The Sixes Confluence (S6 W6)

Room Description

The steep slopes of rocky hills and mountains surround this small winding valley, their tips covered in snow. The floor of the valley is carpeted in tall yellowish clumps of grass, and twisted trees that grow around the green spires of rock that poke through the hard red earth. The only signs of civilization are the outline of a distant radio tower, and a winding dirt road etching a track through the hills. There are so many wind and water cut ravines in the hill, you could get lost if you didn't keep a decent sense of direction. From somewhere in the distance, you can hear the thumping sound of machinery.

Sample taken 9-26-17


With a description based somewhat off the central Californian foothills, the Sixes Confluence is one of the locations that the Fruitbat Corporation operates a transmission tower along with an auxiliary Spindizzy motor. The exit system in this area demonstrates the use of multiple same named exits which are randomly chosen as one wanders about. Steven King's Gunslinger series plays a part in the local neighborhood, and is reflected here with a callback to a 'beam' type kiosk which houses the entrance underground.

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