahno has arrived.
Vahno leaves for Winding road (<Wi>nding road).
Vahno has left.
Vahno arrives from Winding road.
Vahno has arrived.

Patashu pulls Chevesh into a hug, rubbing cheeks with, before waving to... Ahem, before waving to Vahno.

Chevesh waves to Patch, and wanders over to nose at him.

.Gwen nods, and offers Patchy a freshly prepared fish.

PatchO'Black thanks .Gwen, and makes the fish disapper.

Chevesh purrs, squinting and folding her ears back as she rubs against Patashu, huffing and pausing to gnaw at him as she squirms in the hug.

Patashu giggles, lwoers an earfin into the gnaw. ^^

'Gwen and the Gwens finish getting their instruments ready, drums, gremlish Vulnessiones and other complicated instruments, and start in to play!

Patashu listens!

Athares nods to Patashu. "That's why I'm here, aside from simple curiosity." He calmly sways his tail- ah, hugged! He would've given Chev a nice fluffyhug, complete with tailwrap. "This is a very nice landing too." He eyes around then at all the snacks- ah, music!

Patashu rumbles, "Oh, shit. You Gwens rock a good electric hurdy. :D"

Gwen grins. "Been putting a lot of practice in, recently."

Patashu rumbles, "No kidding. It's almost like becoming more was a net positive ;>"

Gwen nods.

Chevesh stares, tilting her head, and wanders over to peer at the band as they play. "Holy shit, is that a musical instrument with a crank handle and a flywheel? I've never seen that before. But I would have instantly known that it was invented by Gremlins... damn, that music is good."

PatchO'Black dances a gig to the gremlin's music.
PatchO'Black dances a jig, actually.
Gwen joins in on the dancing. :D

PatchO'Black mews, "I don't often get the chance to dance a gremlin dance."

.Gwen sets off one of the fireworks clusters as the band reaches the end of their number, bright multicolored fire-flowers blooming high above the ridge!
PatchO'Black bows to Gwen.

Chevesh stands up and paffs her pawpads together in an attempt to clap. But the spirit is there.

Mako snrk. "Electric Gurdy seems very... fitting, yes."

PatchO'Black turns to Chevesh, "How are you doing, cousin?"

Gwen curtseys in return. "Thank you for the dance, sir." :)

Athares sways his tail in tune with it and... oh goodness, he never actually learned how to dance! He'll have to fix that some time. He then looks up at the show. "Blowing up the sky to mark the first flight?" Then smiles. "Of course."

Borris Gruffs, "Is music?"

Patashu peers between Chevesh and Athares. "So, who wants to dance with me~?"

Gwen says, "Well, the first gremlish skyships could be pretty fiery things. Plus some of the clans didn't get along with each other that well..."

Patashu rumbles, "Are there any traditional gremlin dances that choreograph in being pushed off of the deck, then? ;>"

Gwen snrks. "Only at the wilder parties."

Patashu snrrrk.

Chevesh perks an ear and turns to Patchy, wandering over as she shrugs. "I've been doing alright. The end of an era happened lastnight, and it was good. A little quiet though, in mood. How about yourself?" She turns and grins at Patashu, checking for a second to see what body he's in before she answers.

Mako just gets the mental image of a line dance going off the side.

Patashu needs to check what body he's in to... oh, shit. Let him collapse the quantum waveform real quick.
Patashu transforms into an anthro steampunk dragon.
Patashu was this all along, he swears.

PatchO'Black mews, "Let me check, Chevesh!"
PatchO'Black turns to Borris, "How am I?"

Athares looks a bit aside of Patashu. "I don't know how. Yet." Then to Patashu, smiling a bit. "Unless you're offering a crash course?"

Borris Gruffs, "You are fine Patchy!"

Patashu rumbles, "Sure. Though I'll have to improvize a little, gremlin music feels like it demands something more energetic and upbeat than the traditional. Take my hand?"

Chevesh raises her paws. "Yes, I.. " She laughs, as he divests himself of the giant form. "Oh, I was gonna say yes anyway." She bounds over to take Patashu's hands, then looks over to Athares quizzically. "Oh... OH. Actually... you need to dance with Athares. Teach him how. This is the perfect situation to remember as your first dance."

PatchO'Black turns back to Chevesh, "I'm fine! I always like to check, though." He offers his 'cousin' a marshmellow.

