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On: 2022-04-21 20:21:42
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Subject: Repairing the Cosmos - Adventure Day(ish) event

On a parchment scroll posted outside Adventure Park:

Brave adventurers, we need your help. The forests grow wild and die off, the towns crumble, the stars slide out of place. The cosmos break down around us.

We know this has happened before. Our oldest records and stories speak of six timelost sages eternally maintaining the world, and how they've needed help in days gone by, but now we don't even know where to find them, let alone what help they could need.

We do have an inkling, though. In our city's reliquary we have long kept a key, said to open the path to the sages' chamber. Our distant neighbors on the Red Isle have a longer memory, they may be able to offer more help.

May 1st, 6 PM, the day before Adventure Day.
Sadly, I'm busy on the evening of Adventure Day itself. But rest assured, I'll be doing something adventurous elsehwere then.

PI Adventure Park, Dragon's Bane. Luge n11 w2, AP, DB.

An attempt to have a grand fantastical story that only takes one session!
It may run a bit long but I'm doing my best to condense it this time. There will be a lot of travel timeskips and montages and stuff.

From the office of The Mayor. "Hey, look, I found stationery!"


Trouble began the moment the adventurers tried to reach the city that requested their help. The city was an inaccessible mess of chaotic stonework and architecture, as if it had grown or been built out of control. It even grew new additions in front of their eyes! Metropoloma, someone called it. The fields and forests around the city had crumbled, as if energy was drained from them to fuel the expansion.

Fortunately the group had powers of flight and teleportation, so they got everyone into city hall where creatures were waiting with guidance. In the basement reliquary, they had an artifact of the sages said to have fixed this before: A simple stone key that held back the architectural growth and rung like a bell whenever it moved. With key in hand, they escaped the city and travelled downriver to the Red Isle where more wizards and historians dwelled.

The delta and sea shores were swampy and full of life, but toward the center, the water grew eerily clear and lifeless. The island itself levitated high out of the dead surface, surrounded by coils and arcs of floating, flowing water. Some of the group flew, and the rest carefully piloted a boat up one of the flying rivers.

Something had recently attacked the island town, but local lizard wizards helped find something the key was connected to in the distant Cloud Forest. It, too, proved overgrown... And infested with strange animate manifestations of the malfunction! Spots of saturated color that drained the energy from what they touched.

The brightling didn't react to attempts to communicate, and went after the party- Magical abilities used against it only fueled the forest's growth, but were enough to distract it. In the chase, they found an old stone structure, ringing like the key.

Inside, they discovered an ancient construction of the long-gone Root Sages! Clever work with sonar-scanning the building found collapsed tunnels containing magical plant-grafting tools and a magic map indicating something wrong in a mountain.

The mountain, when they found it, shined like a beacon with waves of colorful energy crashing down the slopes. At the top, a shaft led into the abstract core of the world, full of living magical roots or arteries, some of them tangling and choking the others. There were no sages in sight, but this group managed to graft inactive and over-active fibers of reality together, and brought the drained regions of the world back to life.


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