Lonely Mountain Observatory

A multi-scope complex at the top of Lonely Mountain, open areas at the Lonely Mountain Observatory (LMO) include the Cousin Drew Er Visitors Center, and the Colony Visitors Lodge for visiting astronomers. As one of the locations data from which the Silique Network stellar data and astrogation service (SCLIK) can be accessed, Lonely Mountain Observatory provides navigational data for SpinDizzy maneuvering, sky gazing, and agriculture data for farming purposes.

Cousin Drew Er Visitors Center

The Cousin Drew Er Visitors Center is part of the original observatory building complex and houses the computer database, materials lounge, and holographic planetarium used for presentations. The holographic displays in the auditorium can be used to observe events occurring on the topside, perhaps you can even see your own home from space! Cousin Drew Er Visitors Center is also reportedly haunted, and the caverns under the center have been closely studied by Riftsbat spiritualists.

Colony Visitors Lodge

For astronomers who plan to spend all night exploring the cosmos or are just waiting for their computational jobs to complete, a day roosting lodge has been provided.

Friends of Lonely Mountain Association

The Friends of Lonely Mountain Observatory produce the following fictional publications:

Notable Events

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