'Gwen takes a few moments to catch their breath, then swings into another energetic number: :D

Athares snickers ever so slightly under his breath, then steps over, looking to Chevesh on the way past. "I'm sure you'll get a turn." Then to Patashu, he offers to take Patashu's hand... and tail, with his own. "And I'll try not to knock us over."

Borris does Happy Polar Bear Break Dance of Joy!

Patashu takes Athares's hand! Even twines the tail, with amusement, not expecting that part. "Okay! So let's try it like this." He leads Athares out onto the dance floor. Then, he starts bobbing his head, followed by his whole body - alternating putting a little force through his left leg, right leg, left, right, matching the 4/4 beat of the song. "If you have music at all on Xedwa this part should be pretty intuitive. Just match tempo."

Chevesh purrs and turns back to Patchy, smirking and flicking her tail. "I see... it is always good to check." She sniffs at the marshmallow curiously, and then sits back to accept it, smiling as she takes it apart a bit and then licks at it. "Oh, thank you.. I don't normally eat sweet things. My tongue can't really taste it." She glances to the Gwens, listening to the music, and folds an ear aside. "My human form can though. And it's the closest I have to a gremlin. Maybe I ought to set aside being a cat for one night."

.Gwen offers trays of hot beverages around to the folks not out dancing: Cider, Cocoa, Mulled wine, Buttered rum...

Athares flares his ears, asiding. "This sounds vaguely like pop music from back home." But, follows onto the floor! He actually studies Patashu at first, letting Patashu lead him along. He doesn't bob his head, but does metronome his tail as he starts to match Patashu's motions, actually using his tail with Patashu's as a sort of feedback, swaying more with momentum than muscle... which might get impractical when the tempo picks up!

Patashu grins, and squeezes Athares's hand tight. "Okay, let's do something simple - think of it as the Can Can." He starts alternating left left right right now - and on each second beat, he kicks a leg up in the air! Bouncing on the other one to maintain his stance, tail squeezing yours for support and balance. "See? Easy. Energetic, and you can just do it for as long as you want..." And then the song starts speeding up. Uh oh. This might have been a bad idea. He tries to just keep up with the beat and shorten those kicks into a kind of high-knee instead, but how does Athares handle it?

Gwen says, "I admit, we've stolen a few things from the humans over the years. But hey, if yer gonna steal, swipe from the folks who have the most stuff. :D"

PatchO'Black mews, "Actually, that is a marshmellow, far better than those pale imitations made in candy factories. Anyway, I'm afraid I've had a long day, and am going to call it a night."

Chevesh slowly tears her eyes away from Patashu and Athares, and smiles, rising up to give Patchy a hug. "Alright. I hope you have a good night, cousin." She purrs. "Sleep well."

Mako says, "REst well, patchy!"
Mako is... not of a skilled dancing persuasion. Will instead see about the snacks and drinks....

Gwen says, "G'night, Patchy! Happy Gremlintide to you!"

PatchO'Black hands each Gwen a new hat. "Good night!"
PatchO'Black hugs cousins Chevesh and Mako.
PatchO'Black hugs Big Bear Buddy Borris!
PatchO'Black takes out his calico flute and play a short tune, taking him away...
PatchO'Black has left.

Athares has no idea what the can can is! But he's good at going with the flow, as it were. So he completely misses the first kick, copies it a bit hesitatingly at the second one... but is in the rythm after that! He has a habit of bobbing on one leg, hopping slightly to kick with the other, alternating back and forth, taking care not to kick Patashu though he does kick his own tail once... or twice, but rolls with it, not even slowing down! If anything, he's seen closing his eyes a moment, grinning a somewhat goofy toothy grin. Patashu would notice that he's still letting Patashu command his momentum, though his hopping anti-tailwards might pull them in a circle a bit. But is that a bad thing? He looks like he's having a great time all the same! ... Though at the very end, there -is- a chance that the lack of time for him to respond to Patashu's moves could end with them kicking into each other's legs and going right over like a pair of bowling pins.

Chevesh pops the marshmellow into her mouth and chews on it curiously, rumbling. Then she perks up and follows after Mako, a couple of steps behind, paying attention to what she selects from the snack bar with entirely unhidden personal investment.

Patashu woah! "Slow down, Athares! The concept of a rhythmic beat suddenly became a suggestion-" As the music gets faster and faster and devolves into a breakbeat, Patashu accidentally bonks kicks with Athares and bounces off of him! Yelping, there's a tight tail pull, as he's not able to just fall cleanly away from the Xedwan. Invariably, the two tangle together and fall down into a pile, collapsing, as Patashu laughs from the surprise!

