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 drop <object> 


Enables players to drop objects in their inventory.


To drop an object from one's inventory:




Example 1

If Lepus wanted to drop a Seismic Activity Recorder from his inventory onto the ground, they would type:

Lepus would see:

Everyone else in the room would see:


Depending on whether the room or object has particular flags or properties set will determine what happens when an object is dropped.

If the dropped object has the Sticky flag set, it will return to the object's assigned home location.

If the object is dropped into a room with the Drop-To property set, the dropped object will be sent to the location specified in the drop-to.

If the object has the Sticky flag set and the room has the Drop-To property set, the object will remain in the room so long it remains occupied. Once the last player leaves, the object will be sent to its assigned home.

If a MUCK is using the built-in put command, it may be used instead of drop. The SpinDizzy MUCK does not utilize the built-in put command.

Put - Put an object into a container

Get - Get an object from the environment or a container

Messages - Working With Messages

Flags - Information on Object Flags

Properties - Information on Object Properties

Rooms - Information on working with Room objects

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