This is a list of useful commands for common tasks on SpinDizzy.

First off, globals tells you aaall the commands (okay, most of the commands) which you can use anywhere.

Say or a double-quote ( " ) will let you say stuff. Don’t add a closing quote! It’s added automatically.

Pose, a colon ( : ), or, on some clients, /me will let you do an ‘action,’ such as "Smint dances!" Don’t add a closing quote here, either, unless you’re ending the pose with a quote.

ooc will send a message to the room specifically marked as being out-of-character.

W, or wh, or whisper, lets you say things privately to a character who’s in the room. You can also whisper to multiple people at once!

P, or page, does the same as whisper, but can be used to send a private message to someone even if they're in a different room. You can also page multiple people at once!

Note that whispers and pages can also be sent as a pose. However, unlike the regular pose command, /me will not work in this case and : must be used.

P #mail [name]=[message] will send a “mail” message to the person, quickly. You can also use the mail command. Much like with page, you can page-mail several people at once.

Mumble [name]=[message] will send a message to someone publicly, but a few random words will be censored. The recipient will see everything. It’s mainly for roleplaying. You can mumble to several people at once.

L, or look, allows you to see things. You can also smell, feel, or taste things, if you like!

On a similar note, if you want to look at things in a container (like someone’s inventory), you use lookat or look with a = sign.

To add to this, if you have a picture of your character, you can add it with @image me=[image link] Just typing in @image will give you a list of everything in the room that has an image!

Want a quick overview of who’s in the room, who’s asleep, who’s a “zombie” or “puppet,” and who’s not said anything for a little while? Try who for that in lower case letters.

A variant is ws, or whospecies, which gives you all of the above information, as well as any “status settings,” such as IC or OOC (roleplaying terminology for whether they're currently 'in-character' or 'out of character'), and the species and sexes of everyone in the room. You can also ws #far to find out what someone is who’s not in the room, though some people disable this.

To change your Stat setting in the WS listing, just stat [letters]. There’s also goic, goooc, and goidl, which will announce your stat change to the room.

If you want a list of everyone currently logged in, anywhere on the MUCK, use WHO in all uppercase letters.

If you need to contact an administrator, or "wizard,” use: wizzes.

To see a list of which members of the helpstaff are online, use: staff

If you want to know when someone was last online, use: last [name]

If you want to keep a “friends list,” you can use wf, or watchfor.

Go to a room and find that you’re the only one there? Pining for company? wa, or whereare, will show you where the people are and directions on how to get there!

A variant is fa, or findall, which will give a list of everyone on the MUCK and their locations. You can choose whether or not to allow a room, or you, to be shown on the list.

Homefinder gives a list of places where you can get a home for yourself. You could always build one, but that’s somewhat more complicated. To set something as your home, if it’s a room where that’s allowed, go to that room and @link me=here

Our map is arrayed in a grid (see: Map). If you want to get to a “grid square,” like N1 W1, you can luge there! If you want to get to the Rose Garden, just type “rose.” A few other areas have similar “global” commands.

To teleport to a room, you have to know its database reference, or dbref. This is something like #298, and might be displayed next to the name of the room, in its description. If it has letters after the numbers, those indicate qualities of the room, but aren’t part of the dbref. To teleport: t #[dbref]

+read will let you read the main bulletin board! You can do this from any room. And please do — it has a lot of good information.

cread is a specialized bulletin board, that deals with commands, and tutorials! It can also be read from any room.

rpread is also specialized: it’s for information about roleplay events! Like the others, it can be read from any room.

eventlist will give you an interactive list of any events that are scheduled. Or, you can make one of your own! For a more concise list, type events.

time tells you what time it is, both on SpinDizzy (in-character), and the server time. date gives you the server date and time.

If you have an IMPORTANT announcement, that the entire MUCK deserves to know, and it’s important, and it’s actually important, and it’s not only important to you, you can use @shout [message]. This will go out to everyone, so use it sparingly.

The key to democracy is informed citizens. Also, voting! To see topics on which you can vote, just type vote!

For more information on Commands in general and how they work consult Commands

This UsefulCommands page was originally authored by Xor on Spindizzy.

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