Niny'ah has arrived.

Patashu coughs! "It was a choreographing incident. Or lack thereof."

Athares FLUMP! ... Good thing he's so floofy! He all but cackles with a big goofy toothy grin, then rolls over, giving Patashu a big hug on the ground... and pulls Chevesh into it as well if she wishes. "Close, but we were supposed to -not- hit each other. I think. Right?" He smirks to Patashu, standing up off of him before offering a hand up. "Thanks for the lesson, that was fun!"

Borris finds a place to sit and eat sausages

Patashu cackles, and helps Athares up as well. "So, you get the basic idea. Dancing is expression - you use the rhythmic motions of the body to express something about the way the music and the moment makes you feel. It's like a language. And speaking of language..." He turns to Chevesh. "Care to lead me in a dance?"

Gwen hees, and waits for the song to conclude. She raises a cup in toast. "Happy Gremlintide, friends! For those of you who are joining the festivities for the first time, Gremlintide comemmorates when my noble ancestors first launched themselves into the skies." She nods to the Gwens manning the fireworks. "The tale begins thusly..."

Patashu ohs! Story time, first. Gathers around to listen.

Niny'ah steps out, and returns, dressed to impress (look)

Patashu thumbs up to Niny'ah!

Athares nods gratefully. "Artwork in motion..." Back up to his feet, and- looks to Chevesh? He steps aside, stepping over to find- ah, a snack first, then a place to sit and watch.

Chevesh rumbles and flops over at the hug, nuzzling and licking at Athares as she bats her tailtip. "Well, you looked like you were having fun." She rumbles. "Maybe Patashu can give us both dancing lessons at some point." She perks up, looking to Patashu, and rumbles "Sure... oh!" She twists up to her paws and shakes off, following over toward the toast and perking her ears at the story, purring contentedly.

Vahno reeeaches over and snags Athares. Hug.

Gwen says, "Long ago, gremlins were mountain folk, living in the high peaks. Our claws made us excellent climbers, and our small wings were good for leaping. But every year, we were pushed higher and higher. Yeti raids, humans expanding their territories..." A volley of fireworks shoots upwards, igniting in blue-white patterns resembling mighty mountain peaks...

Athares perks? Aww~ He reaches around Vahno to hug him, inviting Vahno to sit next to him, curling his tail around Vahno.

Patashu oohs. Themed fireworks! He tries not to make too much noise, but he sits down, looks up, tail wiggles and looks appreciative.

Vahno may... be a little too big for that! But he'll happily be a cushion.

Mako gnomfs a sausage and looks up to watch. o.o

Niny'ah sweeps across the room to invite Athares up for a dance!

Chevesh looks up to watch the fireworks as she listens... but notices Mako eating a sausage out of the corner of her eye, and reaches up to paw at her, flicking her tailtip.

Athares is listening to lore at the moment, but will gladly accept once the music starts again.

Gwen says, "But we persevered, with cleverness and gumption. The cleverest of us came up with a bold plan. If upwards was all that remained to us, then upwards we would go! With alchemy and ingenuity, the first ships were made, and carried us into the skies..." More fireworks go up, soaring with golden light above the ridge, in squadron patterns...

Mako says, "Nowhere to go but Up, huh?"

Patashu rumbles, "Now THAT's my kind of thinking. I like gremlins."

Gwen says, "In time, as more ships wer built, the clans began to join them together, and the first flying cities were made, and have grown to the wonders they are today..." A new and massive folley of fireworks rises, exploding into glittering towers and arches high above the crowd. "And so, my friends, we celebrate. To appreciate the talent and hard work of those who went before, to honor the brave and clever souls who fly beside us in life, and to give our best wishes to those who will come after us. Happy Gremlintide to all."

Niny'ah gives a hearty round of applause

Patashu rumbles, "Damn. Flying cities. You don't do tours, do you? ;>"

Patashu claps!

Athares gawks upwards at the fireworks... looks rather pensive for a few moments, for that matter. He applauds as well, smiling with a pondering calm. "Thank you, Gwen."

Gwen grins. "If we ever get regular travel between back home and here, I'll see what I can arrange." :)

Patashu rumbles, "Ha, sweet. ;>"

Kandra has arrived.

