The Rose Garden

Room Description

The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is the heart of SpinDizzy, both geographically and socially. Its center (and thus the very center of SpinDizzy) is a fountain with a round basin large enough to wade in. Concrete paths radiate from it in the cardinal directions, bound for the outermost edges of the world. In between the paths are roses, of course, as well as other flowers and shrubs. Sporadic groves of tall trees offer shade and shelter. The usual kinds of park amenities are present: benches surround the fountain and line the paths, vendors sell concessions from small carts, and a bulletin board is covered with community messages to <+read>. A curious drinking fountain offers something not quite like water; a sign on it directs readers to "<sip> at own risk."

Lush greenery is everywhere: the dense grass on which picnickers spread their blankets, the shiny leaves of rose bushes, the faintly rustling leaves of shade trees that cast a shadowy kaleidoscope below. Summer is setting in.

Sample taken 9-23-17


The Rose Garden serves as the central meeting point of the muck. It is located in the center of the SpinDizzy disk and is the first room visited by new players after leaving Newcomer's Island and can by traveled to by using the 'rose' command. The description of the rose garden changes seasonally, however it contains several fixed landmarks: The Rose Fountain, the bulletin board, and the Ancient Oak tree.

The conversations in this area can be a mix of both social and RP content.

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