Through a wormhole into distant space, a loose coalition of self-governing planets struggle to resist megacorporate domination. General chaos and unpredictability should make it harder to convert people into money! A privateer crew and Aviok navies are, amazingly, working together to build a better world and keep it out of profiteering hands.

Events So Far

Informant Pickup

Verity, a creature helping with the mischief in Aviok, asked spindizzians for help picking up a defector named Onivia from Tageta Technologies! Their efforts were complicated by the defector trying very hard and badly to be a spy, but they followed them to the biggest casino in Startown, where all the spies seem to end up in movies. The trip between difficult-to-navigate city domes was perilous, with a brush with arms dealers in the tunnels, but avoided danger.

In the casino, the defector had lost all their money and was sulking in a bar. Upon remembering that they were supposed to be a spy, they left with the group to share stolen plans and travel somewhere safe!

Tageta Technologies is planning an attack on Aviok's agriculture, mostly confined to an ocean moon called Turquoise. They hope to make the system dependent on their own imported food supply. They've attempted a similar attack before, but failed. The plans are currently being analyzed to make counter-plans!

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