'Gwen and the rest of the band swing into another tune:

Kandra shivers, peering around... it's cold, anymore.  She doesn't come closer than the periphery of whatever group has gathered here.

Athares perks. This melody... it feels forceful! Ah, right. He stands, smiling as he offers a hand to Niny'ah, if she'd still like to.

.Gwen brings a tray with an assortment of hot drinks around to Kandra. "Welcome! Happy Gremlintide to you!"

Patashu turns to see this dance!

Kandra stares at the drinks, tilting her head to one side and blinking...  She hesitantly picks up whatever looks most like it might be apple-based, before drawing back a bit quietly.

Niny'ah's dancing is at odds with the formality of her dress's style, but very fitting with the aggressive music, swirling across the floor with a lively step and a bright smile!

Patashu whistles. Look at her go!

Borris Gruffs, "Okay, thats done"

Athares would have the benefit of Niny'ah telegraphing her moves, and this song has no accelerando. And he's actually dancing with someone his size. All plusses! Especially as he has enough inertia to anchor her and vice versa, letting them swing each other around, though she'll have to mind if her improv deviates from the telegraph. Given the chance, he'll even boop her nose with his own, grinning happily, letting his head sway with a combination of the music's rythm and the acceleration of their motions.

Patashu claps! "Now you're getting it, Athares!"
Niny'ah gives Athares a good workout, using her tail to counterbalance - she might outweigh him, but not by much! It helps that the song is fairly repetitive so she can repeat a step several times for Athares to get used to the movement

Borris sits
Borris idles

Mako says, "hmm... Dja have any trouble with the wrstfrgl this year, Gwen? I remember you needing specific material for it..."

Gwen says, "I had plenty of prep time, this year. And extra hands. :)"

Athares might not be much of a dancer, yet, but he is fairly good at using his own momentum efficiently, and he has picked up on the basics pretty quickly. His tail's less of a counterbalance than hers though; he might be seen swinging it around a bit as a result as he starts shifting the momentum a bit, finding a preference for grandiose motions. Oh! ... He makes a mental note on that swinging tail of his. Good thing the floor isn't crowded or he'd have probably whapped someone there. Ah well!

Niny'ah is of the opionion that if someone doesn't nbotice her on the dance floor and gets tailwhapped - so be it, it's their own fault because she is VERY hard to Not Notice!

'Gwen takes a few moments to catch their breath, then starts in on a slower traditional tune, to not wear the dancers all out:

Athares, fortunately, has near-boundless stamina. Benefits of being a synth! Nonetheless, well, he -tries- to be a bit more considerate, but she -does- have a point. Hard to miss someone as normal-sized as they are. He swings an ear aside a moment at the new song though. "This one reminds me of what they would play at the moon market..."

Patashu . o O ( The Moon Market. Where you go to buy and sell moons. )

Niny'ah says, "Do tell?"

Gwen hms? "Moon Market?"
Gwen gets herself a Hot Buttered Rum.

Borris Gruffs, "MOON spells Moon :)"
Borris sits by a Gwen

Gwen pats Borris!

Borris Gruffs, "Moon!"

Athares says, "You might think that traditional sorcery would be dead in a world of industrialized magic, but it still had its niche. Magic's still a personal thing after all, an expression of the soul. Moon mage groups were the descendants-in-spirit of old dark magic covens. Most people think of them as being powerful secret societies, but most moon mages were close to the ground." He thinks, decides to skip the history lesson. "They favored elements of chaos, working by the lux of the moon. In modern times, some of them had fruitful careers in things like illusionwork and magical cryptography, helping for instance people send important news through the hidden channels of the network." He eyes aside a bit. "Or arrange the sale of contraband over the darker channels..." Ahem! "Anyway, most nations had some kind of sorcerer's festivals and these people would show up, set up a stall and start offering all sorts of outlandish things you wouldn't normally openly carry."

Borris Gruffs, "Gwen, whats it all about?"

Patashu rumbles, "Oh, iiiinteresting. So kind of like a 'magic that doesn't fit the new modern ideal of industrialized, standardized and reproducible' festival."

'Gwen starts in on another tune: (Okay, not the same instruments, but passably close. And a gremlish Vulnessione isn't /exactly/ a hurdy gurdy anyway. :P)

Mako says, "Old school, that"

Patashu headbobs. Banger!

Gwen says, "Neat, sounds a little like the Goblin Markets back home."

