Plot started 03/19/2018, ended on 10/29/2018.

Plot summary: The Wayfarer adventurers (Kasimir, Kachi, Mappy, Treya, Joule) are tasked to retrieve two ancient books from a ruined city of magic.

03/19/2018 Session:

Next session: Brief practice with combat as a group, so they can be prepared to fight together in case there are problems. Pick out what supplies to bring.

03/26/2018 Session:

Next session: The group will pack up their gear and supplies, charge up spells, etc, and then head through the portal!

04/02/2018 Session:

Next session: The group will rent their chosen vehicle, get last minute supplies around the city and run any errands, then set off towards Redaura.

04/09/2018 Session:

Next session: The group loads up in the truck, hits the adventurer's temple on the way out, then hits the open road!

04/16/18 Session:

Next session: Four wheel drive, navigating bumpy roads, and hopefully arriving at Redaura by nightfall without getting into trouble.

04/23/18 Session:

Next session: Camping (briefly), avoiding the guards, finally reaching Redaura.

04/30/18 Session:

05/14/18 Session:

Next session: Likely, heading towards the first group of large buildings (using Mappy's map) to see if any are the library.

05/21/18 Session:

Next session: Continue heading towards the first group of buildings.

06/04/18 Session:

Next session: Exploring the 'building of magic', and sleep.

06/11/18 Session:

Next session: The mini-library, sleeping, and reaching the main library.

06/18/18 Session:

Next session: What happened when the creature touches the group, continue traveling to where the library hopefully is.

06/25/18 Session:

07/02/18 Session:

07/09/18 Session:

08/13/18 Session:

08/20/18 Session:

09/03/18 Session:

09/10/18 Session:

09/17/18 Session:

09/24/18 Session:

10/01/18 Session: (shorter because we were missing Treya):

10/08/18 Session:

10/15/18 Session:

10/22/18 Session:

10/29/18 FINAL Session:


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