The Sidereal Institute, a techno-magical research and education group, has moved into its new campus in orbit of Quodlibet! A suspiciously "explosion-safe" distance away.

Players have submitted some fields of science (real or fictional) and kinds of magic to be combined into strange new areas of research, like "astrophysical necromancy" and "demonic ecology". If you have new research ideas, feel free to submit them to Voksa (in page-mail if I'm not around).

Events So Far

The Luminary Mind

During the construction of the space-station "tower", a self-aware alchemical computer named Fang was moved in from another research facility! They soon began complaining that something was wrong with time. Helpful troubleshooters discovered that they instead weren't forming new memories, and further, that their experimental architecture didn't even have the capability: All they knew was the content of textbooks and encyclopedias attached to their brain.

They equipped Fang with a system to write new memories, and suggested that their memories be kept somewhere safer than some books out in the open. Later, they upgraded to an extradimensional space with typewriter reels to read and write.

(Summary written long after the fact: future updates will be more detailed.)

Memory Leak

Strange magical potions and herbs started appearing in the Patashu Industries snackbar with no explanation! They WERE very funny, but it probably wasn't very safe. A magically-skilled lynx named Amy found one particular herb that displaced her senses to a forest in southern Spindizzy, and upon traveling there in-person, discovered that a researcher of the Sidereal Institute had been turned into a tree by similar mysterious herbs appearing in the Tower's cafeteria.

After some time searching for a source, the investigators found that these magical materials were simply appearing from thin air. And, when the matter was brought to the institute, Fang recognized the potions as their own yet-to-be-made inventions and theories! The extradimensional space where Fang's memories are stored had become abstract and bizarre, a realm of pure thought, with a leak where ideas were falling out into reality. It was, fortunately, made of fabric and could be patched.

The group also found a message in a bottle in Fang's memories, with a small pyrographed drawing on wood and a request to leave it near a river. Something inscrutable happened.

(Summary written after the fact: future updates will be more detailed.)


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