Mako says, "Sounds abit like the Night Parade back home. EVery world's got somethin like it. :P"

Athares perks a look to Patashu. "Oh, they still made good use of modern artifice as channels and amplifiers in their magic, but their spells were very personal things."

Patashu rumbles, "Still, I take it magic is weird in that kind of way, right? Where something might NOT be feasible reproducible?"

Borris Gruffs, "Good song"

Niny'ah pulls Athares back out to the floor and gets started with a swirling, bouncy dance for the lively tune!

Patashu rumbles, "That makes a lot of sense. Magic either requires a machine or a person, and if it requires a person, then you can't replace that part."

Athares-! He was lost in talking, but now, away he goes! He chuckles a hint in pleasant surprise, bouncing -against- Niny'ah a bit at first as he slips back into the motions of it all. "You've been waiting to dance with someone your size for a while, haven't you?" He smirks. Also, asides to Patashu. "Exactly. Though some personal ones can be amplified greatly by artifice. Or maybe by technology. A lot can be done with a megaphone!" Then back into the dance!

Gwen gets herself some hot food from the tables. Bit of that Roast Beast, some Wrstfrgl, a bit of the cheesy flatbread and some miscellaneous snacks. Ooh, there's rangoon! forgot I ordered that!

Niny'ah grins at Athares, "Oh you have NO idea!" The music lends itself well to stomp-kicks and twirls, and so she does! The pinpoints of light in her dress flicker and flash with her movements, probably drawing most every eye present!

Kandra is in fact watching silently.  She seems, however, to be rather .... morose.

Chevesh bounds over to the tables, and frowns curiously, motioning to Gwen and pointing to the Wrstfrgl. "... what is that?"

.Gwen and .Gwen swing by again, offering snacks and refreshments. "You're welcome to join in, the celebration is for everybody!" :)

Gwen says, "Spicy bird sausage. Very traditional, my gran's recipe."

Mako gnomf sausage and sips some of the booze. Not too much, at least.

Austin has arrived.

Chevesh frowns, and scratches her chin, then takes one and walks away a bit to try it. "That's weird. We don't have spicy birds where I come from. Unless you count geese. We have to do all of that ourselves."

Gwen hees.

Austin says, "Evening morning, merry-makers."

Chevesh waves, and offers Austin a Wrstfrgl.

Austin whispers, "Austin oohs and nods, nice.  Thanks." to you.

Austin chirrip?s and licks Chevesh.  "Hey there, and thank you."

Borris Gruffs, "Gwen, can I have six more of the Sausages?"

Athares sees an incoming twirl? There's one that... ah, it's not a hard as it looks, is it? Thankfully he's got quite a strong grip, and a strong dance partner, so odds are it all works out! He's dressed much more humbly, for the cold rainy weather to keep his floof floofy, though his boots are good for stomping, much as he tends to swing his tail instead for punctuation. With one exception: when he decides to straight hop instead of sway!

Chevesh smirks and purrs, nuzzling Austin and petting their head with a paw.

Mako Waves to Austin. "Have some drink and a Wrstfrgl!"

Austin says, "Thank you!"

'Gwen and the rest of the band get to the end of the tune, whisper amongst themselves for a few moments, and come back to do an encore of something from earlier in the playlist: :D

Chevesh claps her paws together. Then se looks for one of the Gwens, and rumbles, "I kinda want to learn how to play one of those things now. Where do you get one?"

Niny'ah says, "skilled Luthier (guitar builder)"

You say, "I got these ones made locally, using designs from back home. I could get the name of the place for you, if you like."

Prince has arrived.
Kinsor has arrived.
Kinsor swoosh!

Austin says, "Heya, Kinsor.  Greetings, Chimera."

Patashu rumbles, "Hey, Kinsor!"

Kinsor waves a wing!

Austin says, "Welcome to the world!  Austin Dern, nice meeting you."

Gwen waves. "Welcome! Happy Gremlintide to you!"
Kinsor skriters, "Say, we must have got the right place!"

Mako Waves to Kinsor!

Kandra finds a sorta corner to huddle down into, one where she can watch some of what's going on still but ... avoid ... it's not clear.

Chevesh nods to Gwen, watching the performance and flicking her tail. "Yeah, I wouldn't mind... I kind of thought you'd built them yourselves, or something. They seem very gremlish, as far as I understand 'gremlish' to be. An instrument with a spinning wheel and a hand-crank suits you very well."

You say, "I did some of the /parts/ myself, but I'm not a master instrument-maker. More of an engine jockey."

