The Helpstaff command is one of Spindizzy's informational commands. It displays a list of the muck's volunteer staff players and what they offer assistance on.

Wizards, Staff, and Helpstaff

The helpstaff (also abbreviated as staff) are players who can be called on to answer questions and provide help with muck questions that don't require the administrative work that wizard holding a W-Bit would. Questions about building, programming, reviewing locations, muck history, and coming up with good descriptions of things are just some of the topics they touch upon.


The helpstaff listing has space for a brief comment on what the staffer can be contacted about, usually indicating if they are able to assist with building or muck programming, along with their other areas of expertise.

At the end of 2019 the current Helpstaff listing is:


Building, MUF, MPI, homes, local culture, etc.


Building, Tinyplot Scenes, Other, Otherness


Building, MUF/MPI, Minor in Character Descing


Building, MPI, mad science, laundry


Building, MPI, RP, A shoulder to lean on

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