Prince Waves to the room 

Mako says, "Maybe you could make an Electric Mufflerphone?"

Mako Waves a greeting to Pricne!
Mako cannot spell, apparantly!
Mako Should lay off the drinks.

Kinsor skriters, "Is an electric mufflerphone one of those cones that keeps your ears warm?"

Borris pats Mako!

Chevesh perks up, and pads over to investigate Kinsor and Prince curiously, flicking her tail. "Well met. I don't think I've seen you around before." She rumbles.

Kinsor frets and nods, "Maybe I have been spending too much time in a cave lately!  I thought I had everything I needed all stocked up, but I ran out of fruit calendars and had to fly out to get one."

Patashu rumbles, "Fruit..... Calendars?"

Prince says, "Go on ahead, funky wizard man"

Austin nods.

NovaSquirrel has arrived.

Patashu waves to Princess Nova!

NovaSquirrel says, "Hi!"

Austin says, "Heya, Princess Nova."

Prince turns to chevesh

Kinsor folds his wings, "You know, they tell you when it's time to plant things."

Prince says, "We haven't met, hello stranger"

Patashu rumbles, "Ooh. That does make sense."

Kinsor's ears perk down though as he nods to Chavesh, "It's good to meet you, though!"

.Gwen and some of her maid-garbed selves offer trays of refreshements to the new arrivals.

Borris Gruffs, "Sausage!"

Chevesh tilts her head at Kinsor, flicking an ear aside quizzically. "Oh! Well... I kind of thought those would be reusable." She rumbles, wryly. She glances at Prince and nods, and at Kinsor as well. "I'm Chevesh. Nice to meet you." She purrs.

Austin hms.

Mako says, "Looks like you have a pretty lively gremlintide, Gwen. That has to be good for the new year?"

Gwen nods. "Feels like a proper party this year." :)

Prince fidgets with their mane

Chevesh turns and wanders back over to Patashu, nuzzling at him. Then finds someplace to lie down on her side and groom her paws quietly as she watches Niny and Athares dance.

Prince says, "Hey Niny'ah" :3c "

Austin leaves for Winding road (<Wi>nding road).
Austin has left.
Austin arrives from Winding road.
Austin has arrived.
Austin says, "Sorry, was investigating something and oh, I think I've found it."

Mako Snrk

Kinsor extends a wing and says, "Crosc Fruitbat, at your service!"

Austin says, "THer ewe are."

Kinsor peers at Austin, self-introspection?

Chevesh leans over to nudge at Kinsor's wing with her nose, quizzically, then reaches over to take their wing in her paw and shake it. "Nice to meet you, Crosc. You'll have to forgive me if I forget your name at some point... it won't be personal. I am absolutely terrible with remembering names. It's like I need to write them down to remember them, or something."

Austin says, "Oh, just sorting things out, Kinsor.  You up to anything?"

Kinsor skriters, "I'm not sure!  What is the usual thing one gets up to a gremlintide party?"

NovaSquirrel says, "I've never been to one before"

Mako says, "There's fireworks, drinking, dancing, music, and Wrstfrgl, so far."

You say, "Feasting, drinking, dancing, the telling of tales, and the gathering of friends."

J.P. has arrived.

Austin says, "Skee-rell!"
Austin snugs J.P.

Voksa has arrived.

J.P. waves!

Voksa scurries in!

Voksa says, "Gwens! Hello."

Kinsor nods, "Well say, the gathering is working at least."

Austin says, "Heya, Voksa."

Chevesh lifts her head up, looking, and then pushes up to her paws to pad over and headbump against Voksa with a purr.

Austin says, "Yeah, we're ... crashing Aldrinor's place, looks like."

Voksa bonk

J.P. says, "Ah.  What for?"

Austin says, "Well, I'll set that for a moment anyway."

Gwen hms? "It looked like the place was set up for public use..."

Austin says, "Oh, it is, yes.  Just wasn't set on whereare.  I'll put it on temporarily."

'Gwen and the band confer before starting in on another number:

fluffy has arrived.
fluffy rar.

Austin says, "Evening morning, fluffy."

J.P. says, "Chitter!"

fluffy says, "What's goin' on here? And where is here?"

Gwen says, "Ahoy, Fluffy! Happy Gremlintide!"

Kinsor waves a wing!

fluffy huh. "That's... a lot of Gwens."
fluffy says, "Do Gwens multiply by dividing?"

Gwen hees.

Mako says, "She has enough to be her own baseball team, I think."

fluffy says, "Baseball league, looks like it."

Chevesh pets Voksa's head, purring. Then wanders over to Patashu and climbs up onto him to lie down for a moment, gnawing at one of his earfans and flicking her tail. Then drops down and bounds over to nip Athares and Niny fondly, in-between their dancing. "I'm gonna head out. Thank you very much for the party, Gwen. Happy Gremlintide."

Niny'ah gets up and steps clear of Athares for this one, a lot of continuous twirling and high kicks and kick-stomps!

Kinsor skriters, "Organic bananas, and is that a hurdy gurdy?"

Patashu smiles, and nuzzles Chevesh in passing. "See you, Chev."

Chevesh teleports away.
Chevesh has left.

Prince says, "Dare I say? Electric hurdy gurdy ?"

Niny'ah says, "Doesn't.."
Niny'ah says, "Need it.."

Austin says, "Oh, I loved Electric Hurdy Gurdy.  Best song by the 13th Floor Elevators."

Niny'ah's using most of her focus to keep her balance, this is REALLY energetic.

Athares would've waved! Ah, well, he smiles to Niny'ah, giving a bit of a bow of gratitude... then goes off to try the wrstfrgl! Good food for those allergic to vowels, perhaps.

fluffy looks around for any sort of fliers that explain the event or when it was announced.

Kinsor skriters, "Wrstfrgl, your Consonant Friend."

fluffy says, "Does anyone have, say, an explanatory pamphlet about what this... Gremlintide is?"
fluffy says, "Gwenlitide?"

Niny'ah . o O ( a hurdy gurdy can have a secoindary string with a 'dog' that if you crank fast enough, it goes into a buzz that makes a sound not unlike an overdriven electric guitar )

fluffy is sympathetic to the Hurdy Gurdy's dog.

Kinsor cups his wing and says aside to Fluff, "It's an excuse to have a party, I think!"

Patashu rumbles, "fluffy, it's a yearly holiday from where Gwen comes from - celebrating the gremlins' first foray into the skies with airships."

fluffy says, "Ah."

Patashu rumbles, "I imagine it's also an excuse to have a party, but who doesn't want one?"

Voksa . o O ( Those are some strange dogs. I think they might be wasps. )

Prince says, "Ok im clearly outclassed in the hurdy gurdy knowledge dept. here "

Voksa says, "Woah. Good thing to celebrate."

Gwen nods.

Kinsor skriters, "It's the perfect instrument for the person who gets excited lining up for fire drills."

Borris Gruffs, "Oh Feldercarp...."

Vahno has disconnected.

Prince says, "just checking, we dont have to be concerned for an actual tide of gremlins, yes?"

Mako says, "Only if Gwen keeps multiplying."

Kinsor flaps his wings, this is the sort of excellent song you have to take in doses!

Patashu rumbles, "If we get enough Gwens then it'll start being more computationally efficient to simulate 'em as a liquid!"

Athares falls asleep.

Prince gently pokes Athares

Voksa says, "So, what do people do for Gremlintide?"

Niny'ah says, "eat, drink, and be merry"

Gwen says, "Exactly!"

Voksa says, "Oh! Lovely."

Mako says, "There were fireworks earlier. Gwen told us the story of how the gremlins took to the skies. :3"

Voksa says, "I have a sneaking suspicion that the fireworks were part of the story."

Patashu rumbles, "You are correct."

Voksa says, "Excellent."

Patashu rumbles, "Fireworks as a storytelling medium is on the rise in 2022! Buy, buy, buy!"

Voksa cackles!

Patashu rumbles, "We still need to launch Chevvy on a firework. Or you for that matter..."
Patashu rumbles, "But that can wait."

Voksa fans wings out. "I bring my own fire."

Borris Hmsssssss

.Gwen comes around with trays of food and drinks for everyone. "Please, dig in! There's plenty to go around!"

Mako says, "We ought try and bring back the story night, sometime..."

Voksa says, "Story night?"

Mako has been slowly nomfing down sosig.

Prince says, "mmm like a good tale"

Gwen nods. "That'd be nice, yeah."

Mako says, "Some years back we had a weekly story night on mondays, but people got busy"

Patashu rumbles, "I've seen the story night on FM before! Not my speed personally, my best work is bouncing off of other folks. But I appreciate them existing."

Kandra has disconnected.

Prince says, "Im curious, what kind of stories were told here, Mako?"

NovaSquirrel says, "I remember that happening but I don't think I attended any"

Mako says, "Varied! Some folk told folk tales, some told grand adventures or myths, the ones I did I told stories from my own world."

Mako says, "Might be worth bringing back on a limited basis. Once a week was a bit much."

Athares wakes up.

Borris Gruffs, "WEll I'm off. See some of you tomorrow"
Borris pats you!
Borris Gruffs, "Nice Sausages!"

Prince says, "farewell"

Gwen says, "Good night, Borris!"
You hug Borris!

Borris goes home.
Borris has left.

Prince takes a drink that smells like cherries.

fluffy meep

Kinsor licks his lips and also goes for this interesting cherry drink. "This seems like a good choice!"

Prince says, "Cheers "

Kinsor nods!
Kinsor checks his suit pouches and finds a long swirly straw to reach his drink with.

Prince quietly leaves to tend to their creations. With a snack for the road, of course. 

Mako says, "Nice meeting you! :3"
Mako hmm...

Niny'ah says, "well met"

Prince says, "Nice meeting you all, Goodnight!"

Austin nods, "Nice meeting you, Prince.  Take care, please."

Gwen raises a cup. "Good health to you, and Happy Gremlintide!"

Prince says, "Happy Gremlintide!"

Kinsor waves a wing to Prince, "good evening!"

Athares waves, "Farewell!"

Prince ^_^
Prince has disconnected.

Mako says, "So, what do you wish someone on Gremlintide? Health, Wealth, and a functional anti gravity belt?"

Gwen says, "Oooh, those are all good ones. :D"

Austin says, "Duplicator and shield of invulnerability?"

Kinsor skriters, "Or a multi-purpose wish for all uses."

Patashu rumbles, "May your ballasts be lofty?"

Niny'ah says, "Long fuses, Dark lenses, and an appreciative audience?"

Athares says, "Perhaps, 'may your deeds be historic as well'?..." He eyes aside. "Though that -could- be taken the wrong way..."

Claude has arrived.
Claude says, "Hello!"

You say, "Good health and good fortune, generally speaking. The rest is up to individual taste. If you've gotta toast somebody you can't stand, 'may your days be filled with all you deserve' is traditional. :P"

Patashu snort

Athares waves!

Mako says, "Ah, "Intersting times", as it were?"
Mako Waves to Claudekitty!

Austin says, "Bonjour hi, Claude."

Gwen grins. "Yep."

Kinsor skriters, "Or say something like 'may you get what you want.'"

Gwen says, "Ahoy, Claude! Happy Gremlintide!"

Claude says, "Happy Gremlintide to you, too!"

Dragoncat has arrived.
Dragoncat waves!

Claude waves right back!

Austin says, "Heya, Dragoncat.  Happy Gremintiding!"

Dragoncat says, "Happy Gremlintide!"

Dragoncat giggles and hugs a Gwen!
Gwen hugs Dragoncat!

Dragoncat purrs.  Scoots away and nabs something hot to nibble on.

Nova has arrived.

Austin says, "Heya, Toy Nova."

fluffy polishes Nova!

Mako says, "Hopefully you ain't gonna have leftovers, Gwen. >.>"

Nova squeakysnugs Austin

Austin snickers, patting it.

fluffy says, "Gwen can just get a few more Gwens to polish them all off, if so."

Gwen says, "Folks are welcome to take home as much as they want. :)"

Dragoncat giggles.

Austin snickers at 'leftovers'.

Kinsor skriters, "Well say, if I drink too much cherry-aide I'll be found hanging around here in the morning!"

Athares had been sampling a bit of this and that... and more of that. He tries to be polite, but he -is- a hungry one. Between him and Niny'ah, there probably won't be much left over. He smiles to Gwen though. "It -was- pretty good, thank you."

Niny'ah can definitely put it away - takes a lot to fuel abody this big

Voksa says, "Dragoncat! Hi."

J.P. has disconnected.

[OOC] Gwen hopes people enjoyed the party, and I'm glad I found some free time to run it. But now, player has work in the morning so must bid you good night. Feel free to assume the refreshments are still available, as well as unlaunched fireworks for folks interested in that sort of thing. :)
[OOC] Patashu says, "Rest well, Gwen!"
[OOC] Dragoncat hugs!
[OOC] Claude says, "Night!"


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